Entreprepreneurial development Program of DCCI
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Submission Date:- 05/12/2010

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fiscal policy. Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry(DCCI) is the premier Chamber of Bangladesh having more than 4500 members. DCCI puts forward its suggestions and recommendations to the Government of Bangladesh on all policy matters. DCCI represents in about 70 government. the largest and most active Chamber of the country. Advisory and Consultancy Services 3|Page . V11 of 1913 as a limited company on March 10. was incorporated under the companies Act. such as industrial policy import policy. It has rendered more than four decades of very useful services for the development of business and industry in Bangladesh. service-oriented organization. It serves as a model of non-profit. Town Association and Trade Group. Both local and foreign entrepreneurs come to the DCCI with request of services they need-they are unaware of the other services that the DCCI offers.Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) DCCI. The President is the Chief Executive of the Chamber. export policy. A President. 1959. One third of the Directors retire every year. It has four classes of membership: General. From the very inception DCCI has been rendering useful services for the development of private sector business and industry in Bangladesh. Its function is very relevant to the innovators business community. The Chamber is run by a Board of twenty-four Directors representing all classes of membership. annual budget and many other business-related policies. It works as media Between its member and problem solving institution. They consist of different business sectors of the country represented by mostly SMEs. Associate. The Board of Directors is assisted by a number of Standing Committees on various important business-related subjects and by a full fledged Secretariat. semi-government and autonomous bodies for promotion and development of private sector of Bangladesh. a Senior Vice-President and a Vice-President are elected by the Board for a term of one year. established in 1958 . Mission & vision of DCCI:MISSION & VISION of DCCI IN SERVING ITS MEMBERS PARTICULARLY SMEs To provide Counseling.

Government agencies. DCCI members and local/foreign delegations. SAPTA. seminars/ workshops/symposia. and brief materials for conferences relating to WTO. Photocopy. To extend logistic services like Fax. Statistical data etc. annual budget etc. to organize training courses. Telex. Conference facility etc. commerce and industry. To undertake settlement of trade disputes by arbitration. commerce and industry. - - - - 4|Page . to disseminate business information to members by Electronic Communication. To conduct need-based training & orientation courses. fiscal measures. investment. Notifications. insurance. to issue Certificate of Origin (CO) and authenticate documents for promotion of exports. to give views and comments on legislative measures affecting trade. E-mail. Fortnightly Trade Bulletin. to represent trade. DCCI Monthly Review. industry. Subcontracting and Franchising. trade delegations. Circulars. Phone. UNCTAD. to function as a forum for exchanging views on trade and economy among different Chamber members. Functions of the DCCI The basic functions of the DCCI relate to promotion and development of trade. commerce and industry on various advisory or consultative committees at different Ministries and Departments of the Governments.To assist in:        Business Matching services. To issue Certificate of Origin of export consignments. BIMST-EC etc. banking. export. SAFTA. Internet fax. Documentation Processing etc. trade fairs to participle in them at home and abroad and to receive delegations from abroad. Some of these are: to give market oriented inputs for formulation and implementation of government policies in respect of import.

to sign Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) with overseas Chambers of Commerce and Industries and other business organizations for promotion of bilateral trade and investment. Advanced Certificate and Diploma courses on International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (IPSCM). as an Authorized Examination Body of ITC. new and innovative entrepreneurs which was highly appreciated by all. NGOs and other services providers. to suggest for favorable business related policies. International 5|Page . It offers Certificate. provides internet based Internet training and service” to SMEs. - Entrepreneurship development Program:DCCI Business Award:o DCCI introduced “DCCI Business Award” for encouraging women. young. to prepare. DCCI knowledge Centre:o It was established in cooperation with South Asia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF). DCCI Business Institute (DBI):o It imparts Training for development of entrepreneurs and business executives. Geneva and holds examinations. Recently introduced EMBA programme in its premises of Motijheel Commercial Area in cooperation with IIUC.UNCTAD WTO. fact sheet on different business issues to lobby with the Government. implement and evaluate projects for entrepreneurship development and other trade related matters and to develop business through internet/web page of its own. to prepare Economic Policy Papers (EPPs) for conducting policy advocacy for the benefit of the business sector. Trade Fairs o To showcase the Bangladeshi products in the global market. DCCI participates in Dhaka International Trade Fair(DITF) and Kunming International Import & Export Commodities Fair. students. research etc.- to undertake activities like survey. to prepare position papers. China as organizing partner.

Based) 1. Workshops and training sessions undertaken by DCCI helps the business community to update themselves with contemporary global standard and emerging trends. 6|Page . other SME supporting organizations and 26 SME HCs to share information stocks. rules & regulations. influencers and policy makers often brought together by DCCI produce instant solution to unresolved confusions and communication gaps resulting in common welfare of the national economy. GoB has established the SME Helpline Centre (SME-HC) in the DCCI to provide better services to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Decision makers. The representatives of DCCI in committee of many national and government organizations raise the voices of private sector in order to create business friendly environment for economic development of the country. laws.Trade Fairs are platforms for the entrepreneurs to exhibit their products. 3. Services: to maintain close contact with SME Foundation (SMEF). 4. Policy advocacy o It is the primary activities of the chamber. registration and licensing requirements etc. Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) in cooperation with Ministry of Industries (MOI). Besides. Key objective of the SME-HC is to provide necessary assistance and advisory support services and facilitate SMEs’ access to get government services. Intellectual Exchange:o National and International business conferences and seminars are organized and participated by DCCI to exchange views. one to one business meetings and business match making sessions are organized during the fairs to accelerate trade. thinkers. GoB has established the SME Helpline Centre (SME-HC) in the DCCI to provide better services to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). rules & regulations. SME-HelpLine Centre (Online. laws. ideas and expertise on sectors of business interest. Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) in cooperation with Ministry of Industries (MOI). Key objective of the SME-HC is to provide necessary assistance and advisory support services and facilitate SMEs’ access to get government services. registration and licensing requirements etc. 2.

implements various useful projects. seminars. dialogues etc.to provide necessary linkages with sources of technology. to provide assistances with advisory. facility for advertisement of SMEs products. arranges one to one business meetings with the delegates of different countries for trade and investment promotion. takes part in trade fairs and exhibitions. 2007. receives & sends delegation. to prepare required research-based publications and disseminate the same. Achievement from start to today:DCCI Wins Prestigious 2007 World Chambers Competition Award Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) has reached an exalted position by achieving high-status "2007 World Chambers Competition" Award in the category of Best Skills Development Program organized by World Chambers Federation-ICC's Specialized Division for Chamber Affairs co-organized with the Union of Chamber & Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB). They are rewarded as 4th on the Big Chamber category from 6 Asian selected chambers. symposium. round table discussion. 7|Page . documentary and support services. DCCI received “Certificate of Achievement” in the 2nd Local Chamber Awards (Large Chamber Category) as finalist by CACCI (Confederation of Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce & Industry. 2. buyer-seller meet. to organize training workshops. They received award on the consideration of below factors:1. Other Assistance:DCCI in its endeavor to accelerate the pace of development of Bangladesh organizes on regular basis seminar. training and workshops. to aware about SME Web Portal and utilize its resources. The competition was held in Istanbul.. trade fairs etc. to provide electronic information on different SME related issues.policy advocacy. Turkey during 5th World Chambers Congress 4-6 July.Responsibility to members.

Rule of external development institution( meaning donors and foreign chambers) 8|Page . DCCI is awarded ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate for Quality Management Systems Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) has recently been awarded with ISO 9001:2008 certificate by Australian ISO certification body. Contribution on GDP Since 1999 under its DCCI-CIPE project. They don’t or can’t solve that problems. This proposal also passed by govt cabinet minister. Can’t solve all problems of the members:. 5. DCCI has prepared research-based 38 policy papers on different trade related issues and submitted them to the government for appropriate policy formation for creating a private sector friendly investment climate in the country. Lack of Technology and training. 2. Airlines charges/Ticket Reservations and hospitals. Govt doesn’t assist all the sectors. Transportations and other services. By this govt can increase tax revenue and tax payers also will get especial benefit from financial Institutions.3.shopping centers. The growth of GDP by 6. 4. an ASX top 300 Company having offices in over 95 countries in the world. Financial support schemes 6. 7. Lack of human resources: to provide effective and efficient services to members they need more human resources than they have.Trade & investment facilitate. SAI GLOBAL.trainning program . Many of the recommendations of these policy papers have been accepted and implemented. hotel & restaurents. PROBLEMS FACED BY DCCI:1.Employment increasing. 3. educational institutions. 6.71% in 2005-06 is a testimony to this development. 4.Sometimes its members came with some personal problems. Lack of cooperation from the govt. Tax Card :They proposed to govt to provide tax card among the last 5 years highest tax payers.social responsibility 5.

9|Page .Training for Monga affected people:. Stimulatory assistace. Sustaining assistance. labor and capital.To increase life standard of Monga affected people they will provide training to people how they will become self-dependent ands can work outside the country.though it does not provide financial assistance but it helps entrepreneur especially SME or small investors in taking loans from financial institutions by teaching them the procedures of taking loan from bank. Here ideas are given to advance Bangladesh to become one of the 30th 2. In stimulatory assistance DCCI helps entrepreneur to identify their entrepreneur quality and motivate them to take innatiative to start a business by arranging different seminars. So it can be said that DCCI helps in our country to develop entrepreneurs and help them to run their business.Bangladesh 2030: Strategy for growth:largest economics within next 20 years. 3. 2. 1. In sustaining assistance it helps an entrepreneur to solve market problem by presenting his problem to respactive authority. Conclution:DCCI provides three types of assistance.Future Program 1. Supportive assistace. In supportive assistance it helps entrepreneur by providing information of business venture land.

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