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Engr. Paul R. Tayag__ Structural Engineer

April Miracle D. Laguitan

PRC No.: 77939 PTR No.: 0978726 Place issue: Mandaluyong City

SECTION I (Concrete and Masonry)

101. SCOPE OF WORK The works included under section comprises the furnishing of the materials, labor, equipment and performing all operations necessary to complete all concrete and masonry work shown the drawings. 102. MATERIALS Aggregates shall be clean and free from loam, alkali, organic matter or other deleterious substances. 103. FORMS Wood forms shall be of sound lumber, free form large, loose knots or other defects. Lumber use in forms of exposed surfaces shall be dressed to a uniform thickness; for unexposed surfaces and rough work, undressed lumber may be used. 104. REINFORCEMENT Reinforcement shall be of the size and number indicated on the drawings. They shall be accurately spaced and secured against displacement by the used of annealed iron wire not smaller than No. 18 GA. 105. CONCRETE HALLOW BLOCKS All concrete hallow blocks shall laid with a mortar composed of one part Portland cement and three parts and horizontal and vertical joints shall be 3/8 thick.

SECTION II (Tile works)

201. SCOPE OF WORK The works included under section comprises the furnishing of the materials, labor, tools, equipments and performing all operations required to complete the tile works indicated on the drawings or as specified herein. 202. SAMPLES Samples of each kind of tile specified herein shall be submitted to the architect approval. All works shall be in accordance with approved samples.

SECTION III (Carpentry and Joinery)

301. SCOPE OF WORK The works covered under this section include the furnishing of all materials, labor, tools, equipments and performing all operations required to complete all carpentry and joinery works shown on the drawings or as specified herein. 302. MATERIALS Lumber shall be of good quality of the respective kinds specified herein, Well seasoned, thoroughly dry, and free from knots, sap, shakes, or other imperfections which may impair its strength, durability or appearance. 303. WORKMANSHP a. Execute all rough carpentry in the most substantial manner. b. Scribing, mitering and joining shall be than accurately and neatly to conform to retails. c. All exposed woodwork shall be smooth dressed and well sandpapered. d. Mill moldings shall be true to profiles and made perfectly smooth on exposed surfaces.

304. SIDING, PANELING AND CEILING a. Siding shall be 3/4" x 4" stone cut siding, kiln-dried, unle otherwise indicated on the drawings. b. Interior wall paneling shall be 1/4" thick plywood, Manila grade. c. Ceiling finish shall be 1/4" thick plywood, Manila grade. Used 1/4" thick marine plywood for gave ceiling. 305. DOORS Door sashes shall be 1-3/4" finished thickness unless otherwise indicated on the drawings. Rails shall be extended through the full width of stiles with mortise and tenon joints, glued, wedged and pinned. 306. WINDOWS Window jalousie unless otherwise specified on the drawings shall be 1/8" thick clear glass or 3/4" thick T & G wooden jalousie.

SECTION IV (Galvanized Iron Roofing)

401. SCOPE OF WORK Works included in this section comprises the furnishing of all materials, labor, tools, equipments and performing all operations required to complete the roofing installation 402. MATERIALS a. Roofing sheets shall be gauge 26 corrugated galvanized iron. Ridge rolls, gutters, downspouts, flashing, etc. shall be of gauge 26 plain Denver polyester sheets b. Denver polyester sheets shall be stored in such a manner as to prevent injury to the galvanizing coat.

403. INSTALLATIONS Roofing sheets shall be laid with a side lap of 2-1/2" corrugation and end lap of 12". Start each course in such a manner that side lap in adjoining courses shall be staggered.

SECTION V (Hardware)
501. SCOPE OF WORK The contractor shall provide all rough hardware required for the completion of the work including nails, spikes, bolts, lag screws etc. and shall provide and fit in place all finish hardware herein specified, put on in an approved manner with screws to match the finish.

SECTION VI (Plumbing)
601. SCOPE OF WORK a. The work shall include water service to all fixtures within the plumbing building. b. The plumbing work shall conform to all rules and regulations of the national plumbing code and local health authorities. 602. ROUGHING-IN Roughing-in for pipes and fixture shall be carried along with the building construction. Openings of the proper size and correctly located for the pipes shall be left in walls and floors. 603. JOINTS Joints of cast iron pipes and fittings shall be lead and oakum, caulked by hand.

604. PIPING a. Sizes of pipe shall be in conformance with requirement of the National Plumbing Code. b. Each water closet and each lavatory shall be provided with a separate shut-off valve. 605. TRAPS All plumbing fixtures shall be separately trapped by a vented water scaled trap placed as closed to the fixture as conditions will allow, but in no case at a distance. Greater than two (2) feet, traps shall be of the same as the waste pipe from the fixture which they served. 606. VENTS Vents shall be taken from the crown of fixtures except for water closet traps, in which case the branch line shall be vented below the trap and above all water incets, so connected so as to prevent obstruction. 607. CLEANOUTS Cleanouts are to be provided at the upper end of every soil or waste line greater than 22-1/2", and at every fifty (50) feet of sewer line. 608. PLUMBING FIXTURES Provide and sets complete where so indicated on the drawings the following fixtures: P-traps, vent, vent stack through roof, floor drain, etc. 609. BATHROOM AND ACCESSORIES Provide and set in place where so indicated on the drawings the following bathroom accessories: lavatories water closet, shower head, toilet paper holder, etc.