Renee Knipe’s

(Sanctuary of Madness)
"There are lots of bad things in this world but Krizland is a particular kind of awfulness.  Surrounded by the jagged peaks of the Boragmus, its lowlands are given over to brackish fens and clinging mists.  As you might expect of those who choose to live here of their own volition, it's inhabitants (they can not rightly be called ‘people’) are uniformly hideous.  With no real standing army of its own, one is left to wonder if their plan was always to be as unpleasant as possible and hope the rest of the world would just go away. But even vast tracts of impassable land, a perpetual stench strong enough to impugn a warhorse, and strange things skittering in the night are insufficient deterrent for the Great and Glorious Army.  With barely a fight we found ourselves on the doorstep of the Krizland capital, the soulshaking mountain-city of Maddenhafen.  We had hoped to make this quick, but there was to be no easy defeat.  The Kriz, sickly though they seemed, were hardier than imagined; shielded by sheer cliff walls, fearsome magicks, and monstrous alliances, they have consistently rebuked our advances thus far.  We have resigned ourselves now to a siege of indeterminate unpleasant prospect that could be avoided if the Rat-King would simply yield to the inevitable." - Waldemar Rupp, Royal Propagandist



Character Creation
A character is an imaginary person in the game world. There are two types of characters: player characters (characters controlled by the players) and non-player characters (characters controlled by the GM). Each player gets to create and guide one player character; the rules for doing so are presented here. Every player character has one thing in common: They are all recent recruits to the Imperial Army on their first campaign in the dark and dangerous nation of Krizland. With no training to speak of, they’ve been thrown together with other raw recruits and marched to the gates of the Krizland capital, Maddenhafen. There they have met with sterner resistance than expected from the rat-like Kriz, and now they are encamped outside the city, girding for what could be a very, very long siege. A player character is defined (in part) by a collection of attributes and abilities, collectively known as characteristics. There are several kinds of characteristics: A Career is the most basic characteristic; it affects every other characteristic in some way. Players start out belonging to one of the four Basic Careers - Fighter, Scout, Student, or Agent but (if they survive) will quickly learn all they can from that lowly position and move on to a new Career. This progress from Career to Career is the primary way player characters grow and improve in the game. Traits measure innate talent and aptitude. All player characters have the same six Traits: Strength, Agility, Stamina, Savvy, Mien, and Willpower. Traits start with a random value and improve as a reward for successfully accomplishing Missions in the game. Skills are learned abilities. Each Career offers one or more Skills, which a character can choose to learn in the same way they improve Traits. Edges are powerful special abilities, unique to individual Careers. Player characters have access to the Edge pertaining to the Career they’re currently pursuing (Basic Careers don’t have Edges). When they move on to a new Career, they can use the new Edge, but leave the old one behind. Illustrious Feats, like Edges, are unique to the Career a character occupies. They describe the kinds of actions a character needs to perform to earn recognition from his or her superiors and, ultimately, promotion to new Careers. Trappings is the final characteristic. It lists the various gear and paraphernalia associated with a given Career. Players automatically receive these items at the time they enter the Career (and they get to keep them when they move on to the next Career).



Creating The Character
Step One Roll 1d6 for each of the six Traits, in order. Step Two Everyone had a life before the Army; choose three Skills from the Beginning Skills list, to represent things you learned in your civilian life. A list of some sample “civilian” Skills is included; you can make up your own, though they should reflect some aspect of commoner life in the Empire, and be without magical or combat application. Step Three Choose one of the four Basic Careers as your starting Career: Fighter, Scout, Student, Agent (see pages 29-32). Step Four Write down the Trappings listed with your Career. You start with these. You can also list a few other Trappings...personal belongings from your civilian life. Two or three portable items, without combat or magical significance.

Beginning Skills Begging Boating Brewing Carpentry Carousing Cooking Dance Dowsing Drive Cart Farming Fishing Folklore Game Hunting Haggle Smithing

Step Five Note the Trait increases and Skills available to your Career; these have no impact on you now, but will soon. Also take note of the Illustrious Feats associated with your Career, as these will guide your progress through it. Step Six Answer this question for your character: How did you come to join the Army? Step Seven Name your character, briefly describe him or her, and set their Rank at 0.

using the most appropriate Trait and applying relevant skills.those where another character is actively resisting the player character . whose character is a Scout.both parties must roll Feats.. if the acting . What is it that the character needs to accomplish? What happens if they’re successful? What happens if they fail? The answer to the latter two questions should never be “nothing”. (Note: consequences don’t always have to be readily obvious.. Each success rolled by the resisting character negates a success by the acting character. Before anything else can happen. count 5s as successes as well. Example: The GM calls for a Strength Feat to see if the characters can break down a door they need to get through. modified by their Spot Hidden Skill. having more than one of the listed is redundant. and at other times the GM will pose a challenge you will need to resolve. he describes them breaking down the door and marks the event with a token. For unopposed Feats . and both success and failure should have consequences.later he reveals that the ruckus they created drew the attention of something nasty in the vicinity.later the GM calls in the token to reveal a Kriz assassin that has been following the party the whole time.) (Note: a consequence of a failed Feat should never be that the game stops. Example: The GM asks one of the players. sometimes you will initiate one because you want your character to do something. the player fails and the GM marks it with a token. a Feat roll that doesn’t yield an obvious immediate result can be marked with a token.Maddenhafen! 4 Feats (aka “Doing Stuff”) A Feat is a notable action performed by a character. if this is a planned encounter.those that don’t involve overcoming the resistance of another character you typically only need one success for a Feat to be considered successful. if you have a Skill that is applies.) (Note: All tokens related to Feat rolls must be called in by the end of the game session they were generated in. you have to resolve it. Opportunities to perform Feats occur often. (Note: Throughout the text you will see standardized notation such as Savvy (Spot Hidden) or Willpower (Self-Control). figure out which Attribute is most relevant to resolving the Feat and roll that many dice. if they want (see hereafter). Any result of 6 is considered a “success”. to attempt a Savvy Feat. you can not benefit from more than on Skill on a given Feat roll). For opposed Feats . you need to know what the Feat is about. Feats should be meaningful. but rather than leave the players stymied with an unopened door. he can specify that more than one success is necessary to accomplish the Feat. which can be “called in” later to reveal what the hidden meaning of the roll was. A player can elect to increase the difficulty before rolling.) Once you know what the Feat is about.. Sometimes two or more Skills might be listed. Additionally. To do so. the Feat fails. meaning the GM prepped it as part of the mission.. and what Skill can modify that particular roll. This tells you what Attribute to roll for the Feat.

the Feat fails. which gives you an indication how well you succeeded (although in most cases. Your opponent is two better than you = Challenging. Making Life Harder Than It Needs To Be A player can choose to increase the difficulty of a give Feat. like with combat. just having one success is enough).Maddenhafen! 5 character is reduced to zero successes. three successes are needed. reduce the overall challenge level by one. Sometimes. compare the number of dice you and your opponent are rolling: Your opponent is within one die of you = Well-Matched. four successes are needed. use this chart to help you determine how difficult your attempt should be: The Feat is Typical. The Feat is Daunting. The Feat is Risky.) . two successes are needed. (Note: If you have an applicable Skill for an opposed Feat and your opponent does not. one success is needed. and especially if it will help them accomplish an Illustrious Feat. Your opponent is five better than you = Overwhelming. you will need to keep track of how many successes are left after the opposed roll is counted. Your opponent is three dice better than you = Imposing. The Feat is Impossible. For opposed Feats. Your opponent is four dice better than you = Fearsome. five successes are needed. For unopposed Feats. if they want more of a challenge. The Feat is Improbable.

Characters eligible to do so may roll one defense roll per time they are attacked in the round. (Note: Some weapons and armor provide modifiers to Initiative and Attack. Here’s how to handle it. Feats begin to resolve in order of the player who rolled the highest single die (in the event of ties. etc. your attack hits and will do damage. unless your opponent defends. look to the second highest single die.). Missile attacks are Agility Feats modified by Marksmanship. and rolls the appropriate Feat. it means to roll that many fewer dice at this step. . Clerical Spell attacks are Mien Feats modified by Finesse. but once the order of action is established those two dice should be rolled and added back into the pool for Feat resolution). Dodge. that’s combat. Magical Spell attacks are Savvy Feats modified by Finesse. If the modifier is positive. If a character who hasn’t acted yet didn’t roll at least one success on their Feat. but if your goal is to hurt someone.Maddenhafen! 6 Combat When two or more characters want to inflict physical harm upon each other. Shield Block..). If you roll at least one success. Dodge. roll that many extra dice during this step of combat. Shield Block. etc. they may not take any defensive actions this round. If the modifier is negative.they will only be considered for purposes of determining in what order combatants act. but put those dice off to side.). etc. Hurting Someone There are lots of things you can do in a combat round. they may now roll a defensive Feat (Parry.. they can choose to abort their Feat and instead roll a defensive Feat (Parry. If a character who hasn’t acted yet rolled at least one success on their Feat and is being attacked. Melee attacks are Strength Feats modified by Martial Prowess. these are the rules. Now. If a character who has acted is attacked. The Combat Round (Initiative) Every one decides what it is they’re going to do.

) Each success on a defense Feat negates one success on the attack Feat. Likewise. if your opponent has done more damage to you than you have to him. They choose one. etc. If an attack hits and is not completely defended against. . you are said to be winning the battle. that attack was completely defended. Parry. modified by an appropriate Skill (Dodge. If this reduces the attack to zero successes. That character’s player takes the Wound card and keeps it with their character.Maddenhafen! 7 Defending is a Stamina Feat. that is the Wound inflicted upon the defending character. or if it is upgraded to a more serious Wound for some reason. the attacking player counts his remaining successes and draws up to that many cards from the Wound deck. Winning and Losing If you have done more damage to your opponent than he has done to you. you are said to be losing the battle. after the Wound is healed. Shield Block. the card gets shuffled back into the deck. Winning and Losing are recalculated at the end of every combat round.

you can choose to make them even more powerful if you wish. Other weapons. Weapon List Hand weapon Dagger Two-handed sword Spear Polearm 2-handed Flail Longbow Crossbow Arquebus Blunderbus Init - +1 -1 - -2 -2 - -2 -3 -4 Atk - -1 +2 - +3 +2 - +2 +3 +4 Parry - -1 - . decrease the opponent’s rank by one for each. If they have an applicable combat or defense skill. require no special rules or adjustments when being used. The most common weapons are simple one-handed weapons .use the higher of your attack Traits to make this comparison.) Once you know how powerful an opponent is.) (Note: If you or an opponent have more than one kind of attack you’re likely to use during the encounter . .a sword. however..1 -2 -1 n/a n/a n/a n/a Hands 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 Some weapons list an Attack Bonus.e. by narrating circumstances that are to their advantage (or to your disadvantage). add together their attack and defense Traits and compare against the sum of your attack and defense Traits on the following chart: Within two dice of you = Well-Matched 3-4 dice better than you = Challenging 5-6 dice better than you = Imposing 7-8 dice better than you = Fearsome 9+ dice better than you = Overwhelming (Note: If you have an applicable combat or defense skill. melee and magic .Maddenhafen! 8 Making Things Harder On Yourself Like with normal Feat resolution. Do not increase by more than one rank for each. to enjoy more of a challenge and make good on various Illustrious Feats. being the default. do. These weapons. Same goes for your opponent. increase the opponent’s rank by one for each. Weapons The assumption is that characters engaged in combat are using some kind of weapon. or a mace. To determine the relative challenge level of an opponent. you can choose to make combat harder on yourself. This is the number of extra dice you get to roll when performing an attack Feat with that weapon (roll these dice after the order of combatants have been established). and increasing the number of dice the GM gets to roll (or decreasing the number you get to roll) to bring them to the next more dangerous challenge level. an axe.i.

Also. dodge gets this penalty. This is the number of extra dice you roll when performing a Parry Feat. . Special Attacks Disarm Disarming is a special attack made on an opponent’s weapon instead of their body. Armor Leather Armor Chain Armor Plate Armor Init/Enc -1 -2 -3 Prot +1 +2 +3 Armor comes with a Defense Bonus and an Encumbrance Penalty. during which you can do nothing else (including defend). You can use a shield to block attacks made by missile weapons. Shield Block requires you to have a shield equipped. If they don’t successfully defend. ranged attack. but it can also make doing athletic things including fighting . it takes one round to retrieve a lost weapon. The good news is that some weapons provide a bonus to the Feat roll. roll a number of extra dice equal to your Protection Bonus. their weapon is forced from their grasp. and does not require anything special to use.more difficult. Dodge is the best all-around defense skill: It can be used to avoid melee or missile attacks. Armor Armor can protect your character. When rolling your defense Feat. subtract dice equal to the Encumbrance Penalty. Larger shields provide bonuses to the Feat roll.Maddenhafen! 9 Some weapons have a Parry Bonus. You can not parry attacks made by missile weapons. but other defensive Feats do not). the downside of which is you can not use two-handed weapons. Shield Buckler Shield Tower Shield Block +1 +2 The Defense Skills Each of the defense Skills is a little different. Parry requires you to have a weapon equipped. When attempting to do anything that requires coordination or speed (including melee. or spellcasting.

. With proper attention.they take 2d6 hours and involve knives. sutures. splints for broken bones. and most such Wounds can be dealt with as a combat action (1 round). Once a day. you or another person can attempt a Savvy Feat (Tend Light. almost all of these are surgical procedures. swords. Light Wounds are fairly easy. Serious. good lighting. one randomly determined Serious Wound becomes a Light Wound. water for cleansing body parts. or Grievous Wounds helps a lot) on each Wound you possess. your character dies. two Serious Wounds equals one Grievous Wound and two Light Wounds equals one Serious Wound. Serious Wounds require a little more time (at least an hour). Light and Serious Wounds will heal over time. if you roll at least as many successes as you have Wounds. Also. bandages. one randomly determined Light Wound has healed overnight. staunch bleeding. if you roll at least as many successes as your total current Wounds. If you have any Serious Wounds. requires “proper conditions” and takes time. and if you succeed. the injured character is dies). if the Death card is given to you from the Wound deck. Light Wounds = Typical (one success needed) Serious Wounds = Daunting (three successes needed) Grievous Wounds = Impossible (five successes needed) As noted above. For purposes of this calculation. Grievous Wounds are the most difficult of all. etc. or re-set dislocated bones.. helping an injured person. you can roll a Stamina Feat (Quick Healer helps) once every seven days. etc. that Wound is immediately downgraded to the next less serious type (and Light Wounds go away).Maddenhafen! 10 Healing Wounds come in three types: Light. all you need are simple materials to bind them. or the equivalent. Death Your character will die if he accumulates two Grievous Wounds. given proper conditions. Wounds can sometimes heal faster. even if that person is yourself.. and the materials are a little harder to come by: sutures. A player with Light Wounds (and only Light Wounds) can roll a Stamina Feat every morning (Quick Healer helps). each of the different Wounds types has its own difficulty (see below). Serious. and will prevent any of your other Wounds from healing as well. and Grievous. The downside to attempting these rolls recklessly: If the roll is failed. the Wound gets upgraded to the next most serious type (if this happens with a Grievous Wound. Grievous Wounds do not heal on their own.

Make known that this is the spell you are researching.. homesick Acolytes. and a demon-haunted kingdom of ruins and ancient secrets. Other kinds of Feats too. • When you’ve accumulated what you hope are enough Notes.Maddenhafen! 11 Magick When the first chroniclers wrote the first history books they were already writing about Magick. But only in the last century. Also. observation. the spell works and is now inscribed in your spellbook. If not . Here. Krizland is older than any other kingdom in the Free World and its current residents ..there are no campuses and libraries. hypothesis. Modeled after its successful university system.apart from being incredibly magical in their own right . Learning a spell is a process of study. • Spells learned this way are not the same as those learned in an academic setting. you can attempt to organize them into a coherent whole.. learning spells as an Apprentice can be very difficult. practice. In game mechanic terms: • Start by picking a spell your character has perhaps read about or seen in action. half of the process is creativity and epiphany. your research is fatally flawed and you must start over from scratch. Regardless of the outcome.. these successes are your Notes. Unlike in the colleges of the civilized world though. there is no syllabus and no curriculum. only battle-weary wizards.. if you score successes equal to the Magic Point cost of the spell. has its study been formalized and expanded beyond candlelit chambers in tumbledown towers on the fringes of civilization.. the old ways rule. you can learn Magical spells. colleges of arcane learning can now be found in all of the greatest cities in the Empire. under the willful guidance of the Imperial throne. or even alter the way it works mechanically so long as it isn’t more or less powerful than the original that inspired it. Roll a Feat using your current Notes score in place of an Attribute (the Magick Theory Skill can modify the roll).the accumulated knowledge and insight you’ve gathered. • Look for or make opportunities to roll some Magical Research Feats. and personal creativity.were not the first or most powerful creatures to inhabit it. Learning Spells Once you’ve entered the Wizard’s Apprentice Career. Notes are reset to zero. you have to go find it. The latter is actually the reason so many wizards joined on for this is as old as human existence. and would like to add to their repertoire. if you can rationalize them. Feel free to change the spell’s cosmetic details. Light spell and devote the rest of their energy finishing their apprenticeship and obtaining that promotion. Keep track of your successes from each of these rolls. Most Apprentices choose to study only a single. (Note: Since Magick Theory isn’t available until you’ve reached the Acolyte career. The wilds of Krizland are quite a different matter. Persuading other magic-users and/or magical creatures to talk to you about magick is good. If you want to learn magick.) .

Spellcasting does not normally require a Feat roll. Any interruption during that time will break the casting. Regaining Magic Points Magic Points are regained at a rate of one per hour (of time in the game world). the casting will be broken. Spellcasting is a Savvy Feat. These things are relatively simple for a spellcaster. Agility is the appropriate Trait. and Athletics can modify this roll. A spell with a Range of touch requires the caster to make an attack Feat (with his bare hand). by being struck in combat). Spells Arcane Armor Magic Points: 5 Range: Personal Duration: One battle Area of Effect: Yourself Casting Time: One round Arcane armor bestows upon you one point of armor for the duration of one combat. you can produce its effect. . A spell’s description may call for a Spellcasting Feat. modified by the Finesse Skill. if the target is aware of the caster’s intent and is trying to avoid his touch. or three per hour if the character is doing nothing but resting. Spells descriptions list a Casting Time. can pay the Magic Point cost. and can fulfill the verbal and physical requirements for the appropriate amount of time. If you know a spell. What does require a roll is casting a spell on an unwilling target.Maddenhafen! 12 Casting Spells Spellcasting typically involves invocations and/or physical gestures to properly focus the magic into its spell form. and will typically (but not always) be allowed a Defense or Resistance Feat (modified by Dodge or Magic Resistance). but if they are interrupted (say. this is the number of combat rounds required to properly execute the spell. The target or targets of the spell must be within range.

chest. but because it requires the caster to touch the subject to cast it. door. Each round.that isn’t magically sealed. or until revoked by the caster (or removed by a Remove Curse spell). Its point of origin can be any place the caster can see. and within moments it will choke an area 2d6 yards in diameter. causing them to roll one less die on all physical Feats for one day. it can be dodged. This requires a Savvy (Finesse) Feat that can be dodged. etc . Lightning Strike Magic Points: 5 Range: Vision Duration: Instant Area of Effect: One Target Casting Time: One Round Calls down a bolt of lightning from the sky. The Mist lasts for 1d6 rounds.Maddenhafen! 13 Choking Mist Magic Points: 12 Range: Vision Duration: 1d6 rounds Area of Effect: 2d6 yards Casting Time: 3 rounds Choking Mist causes a viscous green fog to emerge from the ground. Armor does not offer any protection. The spell can’t be resisted.gate. anyone caught within it needs to make a make a Daunting Stamina Feat or suffer a Wound. . Open Says Me Magic Points: 1 Range: Touch Duration: Instant Area of Effect: One sealed portal Casting Time: One round Opens any portal . Hex Magic Points: 8 Range: Touch Duration: One day Area of Effect: One target character Casting Time: One round Hexes one target character. It does damage equal to Successes+2 that armor does not protect against.

The Clergy The backbone of the Church’s presence in Krizland is its Clergy. Together they minister to the soldiers. it must be earned. So. but clerics gain their power differently. How Is Favor Different Than Magick? There is no upper limit to the Favor a Cleric can a great extent. the religious sects of the Empire have a vital role to play in all that happens in Krizland. Clergy have something called Favor. Brother. maintain the doctrine of the Church. and Chaplain. but without a maximum limit. Finally. in a scary and unwelcoming place. . and it’s the Church’s responsibility to ensure their souls are prepared for the final journey home. but aren’t limited by their Career as to the type of spells they can learn.. Favor does not “heal” back naturally. Like Magick. Many of these people will not be coming home. On the surface. the Church sees this as an opportunity to destroy one of the oldest and most powerful stronghold of the Great Enemy. and the game mechanics are different. Favors look a lot like magick. if their target is unwilling to receive the Favor. and make war with the enemies of the Benefactor. Favor and Favors The Clergy are divinely connected. Invoking A Favor Favors do not require an Invocation roll to take effect. it’s a score like Magic Points. the siege of Maddenhafen is as much a crusade as it is a political action. There are four Careers in the Clergy. The Favors available to the Cleric depend upon their current Career. and can then be “spent” to “purchase” specific Favors. Novitiate. they rely upon their faith to comfort them.Maddenhafen! 14 Religion Religion is extremely important to the embattled men and women of the Empire.. they produce distinct otherworldly effects. It can be increased by doing things the Benefactor finds favorable. and not tempted or corrupted by the rampant paganism of Krizland. targeting and resistance rolls may be necessary. as you can see. Far from home. each of increasing rank and power within the Church hierarchy: Candidate. Spellcasters have to research spells and inscribe them in a spellbook. and as such can beseech the Benefactor directly for Favors.

. Clerics don’t “cast” their Favors.Maddenhafen! 15 Clerics don’t study or inscribe spells. and can call upon them at any time. the GM has final say on how much Favor a given task or activity can provide. so long as they have the Favor to pay for them. “Asking” for a Favor is an act of will. Remove Curse and Dispel Magic have no effect on this. allowing them to roll one extra die on all physical Feats for one day.. . though it must be a Wound they can see and touch. They are not required to perform arcane gestures or speak any kind of verbal invocation. or until revoked by the caster..they merely need to be conscious to be able to do so. The cleric gets to decide which Wound they are targeting. Favors have no Casting Time.they always take one round to invoke. This effect can not be resisted by the target. but casting a Curse on the target will effectively negate it. They have access to all the Favors available to their Career. it is immediately upgraded to the next most serious kind of Wound (and Grievous Wounds result in death). Morning prayer: 1d6 Take a confession: 1d6 Abstain from sin: 1d6 Fast for one day: 1d6 Convert a pagan: 2d6 Despoil a pagan site: 2d6 Slay a pagan leader: 2d6 Convert a pagan leader: 3d6 Gaining Favor These are some of the things you can do to earn Favor. Favors Bless Favor Cost: 8 Range: Touch Duration: One day Area of Effect: One target character Required Career: Bless Blesses one character (who can not be the caster). it can be dodged. but because it is a Touch Favor. Festering Wound Favor Cost: 7 Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Area of Effect: One wound Required Career: Initiate This Favor causes one existing Wound to erupt with infection. Other will certainly occur to you during play and should be allowed..

If not treated. it can be dodged. Minor Healing Favor Cost: 5 Range: Touch Duration: Permanently removes one Wound Area of Effect: One living target Required Career: Candidate This Favor permanently removes one random Wound from a target person or animal. This effect can not be resisted but because it has a range of Touch. the targeted Wound immediately begins to necrotize.Maddenhafen! 16 Gangrenous Eruption Favor Cost: 15 Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Area of Effect: 1 Wound Required Career: Brother This is a more deadly version of the Festering Wound Favor. after one more 24 hour period. they will succumb to the infection and die. within 24 hours it will become the next worse again. Like that Favor. If the victim is still alive. Resurrection Favor Cost: 100 Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Area of Effect: One person Required Career: Chaplain This Favor restores life to one character who has been deceased no longer than twenty-four hours. it becomes the next more serious type of Wound. .

and education have exploded. For those unaccustomed to its strangeness. adventure seeds. whose sheer walls make egress extremely difficult. including Kriz culture. Mostly. Universities have formed in most of the largest cities. Then there are the ancient Boragmus Mountains. Setting The Empire Formally known as the Holy Empire of Gustav Hess III. things that were driven to extinction elsewhere in the world long before Man’s ascendency. though in the past its geography and inhabitants were very different. It’s a rich country. it’s because those who have trespassed there and returned to tell the tale swear it is like walking into Hell itself. For those who survive. the Empire is the greatest nation in the world. bountiful trade routes. It stretches north to south and is a mishmash of people assimilated over the past hundred years. Still. Krizland Krizland sits to the northeast of the Empire. and education is more readily available to common folk than ever before. and the super-secret game-changing device The Eight Paces of Sepius Grag. culture. mostly given over to wilderness. The reasons for this are many. and essential sea ports.inhospitable and terrifying beyond comprehension. Even magick has been formalized into a college system (partially to give it a sense of legitimacy and elevate it beyond the reach of the Church’s witch-hunters).Maddenhafen! 17 Game Mastering Herein is contained all the information you need to run a game of Maddenhofen.some are jealous of their wealth and power while others are simply afraid of what they stand for or harbor bitter grudges from the distant past . it is indeed terrifying. The Empire has many enemies on its borders . There is as much swamp as solid ground. . Untroubled by internal strife for decades. and on most days a thick fog hangs about the surface to a height well over a man’s head. art. sample enemies. The corner of the Empire it touches is sparsely inhabited. There is some truth to this. full of natural resources. life after the military is one of promise and prospects.. the easiest way to improve one’s lot in life is to enlist in the Imperial Army. It is one of the oldest nations of the Free World. It has never before been the target of invasion. There are strange things in that fog.. Truth is. very few people have ever even seen the inside of its borders. The nation itself is a bowl-shaped depression inside the Boragmus basin.and there is always a need for new recruits. though.



Dotting the landscape are scores of ruins, such that if the fog were to clear, you wouldn’t be able to look left or right without seeing at least one crumbling tower or partially submerged mansion in the distance...a legacy of a bygone age and people. Some say Krizland was the birthplace of magick; those same people often say it was that selfsame magick which reduced it to its current state. The Kriz themselves are believed by many to be a magically created race. Whatever the truth, there is no doubt it was once a powerful kingdom, and that some of that power still resides here, shrouded in mist and mystery. It’s a shame most of the Free World will never lay eyes on a Kriz city, because they are truly a marvel of engineering and architecture. Whatever else they are, the Kriz are resourceful and clever, and their craftsmanship is unequaled in the Free World. Their cities line the interior walls of the Boragmus Mountains; huge sprawling edifices built on and out of sheer rock, rising chaotically skyward, with far flung towers and other structures connected to the whole via flying walkways, impossibly steep stairwells, and vertigo-inducing stone suspension bridges. But that’s just the surface, because the cities extend deep into the mountains...huge chambers and tunnels dug out of sheer stone in warren-like mazes that only the native Kriz could ever hope to navigate. The greatest of the Kriz cities is Maddenhafen (roughly translated, Sanctuary of Madness). Of course, this is the name given to it by the invading Imperial Army, and it’s not hard to see why...its strange geometry and impossible dimensions hint at darker truths than men prefer to contemplate, and just gazing upon it sends weak-willed recruits into paroxysms of babbling terror. And then there are the noises; a hideous cacophony of whispers, shrieks, and tittering that grow louder and more perverse as the night grows long. Until this time, no man had ever been to this place, and if ever there was doubt about the rightness of this war, its mere existence is proof of the Kriz’s profanity. The Kriz The first thing you notice about the Kriz is that they’re not human. In fact, they’re man-sized bipedal rats. The Church has long held that the Kriz weren’t divinely created beings, but rather the product of magical experimentation. As such, they are thought to be soulless abominations - vulgar effigies of life that insult the sanctity of Creation just by existing - that need to be destroyed. The truth is that the Kriz might be a magically created people, but whether that is true or not, they certainly aren’t soulless. To generalize about the Kriz is dangerous because, like humans, it’s impossible to pigeon-hole them as one thing or another. They are called savage, and they certainly can be, but they can also be gentle and tender...just like other people. They have a reputation for cleverness, but perhaps



are not given enough credit for their intellect. They are thought to be uncivilized but the truth is they’re very’s just their civilization is not our civilization. They are an old people - older than humans, perhaps - and intensely magical, though most Kriz never have contact with any magick at all in their lifetimes. They’re a hardy race...they need to be to live in such a harsh environment. Even so, infant mortality is high among them. To offset this, their females are highly fertile, the average pregnancy lasts only six months, and they give birth to litters of 6-12 pups. If one or two live out the first week, they are doing well. Most litters don’t have a single pup survive the first few years, though if they do, their life expectancy increases dramatically. Kriz who make it to adulthood can expect to live upwards of a hundred years or more, as by that time their bodies have become strong and resistant to illness, and they have learned how to survive in this world. One of their more repellant traditions, at least from a non-Kriz perspective, is the practice of cannibalism...including the cannibalism of their many dead children. There are practical reasons for this: In Krizland, if there is a dead body to be found, something will find it and eat it; food is sometimes a precious commodity and there is no sense feeding the bog creatures when you yourself might be hungry. This lends itself to Kriz spirituality as well; by consuming the body of a dead Kriz, you allow their soul to inhabit your body until such time as you can make a pilgrimage to The City and deliver it to the Kriz prophet-god Gutterblax. Finally, there’s a superstitious reason for all of this: If you eat the dead body, it can’t come back as the undead and eat you (why the Kriz are so afraid of this happening is unknown...surely it’s just a story to scare children.) Given that their lives are perpetually tinged with death, you would think the Kriz to be callous and hard...perhaps even monstrous. Certainly that is the view the Empire has of the Kriz, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Kriz make deep connections among themselves, and most especially among their families (which are often quite extended). Most of their young live very short lives, but rather than fear the inevitable, they cherish every moment as though it were a gift. And each death is a personal tragedy for the they mourn quickly, but intensely. The Kriz possess no cultural shame about sex. The Kriz enjoy sex and engage in it often. Also, almost all Kriz are innately bisexual and polyamorous (as you might expect, this leads to some extremely complicated family trees). All of this serves as more ammunition for the Church, whch cites it as proof that the Kriz are incapable of making true and lasting bonds of love. Kriz also don’t recognize gender roles or gendered behavior outside of the obvious “these ones bear the children” and “these ones don’t”. Although their society is caste-based, no one is prevented from doing anything because of gender...quite the opposite, if you are born with a black pelt, you are expected to be a warrior regardless of whether you are a man or woman.



The Kriz caste system deserves some mention. Brown Kriz are the rank and file; they work and farm and hunt and build, and basically do labor. Black Kriz are warriors; all Kriz are dangerous in combat, just by virtue of living their whole lives in such an extreme environment, but the warriors are a class apart...strong, fast, skilled, and often possessed of terrifying old world armaments, any one is more than a match for half a dozen skilled Imperial fighters. Red Kris are the nobility; typically, a cabal of red Kriz will lord over a few hundred others, and it is their responsibility to make decisions for the group, and to protect them. Grey Kriz are the religious leaders; they will often advise the reds on matters of spiritual importance, and when necessary, will make the pilgrimage to The City to commune with the prophet-god Gutterblax. Finally, the rare white Kriz are the sorcerers; they devote their lives to crafting new magicks and discovering old world secrets, waiting for the day when they will be called upon to unleash their power. As you can see, the Kriz are not quite as mysterious as their homeland is. This is because, although they have always been regarded with fear and suspicion, they still had things to offer, and therefore weren’t a completely impossible sight (until recently), especially in the border towns of the east. Wizards especially were known to deal with the Kriz, who would sometimes be willing to trade old world relics and knowledge for prizes from the west. In retrospect, their reputation as purveyors of the occult probably wasn’t helped by these dealings. Current Events In 1408 CR (Church Reckoning), Gustav Hess III ascended to the throne and became the fortythird Imperator of the Holy Empire. The day after his coronation he made it a crime to consort with or harbor Kriz. Kriz caught within Empire borders were to be held as political prisoners. Shortly after the issuing of his edict, Imperator Hess assembled his best spies and wardens and deployed them to Krizland. Months later a few returned, bearing tales of baby-eating monsters, immense magical power for the taking, and a city so terrifying they named it Maddenhafen. It took most of a year to mobilize the Imperial Army, and in the spring of 1410, Imperator Hess declared war on Krizland. By early summer, the Army had made the difficult trek over the Boragmus and reached Krizland; by autumn they were on the doorstep of Maddenhafen, having (mostly) survived the treacherous crossing of its swampy, mist-shrouded interior. Up until this point, they had met with very little resistance...but that was about to change. And that’s where the game starts.

they do it because they are told to. That problem has been dispensed with in Maddenhafen. but it something you should prepare for before sitting down to run a game for other players. The characters are all conscripts in the Imperial Army. A print out of the Eight Paces of Sepius Grag game board (also provided at the end of this PDF). have a built-in excuse for adventuring together.. A few tokens. Mission-Based Lots of game masters struggle with the idea of “getting the characters together”. monsters. Copies of the character sheet.and asks you to look at them in a different way. treasure. it has all the tropes of the genre: character classes. None of this is hard. combat.particularly the “monsters” . including yourself. Paper. On the other. . One one hand. you’ll need a few things. camped outside the terrifying city-stronghold of Maddenhafen.. So as GM.. and some kind of a figuring or other marker to indicate the different characters on the Eight Paces board. You just have to come up with an adventure. and a hand full of six-sided dice. etc. One set of the twenty Wound cards (provided at the end of this PDF for each player in the game. it takes these tropes .that’s already been done for you. which in Maddenhafen is referred to as a “mission”. magick. you don’t have to worry about how all the characters got there and why they’d be working together.Maddenhafen! 21 Prepping And Playing Maddenhafen is both like and unlike other fantasy rolelaying games you may have played. Set-Up Before you can play.. They take orders from their superiors and as such. pens or pencils.

his armor thick with gore. and while they characters are waiting for the for the people of Kriz to starve. and hear only their screams.. The distance would be easily closed. investigate strange sightings. but sieges are often boring affairs.. He did not see the grotto floor beneath his feet. but even as he did so. Sepius felt twin pangs of pity. not dead as believed but here. Sepius looked upon the man and the man looked upon him. etc.nay.. for the first time.Sepius’ son. When Sepius finally laid eyes upon him. they understood one another. Soon it would be over. They are constantly being sent to do stuff: Explore nearby ruins. asleep in this man’s arms. as he begged for his worthless life. Warbands Characters who work well together can come to be seen as an unofficial unit. he was holding something. Sepius’ pace slowed.. With his next two steps. So all you need to do to start prepping for a session is to sit down and come up with an idea for a Mission. The first two steps came quickly and now he could see his enemy more clearly: a human warrior. instead his hands were extended pleadingly.for the first time he considered a swift.. Very successful warbands develop reputations and are often given nicknames. secure roads for caravans carrying supplies. Kriz Fable . He readied his blade on the fifth and sixth steps. and that something was like a thousand stones weighing him down.his pity had become something else. sometimes referred to as a “warband”.the men he slew to protect the Kriz child. On the eighth step. each new moment . On the seventh step. He could see only the torn bodies of his family. there is one significant game mechanic you should know about..his foe was near now. Sepius stopped in his tracks. you can flesh it out with details like maps and encounters and such but before you do... merciful death for this human. No weapon to be seen.. the game is about the siege of Maddenhafen. and all around were the corpses of other men. The possibilities are endless. nor did he hear the shrill howl of the wind through the hollows. rescue Imperial hostages. and although they spoke different languages.Sepius Grag’s spite festered..The Eight Paces of Sepius Grag.Maddenhafen! 22 Missions can be about almost anything. and with each new hour .an infant Kriz. this would be too easy. Then. they’re not just sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Sepius laid down his weapon and took his son into his own arms. he looked about him. though. investigate farflung parts of Krizland. Having done that. he was eight paces away..” . The man’s sword lay on the ground nearby. root out traitors from the ranks.. The Eight Paces of Sepius Grag “He followed his enemy for three days and three nights.. Yes.. The man was not pleading for mercy.

enforce the stereotypes and play into the cliches. So it might be quite some time before they finally hear this story. They will see the Kriz exactly as the Empire’s history books have always portrayed them. and those who do don’t share it. These are what the Steps mean: Steps 1-2: With New Eyes The Kriz are no longer seen as merely one-dimensional villains. the GM should start layering in humanizing qualities. they dream. Instead of portraying them as ravening monsters. guilt is starting to weigh on the characters. the characters won’t realize any of this at the start of the game. by human standards they’re ugly. From that point on the game changes. and possibly for those of their countrymen. the GM should introduce the story of The Eight Paces of Sepius Grag to the characters. given over to cruelty and selfishness. . and how fast. support this vision of the Kriz. As soon as their character does hear the story . at the first opportunity. as the armies of the Imperial Army swarm outside Maddenhafen. their homeland is gloomy and harsh. they hurt.. Of course. they laugh. But they’re not evil. and can rationalize their own inaction to themselves. and their customs are sometimes vile and repugnant.. And it must come from a Kriz. This won’t necessarily be easy. almost no one in the Empire knows of the subhuman monsters. And right now. The Game Master should. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re compelled to help them. Steps 3-4: Pity Is For the Living The characters feel sorry for the Kriz. The players decide if their characters make that journey. a player can choose to advance their character one step forward on the board. after any encounter with a Kriz character. Kriz and Imperial citizens speak different languages. though. and that’s okay. the two groups don’t often sit down around the campfire together and tell stories. They definitely feel compelled to make amends for wrongs they’ve personally committed. initially. they are afraid.a player must take a representative figure or pawn of some sort and place it on the “first step” space of the Eight Paces board. they likely still see the Kriz as inferior. they can never go back. you can never unsee the things you’ve seen. They love. However. and they cry. and anyway.and it could happen in such a way that not all characters hear it at the same time .Maddenhafen! 23 The thing about the Kriz is that yes. The Eight Paces board is an abstract representation of the characters’ journey from hatred to respect for the Kriz. Once they’ve made that move. Steps 5-6: Weight Of The World At this point.

They would be welcome in Maddenhafen. it will be very difficult for them to stand idly by should they witness acts of cruelty perpetrated against the Kriz. When you. and expected to approach things differently. even if they are able to do some good from behind the lines. Using The Eight Paces To Prep As has already been described.perhaps years down the road . His demeanor is foreboding and he draws a lot of attention to himself. some will be far ahead. Some time later Felix approaches the characters.. Either way. not a group device. while others lag behind. they will be put to death for treason. Characters will not always be in lockstep as they make their way through the Eight Paces. and each “adventure” is a mission they are assigned to. this retires the characters. the characters see the Kriz as equals. They can desert and make their way home. Maddenhafen is a mission-based game. This is where the game gets really good. as GM. Step 8: Laying Down Arms At this stage. the characters can no longer stand to be a part of the Imperial army. always aim for the character in the lead and trust the other players to filter the information as needed for their own experience.the Inquisitors will catch up with and execute them. Below are some examples of how the same mission might go differently for characters at different stages of that journey. the head of a Kriz impaled on the end of his spear. The Mission A witch-hunter named Felix walks into camp one day. the board is personal. As the characters progress through the Eight Paces they are asked to consider what’s asked of them in a different light. have to make a decision about how to present something. they may choose to act in dramatic and unpredictable ways and your preparation needs to accommodate that. But. The characters are conscripts in the Imperial Army camped outside the city of Maddenhafen. how they proceed with those missions will vary greatly depending upon where they are on their journey through the Eight Paces. and while they may with some effort be able to maintain a pretense to the contrary when around their Imperial peers. make their last mission a good one because this is where it all ends. and it can be instructive and even inspirational for providing dynamic inter-party storylines.Maddenhafen! 24 Steps 7: Lines Are Blurred By now.clearly something is going on.. although eventually . as there is no good or easy resolution for the predicament the player characters find themselves in. he has requested the . though such a life would be unpleasant in the extreme for a human and if the Empire ever gets their hands on them again. This is okay. and a lot of that will depend how they want to proceed.

with the black focusing on Felix right from the start.sometime later they would have to try to gain entrance to Maddenhafen (perhaps with the help of a Kriz who knows them to be soul-bearers now) and gain audience with the prophet-god Gutterblax.. the PCs realize the Kriz are more scared than ferocious. but it doesn’t reveal itself. And regardless of what they do. Steps 3 & 4: Pity Is For The Living Because the PCs are more experienced by this stage. It’s possible they realize that for a Kriz soul to move on.. With a little cleverness. the flesh needs to be devoured and then a pilgrimage to Maddehafen made. She isn’t afraid. and that anger is focused entirely upon Felix. The journey there is fraught with peril. They need to get the head and return it to the family of the deceased. they may realize that the head on the spear belonged to her spouse.. With luck. It’s not hard to find. Step 7: Lines Are Blurred As Felix walks into town. The Kriz will fight viciously when encountered. Felix trusts them to take care of the nest on their own....Maddenhafen! 25 service of a warband to help him track down a nest of Kriz in the swamps outside the camp and the Master Captain has recommended them. Steps 1 & 2: With New Eyes Pretty much as described above except upon encountering the Kriz. so it can be consumed. who will take the burden of the soul from them.. they’ll have to do it without drawing the attention of Felix or any other soldiers. who leads them to a small ruined temple north of their encampment.the black Kriz wants to know where to find Felix and the players will have to decide what to do.something seems to be watching their every move.. they could consume it themselves.complete the mission. the player characters recognize the decapitated head.. or betray Felix? Steps 5 & 6: Weight Of The World The PCs immediately realize that Felix has perpetrated a grievous wrong against the Kriz. Haven’t Started The Eight Paces Yet The characters go with Felix. the characters defeat the Kriz and return home heroes (hopefully with enough Illustrious Feats to earn a commendation)... Felix enlists the aid of some other warband to go . Alternatively.several browns lead by one black. After exploring the temple. and that she is acting out of despair for the loss of her loved one.except for the black Kriz. They fight savagely.. although the trip is still plagued with the feeling they are being belongs to a Kriz warrior they know and had come to like... but the PCs are not really the focus of their anger. the characters find the nest of Kriz. she’s angry.

The PCs will have to decide what to do about that. . as well as making sure the soul of their Kriz friend gets delivered to the otherworld safely.Maddenhafen! 26 and deal with the Kriz nest north of camp.

Upon moving into a new Career.Maddenhafen! 27 Appendix I: Careers Every character has a Career within the Imperial Army. its Edge becomes available to you. and their responsibilities. Otherwise. A person’s Career defines their role. your performance will be reviewed. if you performed at least two Illustrious Feats. You do not have to learn all the available Skills. After each mission. the GM is expected to exercise some discretion. These are really just guidelines. they must be earned through training and service. their abilities. and the players always have the power to elevate a situation to Illustrious Feat status by pushing the difficulty higher. You can also choose to go through your current Career again. the one thing that must remain true is this: Illustrious Feats must serve the Empire in some way. or enter into any of the Basic Careers (which have no pre-requisite requirements). Scholar. the latter will get you court-martialed and executed for treason). you lose access to it as soon as you begin training for a new Career. and are listed in the Career description. in which case you don’t get a duplicate item). You can choose from any listed Career whose prerequisites you can satisfy. As soon as you enter a Career. Each Career listing has a set of Trait increases and available Skills. you will awarded the necessary training to take one of the Trait increases (each +1 is considered a separate increase) or to learn a new Skill (you can only ever learn a Skill once). Fighter. You should then select your next Career. or Scout. An Edge is a special ability that only members of that Career can use. you automatically receive the listed Trappings (unless you already have that Trapping. or at least be able to be spun as such. You do not get these automatically. To be eligible for Promotion you must complete all the available Trait increases. . If you have completed all aspects of training within that Career are not going to be Promoted for doing things that are self-serving or somehow help the enemy (in fact.meaning all possible Trait improvements and Skills . Edges Most Careers have an Edge listed with them. Everyone starts out in one of the four Basic Careers: Agent. any act of great heroism or bravado can be considered an Illustrious Feat. If you do well and complete the training opportunities within that Career.the Edge becomes a permanent ability of your character. The kinds of Illustrious Feats that will earn you notice differ with each Career. you will be given your choice of Promotions to a new Career. However. Additionally.

Characters of lesser Rank are expected to show those of higher Rank proper respect (the Imperial Salute is a typical acknowledgement). they will do it. Each time they complete a Career. Rank has its benefits within the Army.Maddenhafen! 28 Rank A character’s Rank starts at 0. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Rank and Title Conscript Private Sergeant Lieutenant Captain Master Captain Colonel General . You can order characters of lower Rank to do pretty much anything and so long as it doesn’t conflict with an Order giving to them by a higher Ranking official. their Rank increases by one.

despite extreme hardship and obstacles. Illustrious Feats Getting information where it needs to go. essentially. including pants.. Attributes Mien Willpower +1 +1 Skills Public Speaking Edge None Trappings Dagger Clothes. tunic.they are.. and hat . mailmen (and women).Maddenhafen! 29 Agent No prerequisites The Agent’s job is to communicate official information between encampments.

They comprise over half of the army’s ranks all on their own and are largely viewed as expendable. and light cloak . responsible for all basic combat operations. Illustrious Feats Surviving more than one battle. and providing a meat shield for the more powerful troops during any large-scale assault. Defeating a more powerful foe. Attributes Strength Stamina +1 +1 Skills Martial Prowess Edge None Trappings Chainmail armor One-handed weapon Dagger Clothes.Maddenhafen! 30 Fighter No prerequisites The Fighter is the bread and butter of the Imperial Army. including canvas pants. tunic.

Illustrious Feats Uncover an enemy nest.Maddenhafen! 31 Scout No prerequisites Scouts serve as point men (and women) for warbands going into hostile territory. Attributes Agility Stamina Skills Spot Hidden Edge None Trappings Leather armor Leather helmet Hand axe or sword Dagger Clothes. and light cloak +1 +1 . including canvas pants. tunic. or when new territory needs to be surveyed for enemy presence. Prevent an ambush. or otherwise do something that saves one or more lives.

The knowledge they bring with them. quill. including pants. However.Maddenhafen! 32 Student No prerequisites Strange as it may seem. Illustrious Feats Discover something new about the enemy. tunic. the need to gather lore about the enemy means they often have to put themselves in danger’s way.something they are not well-suited to. are invaluable as counsel. Provide insight or advice into a situation that proves particularly useful to its outcome. academics have a vital role in the Empire’s war effort. and hat 1d6 books on various subjects Ink.. Attributes Savvy Willpower +1 +1 Skills Read and Write Edge None Trappings Dagger Clothes. and parchment .. as well as their keen intellects.

Maddenhafen! 33 Archer Strength 4.. Trappings Longbow Arrows .hitting a perfect bullseye. Agility 5 Illustrious Feats Any Feat of incredible combat marksmanship. severing drawbridge ropes. Traits Agility +2 Strength +1 Skills Marksmanship Edge Crack Shot You don’t have to roll for Feats of non-combat marksmanship. and other trick shots are automatic successes..

Spot Hidden. Stealth. Mien 6. Willpower 7. Trappings Clothes. Traits Agility +3 Savvy +1 Mien +1 Willpower +2 Skills Detect Danger. Martial Prowess Illustrious Feats Kill a politically significant target. Savvy 6. you may instead flip over cards from the top of the Wound deck until you come to a Grievous Wound or Death card. Kill anyone in a single blow.Maddenhafen! 34 Assassin Agility 8. Hide. That is the Wound inflicted upon your opponent. Self-Control Edge Strike Grievous Blow Instead of inflicting Wounds in the normal way. as needed for the job Dagger Crossbow Sword Vials of various poisons .

Martial Prowess Illustrious Feats Amazing Feats of horsemanship. Traits Strength +2 Stamina +2 Skills Ride. particularly in combat. Stamina 5. Animal Handling Edge Horsemanship While fighting from horseback.Maddenhafen! 35 Cavalry Strength 5. Trappings Riding horse Spear Iron Helm . 4s count as successes.

Maddenhafen! 36 Crossbowman Agility 7 Illustrious Feats Any Feat of incredible marksmanship. Trait Agility +2 Skills Marksmanship Edge Armor Piercing Defenders do not get the benefit of their armor when defending against your crossbow attacks. Trappings Crossbow Quarrels .

Lie. When you are talking to someone. they can’t break off conversation to do something else without making a Willpower Feat (you can oppose them with a Mien Feat). Public Speaking Illustrious Feats Achieve a political compromise that is particularly beneficial to the Empire’s war effort. unless you allow them to. quill. Etiquette Edge Filibuster You are a master of stalling others with just your own tireless tongue. Trappings Nice clothes Ink. Mien 6. Persuade.Maddenhafen! 37 Diplomat Savvy 6. and parchment . Self-Control. Traits Savvy +2 Mien +2 Skills Read and Write.

Trappings Giant eagle steed Leather Armor Iron Helm . Traits Strength +2 Agility +2 Stamina +1 Skills Martial Prowess.Maddenhafen! 38 Eagle Rider Strength 6. you can direct your eagle to swoop down upon a target. The eagle can carry the target to any nearby location. and fly into the air with them. Ride Illustrious Feats Any amazing Feat of aerial derring-do. automatically inflicting a Grievous Wound upon it (draw Wound cards until you come to the first Grievous Wound). Self-Control. Animal Handling Edge Swooping Attack With a successful Improbable aerial maneuver Feat. particularly in combat. or drop it from a great height. Aerial Maneuver. snatch a man-sized or smaller target (target can not be wearing plate armor) from the ground. Agility 6.

4s count as successes for you on combat Feats. Mien 7. Martial Prowess Illustrious Feats Put to death a known enemy of the Empire. Traits Strength +1 Mien +2 Stamina +1 Willpower +2 Skills Self-Control. Stamina 6. Trappings Two-handed weapon Leather Apron .Maddenhafen! 39 Executioner Strength 8. Intimidate Edge Bully As long as you are Winning the fight. Willpower 8.

Trappings Arquebus Load and powder . so long as they are all within a few feet of each other. or until each opponent has one.Maddenhafen! 40 Gunner Agility 7 Illustrious Feats Any act of incredible marksmanship. Traits Agility +2 Skills Marksmanship Edge Scattershot When attacking with a firearm. draw that many Wound cards and assign to your opponents until you run out of Wounds to assign. you can target more than one opponent. If you have successes left over. You roll your attack as normal. they defend as a group and their cumulative successes reduce your success pool on a one-for-one basis.

Traits Savvy +2 Mien +2 Willpower +1 Skills Interrogate. 4s count as successes on all investigative Feat rolls. Mien 6. Spot Hidden Edge No Stone Unturned If there’s something to be found. Detect Lie. Trappings Inquisitor’s Robes .Maddenhafen! 41 Inquisitor Savvy 5. you will find it. Reveal a heretical plot. Discover a nest of paganism. Willpower 5 Illustrious Feats Uncover a heretic within the Army ranks.

e. Ride. Mien 5. Parry. Disarm. Etiquette Edge Charge While mounted.Maddenhafen! 42 Knight Strength 7. Willpower 5. Trappings Warhorse Plate Armor One-handed weapon Lance Shield . Traits Strength +2 Stamina +2 Mien +1 Willpower +1 Skills Self-Control. and so long as you have at least ten yards between you and an opponent. unless your opponent has Dodge. Perform an act of incredible bravado or loyalty. he does get the benefit of his Dodge skill). Martial Prowess Illustrious Feats Demonstrate incredible combat prowess. Shield Block. in which case he can attempt a defense but only sixes count as successes (i. Stamina 7.. you may perform a Charge attack on that opponent. Charge attacks can not be defended against.

Trappings Plate armor Shield One-handed weapon Any other weapon . Stamina 10. Dodge. Martial Prowess Illustrious Feats Demonstrate incredible combat prowess. Traits Strength +3 Mien +2 Stamina +3 Skills Parry. Shield Block. Disarm. Mien 8.Maddenhafen! 43 Knight Dragon Strength 10. Intimidate Edge Battle Hardened 4s count as successes for your attack Feats (but not defense Feats). Perform an act of incredible bravado or loyalty.

Trappings One-handed weapon Plate armor Shield . Traits Strength +2 Mien +1 Savvy +2 Stamina +1 Skills Self-Control. Parry. Save a life or perform an act of pure selflessness. Perform an act of incredible bravado or loyalty. Disarm. Shield Block.Maddenhafen! 44 Knight Hospitaller Strength 9. Tend Light Wounds Edge Charitable Whenever performing a Feat that helps someone less able or less fortunate than yourself. Savvy 7. 4s count as successes. Mien 8. Martial Prowess Illustrious Feats Demonstrate incredible combat prowess. Stamina 8.

Self-Control Edge Overzealous When engaging enemies of the Church in combat. Disarm. Martial Prowess. Parry. Traits Strength +2 Mien +2 Stamina +2 Willpower +1 Skills Ride.Maddenhafen! 45 Knight Templar Strength 9. Demonstrate incredible combat prowess. Despoil a site of pagan significance. Piety Illustrious Feats Slay an enemy of the Church. Stamina 8. Intimidate. Willpower 7. Perform an act of true piety. Trappings One-handed weapon Plate armor Shield Tome of Glory . Mien 8. Ride. 4s count as successes.

Maddenhafen! 46 Physician’s Assistant Savvy 5. Read and Write Illustrious Feats Nurse an injured person back to health. Save a life. Trappings Rags for binding wounds Medicine Sutures and needle . Traits Savvy +2 Agility +1 Willpower +1 Skills Diagnose. you may render a “second opinion”. Tend Light Wounds Edge Second Opinion Once per session. Agility 4. causing a just-inflicted Wound to be discarded and re-drawn by the opposing player. Self-Control.

scalpel. Self-Control. Tend Serious Wounds Edge Third Opinion You can use your Second Opinion Edge one additional time per game session. etc. including sutures. Save a life. Tend Light Wounds Illustrious Feats Nurse an injured person back to health. Willpower 5. Traits Savvy +2 Agility +1 Willpower +1 Skills Diagnose.Maddenhafen! 47 Physician Savvy 7. Agility 6. Trappings Rags for binding wounds Medicine Physician’s instruments. Medical textbooks .

Persuade. Read and Write (other language) Edge Court of Public Opinion As a Propagandist. Traits Mien +2 Savvy +2 Willpower +1 Skills Lie. Read and Write. Willpower 6. Trappings Leaflets. you’re the master of getting people to think what you want them to think. Public Speaking Illustrious Feats Rally demoralized troops to the Empire’s cause. and flyers . Savvy 6. pamphlets. 4s count as successes on all Social Feats intended to sway a person’s opinion. Break the morale of enemy troops.Maddenhafen! 48 Propagandist Mien 7.

or talk sense into someone. success causes everyone within earshot to riot. Doing so requires a Mien Feat (Public Speaking) of Daunting difficulty.. Willpower 4. Savvy’s difficult to swing a sword well. Public Speaking Illustrious Feats Motivate a group of people into action for a cause that benefits the Empire.. Traits Mien +2 Savvy +1 Willpower +1 Skills Persuade Edge Riot! You can incite a riot among a large group of people.Maddenhafen! 49 Rabble Rouser Mien 5. The main advantage of doing so is that anyone caught within the teeming mass is unable to benefit from most of their Skills (the GM will have to exercise some discretion here. Trappings None . but combat Skills and social Skills are definitely out. when a hundred people shoulder-to-shoulder are trying to kill each other). or dodge a blow.

Read and Write Illustrious Feats Discover a piece of information that benefits the Empire’s wartime effort. That character must be okay with you observing and asking questions of them. it takes a couple of hours to absorb.Maddenhafen! 50 Scholar Savvy 6. you can learn a Skill possessed by any other character you encounter. Knowledge (specify) Edge Quick Study Once per session. Research. Trappings 2d6 tomes on various subjects . Traits Savvy +2 Willpower +1 Skills Read and Write (Other Language). and the benefit of the Skill only lasts for this game session.

Trappings Spear . If you are wielding a spear and winning the fight. it’s hard for your enemy to get close to you.Maddenhafen! 51 Spearman Strength 5. Stamina 4. you will act before your opponent in the next round regardless of initiative order. Traits Strength +1 Stamina +1 Skills Self-Control Edge Reach The great thing about a spear is that if you use it right. Martial Prowess Illustrious Feats Demonstrate incredible combat prowess.

Detect Danger. Trappings Clothes. as needed to blend in with others Lockpick set Dagger . Hide. Mien 5. Traits Agility +2 Savvy +2 Mien +1 Willpower +2 Skills Lie. Spot Hidden. Act. you can choose one non-combat you do not already possess and use it as though you do. Willpower 6 Illustrious Feats Steal or acquire a piece of information that benefits the Empire’s wartime effort. This only lasts for the duration of the game session.Maddenhafen! 52 Spy Agility 7. Stealth. Savvy 5. Pick Locks Edge Master of Disguise Each game session.

Willpower 3 Illustrious Feats Demonstrate incredible combat prowess. Animal Handling. and don’t suffer disappointment well. Traits Strength +2 Stamina +2 Mien +1 Willpower +1 Skills Martial Prowess. Trappings Sword Riding horse Chainmail armor Buckler .Maddenhafen! 53 Squire Strength 5. if they find themselves in need of a particular item or piece of gear. Ride Edge Scrounge Squires are among the most put-upon members of the Army. Stamina 5. Perform an act of extreme loyalty. Survive against overwhelming odds. Squires learn to be resourceful early on. their knightly lieges expect a lot from them. As such. they merely need to roll a successful Savvy Feat to find something serviceable nearby.

Self-Control. Traits Savvy +2 Agility +2 Willpower +2 Skills Anatomy. Save a life. Willpower 7. Trappings Surgeons tools Leather apron Human anatomy text . Tend Serious Wounds Illustrious Feats Nurse an injured person back to health. Agility 8.Maddenhafen! 54 Surgeon Savvy 9. Tend Grievous Wounds Edge Fourth Opinion You can use your Second Opinion Edge one additional time per game session.

.Maddenhafen! 55 Torturer Strength 6. Mien 7. Extract useful information from an enemy of the Empire. Willpower 9 Illustrious Feats Invent a new method of torture and test it out.. Trappings One-handed weapon Torturer’s Instruments Leather apron . Traits Strength +1 Mien +2 Willpower +3 Skills Anatomy. Self-Control.regardless of how implausible or impossible their involvement. Martial Prowess. Intimidate Edge Elicit Confession On a successful Mien Feat (Intimidate. you can make anyone confess to anything. defended against by the target’s Willpower).

Knowledge (Wilderness) Edge Outdoorsman When in the wilds (not underground.Maddenhafen! 56 Tracker Savvy. Traits Savvy +2 Agility +1 Skills Follow Trail. Spot Hidden. Track down an especially difficult quarry. not in a settlement of any sort). not inside. Trappings Leather armor Hand axe . 5 Agility 6 Illustrious Feats Discover a hidden enemy outpost. 4s count as successes for you on all non-combat Feats.

Spot Hidden. Mien 8. Stamina 6. Martial Prowess. Magic is like a bad odor and sometimes what you sense is no longer present in your immediate vicinity. though it will be nearby. tunic. Savvy 6. Willpower 8. Intimidate. Uncover heresy within the ranks. Faith. Piety Illustrious Feats Put to death an enemy of the Church. and cloak Rope .Maddenhafen! 57 Witch Hunter Strength 5. Despoil a pagan site. Interrogate. including pants. Self-Control Edge Sense Magic You can detect the presence of magic or magical creatures by rolling a Savvy Feat. Trappings One-handed weapon Chainmail armor Clothes. Traits Strength +1 Savvy +1 Mien +2 Stamina +1 Willpower +2 Skills Detect Lie.

Read and Write Illustrious Feats Convert an enemy. Despoil a pagan site. Traits Savvy +1 Mien +1 Willpower +1 Skills Piety Edge Favored You can accumulate Favor (see the Religion chapter). Trappings Holy Symbol Tome of Glory (Holy book) Candidate’s robes . Demonstrate an incredible act of piety. Willpower 4.Maddenhafen! 58 Candidate Mien 4.

Despoil a pagan site. Trappings Novitiate’s robes . Mien 5. Piety Illustrious Feats Convert an enemy. Demonstrate an incredible act of piety. Traits Savvy +1 Mien +2 Willpower +2 Skills Theology Edge Favored You can accumulate Favor (see the Religion chapter). Willpower 5.Maddenhafen! 59 Novitiate Savvy 4.

Self-Control Edge Favored You can accumulate Favor (see the Religion chapter). Mien 7. Traits Savvy +2 Mien +3 Willpower +3 Skills Persuade. Despoil a pagan site.Maddenhafen! 60 Brother Savvy 5. Theology Illustrious Feats Convert an enemy. Trappings Brother’s robes . Willpower 7. Demonstrate an incredible act of piety. Public Speaking.

Maddenhafen! 61 Chaplain Savvy 7. Self-Control Edge Favored You can accumulate Favor (see the Religion chapter). Demonstrate an incredible act of piety. Willpower 11. Trappings Chaplain’s robes . Mien 11. Public Speaking Illustrious Feats Convert an enemy. Traits Savvy +3 Mien +4 Willpower +4 Skills Persuade. Despoil a pagan site.

Magic Points are cumulative when you repeat this Career. Read and Write Illustrious Feats Traits Savvy +2 Willpower +2 Skills Read and Write (other language).Maddenhafen! 62 Wizard’s Apprentice Savvy 6. Your initial roll represents your maximum possible Magic Points. Willpower 6. Magical Research Edge Magic Points You have 1d6 Magic Points. Self-Control. but will not exceed your initial roll. if you expend them on castings. they will return over time. Trappings Spellbook .

Read and Write (other language) Edge Magic Points You gain 2d6 Magic Points. but will not exceed your initial roll. if you expend them on castings. Trappings Wizard’s robes . Magic Points are cumulative when you repeat this Career. they will return over time. Willpower 9. At least one magical spell Illustrious Feats Traits Savvy +3 Willpower +3 Skills Magick Theory.Maddenhafen! 63 Acolyte Savvy 9. Magical Research. Your initial roll represents your maximum possible Magic Points.

Maddenhafen! 64 Wizard Savvy 13. if you expend them on castings. Magick Theory Illustrious Feats Traits Savvy +4 Willpower +4 Skills Read and Write (Other Language). they will return over time. Willpower 13. Finesse Edge Magic Points You gain 3d6 Magic Points. but will not exceed your initial roll. Trappings Wizard’s staff . Magic Points are cumulative when you repeat this Career. Your initial roll represents your maximum possible Magic Points.

WP 7 Skills: Martial Prowess. various Knowledges. Mien 3. WP 9 Skills: Martial Prowess. Magick Theory Edges: Magic Points (6d6). Common Kriz (Brown) Traits: Str 5. Swim. Theology (Kriz). saliva. Agi 7. Dodge. Sta 7. WP 6 Skills: Martial Prowess. Sav 4. seep. Sta 6. Another good thing to use is medical texts. Labor Skill (Farming. gut. Dodge. Dodge. fester. Swim. skitter. Sav 6. WP 7 Skills: Martial Prowess. Dodge. spittle. Mien 5. Agi 6. adding or removing Skills. Sav 7. or even implementing new Edges. Spot Hidden. Strike Grievous Blow Chosen Kriz (Grey) Traits: Str 4. Finesse. Sta 5. Spot Hidden Edges: Battle Hardened. Mien 9.Maddenhafen! 65 Appendix II: Denizens Of Krizland Kriz No two Kriz are alike but below are the most basic profile for each of the five castes. etc). Cornered Royal Kriz (Red) Traits: Str 6. Dodge. They invariably share aural similarities to words we find uncomfortable: pus. Public Speaking. Public Speaking. Swim Edges: Favored. Sav 10. Sav 4. Agi 5. Sta 5. Mien 6. Swim Edges: Cornered Whisperer Kriz (White) Traits: Str 4. anatomy. Sense Magic . diseases. Sta 5. Cornered. You can flesh these out by modifying Traits. Disarm. 4s count as successes) Kriz Names Kriz naming conventions are unpleasant to the human ear. WP 5 Skills: Martial Prowess. vomit. Tunneling. feces. Agi 5. Self Control. Mien 6. etc. Edges: Cornered (when Losing in combat. Fishing. Agi 5. Swim. slough. vermin. and other such things make for Warrior Kriz (Black) Traits: Str 8.

Plated Hide: The swamp dragon’s hide provides three points of armor. that honor may belong to the swamp dragons. those are. but very perceptive) Mien 10 (not charming in the least.Maddenhafen! 66 Swamp Dragon Kriz aren’t necessarily even the most dangerous residents of Krizland. but intimidating as heck) Willpower 3 Skills Martial Prowess. These creatures resemble crocodiles. fortunately. fairly rare. it’s a breed vanished from the rest of the world long. At Home In Water: If you don’t have the Swim Skill you are at an incredible disadvantage against the swamp dragon. long ago.. but the 30+ foot version described below is scarily common. Spot Hidden Edges Death Roll: If it is Winning for three rounds in a roll.. the Wound it inflicts on that third round is Death. . but if that’s what they are. Swim. Some Scouts claim to have seen specimens exceeding 50 feet in length.count 4s as successes on its attack Feats when the both of you are in the water. Traits Str 25 Agi 15 (in water) or 7 (on land) Sta 20 Sav 7 (animal-like intellect.

Maddenhafen! With New Eyes Weight Of The World Pity Is For The Living Lines Are Blurred Laying Down Arms The Eight Paces of Sepius Grag 67 .

increase all difficulties by one. increase all difficulties by one. increase all difficulties by one. Light Wound Light Wound WOUND WOUND WOUND WOUND Light Wound If you have two Light Wounds. increase all difficulties by one. WOUND Light Wound If you have two Light Wounds. Avery 5371 68 . If you have two Light Wounds.Maddenhafen! WOUND Light Wound If you have two Light Wounds. Light Wound If you have two Light Wounds. increase all difficulties by one. increase all difficulties by one. increase all difficulties by one. increase all difficulties by one. Light Wound If you have two Light Wounds. increase all difficulties by one. WOUND Light Wound If you have two Light Wounds. If you have two Light Wounds. increase all difficulties by one. WOUND Light Wound If you have two Light Wounds. WOUND WOUND Light Wound If you have two Light Wounds.

Grievous Wound Increase all difficulties by two. Increase all difficulties by one.Maddenhafen! WOUND WOUND WOUND WOUND WOUND Serious Wound Increase all difficulties by one. WOUND WOUND WOUND WOUND WOUND Serious Wound Increase all difficulties by two. Grievous Wound Grievous Wound Increase all difficulties by two. Avery 5371 69 . Increase all difficulties by one. Serious Wound Serious Wound Serious Wound Serious Wound Increase all difficulties by one. Death Increase all difficulties by one. Increase all difficulties by one.

Maddenhafen! 70 Character:_________________________________ Traits Strength Agility Stamina Savvy Mien Skills Why Did You Join? Maddenhafen Rank/Title:________________ Careers Trappings Weapons I A P H Career Trait Increases Armor I/E P Edges Shield Block Wounds Light Serious Grievous ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! .

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