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Taking place at: International Fitness Showcase 09
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£35.00** HumanSport Open House Workshop Friday 27 March 10am - 1.00pm Friday 27 March 3pm - 5.30pm

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£15.00 Sun 29 March 1pm - 2.30pm Speciality 90 minute Ride
Fast & Furious Ride

£695.00 (saves £200) Ex Demo Spinner NXT Bike - Take from the show on Sunday 29th March after 3pm. (excludes vat)

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Taking place at: International Fitness Showcase 09
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SESSION SELECTIONS - Now to select your sessions on this page. Session descriptions on page 3.

Depending on your registration package on page 1, select the following: Event Location:
Blackpool Wintergardens
Friday - 3 Rides & 3 Lectures 3 STAR points 97 Church Street
Saturday - 3 Rides & 4 Lectures 4 STAR points Blackpool
Sunday - 1 Ride & 2 Lectures 2 STAR points Lancashire
Sunday - Fast & Furious Ride 1 STAR point FY1 1HL

Select your preferred session per time slot below by highlighting the check box. How to get there:
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Friday 27th March
Time The SPINNING ROOM (Ride's only) Presenter SPINNING Education Zone (lecture's only) Presenter
The Dawn Raid Posture - denying or fulfilling your potential
9.00am - 10.00am Sandro Morelli Brian McKenna
Rathad Nan Eilean–The Road to the Isles Making the Energy Zones™ ‘EZ’
10.30am - 11.30am Barry Ross Michelle Colvin
"Heartbreak Hill" Athletic Periodisation
12.00am - 1.00pm Michelle Colvin Mark Tickner
To the Beat of the Drum X-Factor
2.15pm - 3.15pm Mark Tickner Barry Ross
Fluid Motion You want it… You Got It!
3.45pm - 4.45pm Brian McKenna Mark Tickner
Moving Mountains Sleep On It
5.15pm - 6.15pm Sarah Morelli Barry Ross

Saturday 28th March

Time Main Riding Room Presenter SPINNING Education Zone Presenter
Gael Force A ‘Mad Dogg’ and an Englishman!
8.00am - 8.45am Brian McKenna Mark Tickner
Rock it! Weight Training for the Bike
9.00am - 10.00am Sarah Morelli Sandro Morelli
Lactic Express Instructor V Coach
10.30am - 11.30am Jonny Wilson Brian McKenna
Pure & True Endurance Spinning & Cycling Performance
12.00am - 1.00pm Sandro Morelli Jonny Wilson
Rhythm Rollercoaster–The Big One! The Gift of Empowerment
2.15pm - 3.15pm Mark Tickner Michelle Colvin
Find your limit, then don’t let it go! It's Showtime
3.45pm - 4.45pm Michelle Colvin Sarah Morelli
Out & Back Selling Endurance
5.15pm - 6.15pm Jonny Wilson Brian McKenna

Sunday 29th March

Time Main Riding Room Presenter SPINNING Education Zone Presenter
Summit Meeting Athletic Periodisation (Repeat session)
8.30am - 9.30am Sandro Morelli Mark Tickner
Circuit Breaker Creative Programs & Class Design
10.00am - 11.00am Barry Ross Jonny Wilson
Changing Attitudes Tricks of the Trade
11.30am - 12.30pm Michelle Colvin Sandro Morelli
Grand Finale - Fast & Furious (10-11am Extra HS Option) Function V Strength
1.00pm - 2.30pm Team Spinning Sarah Morelli
Session Name Instructor
Type Description

Ride the bike course of Ironman® Switzerland. Fast flats, long gradual climbs, and the infamous "Heartbreak Hill". The breathtaking scenery of the Swiss
"Heartbreak Hill" Michelle Colvin Ride
Alps, the crowds, the energy and determination all make for an exhilarating ride.
Mention ‘Endurance’ and riders groan, Instructors panic. Endurance training is the heart and soul of your fitness programme and coaching this zone is an
Changing Attitudes Michelle Colvin Ride art. Discover breath connection, quietening of the mind and visualisation techniques. This ride will demonstrate the enormous influence we have on a
rider’s mindset by what we choose to say during an Endurance ride.
Most riders with good aerobic capacity are not interested in "killing themselves to gain slightly more." Extensive Intervals teaches the body to burn fat and
Find your limit, then don’t
Michelle Colvin Ride build up a good staying power. Extensive interval training combined with endurance training, produces optimum performance. This ride is about finding
let it go! your limit and holding it. The terrain is varied and challenging. Be prepared for anything!
The Spinning® program has five Energy Zones™ to ensure that students get a variety of scientifically based intensities. Training the body at various
Making the Energy Zones™ intensities keeps it consistently challenged and therefore avoids the point that the body adapts to a stimulus and ceases to improve. For each Energy
Michelle Colvin Lecture
‘EZ’ Zone™, we look at the purpose, metabolic response, heart rate, terrain, techniques and physical and mental benefits. We also explore coaching the Energy
Zones™, using dialogue, trigger words, visualisation techniques and music styles.

The gift of empowerment is a gift that keeps on giving, enabling a person to enhance and further his or her personal development and achievement. We
The Gift of Empowerment Michelle Colvin Lecture look at three empowering gift ideas: the Gift of Change, the Gift of Knowledge, and the Gift of Goal Setting. To lead by example is a great testimony to you
as a leader. Discover how to channel your knowledge and experience to empower and inspire those on your Spinning® Classes.
When our minds become conscious of our body’s rhythm, balance, tensions, strengths and weaknesses, it allows for the smoothest of endurance rides.
Fluid Motion Brian McKenna Ride
Without it, we struggle and fight against ourselves. In this ride, we flow with fluid motion towards our destiny.
In Ireland, the term “Gael force” is used to describe both the strength of mind of the Irish people and also the nature of our rugged isle. You will need the
Gael Force Brian McKenna Ride
determination and application of the Irish to overcome this challenge as we scale four of Ireland’s most famous climbs!!!
The training we do is only as good as the postures we hold while doing it!!! We assess and correct posture all the time in the weights room – why not on
Posture - Denying or
Brian McKenna Lecture the bike? A faulty posture can diminish our effectiveness on the bike leading to impaired results and injury. Proper use of posture and bike setup can
fulfilling your potential make for a great ride where our bodies and bikes work together to maximise the desired results. Here’s how…
Am I an Instructor or a Do you coach your members towards their exercise goals or do you instruct them as to where they need to go?? Here, we show you how to bring your
Brian McKenna Lecture
Coach? members with you as they strive and succeed in their fitness goals and desires. Learn the skills to make their dreams come true!
Do your students cringe at the thought of an endurance ride? Do you worry about not being able to engage them for the full 40mins? You know how
important aerobic base building is, yet your students seem to think they need rides full of intensity and anaerobic effort. Learn how to "sell" the
Selling Endurance Brian McKenna Lecture
Endurance Energy Zone and master the tools necessary to give your students what you know they need, packaged as something they want. You’ll leave
this session with all the tips and techniques you need to bring the benefits of aerobic training into your classes and turn those sighs into cheers!
Rhythm Rollercoaster – The Feel the rush of the road, as we ride the fast flats, rolling inclines and challenging climbs back to back like a Rollercoaster. The energy will build from the
Mark Tickner Ride
Big One! start and won’t let up till the very end! If you want a fun, challenging and high-energy ride… this is for you!
You will feel hypnotised by the energy that only a drum can give, by riding to world rhythms inspired by the powerful sounds of the drums. Be prepared
To the Beat of the Drum Mark Tickner Ride
for an attack on your musical senses, as we delve into the sounds of dance, world, percussion and many more genres to inspire you!
By understanding how the worlds best coaches and athletes put together a proper, structured periodised training programme, we can better understand
how to plan and prepare our own Spinning classes. Using the guidelines of an Ironman World Champion and a world renowned multisport coach, we take
Athletic Periodisation Mark Tickner Lecture
a look at how to custom build your own Annual Training Plan, so that you maximise yours and your clients time for optimum results, and to stop your
Spinning classes becoming stale and routine.
A light-hearted look at the various types of instructors, the different styles of indoor cycling studios and lighting and how each can have a dramatic effect
A ‘Mad Dogg’ and an on you and your students / members. From the time the student / member walks into your studio, the room set up, lighting, and you, the coach, can have
Mark Tickner Lecture
Englishman! a dramatic effect on the whole atmosphere of the class. From the multi talented, vastly qualified fitness professional, to the connoisseur instructor that
specialises in the single disciplined class. Who makes the best instructor? This will be eye opening and may give you food for thought!
Master Spinning Instructors are often asked… “What was that music you played on the last hill… or on that fast flat road?”. As instructors, we are always
striving to find that perfect track to fit your profiles, whilst keeping things creative, fun and energetic. You get it all today and I set out 10 energy zone
You want it… You Got It!
Mark Tickner Lecture classes from start to finish, including all the music, profile, movements, time frames, goals etc… to help inspire you, your class design, and your students
(Workshop) in your class. We discus how to put together a 45 min ride using the right tracks and the right movements, to let your class run smoothly, and to allow
your coaching to flow seamlessly, then put everything into practise! You keep asking for it… so you got it!
Circuit Breaker Barry Ross Ride A Circuit Style interval ride with high and low heart rate parameters. Motivation and recovery are the assets required – do you have them?
Rathad Nan Eilean – The Traditional annual Scottish route ride. This year a team race ride from Fort William to Mallaig (The Road to the Isles). 42 miles of flats and hills, sprints and
Barry Ross Ride
Road to the Isles climbs. Great teamwork required to get through this one!
Regular traveller? Too many late nights or sleeping in? This lecture shows how this can lead to unnecessary fatigue and explains the benefits of regular
Sleep On It Barry Ross Lecture
early nights.
Cross training for improved results! There are many recognised fitness domains – this is a discussion not on cross training our activities but cross training
X-Factor Barry Ross Lecture
the components of fitness and how you can benefit from this approach.

Start your day with an aerobic energizing ride. Build up your energy level, your enthusiasm, and your determination for the rest of the day. A great ride to
Dawn Raid Sandro Morelli Ride
kick off your convention and not drain you in your first hour but leave you wanting more with the best wake up call that you could have!

The most important people in the world come to this meeting. They gather to decide the best strategy to achieve the task…. In this case, you will decide
Summit Meeting Sandro Morelli Ride
how to acheive your highest peaks and everyone will meet at the top by the end of the ride…but it will take strength and will power!
A new journey, a new goal. Pedal with friends, who together meet the same challenge, but each one in his/her individual, personal way. Find strength and
Pure & True Endurance Sandro Morelli Ride
spirit through personal commitment and with the support of fellow riders.
Weight training improves cycling performance - truth or myth? Undoubtedly resistance training is an indispensable ingredient for anyone who is serious
about riding the bike in the most efficient and injury free manner. Let's join the debate and review how weight training can or cannot affect your riding
Weight Training for the Bike Sandro Morelli Lecture
performance. Examples of practical training plans will reveal how much of the workout in the gym is a profitable investment and how much a waste of
In this session we will look deeper into the Spinning Instructor manual that gives you the basic information needed as a Spinning coach. What takes you
farther on your path, is your commitment to share your knowledge and your passion that you can't find in your manual with your students. But where do
Tricks of the Trade Sandro Morelli Lecture
you start? Learn how simple it can be to make a difference, and your classes a success for all participants. No lecturing and no overload of information, just
inspiration and motivation. Aspire to inspire.
With the benefit of a rock base, kick butt out of this ride with slamming guitar rifts to keep your tempo high and your energy flowing. Be ready to work
Rock It Sarah Morelli Ride
hard when the music takes you!
Strength classes are hard to ride and easy to teach...hard!. Become a lean riding machine with immense power in each pedal stoke that is built up during
the ride whilst the body adapts to the overload. This class rips into the ride with layered ethnic vibes from the Himalayan and Lebonese mountains to
Moving Mountains Sarah Morelli Ride
make you leave knowing and feeling that you have achieved something great and walk out wanting more and being able to apply this to your own
classes when you go home. Some great take aways!
At almost every fitness-related seminar you attend nowadays, you will hear the phrase "functional training." We are frequently exposed to arguments
Function V Strength Sarah Morelli Lecture about who is the strongest type of person - the weightlifter, the power lifter, the wrestler, the footballer, the manual labourer, the gymnast, a world
Strongman competitor....? This lecture discusses the differences and benefits of both strength and function.
Spinning instructors tend to be passionate people - We LOVE to ride the bike, we LOVE music, we LOVE coming to Blackpool!! This sessions not only
provides a glancing example of passionate people in this modern world but also provides a fun and interactive enviromment to channel our own passion
It's Showtime Sarah Morelli Lecture
and release it to our classes every week. Taking ideas from the stage and screen, you will take home a few ideas on how to open yourself up and show the
world that you have arrived! Great for budding wannabe presenters who are a little nervous!
High tempo, high energy, all aboard Jonny’s Lactic Express!!! This ride will exhilarate and leave you wanting more. You will really feel a buzz in your legs
Lactic Express Jonny Wilson Ride after this lactic blast and also you will discover the importance of stabilisation on the bike using not only light resistance and brisk cadence, but also a light
and efficient pedal stroke.

A great ride to give you a wealth of ideas to take away on class design. This class takes the riders literally through a profile then reverses the profile on the
Out & Back Jonny Wilson Ride
way back, simulating the effect of going for a bike ride and then riding back home. Be prepared however for a few surprises on the way!

Spinning & Cycling Discover how the Spinning Programme relates to cycling performance and how to use the Spinning techniques both in the studio and on the road to
Jonny Wilson Lecture
Performance improve fitness and fine tune performance.

Creative Programs & Class Ever wondered how to bring the road experience into the studio environment? This lecture will give you plenty of ideas to help you to give your rides a
Jonny Wilson Lecture
Design real cycling feel, explode some of the myths of riding in the peloton and also how to introduce some road racing and training drills into your repertoire.

This finale ride takes you to a new level with a 90 minute challenge with varying cadence and restistance, you just can't stop wondering whats next to
Grand Finale - Fast & Furious Team Spinning Ride
challenge the body and the mind…cultivating a passion to not give up, not give in, and live your ride, one pedal stroke at a time!
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Taking place at: International Fitness Showcase 09
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The International Fitness Showcase 2009 (which includes any Star Trac Fitness or Spinning Showcase session) contains
both practical and theoretical components, designed for fitness instructors and enthusiasts who are experienced and
physically fit. Individuals with any physical restriction, disability or predisposition to injury or sickness should not
participate if their health or ability to exercise is at risk.

This document is a release of claims. By signing it you acknowledge the following;
1. You willingly participate in the event at your own risk.

2. You have no physical restrictions, disabilities or any predisposition to injury or sickness that may be aggravated or
adversely affected as a result of participation.

3. You take full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to you person/property, that may arise directly or indirectly
from your participation in the event

4. You will not seek to penalise, prosecute or claim compensation from the organisers, sponsors, presenters or
participants of the event for any injury, loss or damage.

Chrysalis Promotions and/or Star Trac Fitness may videotape or audiotape part or all of the event and it is
possible that you will be filmed, photographed or recorded. By signing this release you acknowledge that;

1. Chrysalis Promotions and/or Star Trac Fitness may film, photograph or record you during the event.

2. Chrysalis Promotions and/or Star Trac Fitness retain the right to use any such film, photographs or recordings for
promotional/marketing purposes.

I have read and understand all of the above. I understand that I will be permitted to participate in the event by
agreeing to all of the above.

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Blackpool Airport) and then follow the brown tourist signs to Pleasure Beach®. There are over
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By Rail - regular train services run to Blackpool North or direct to Pleasure Beach's® own
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