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CATEGORY 4 3 2 1

PowerPoint Mechanics  Max 3 font types.  Max 3 font types.  Fonts are hard to  It is very difficult to
• Font sizes/limit to 3  Max 3 point sizes.  Max 3 point sizes. read. Many (80%) read the material.
• Font styles/limit to 3  Max 3 transition styles  Max 3 transition styles links work  Fewer than 75% of the
• Formatting  Formats (color, bold,  Font formats have correctly. buttons and links work
-outline format italics, etc.) have been been carefully  Some sources cited. correctly.
-25-30 words per slide carefully planned to planned. Most (90%)  Outline format is  No evidence of
• Slide transitions/limit 3 enhance readability links work correctly. sometimes used. citation.
• Readability and content.  Sources cited.  Some slides have  Outline format is
• Buttons & Links  Sources cited.  Outline format is no more than 30 rarely used.
 All buttons and links mostly followed. words  Few slides have no
• Citations
work correctly.  Most slides contain no more than 30 words.
 Outline format is more than 30 words.
used; no more than 30
words per slide.
Use of Graphics  Graphics are of  A few graphics are not  All graphics are  Several graphics are
• Animation highest quality and attractive, but all attractive, but all do unattractive and/or
• Digital Photos support the support the not support the detract from the
• Clip art and images theme/content of the theme/content theme/content of presentation content
• No more than 2 per slide presentation the presentation  No graphics used.
• At least 1/4-page size
Requirements  All requirements met  90%  80%  70% + below
• This is where the
individual teacher would
put the requirements that
the assignment demands
be met
• Stays within time limit
• Information is accurate
Effectiveness  Project includes  Project includes an  Project is missing  Project is lacking
• Topic fully developed opening, strong opening a closing, and one key element. several key elements.
• Sequencing of information supporting statements, good supporting  There is little  Lack of focus causes
• Originality and closing. statements. logical progression audience confusion.
• Public speaking skills  Information is  Some originality of ideas and  There is no logical
o Articulation presented in a unique evident in supporting progression of ideas
o Eye contact or interesting way. presentation. information  Speaker failed to
o Ready to present  There is a logical  There is some logical  Speaker did not address audience.
o No ums, ahs, etc. progression of ideas progression of ideas hold the audience’s  Speaker read from
and supporting and supporting attention. monitor.
o Projection
information information
 Speaker held the  Speaker held the
audience’s attention audience’s attention.
(through audience
and answer)