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Leah:When did you go to the concert? Tara: We (go)_____ on Saturday night.It was great! Leah: What about on Sunday?What did you do? Tara: I (read) ________my new magazine. Then I (take)_______ my six-year-old sister to the cinema. Leah: What film did you see? Tara :We(see) ______ Dinosaur. Its a Disney film. /8

Grammar 1. First , read Taras diary for the weekend.Then Complete the conversation.Use the Past Simple (affirmative) of the verbs in brackets.
Saturday -go to the shopping centre -Meet Jeremy at coffee bar -Buy tickets for concert Afternoon :Write e-mails and send Evening : go to concert Sunday -Read new magazine -Take Tina to cinema to see Dinosaur

2.Complete the sentences.Use the

Past Simple (negative) of the verbs in brackets.

They borrowed the books from the library,but they didnt read them 1.I bought a lottery ticket, but I __________any money (win) 2.We went to the shopping centre but we ____________anything (buy) 3.James listened to the CD, but he ______________ it( like ). 4. I went to the party, but I ___________ Helen there(see). /4

Leah: Hi Tara. What did you do last weekend? Tara: Hi Leah.Well,on Saturday morning, I (go) went to the shopping centre. I(meet) _______ Jeremy at the coffee bar. He (buy) ________ two tickets-one for me-to the Moby concert. Leah: And in the afternoon? Tara: Oh , I was at home.My parents and I (write)_________ some e-mails. Leah: Who did you send them? Tara: They(send) ________ one to my aunt in Australia, and I sent one to my cousin.

3. Rearrange the word and phrases to make questions. Then complete the short answers.
He/travel/Did/to/work/yesterday?/by bus Did he travel to work by bus yesterday? Yes ,he did. 1. you /go/to an English lesson/this morning?/Did ___________________________________________ _________________________________________

2.last summer?/across America/you and your family/Did /drive ___________________________________________ _________________________________________ 3.Ellas parents/buy/Did/for her birthday?/her /a car ___________________________________________ __________________________________________


Freddie Aliyahs going by bicycle and by van. Brians going _________and ____________. Catherines going ____________and ____________. David s going ______________ and _____________. Ellens going ______________and ______________. Freddies going _____________and __________. /10 6.Complete the request. -.Could you open the door for me,please? Yes,sure. 1._____________lend me you new CD? Yes,sure. 2.______________ see your essay? No,sorry. 3.______________use your telephone,please? Of course. 4.______________help me with my homework?-No sorry.Im busy. 5.______________tell me the time,please? Yes,its one oclock /5

/6 4 .Complete the sentences -Its eleven oclock Alison phoned at eight oclock, three hours ago. 1.Jessicas music lesson started at 10 oclock ____________ ago. 2.Toms tennis match finished at ____________, half and hour ago. 3.Gitas exam started at nine oclock,_______________ ago. 4.Alexanders plane left four hours ago, at ______________________. /2 5 Look at the chart and complete the sentences with the method of transport.



7.Match the suggestion with the response


.Shall we go to the disco tonight? No,its raining Lets buy tickets for the show! b)Yes,Im hungry



Shall we watch this film? like dancing Shall I take you out for dinner? d)No,Im sleepy Lets play a game of tennis! have money /5

c) Sure,I

e) I dont

0-10 =1 1118=2 1925=3 2633=4 3440=5

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