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Evolving Einstein's Mind to know Truth of Nature

The only way to find True Freedom and Survive and Prosper on Earth
By John Paily

The whole world and human existence is endangered by our lack of understanding energy and matter and the Principle and Design on which Nature functions. We are also endangered by lack of perception of Second Space-Time Reality that creates and sustains the universal system in time. We need a critical evolution in our understanding of Nature and Life to survive the Accelerated Climate Change and increasing natural catastrophes and social instability emerging from spiritual ignorance. Before science, spiritual knowledge ruled us. Modern science came into existence when the spiritual knowledge deteriorated and people in religious institutions were ruling and exploiting the masses in the name of unseen Spirit God, putting them into idols and enclosing them into temples and churches and amassing wealth in the name of God. It is apparent that humanity had full knowledge of nature and life at some time in the past and that our quest for knowledge is a quest for lost treasure. Such was the hold of spiritualist and religious leaders that when modern science came into existence it had to carefully separate the quest for knowledge into two realms; the realm of matter and soul. It left the realm of soul/spirit, its field and force to the religious people and took matter/spirit its field and force as their principle arena of work. Adult human beings are self centered individuals. They live by their mind and its five extensions to outer material world. They

grow into unintelligent beings and become slave to material world and its power. In our society mind is trained by "education" to become slave to one or other schools of thoughts. Hardly few grow educated and remain free, intelligent and receptive to evolve. Thus humanity largely exists as slaves not able to comprehend the simple truth around and about him and connect to the world from which he came into being. He fails to perceive the Source or God Spirit that created, gave Life and sustains it. Every indivdiual falls and looses the connection with life force to become slave to lesser Spirits when he beceoms "self centered". What I speak here by His Grace is scientifically evolved Knowledge of Nature and Life that liberates and is capable of bringing peace order and life to the world. It is the knowledge that has potentials to liberate us from the bondage to all schools of thoughts including the religious. The roots of all evil emerge from deterioration of spiritual knowledge and from deteriorated spiritual institutions. When spiritual knowledge forms into a religion, it begins to deteriorate. When the Christ manifested to make the absolute "self-sacrifice", to conquer Time and Death and ensure Life to the world, He severly condemned these religious institutions and its occupants. Jesus was revolutionary. Christ called out to spread Good News and gave us a preaching that gives Life. It is unfortunate that Christs name was used to build another religion virtually ruling the world today, locking the Living Truth into four walls of a building and material entities. It is a truth that our spiritual or inner thought refelects in the outer world. The world we witness and live in is led by west and its thinking where Christian religion dominates. The religion called chrisitinaity thus becomes responsible for the world we live in. It is against this religion and their oppression the modern science came into being and evolved through some revolutionary steps. It may

not have evolved to know the whole Truth about Nature and God that governs the system, but it is on track. The evolution of science to know God the Creator and Nature beyond religion is the Ultimate hope for humanity to survive and prosper on earth. This critical evolution cannot come unless humanity evolves the mind of Einstein and invent New Space-Time Reality that creates and sustains the whole world. We must note that Einstein brought a great evolution in our picture of Nature and force by bringing curvature into space-time reality. His work showed that the path of force is essentialy curved. He also made an observer an integral part of the enquiry. However, he was adament on predictability, but it was shown that nature is unpredictable and that two and more choices and paths co-existed. Both Einstein and the whole world failed to perceive this second path and force that emerges at each point. The developments in quantum mechanics evolved science showing the inseparable role of human mind and heart/consciousness in the events that unfolds. It is this Spiritual Truth that science needs to understand to liberate humanity from darkness to light. The ancient spiritualist knew this path as the path mind travels as it looks deep within itself. They recognized two paths; one that goes to the root and other away from it. Let me put evolution of science in brief. Science has its foundation built on a single force called gravity associated with matter. Gravity is centripetal in nature and points to a center. Matter is proven as energy or spirit enfolded. The two laws of energy or thermodynamics thus becomes pivotal to understand Nature. The second law of thermodynamics tells us that when matter moves some energy is lost as heat. This means all the matter of the universe should collapse in time to a non-definable point. The concept of Big Bang of Theory comes from this line of thinking.

Einstein for large part of his life strived to invent a Second Space-Time Reality and Force that opposes the material world and its tendency to collapse to a non-definable singular point. He probably knew that we cannot account for nature and its existence unless we invent a New Force and New Space-Time Reality. In effect he was thinking of parallel worlds that oppose giving stability to it. In fact he made an attempt at it when he tried to introduce Cosmological Constant and Anti-Gravity. But he failed to comprehend this New Space-Time Reality and Force and extended it to build the picture of the Reality of Nature and its existence in Time. He gave up this line of thought probably because second law of thermodynamics is inevitable reality. He probably could not perceive the Principle and Design that account for reversal of time. No theory can be complete without incorporating it. It is said that Newtonian revolution came from the observation of an apple falling to earth and that of Einstein came from the observation of spider moving on a globe. But the scientific world has failed to comprehend the reality of nature only from these observations and its extensions. It has led us to nonsensical ends such as Big Bang Theory where all the laws of physics fail. Further Quantum Mechanics has challenged the very foundation of the Newtonian and Einsteinian world. Science can only evolve when it comprehends and unites the world of Newton and Einstein and Quantum Reality in a sensible way. This calls for new way of looking at nature and New Thinking. The next and vital evolution can come forth if we standback to observe life and go deep within to observe our thoughts and thinking and discover ourselves. We need to invent a new field that opposes and sustains the material world.

All life is instinctively anti-gravitational. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living world and material world shows this opposition. Scientist knows this but have failed to give attention to it. One need not be a scientist to perceive this reality. All one need is to observe a plant grow. When material world tends to wind and collpase to a point, plant and living world opposes it. It grows against gravity. All life is characterized by Inner Space-Time Reality. In this space-time, gravitational force of the material world is converted into an anti-gravitational force. In short all life supports the universe from collapsing. The only exception is human being who comes to live a mind and self-centerd life being slave to material world. A time direction to the universe and death comes from human mind that seeks "self" forgetting the Creator force that works to create and sustain the universal system from wihtin. All life originates from a single cell that is union of two cells or Parallel Worlds Male and Female. The whole living system that grows into big tree or Human Life is expression of power of the system emerging form a single point within the inner space of that one living cell. This power of creation and expansion and conquering of time and time initialization is initiated by the Spirit of Male. Time and time direction is inevitable but Life is capable of conquering time and death and thus sustains itself through the process of reproduction. Now we can Reinvent Big Bang Theory, reinvent spiritual knowledge and understand it sensibly by incorporating life and its inner space into our understanding of material nature. Here human kind and his soul and mind play an important role. This line of thinking gives credence to ancient spiritual knowledge written in various spiritual scriptures and makes it truly a scientific one.

The best way to understand universe is to visualize Universe as a living being as the ancient people did. The whole universe now comes from the inner space of one single Primal Soul and it is sustained by Primal Mind. The New Space-Time Reality, Field and Force that creates and supports the whole system now become the Conscious field of this Primal Soul. The universal time is nothing but consciousness of the Primal Soul unfolding and enfolding and constantly working to sustain the system. When the consciousness of the Creator unfolds with Free Will it creates and when it enfolds it ensures upholding Truth and Justice. Since Calvary Sacrifice this unfolding of Gods Consciousness is happening conquering time. It is bound enfold revealing His mind initializing time a judgment thus is inevitable. I may not have expressed this Truth in mathematical manner but I have reduced them logically speaking it in terms of Principle and Design and invention of New Space-Time Reality and functioning in simple manner so that all can understand Nature and God in the simplest manner possible. From this context, Jesus, His preaching and the Calvary Sacrifice becomes a critical point in the Universal Time Cycle, when time and death was conquered. Please do not take this as support to Christian religion. It is an attempt to bring out the Truth that Liberates. Only Truth revealed to us can save the world that is inching to selfdestruction through reckless materialism of humanity and his ignorance of God. There is a Soul and Mind governing the existence of this universe. Every scientist is aware of the inseparable role of human beings and his thinking in nature. No wonder Max Planck said All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must
assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter The universe exists in the

support of the Conscious field of one Creator and His mind which is selfless and upholds Truth and Justice.

We take birth and exist in the conscious field of this Primal Soul and its Mind. Knowing this mind leads us to Truth and Order Only Truth can set us free from all bondages and bring True freedom. You can explore this thinking further in detail in the fallowing articles and in my site. Evolving Einstein's Mind Part-1 Site - Please viral this message