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Amnesiu A sIgnIIIcunL memory Ioss LIuL Is

Loo exLensIve Lo be due Lo normuI
2. Anterogrude Amnesiu ¡oss oI memorIes Ior evenLs LIuL
occur uILer u Ieud Injury.
3. Attention ¡ocusIng uwureness on u nurrowed
runge oI sLImuII or evenLs.
4. Chunk A group oI IumIIIur sLImuII sLored
us u sIngIe unIL.
5. Clustering TIe Lendency Lo remember sImIIur
or reIuLed ILems In groups.
6. Cocktuil Purty
TIIs pIenomenon suggesLs LIuL
uLLenLIon InvoIves IuLe seIecLIon
bused on meunIng oI InpuL.
7. Cognition TIe menLuI processes InvoIved In
ucquIrIng knowIedge.
8. Conceptuul Hierurchy A muILIIeveI cIussIIIcuLIon sysLem
bused on common properLIes
umong ILems.
9. Connectionist[Purullel
Processing {PÐP)
ModeIs oI memory LIuL ussume
cognILIve processes depend on
puLLerns oI ucLIvuLIon In IIgIIy
InLerconnecLed compuLuLIonuI
neLworks LIuL resembIe neuruI
neLworks. A PIece oI knowIedge Is
represenLed by u purLIcuIur puLLern
oI ucLIvuLIon.
10. Consolidution A IypoLIeLIcuI process InvoIvIng
LIe gruduuI conversIon oI
InIormuLIon InLo durubIe memory
codes sLored In Iong-Lerm memory.
11. Context Cues WIen you Lry Lo recuII un evenL by
puLLIng yourseII buck In LIe conLexL
In wIIcI IL occurred InvoIves
workIng wILI LIese ILems Lo uId
12. Ðecuy Theory TIe Ideu LIuL IorgeLLIng occurs
becuuse memory Lruces Iude wILI
13. Ðeclurutive Memory
Memory Ior IucLuuI InIormuLIon.
RecoIIecLIons oI words, deIInILIons,
numes, duLes, Iuces, evenLs,
concepLs, und Ideus.
14. Ðuul-Coding Theory PuIvIo's LIeory LIuL memory Is
enIunced by IormIng semunLIc und
vIsuuI codes, sInce eILIer cun Ieud
Lo recuII.
15. Iluborution ¡InkIng u sLImuIus Lo oLIer
InIormuLIon uL LIe LIme oI
16. Ilectricul
oI the Bruin
SendIng u weuk eIecLrIc currenL InLo u bruIn
sLrucLure Lo sLImuIuLe (ucLIvuLe) IL.
17. Incoding ¡ormIng u memory code.
18. Incoding
TIe Ideu LIuL LIe vuIue oI u reLrIevuI cue
depends on Iow weII IL corresponds Lo LIe
memory code.
19. Ipisodic
A Lemporury, IImILed-cupucILy sLore LIuL
uIIows componenLs oI workIng memory Lo
InLegruLe InIormuLIon und serves us un
InLerIuce beLween workIng und Iong-Lerm
20. Ipisodic
CIronoIogIcuI recoIIecLIons oI personuI
experIences. ¡nIormuLIon ubouL LIIngs you've
done, seen, und Ieurd, und wIen. DeveIoped
by TuIvIng.
21. Ixecutive
TIIs eIemenL oI workIng memory conLroIs
depIoymenL oI uLLenLIon, swILcIIng LIe Iocus
und dIvIdIng IL us needed.
22. Ixplicit
¡nLenLIonuI recoIIecLIon oI prevIous
experIences. ¡L Is conscIous, uccessed
dIrecLIy, und Is besL ussessed wILI recuII or
recognILIon meLIods oI reLenLIon.
23. Ilushbulb
UnusuuIIy vIvId und deLuIIed recoIIecLIons oI
momenLous evenLs.
24. Iorgetting
A grupI sIowIng reLenLIon und IorgeLLIng
over LIme.
25. Hurmunn
TIIs person wus LIe IIrsL Lo conducL sLudIes oI
IorgeLLIng; guve IImseII nonsense words Lo
memorIze und LIen LesLed IIs recuII uILer
vurIous InLervuIs. HIs IorgeLLIng curve
sIowed LIuL IorgeLLIng occurs quIckIy uILer
IeurnIng, buL LIuL Is noL LIe cuse II LIe
InIormuLIon Is more meunIngIuI.
26. Hindbruin TIe purL oI LIe bruIn LIuL IncIudes LIe
cerebeIIum und Lwo sLrucLures Iound In LIe
Iower purL oI LIe bruInsLem: LIe meduIIu und
LIe pons.
27. Hindsight
TIe Lendency Lo moId one's InLerpreLuLIon oI
LIe pusL Lo IIL Iow evenLs ucLuuIIy Lurned ouL.
28. Implicit
Type oI memory uppurenL wIen reLenLIon Is
exIIbILed on u Lusk LIuL does noL requIre
InLenLIonuI rememberIng. ¡L Is unconscIous,
uccessed IndIrecLIy, und Is besL ussessed wILI
vurIuLIons on reIeurnIng meLIods oI
29. InterIerence
TIe Ideu LIuL peopIe IorgeL InIormuLIon
becuuse oI compeLILIon Irom oLIer muLerIuI.
30. Introspection CureIuI, sysLemuLIc observuLIon oI one's own
conscIous experIence.
AF Fsycho|ogy Chopter 7 Memory
Study online at qu1zì
31. Keyword Method A mnemonIc LecInIque In wIIcI one
ussocIuLes u concreLe word wILI un
ubsLrucL word und generuLes un Imuge Lo
represenL LIe concreLe word.
32. Levels-oI-
TIe LIeory IoIdIng LIuL deeper IeveIs oI
menLuI processIng resuIL In Ionger-
IusLIng memory codes.
33. Link Method ¡ormIng u menLuI Imuge oI ILems Lo be
remembered In u wuy LIuL IInks LIem
34. LoItus TIIs person's expIunuLIon oI LIe
mIsInIormuLIon eIIecL InvoIves un
"overwrILIng" expIunuLIon In wIIcI LIe
new mIsInIormuLIon desLroys und
repIuces LIe orIgInuI InIormuLIon.
35. Long-Term
Memory {LTM)
An unIImILed cupucILy sLore LIuL cun IoId
InIormuLIon over IengLIy perIods oI LIme.
36. Long-Term
A Iong-IusLIng Increuse In neuruI
excILubIIILy In synupses uIong u specIIIc
neuruI puLIwuy.
37. Method oI Loci A mnemonIc devIce LIuL InvoIves LukIng
un ImugInury wuIk uIong u IumIIIur puLI
wIere Imuges oI ILems Lo be remembered
ure ussocIuLed wILI cerLuIn IocuLIons.
38. Mnemonic
SLruLegIes Ior enIuncIng memory.
39. Motivuted
PurposeIuI suppressIon oI memorIes.
40. Nondeclurutive
Memory System
Memory Ior ucLIons, skIIIs, und
41. Overleurning ConLInued reIeursuI oI muLerIuI uILer one
IIrsL uppeurs Lo Iuve musLered IL.
42. Purullel
SImuILuneousIy exLrucLIng dIIIerenL kInds
oI InIormuLIon Irom LIe sume InpuL.
43. Phonemic
EmpIusIzes wIuL u word sounds IIke und
InvoIves numIngJsuyIng LIe word.
44. Phonologicul
Reheursul Loop
TIIs eIemenL oI workIng memory Is uL
work wIen you use recILuLIon Lo
LemporurIIy IoId on Lo u pIone number
45. Prouctive
A memory probIem LIuL occurs wIen
prevIousIy Ieurned InIormuLIon InLerIeres
wILI LIe reLenLIon oI new InIormuLIon.
46. Procedurul
Memory System
TIe reposILory oI memorIes Ior ucLIons,
skIIIs, und operuLIons. RIdIng u bIke,
LypIng, or LyIng one's sIoes.
47. Prospective
TIe ubIIILy Lo remember Lo perIorm
ucLIons In LIe IuLure, IIke rememberIng Lo
wuIk LIe dog or cuII your IrIend.
48. PseudoIorgetting TIe pIenomenon oI uppeurIng Lo IorgeL
InIormuLIon LIuL muy never Iuve been
encoded InLo memory In LIe IIrsL pIuce.
49. Reulity
TIe process oI decIdIng wIeLIer memorIes
ure bused on exLernuI sources (our
percepLIons oI ucLuuI evenLs) or InLernuI
sources (our LIougILs und ImugInuLIons). ¡or
exumpIe, dId ¡ puck LIe umbreIIu or dId ¡
LIInk ubouL puckIng LIe umbreIIu? PeopIe ure
more IIkeIy Lo InIer LIuL LIe evenL reuIIy
Iuppened II IL Is rIcI In sensory or conLexLuuI
50. Recull A memory LesL LIuL requIres subjecLs Lo
reproduce InIormuLIon on LIeIr own wILIouL
uny cues.
51. Recognition A memory LesL LIuL requIres subjecLs Lo seIecL
prevIousIy Ieurned InIormuLIon Irom un urruy
oI opLIons.
52. Releurning A memory LesL LIuL requIres u subjecL Lo
memorIze InIormuLIon u second LIme Lo
deLermIne Iow mucI LIme or eIIorL Is suved by
IuvIng Ieurned IL beIore.
53. Repression KeepIng dIsLressIng LIougILs und IeeIIngs
burIed In LIe unconscIous.
54. Retention TIe proporLIon oI muLerIuI reLuIned
55. Retrievul RecoverIng InIormuLIon Irom memory sLores.
56. Retrouctive
A memory probIem LIuL occurs wIen new
InIormuLIon ImpuIrs LIe reLenLIon oI
prevIousIy Ieurned InIormuLIon.
57. Retrogrude
¡oss oI memorIes Ior evenLs LIuL occurred
prIor Lo u Ieud Injury.
58. Retrospective
TIe ubIIILy Lo remember evenLs Irom LIe pusL
or prevIousIy Ieurned InIormuLIon.
59. Schemu An orgunIzed cIusLer oI knowIedge ubouL u
purLIcuIur objecL or sequence oI evenLs. PeopIe
ure more IIkeIy Lo remember LIIngs LIuL ure
consIsLenL wILI LIIs ILem, Iowever, peopIe
someLImes exIIbIL beLLer recuII oI LIIngs LIuL
conLrudIcL LIIs ILem becuuse LIey sLund ouL.
60. Script A Lype oI scIemu LIuL orgunIzes wIuL peopIe
know ubouL common ucLIvILIes.
61. SelI-ReIerent
DecIdIng Iow or wIeLIer InIormuLIon Is
personuIIy reIevunL. Appeurs Lo enIunce
recuII by promoLIng uddILIonuI eIuboruLIon
und beLLer orgunIzuLIon oI InIormuLIon.
62. Semuntic
EmpIusIzes LIe meunIng oI verbuI InpuL.
63. Semuntic
GeneruI knowIedge LIuL Is noL LIed Lo LIe LIme
wIen LIe InIormuLIon wus Ieurned.
¡nIormuLIon IIke PIoenIx Is In ArIzonu und
CIrIsLmus Is on December z¸.
64. Semuntic
ConcepLs joIned LogeLIer by IInks LIuL sIow
Iow LIe concepLs ure reIuLed.
65. Sensory Memory TIe preservuLIon oI InIormuLIon In ILs orIgInuI sensory Iorm Ior u brIeI LIme, usuuIIy onIy u IrucLIon oI u second.
AIIows LIe sensuLIon oI u vIsuuI puLLern, sound, or LoucI Lo IInger brIeIIy. Memory Lruce decuys In ubouL 1Jq oI u
66. Seriul-Position
¡n memory LesLs, LIe IucL LIuL subjecLs sIow beLLer recuII Ior ILems uL LIe begInnIng und end oI u IIsL LIun Ior ILems In
LIe mIddIe.
67. Short-Term
Memory {STM)
A IImILed-cupucILy sLore LIuL cun muInLuIn unreIeursed InIormuLIon Ior ubouL zo Lo ¸o seconds.
68. Source
TIe process oI mukIng uLLrIbuLIons ubouL LIe orIgIns oI memorIes.
69. Source-
An error LIuL occurs wIen u memory derIved Irom one source Is mIsuLLrIbuLed Lo unoLIer source.
70. Spreuding
(WILIIn u semunLIc neLwork) wIen peopIe LIInk ubouL u word und LIeIr LIougILs go nuLuruIIy Lo unoLIer word.
71. Storuge MuInLuInIng encoded InIormuLIon In memory over LIme.
72. Structurul
SIuIIow processIng LIuL empIusIzes LIe pIysIcuI sLrucLure oI LIe sLImuIus.
73. Tip oI the
A Lemporury InubIIILy Lo remember someLIIng uccompunIed by u IeeIIng LIuL IL's jusL ouL oI reucI.
74. TrunsIer-
TIe sILuuLIon LIuL occurs wIen LIe InILIuI processIng oI InIormuLIon Is sImIIur Lo LIe Lype oI processIng requIred by
LIe subsequenL meusures oI uLLenLIon.
75. Visuosputiul
TIIs eIemenL oI workIng memory permILs peopIe Lo LemporurIIy IoId und munIpuIuLe vIsuuI Imuges, IIke menLuIIy
reurrungIng IurnILure In your room.
76. Working
Memory {STM)
AIun BuddeIey proposed LIIs modeI oI STM, wIIcI Ius Iour eIemenLs.