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Ch 14 – 1 WWII in Europe and Africa Name _______________________ Hr __

1. What strategies did the Allies use to fight the battle of the Atlantic?

2. What mistake did Germany make that the French emperor Napoleon made 100 years earlier?

3. How did the Russian winter impact the war?

4. Look at the map on page 421, what was the situation for the Allies as the US entered the war?

5. Why do you think the French soldiers in North Africa joined Allied forces in North

6. Why did the Soviet Union want the other allies to open a second front and where did
they end up attacking?

7. How did the Soviet’s feel about the western allies postponing an attack in Western

8. How did the Italian people respond to the Allied invasion of Sicily?

9. What is significant about the Tuskegee Airmen?

10. Why was northern France selected for the D-Day invasion? Why weren’t the Germans ready
for it?
Ch 14-2 Holocaust Name_____________________Hr__
1. What was Hitler’s “Final Solution”?

2. Explain how history helped Hitler
persecute the Jews.

3. Why was it difficult for Jews to leave

4. In the chart below list and explain the
actions that were taken against the Jews
in chronological order.

5. Look at the map on page 429, which
country had the most camps? Why this

6. Read the quote to the right; explain
why the people in the camp would
not look at the soldiers?

7. Describe the emotion you see in the picture.

8. How did the Allies and the US respond to
the Holocaust? What things could the allies
have done to help the Jews 1942 when they
started to learn about what was happening?

9. Why do you think Germans and even outside observers did not do more to help?

10. Should the US get involved in the affairs of another country if they are hurting
their citizens? Why?
Ch 14-3 War in the Pacific Name__________________ hr__
1. What territories was Japan able to conquer?

2. Secretary of War Stimson said, “There are times (in war) when men have to
die.” Do you agree with this? Explain.

3. How was the U.S. aware of Japan’s military strategy for Australia and the Midway

4. Complete the chart below. – 3 points
Japanese successes Turning point American successes

5. Look at the map on page 438; describe the US strategy in the Pacific.

Section 4 WWII – The Home front
6. What part did movies play in the war effort? Do you think they promote propaganda

7. What happened to Japanese Americans in the U.S. during the war?

8. Since we were at war with both Japan and Germany, why do you think German
Americans were not put into interment camps?

9. Look at the graph on page 447; relate the national debt with defense spending.
14-4 Name__________________ hr ___
1. Were the goals the U.S. was fighting for in the war, consistent
with its’ treatment of African, Japanese, Mexican and Native
Americans? Explain.

2. The USA PATRIOT Act enacted shortly after the terrorist attacks of
9/11/01, authorizes the Immigration and Naturalization Service to
detain immigrants suspected of terrorism for lengthy, or even
indefinite periods. Do you think this is a violation of civil rights or
an appropriate use of military force? Explain on the back.
Ch 14-5 WWII ends
3. What plans were made at the Yalta Conference?

4. What happened to Roosevelt and Hitler near the end of the war?

5. What were America’s alternatives to dropping the atomic bomb?

6. Do you think the U.S. was justified in dropping the atomic bombs on Japan?
Explain your answer.

7. Might the U.S. have used to atomic bomb against Japan as a threat to the Soviet
Union? Explain

8. What is your personal opinion of the use of atomic bombs in war?

9. In the summer of 1945 a meeting was held in San Francisco to start what organization?
What was its purpose?

10. Besides for winning the war, what was the United States’ long-term objective?
Ch 14 World War II Name ________________________ Hr _____

3. Name the island off of Italy, where the allies first attacked Europe.
7. Who succeeded Roosevelt as president?
10. Hostility or prejudice towards Jews.
12. Nickname for German Field Marshall Rommel.
13. Name for the African American airmen
16. Name the American general in command of the allied forces in Europe.
19. Name the battle for a Soviet city in 1942 that lasted 4 months.
1. Name the country Germany attacked in the fall of 1941.
2. Name of the Nazi attempt to exterminate the Jewish population.
3. This is used to detect submarines.
4. Name the conference the determined the postwar fate of Germany and Poland.
5. This is used to detect incoming aircraft.
6. Where the allies attacked the northern European coast.
8. Name the organization formed to prevent furture wars.
9. Name the US island that was the site of a major battle with Japan.
11. Term for the hardships placed on Japanese-Americans.
14. Harbor Name the location where the Japanese attacked the US.
15. Name given to the start of Operation Overlord.
17. Name the Native American nation that served as code talkers.
18. Name the system the allies used to transport goods across the Atlantic Ocean.