Case 5: Kundiman Communication Corporation: Mr.


Leader: De Chavez, Frances Marie C. Members: Andal, Kimberly Jane R Basilan, Jossan Espineli, Rheyna Nieves, Bianca Joahnna Nisortado, Ryan Polintang, Manilyn Ramirez, Kristine Danielle FACTS Kundiman Communication Corporation (KCC) is a local company with more than 2000 employees. It’s top management is composed of president and vice president for marketing, operations and administration. One member of the staff is Engr. Lorenzo de Guzman, who is an electronics engineering graduate. He was ordered by his immediate supervisor to head the newly built telecommunication facility in Antipolo, Rizal. Engr. De Guzman has been working with KCC for ten years, therefore he is very familiar with many aspects of the firm’s operation. PROBLEMS 1. How will Engr. De Guzman recruit qualified persons to occupy the various positions that will be created, if his trainings and experiences have not provided him with experiences to do so? 2. How will he able to know the information about the number of needed personnel and their job descriptions? OBJECTIVES 1. 2. 3. 4. To make the new telecommunication facility operational after 3 months To recruit the qualified and skilled personnel for the newly created facilties To acquire the needed trainings and experiences in hiring and recruitment To know the number of positions to be created

CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS Poor communication with the top management of the company may lead to different problems.ACTIONS/SOLUTIONS For human resource planning. . on-the-job training is highly recommended and for executive position. the company can rely on printed advertisement and selection. induction and orientation step can be provided by the human resource management unit. For entry-level personnel. they are given a little time of adjustment period to make them familiar with the new working environment. For recruitment. Proper selection of applicants is an important matter therefore must be proper selection screening process. De Guzman can also seek help from his friends and ask them for their referred professionals that will occupy the designated jobs. De Guzman should propose to the top management the transfer of some of its personnel from head office to the new facility so that the tie it would take the new facility operational will be attainable and there will be enough supervisors to provide trainings for the new employees that will be hired. Engr. After the selection of qualified applicants. These employees are good source of skilled personnel. and also he can gain experience and knowledge in recruiting through certain seminars offered elsewhere. Incoming employees should be tested and undergo trainings. KCC has 2000 employees and it’s large enough for the company to remain stable even if there will be a layoff. Trainings and development is performed by the HR unit with the supervision of Engr. De Guzman. By solving this. Engr. Engr. De Guzman should consider the forecasting which is a monitoring method. For non-managers. it could help him a lot with the specified number of employees needed to be hired.

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