Annexure -2 Format of Expenditure

Name of the School / Code No: Expenditure incurred as per school statement 2012-2013 Proposed Expenditure 20132014 20142015 20152016 Total Average


Account (PART - I)
A. Salary and Allowances Principal Teaching Staff Non-teaching Staff E.P.F. Contribution E.S.I Gratuity

Total (A)
B. Administration And Maintenance Electricity Charges Water Charges Property Taxes Telephone & Mobile phone Internet and SMS Services Postage Pinting (Printing of Cash book, Ledgers, Fee-Receipts, School Magazines, Circulars Etc.) Stationary Items Examination Expenses Books and Periodicals (Library) Teaching Aids Sports and Games Incentives for Good Result On Occasions festival Gift

Retirement purse Staff Uniform Staff Welfare Staff- Insurance Laboratory Maintenance Professional Fee (Legal & Audit) Administative Charges Infrastructure Hospitality Function & Celebration Advertisement for Recruitment Total (B) C. Other Miscellaneous Expenses and Maintenance (Salary to the workers & Gardeners and expenses on material)Gardening Building Maintenance Equipment Maintenance Security services Sanitation (Salary to the workers and expenses on materials) Total ( C) D. Sundry Expenses This head gets included in non-teaching staff

This Head gets included in devlopment fund

Grand Total A to D

a. School Development Fund (10%) b. Surplus fund (Location 10% to 15%) c. Minority cathilic school (10%)


ACCOUNT (PART-III) SPECIFIC PURPOSES Educational Tour Seminar Group Activities (NCCC/NSSS/ Scouts/JPC/RS) Medical Expenses Teaching through Technology (Smart Class or any other modern technology) Function and Celebrations Extra- Curricular Activities with in the curriculam


Summary of the Expenditure
HEADS OF EXPENDITURE Account (PART –I) Account (PART –II) Account (PART –III) Grand Total 2013-2014 20142015 2015-2016 Total Average

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