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Thaakat Foundation

2012 Annual Report

Our mission is to promote charitable giving
among students and young professionals in the local and national community and beyond …to drive a movement of creative altruism , unparalleled giving, and preservation of diversity and culture create and maintain a diverse community that learns through multiple perspectiv es bring hands on volunteerism to our local communities and

hope to our global society.


Table of Contents
Board of Directors Letter from the Executive Director Financial Report Global Impact Dreams for Kachra Kundi Pakistan Flood Relief Project Re-Born Africa Local Impact Student Chapter Highlights Swab Mob Campaign: A Golden Match Hurricane Sandy Relief: In Memory of Vishwaja Muppa Local Volunteerism & Outreach Fundraisers Break the Silence What to Expect in 2013 Thank You to Our Supporters! 4 5 6-9 11 12-15 16-17 18 19-21 22-23 24 25 26-27 28-30 31-32 33 34


Board of Directors Uzma Bawany Mahreen Younus Ammara Bokhari Denish Ghayal Amreena Khan Nudrat Zoha Sarah Khan Puja Patel Omar Salim Mohammed Ali Sehrish Khan Hira Khan Saad Bawany Founder/Executive Director Co-Founder/Treasurer Co-Founder/Director of Global Projects Co-Founder/Creative Director Co-Founder/ Sponsorship Management Social Media Manager and Donor Management Growth and Development Lead Outreach & Diversity Chair Director of Community Outreach Investment Manager Thaakat Insider Keeper of the Blog Annual Tournament Captain 4 .

the final touches on our maternity center were being meticulously constructed in 2012. Our school site located in the small village of Kachra Kundi. they put pencil to paper and saw the paper as a tool for learning rather than litter. the building of a professional community. The children who worked inside of the garbage dump alongside hazardous waste.Letter from the Executive Director 2012 commenced with so many “New Beginnings” for our board. thanks to the wonderful support provided by all of you. Pakistan launched with much excitement in June of 2012. This will bring life. the opportunity to find the truth behind what could be. We wanted to speak up where others had shied away. Fatal incidences of violence against women are on the rise not just in our count ry but around the world. and chapters. crime. As I entered the classrooms. I like to refer to them as opportunity. reinventions. second chances. rights and a voice—abuse has become a “best kept secret. our eight room maternity center presents the first ever outhouse the community has seen. In Blama Perri. the classrooms at our school were booming with attendance and especially that of eager young girls. and infection had the opportunity to be students. A sincere thank you for your generosity and encouragement.start. In our fourth official operating year we had supporters behind us full force and we dove right in with a renewed sense of energy. We can define new beginnings in many ways: a fresh. as well as our local and global projects. inventions.” We want this campaign to inspire individuals to give these women a voice. chapters. As we pondered on campaigns for the year that were important to us. West Africa.a small village in Sierra Leone. beginnings that are inspired from change. we quickly decided to take on an initiative that was unique. We want these women to have a chance at a “New Beginning”. bringing more meaning to paper than just a piece of trash. In parts of the world where women struggle for equality. Uzma Bawany Executive Director. This year we have launched a campaign titled ”Break the Silence”. to rise with them and to speak up against what is so wrong.the kids were all Pakistani and they sang to this tune with all the more fervor and pride as they knew a guest was quietly watching. what gender or background. opportunity. In a country where the national literacy rate ranks in the last dozen of 120 countries in the world. endings that have led to beginnings. For the first time in many of their lives. In this village. dangerous gases. echoes of equality rang through the room as EQUALITY was the lesson of the day. right outside of Karachi. Thaakat Foundation 5 . technology and a way to better health and hope. Completion of the center is scheduled for early 2013. I t didn’t matter what religion. not only in the form of beautiful babies but through building. economy.

Africa Local Volunteer Projects & Donations Edesia Plumpy'Nut Dreams for Kachra Kundi Project Re-Born Africa Rebuild Joplin -Ozarks Food Harvest Community Sustained Farmland Thaakat Baskets TOTAL DONATIONS APPLIED OPERATING EXPENSES Rental Expense (Covered by Sponsors) PR Fees and Overhead TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES 2012 Project Funds $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 14.656 73.550 32.656 $ $ $ $ 13.000 5. 6 .000 900 1. Every dollar you donate goes directly to the intended recipients.789 DONATION SOURCES General Donations University Chapter Fundraising Events Sponsorships Corporate Contributions Total Donations Sourced 2011 Retained Funds TOTAL AVAILABLE FUNDS DONATION USES Hurricane Sandy Relief Pakistan Flood Relief Local Projects Local Volunteer Projects & Donations Dreams for Kachra Kundi Project Re-Born Africa $ $ $ $ $ $ $ FY 2012 38.765 15.255 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 3.426 10.171 9.297 3.363 58.468 16.616 3.300 2.588 12.000 688 11.599 3.165 20.Financial Report What Makes Thaakat Unique? 100% transparency.000 3.825 7. 100% of your donated proceeds are reserved for charitable projects.321 6.897 8.000 3.000 11.845 17.000 1.115 48.450 TOTAL DONATIONS APPLIED OPERATING EXPENSES Rental Expense (Covered by Sponsors) PR Fees and Overhead TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES 2013 Project Funds $ 40.034 69. corporate contributions.971 6.940 $ $ $ $ 7.000 858 45.517 $ $ $ $ $ $ 2. Thaakat Foundation Company Prepared Financial Statements FY 2011 DONATION SOURCES General Donations University Chapter Fundraising Events Sponsors & Grants Local Fundraising Events Total Donations Sourced 2010 Retained Funds TOTAL AVAILABLE FUNDS DONATION USES Japan Disaster Relief Pakistan Flood Relief Raising the Roofs .550 *NOTE: All Operating Expenses are fully covered by sponsors.740 1.132 1. and internally raised funds.

specifically our global project. food. Donations were applied to fewer projects in 2012. more and more events have led to an increase in donations by approximately 65% for 2012 and are anticipated to grow thru 2013. Fiscal Year 2011 2012 was a robust year for Thaakat Foundation as total donations have increased by 45% from $48. With retained funds of $3. however. religious holidays of giving.Fiscal Year 2012 vs. It should be noted that all operating expenses for local fundraising events and local volunteer events were covered through corporate contributions.255 in available funds to put forth to new and continued projects for the year. The project has been a great success and Thaakat expects to continue funding for the continued construction and upkeep of the school. Much of the growth was due to an increase in general donations given Thaakat’s increased proliferation throughout the United States at various Universities. Local projects accounted for the smallest portion of donations used. Our local efforts this year will be focused in volunteerism. Pakistan flood relief. general donations have been further augmented via Thaakat’s website. As Universities continue to gain traction. Dreams for Kachra Kundi. and internally raised funds.426 in 2011 to $69. and Project Re-Born Africa. bone marrow registration awareness and awareness and prevention of violence against women. In fact. this was due to a greater focus on dedication and focus to our adopted projects. In 2013.765 for 2012. While operation expenses saw an increase from $9. onsite donations at events. Thaakat had a total of $73. The remaining funds at the end of the year are reserved for project budgets into 2013. 7 . and numerous viral campaigns throughout the year. approximately 80% of the total donations applied in 2012 were used to build a school in Kachra Kundi.599 in 2012. however. A portion of the remaining funds were also used for other notable projects such as the Hurricane Sandy relief. sponsorships. etc. Coupled with Thaakat’s extended reach. venue management and hosting.616 for 2011 to $16.656 from 2011. this is related to the costs associated to larger fundraising and events. Expenses include cost associated with fees such as venue rentals. our global projects will see expansion on site as well the adoption of a new project. they are more interaction based and require less funding.

Total sourced donations for fiscal year 2012 were $69.588 Sponsorships Corporate Contributions $12.034 General Donations $1. General Donations* and Chapter Fundraisers. *General Donations account for approximately 60% of our financial support.132 8 . this total includes funds raised during our two annual fundraising events.845 University Chapter Fundraising Events $38.Sources of Financial Support There are four main funding sources that provide for Thaakat Foundation’s operating funds: Grants.599. Sources of Financial Support 2012 $17. Donation Matching.

Total fund distributions for fiscal year 2012 were $40.550 Hurricane Sandy Relief Pakistan Flood Relief Local Projects Local Volunteer Projects & Donations Dreams for Kachra Kundi Project Re-Born Africa $32.940 Donation Recipients 2012 $1. Dreams for Kachra Kundi. Pakistan Flood Relief and Hurricane Sandy Relief.740 9 .000 $900 $1. Local Projects. Local Volunteering.450 $2. Thaakat’s recipients were in six main categories: Project Re-Born Africa.Donation Recipients During 2012.300 $2.

Global Impact 10 .

11 .Thaakat Foundation's global division addresses issues of environmental sustainability. and education around the globe. community development. Your support has traveled a long way in helping alleviate global poverty.

We partnered with Idara Al-Khair with a mission to help this community. It is located in a remote area that previously had no access to an educational facility.Dreams for Kachra Kundi 2012 was a big year for Thaakat's global division. located 50 miles away from the city of Karachi. Thus came about the name of our school. of which Thaakat is part of "Campus III". Thaakat visited the area twice and immediately knew it had to help upon hearing of the dreams little children had to go to school. This is how we came to launch our Dream Campaign and saw before our very own eyes. There are several children in Kachra Kundi who still do not have access to education. and home to thousands who earn their livelihood from collecting waste and selling it to recycling centers. Construction of Al-Khair Campus III began in January 2012 and completed six months later in June. dreams of these children come true: Kachra Kundi is a large garbage dump site in Pakistan. Our goal is to continue expansion of our school in order to accommodate the growing population. Residents of this community have been deprived of basic necessities such as electricity and clean water. and today is host to three campuses in the area. We launched our very first school in one of the poorest villages in Pakistan called Kachra Kundi. #letthedreambe We serve a community that is ever expanding.Al-Khair Campus III. serving primary and secondary school children. Click here for video footage of Kachra Kundi 12 . The school officially opened to over 300 students that month and excitement was widespread throughout the community. and access to education. Idara Al-Khair is an organization which began building schools in Kachra Kundi eight years ago.

is now attending the school with 312 other students. Thaakat launched an expansion project for the school to build six additional classrooms to accommodate the high student enrollment. Families excitedly began sending their children to school in the summer of 2012 as news spread across town that there was now an opportunity to receive an education. His parents work in Kachra Kundi and earn 300 rupees per day (3 USD).a much needed change for these kids who come from a lifestyle of picking through garbage to help their families earn a living. 13 . dependent on additional income from their children who work as well. Thanks to the generous support of our donors. Eid's dream is to become a teacher. along with his three brothers and two sisters. Eid eventually convinced his family that an education for himself and his siblings was vital and is now en route to bettering his future as he and his siblings pursue their dreams through these classrooms.The opening of Al-Khair Campus III has been very well received by the residents of Kachra Kundi. He. This is the reason he hadn't received an education before. Eid belongs to a very poor and deprived family who live in a hut in Kachra Kundi. Here is a story of a wonderful young student: eleven year old Eid Mohammad. we expect to complete this project by February 2013 as we hire more teachers for the growing student body for this mighty little campus in Kachra Kundi. In December 2012.

000 for the project! Hundreds of friends. they were able to help us raise approximately $16.” Q: What advice do you have for others wishing to start a new initiative? FZ: “If you believe in something. In came a team of individuals that launched a marketing campaign called #lethedreambe’. and the Project Manager. you will often have this instinct that you won’t succeed but you have to just keep going and pushing yourself. You may be wondering what it’s about so here is the 411: Our nine classrooms at Kachra Kundi were complete by the start of 2012 but we needed funding to cover the desks. Had it not been for my mom teaching at the same school.. we wanted to give a hands-on opportunity to dedicated students and young professionals who were anxious in the prospect of helping others. They simply wanted people to help them make the dreams of these students come to reality. I had the privilege of attending a highly regarded and expensive private school (Foundation Public School) when I lived in Karachi. family members.#lethedreambe’ This year. and teacher salaries to launch a successful school year. chalkboards. my family most likely could not have afforded the cost of sending me there. Thaakat’s name has been tied with this hash tag over the course of 2012. This last year.” 14 . supporters and even strangers took it upon themselves to help spread the word of our #lethedreambe’ campaign. water supply. books. Believe in yourself and the sky is the limit. While doing so.. Together we were able to launch a successful school year and start the expansion of 6 more classrooms! Here’s the inside scoop from the Creative Director of the #lethedreambe' campaign. my upbringing provided more. and neither could the vast majority of the population. The first step is the hardest. Aarish Mustafa (AM): Q: What was your inspiration behind the project? AM: “If helping change the fortunes of a community living in a garbage disposal was not reason enough. just go out and do it. Faizan Zaidi (FZ). #lethedreambe'.

Q: What was so special to you about this project? A: That my kids were so passionate about it and that my students knew they were doing it for other students just like them. Her classroom launched a day of fundraising in April 2012. It makes them more aware of what is going on in the world and how not everyone in the world has all the luxuries that they have. 15 . Q: How did you inspire your students to help be a part of the cause? A: I explained what was going on. I was able to spread awareness with parents and other teachers as well and that was a really great thing. IL. I also read them emails from the Executive Director.” You could tell that they were truly happy to give something to these students who needed it and they cared for them. Since it was an Islamic school I tied the religious aspect in and how important it was to give back to others. Q: What were some memorable words shared by students during fundraising? A: At the end of the event I had my kids write the students in need letters and I recall the letters specifically said things like “we want you guys to have books” and “we love you and care about you. I showed them pictures and I showed them the website on a projector. Sameeha Qureshi and her students launched a campaign for students at Kachra Kundi.Students Looking Out for Students Ms. Qureshi is a teacher at Islamic Foundation School in Villa Park. Hopefully they will realize they can do these things on their own. I wanted the students to know who the kids were and at the end the students felt like they knew them and related to them. Ms.” One student shared that she wanted to be the “student’s best friend. Q: Why do you think it’s so important for children to be involved in charitable work? A: Because they are young right now and if they start now they will realize the importance of how little things make a big difference.

135 food packages and 330+ containers of mineral water were distributed to 130+ families in Ghotki. Food packages included: Flour Oil Sugar Lentils Rice Salt Red Chili Bath Soap Three Years of Flood Relief in Pakistan's Villages GHOTKI 16 . providing support to those in need. Syed Sana Ullah has led a team of volunteers on several flood relief missions over the past three years to various villages across Pakistan. This year.Pakistan Flood Relief Continuing our disaster relief efforts for the severe floods in Pakistan. a village located nearly 300 miles north of Karachi in the Sindh area of Pakistan. Thaakat Foundation responded in October of 2012 for the third consecutive year to help displaced flood victims.

17 .

There was also a great need for clean water in the village. we helped build five child rescue centers in the small village of Blama Perri in Sierra Leone. West Africa. SIERRA LEONE 18 . The new water system brings fresh. The nearest hospital. The lack of a proper birthing center for Blama Perri has caused babies to be born under malnourished conditions with severe infections.Project Re-Born Africa In 2011. Thaakat undertook the mission of building a brand new maternity center on site for the villagers and residents in neighboring areas. clean and safe drinking water to Blama Perri. This village is mainly inhabited by widows and children. Even under these circumstances. Thanks to our donors. while mothers rest on rugged dirt floors. The maternity center will officially open in the beginning of 2013 and we hope to offer general healthcare assistance at the facility as well. a woman who is nine months pregnant cannot travel on the back of a bike. we were able to provide the community with a fresh water well for their daily needs. Blama Perri's previous water supply was very unhealthycontaining rust and iron. is reachable only by motorcycle due to terrible inroads. nearly three miles away. ravaged by 11 years of civil war in the country. Thank you to our partners Trinity United Methodist Church. making many residents sick.

Local Impact 19 .

awareness campaigns. 20 . and fundraising events nationwide. Our local division focuses on promotion of volunteerism and responsiveness to issues facing our local communities.Thaakat leads a series of community-based volunteer activities.

It is a simple way to make a difference. It can even help you discover personal interests that you never imagined you would have and make friends that you never would have otherwise crossed paths with in life. Along with the below events hosted by our National Board.Volunteering is not simply about doing it because it should be done. we are so proud of our chapters for carrying through with the mission! 21 . hospitals. It is an integral part of Thaakat Foundation’s mission. schools. it’s about coming together to want to help others. our university chapters across the country work with shelters. and institutions in their local communities. From coat-drives to hunger campaigns.

the board's Vice President. Special thank you to Board Assistant Shaby Navaid. Oglethorpe University. led the campaign for ‘Sandy Disaster Relief’ in m emory of t eam member Vishwaja Muppa. was featured in “College Fight for a Cause Night”. Caryn Dreibelbis. hosted a successful date auction in support of our projects. Thaakat Stony Broo k: Launched at Stony Brook University in New York. the team also won an Outstanding Achievement award from the Dean of the University in their first year as a student chapter on campus! Our Chapters raised more than $12. they held a "Spring Break Bash" that raised $1. Thaakat UIC: Launched at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 22 . bringing in 150+ registrants in two days. Thaakat Bradl ey: Launched at Bradley University in Illinois.000+ for our global projects! They also continue to serve up wonderful volunteer events in the Chicago Metro area.000 in donations just this year alone! Want more info on a Chapter? Follow their fan pages on Facebook! Illini Thaakat: Launched at the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign. a very successful PR and awareness project was h eld around the SWAB MOB campaign.Student Chapter’s Highlights Thaakat TCNJ: Launched at The College of New Jersey held an eye health camp for Nepalese r efugees in New Jersey. The t eam also hosts a yearly diwali event at a local senior citizens home. Thaakat Benedictine: Launched at Benedictine University in Illinois. Thaakat Rutg ers Newark: Visited ‘Garden of Hope’ at the New York Asian Womens C enter. held a "Hoops for Change" event to raise money for global projects. supported global projects with events throughout the year. Thaakat Atlanta: Launched at Thaakat Rutg ers New Brunswick: Held multiple events throughout the year to raise awareness for the "Break the Silence" violence against women campaign and fundraising events for our global projects.

that was a great moment. The Dean of Students proudly presented us with a certificate and gave a speech of our accomplishments of the year. Ayesha Lodhia “I remember a conversation with a volunteer who said that she loved how different Thaakat was from other organizations and how impressed she was with us being able to branch out and reach so many people.Proudest Moments from Chapter Presidents “We held a winter coat drive and a local thrift store near the university donated 75 coats to us.” -Founding President. we had the opportunity to work with another organization on campus. really showed us how successful we can be when we do things together with the same goal in mind!” -Founding President. Rebecca Afzar University of Illinois at Chicago “My proudest moment of 2012 was when Thaakat Atlanta was awarded the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Student Organization at Oglethorpe University. Thaakat UIC. It made me proud to see that other people appreciated our mission. Shivangi Modi The College of New Jersey 23 . Thaakat Oglethorpe University. Thaakat TCNJ. The Thaakat Atlanta team’s recognition on campus was truly a memorable moment for all of us. Also during our bone marrow registration drives.” -Founding President.

Thaakat Foundation initiated a campaign to enlist the public in the National Marrow Donor Program’s Marrow Registry. however. our campaign has added nearly 1. bolstering our efforts wherever we go. Azka was notified that she was the PERFECT match. Azka followed through with the donation process. I would actually be donating. Mother nature’s impact on the weather was compounded by a relatively low turnout. Her countless moments of selflessness have given a patient and family hope for the future. [ See Azka to the left] Azka selflessly complied with the Registry’s requests for further resting to make sure she was indeed a match for this patient. To date. “It was such a great feeling to know that from just that small little procedure.300 individuals to the registry! Our very first drive of this campaign was at Chicago’s DePaul University on a gloomy afternoon late April 2011. Nearly 13 months after she initially registered. otherwise known as the ‘Be the Match’ Registry that connects patients in need of a bone marrow transplant. Azka has since become a crucial part of the Thaakat team. Months later. It is amazing how small things can make a big difference. I hope to continue to help those in need in any way that I can. Thaakat’s campaign has added nearly 1.” -Azka Asif To date. I never expected that a year after signing up for the Bone Marrow Registry. smiling the entire way through.300 individuals to the National Registry! 24 What would you do if given the opportunity to save a life? . I had possibly saved someone’s life.The Swab Mob mob During the Spring of 2011. months went by and our campaign grew exponentially until one day when a brief phone call catalyzed our success. An individual from that small drive at DePaul had come up as a potential match for a patient in need! That individual was Azka Asif.

Set to graduate with a Master’s degree in biology this spring. Twenty-one year old Vishwaja was a casualty in a car accident in Port Jefferson Station. New York. a member of Thaakat Stony Brook’s public relations committee. one of whom is in critical condition at SBU hospital. toys. LaSalle had informed us that they helped over 450 families and 1. 2012.” in a Facebook message. Corps Officer. Thaakat. However. Vishwaja aspired to be a doctor. They have provided food. Three other students in the car were injured. and a Suffolk police car broadsided Vishwaja’s vehicle. On December 22. Residents of Plainfield were not able to report to work for weeks. and go out of her way to help me…She always knew how to brighten my day. New Jersey to help with Sandy Relief as Plainfield was heavily impacted by the hurricane. Major Verna LaSalle.m. house-hold supplies. Major LaSalle was extremely thankful to the Muppa family for honoring Vishwaja’s life by making positive impact on the life of others. Vishwaja’s friend and classmate Jaspreet Benipal describes her as “kindhearted. weeks of electricity. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Our chapters showed a great deal of support for our Sandy Relief efforts. that Tuesday morning. During the initial stages of the campaign. clothing. and clothing to name a few. a "Henna Night" fundraiser organized by our Atlanta chapter and a bake sale at Stony Brook University in Long Island. Many families lost their homes. and Christmas trees to families and children.” To honor her life. Thaakat had sent food donations to the Salvation Army of Plainfield. always ready to help a friend in need. 25 . died early on the morning of October 30th. Power outages attributed to Hurricane Sandy left the intersection of Route 347 and Route 112 pitch-black at 1:30 a. with the help of many caring supporters. was able to gather $2. “She was just an amazing person [who] would always drop what she was doing. food.000 children recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Some highlight events included a basketball tournament held by Rutgers New Brunswick.000 for the Plainfield Salvation Army. was grateful of the funds gathered. and are have been affected by the loss of several weeks pay. there is still need for more aid and volunteers. They all helped raise funds in their own different ways.Hurricane Sandy Relief In Memory of Vishwaja Muppa Vishwaja Muppa. selfless. Before Thaakat stepped in to help with Sandy Relief. The funds gathered by Thaakat will allow the Salvation Army to continue in their mission to aid the victims of the hurricane and help build a better community in the town of Plainfield. The Salvation Army of Plainfield has reached out to meet residents' different needs. Thaakat and the Muppa family initiated the Sandy Relief campaign.

26 . the children were ever more anxious to see us. It is at events like these that we are brought to the realization that domestic violence is so prevalent and thriving. 2012. storytelling. vegetables. A special shout-out to Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza for providing lunch! A few words from Talyah Basit. but one that we do not all realize or fully appreciate. It is here that we’ve adopted a “Peace Garden” where we plant herbs. One young girl even dressed up in a sparkling gown sharing that she only puts it on for special guests. and flowers that the women and children can tend to during the year and incorporate into their everyday meals in the kitchen! This year. and we must support the courageous women who have the will to leave their situations. He used to decorate them with his wife [who passed away] and it was too painful for him to continue without her… To be young and full of the promise of tomorrow is a gift. New York) Every spring we volunteer at the New York Asian Women’s Center to bring a change of pace to the women and children there.” Kiddie Keep Well Camp. Fall 2012: Volunteering at Kiddie Camp Keep Well (Edison. NJ where they played games with kids and participated in arts and crafts activities with seniors.Local Volunteerism & Outreach Spring 2012: Volunteering at New York Asian Women’s Center (Queens.But socializing with the seniors proved to be the most insightful segment… What I remember best is [another senior's] persistent refusal to partake in the pumpkin activities. even in our very own neighborhoods. October 13th. a Thaakat volunteer at the event: “It was a wonderful experience. established in 1924. The event is so important for us and we are thankful for the opportunity to work with them. to hopefully brighten their days as they enlightened ours. Thaakat volunteers spent an afternoon at Kiddie Keep Well Camp in Edison. Our generous sponsor Abir Salim at REMIII also donated beautiful jewelry pieces for all of the women. provides a pretty amazing residential camping experience for low-income children and activities for seniors. volunteering with such nice people! The children were excited to be playing outside on such a lovely day [and] listening to them talk was an enlightening experience in [and of] itself. There are tons for the kids to do: swimming. Thaakat gave us the opportunity to communicate with others. New Jersey) On Saturday.

Illinois) Our annual volunteer event “Good2Gether” with the seniors at Hamdard Center in Chicago has become such a wonderful tradition to look forward to. Kiddie Keep Well began offering a similar experience for seniors. support activities. and fun and games. which includes five days of health and wellness. Thank you for visiting us and helping us to forget the hard times for a day. a favorite being musical chairs! Lunch was served as our Thaakat volunteers sang carols and engaged in conversation with the seniors. 27 . you name it. It is such a great feeling to visit with them and talk about life over generations and cultures. sports.nature activities. In 1983. The morning opened with holiday crafts and games. There is such a wealth of knowledge and cheer that is to be gained from these annual gatherings. “Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life’s situations.” -Senior at Kiddie Keep Well Camp Winter 2012: Volunteering at at Hamdard Center (Chicago. Thank you to Hamdard Center for allowing us to come back every year. The attendance has grown from a few seniors and volunteers when we first began visiting to nearly 50 seniors and dozens of volunteers who come together to enjoy each other’s company.

Illinois) Thaakat held its Annual Charity Benefit Dinner in Chicago called “Dinner for Dreams” in August of 2012 to fundraise for the “Dreams for Kachra Kundi” project. The auction alone raised over $2. These funds were used to fuel the children’s eager souls that were ready to learn. to exquisite designer clothing from Sana Durvesh Khan. Pakistan. but also the renowned comedian and master of performance. In collective efforts. allowing himself to get to know the crowd personally. we raised just over $7. our collective efforts raised just over $7.500 for our school in Kachra Kundi! 28 . The evening concluded with a silent auction from countless sponsors ranging from high-profile sports teams including the Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls. It was an evening full of food and laughter among friends and family as Abbas approached guests.Fundraisers “Dinner for Dreams” (Chicago.500 for our school in Kachra Kundi. table after table. and provided the resources necessary to begin the next phase of the project: the school expansion by five additional classrooms. Abbas Ratani. The evening’s program expanded to not only include delicious food among delightful company.000! With nearly 200 guests in attendance that night.

musical performances. A wide community of young professionals were in attendance. and a silent auction. Prized auction items included photography sessions to even a pair of signed boxing gloves by none other than famed English boxer Amir Khan! A spectacular night of dreams to remember. comedy. The night included everything from a chartbuster artist from Japan to the laughter-inducing jokes of Saad Haroon.“A Mid-Autumn Night’s Dream” (Woodbridge. and the most mouthwatering dessert tables we’ve ever laid our eyes on. indeed. giving them an opportunity to mix and mingle while benefiting a great cause. 2012 to benefit the “Dreams for Kachra Kundi” project. to host an incredible night of fun with a live DJ. 29 . The dinner was organized by a special group of Thaakat’s young professionals called the “Dream Team”. New Jersey) The autumn season brought in a new wave of fundraising spirit as the winds blew eastward from Chicago to New Jersey. The Thaakat team on the east coast hosted a fundraising gala on October 4. who volunteered their time alongside the National Board and other volunteers. raffle prizes.

So where did all the money go? For the purchase of books and school related expenses for students who have been unfairly destined to a life ubiquitous poverty. The tournament commenced on November 17th at the Oak Brook Park District. serving food and drinks.Ballin’ 4 Books 3rd Annual Charity Basketball Tournament (Oakbrook. picture booth. everyone got a second chance. To keep spirits high. bags. no team truly acknowledged defeat as each dribble of the ball on the court represented a bounce closer to literacy. and more. Team Shabab walked away as champions. taking pictures. To get further involvement from the crowd. Each year. teams begin preparation to undergo what is considered to be two days of grueling competition. a nail biting free throw contest was held with a twist this time. showing up early mornings. There were plenty of other activities to participate in such as the raffle prizes. but to also support the Kachra Kundi campaign. half-awake and leaving in the evening wide-eyed and exhausted. Nonetheless. Thaakat accessories. But the fight doesn’t end here. and of course our beloved sponsors. Now that’s Ballin’! 30 . and anything else needed to make this yet another one of Thaakat’s successful event. which raised funds for the “Dreams for Kachra Kundi” project. food sales. many fans arrived with signs not only to shore up their favorite teams. All proceeds that were generated were from registration fees of $250. Thaakat will continue to hold their ever improving tournaments every year for as long as it takes. Many of the board members and volunteers (affectionately known as Thaakateers) tended to score keeping. At the end of the day (or two). As long as there is a need. Illinois) “Ballin’ 4 Books” was Thaakat Foundation’s 3rd annual charity basketball tournament in 2012.

including threats of such acts. Help us by speaking up. equal rights. The attractive 18-year-old had caught the eye of her neighbor.000 victims in the last 15 years. this has become known as the "unreported epidemic". The goal of this campaign is to bring awareness to the rising crisis of violence against women.for looking beautiful. Unfortunately. This horrible deed can be done over something as silly as a bad meal. Although acid is restricted for sale on the street-side markets. one can easily get a hold of it for just a few dollars by the gallon and it has become one of the cheapest ways to attack women. Thousands of women like Zarina experience similarly horrific cases every year. physical. sexual or mental harm or suffering to women. 31 . a disagreement over chores or even. Today. the punishment for attacks like this and via other means is often not fitting of the crime. One organization has counted 8. nose and lower lip were badly mutilated. or is likely to result in." This year we launched an initiative called ‘Break the Silence’. coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty. 2002. he reacted by throwing acid on her face on July 7. Help us to let these women know that they are not alone. and punishment. "the best kept secret" and a "cry for justice". after undergoing 11 surgeries she is barely able to regain her basic senses. Nazar Hussain. whether occurring in public or in private life. When she rebuffed his advances. Please help us as we go full force with the initiative in 2013. Zarina Ramzan was happily married with an infant. Her eyelids. In many countries where there is a lack of literacy.Will You Speak Up? The United Nations defines violence against women as "any act of gender-based violence that results in.

” -Supporter at Thaakat. girlfriends – no one wants to see them get hurt." -Amnesty International 80% OF HUMAN TRAFICCING VICTIMS ARE WOMEN. It’s not easy speaking up but abused women need to know that there ARE people who care and want to help them. " ● ● ● -RESCUE. This cause is so important for everyone to take part in because it’s something we can all relate to. and this issue is not going away. THREAT TO THE HEALTH OF WOMEN AGES 15-49 THAN CANCER. The same age as the girl in India who was gang raped recently.ORG “I'm 23 years old. and the first thing I thought when I read the story was. "Perpetrators of violence against women are rarely held accountable for their acts. MALARIA AND TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS COMBINED. Everyone has mothers.That may be enough to cause a chain reaction that will one day break the silence. We have to speak up to end violence against women so our strength can give another woman the push to raise her voice.1 IN 3 WOMEN GLOBALLY WILL EXPERIENCE ABUSE IN THEIR LIFETIME. aunts. and who knows? . It hurts knowing that women all around the world are being physically and emotionally abused. Anam Dhorajiwala 32 . OFTEN AT THE HANDS OF A PARTNER.that could have been me. Women who are victims of gender-related violence often have little recourse because many state agencies are themselves guilty of gender bias and discriminatory practices. [STATISTICS FROM AROUND THE WORLD] "VIOLENCE IS A BIGGER Violence against women is widespread and a large cause of morbidity and mortality among women. wives.

Karachi. craftily wrote 82 new posts on our blog. In 2012 we launched more than a half dozen issues of the Thaakat Insider.What to Expect in 2013 15. Pakistan and the other. Let’s empower them. If these were cans of diet soda. we’ll be expanding our nine classroom school in Kachra Kundi to 15 classrooms and will be opening our doors to mothers-to-be at our maternity center in Sierra Leone. a hazardous garbage dump with lots of little promises in Kachra Kundi. exams---and Thaakat! From bone marrow registration drives to exciting fundraisers and volunteering events. Our University Chapters work so hard on a daily basis to juggle school. In 2012. We love social media because it allows us to keep in touch with all of our supporters & volunteers. hoping it helps our society become more comfortable in addressing the issue of violence against women. Constantly innovating the way we present information to all of you. 33 . they’d power four Fashion Weeks. internships. look out for news on how they bring lots of GOOD to campuses nationwide.000 followers on our Facebook fan page. In 2013. look out for new initiatives and projects on your favorite social medium! A sincere Thank You to Sehrish Khan (our Thaakat Insider) and Hira Khan (our Keeper of the Blog) for helping to keep things fresh! We are going full force with our ‘Break the Silence’ movement in 2013. West Africa. work. Our blog had about 62. a dry basin of hope called Blama Perri in Sierra Leone.000 views in 2012.000 cans of diet soda were consumed at New York Fashion Week. Two-thirds of the world’s working hours are worked on by women. One. we adopted two communities. gained 100 wonderful fans on Instagram and celebrated 2.

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