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presents the 14th annual

LEGAL 2013

T wo-day conference • 15-16 May 2013 America Square Conference Centre, London

The UK’s only conference for senior legal knowledge professionals: Providing inspiration and reassurance for fourteen years
A two-day intensive conference designed to help you:
» Listen to your clients to deliver services that anticipate as well as respond to their needs » Develop commercial awareness for your lawyers » Balance strategic and operational KM tasks » Mobilise your lawyers to deliver your KM strategy » Reduce cost – focus your effort where your clients will value it most » Undertake client market research: Hear from Vodafone Legal and others – what do they want? » Support your clients in their internal KM activities » Disaggregate and re-engineer your business processes » Get in-depth learning on day-to-day operational KM tasks including metadata; search; document assembly; workflows; mobile client services and knowledge networking » Find out why Lewis silkin merged their people and knowledge management departments » Hear from eight Directors of Knowledge Management in law firms – don’t miss out on the latest thinking

Expert contributions and strategic insights from:

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A word from our chair...
The programme for KM Legal 2013 is looking very exciting – an interesting mix of ‘horizon scanning’ sessions, considering the future role of KM within the evolving legal services market, and the ever-useful ‘show and tell’ case studies everyone relishes.


Director of Knowledge Management, Berwin Leighton Paisner

Lucy Dillon,

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Never before in its fourteen year history, has Managing Partner’s KM Legal conference had a more important role. Valued for supporting you with inspiration and reassurance over the years, in 2013 this conference will step up a gear, mirroring the new and growing challenges that you will be taking on in order to secure and facilitate a strategic role for knowledge in your law firm. No longer can law firm knowledge managers operate in silos, removed from the main fee earning roles and concerns. With pressure from clients growing, and new types of clients emerging, the knowledge function in a law firm, dependent as it is on intellectual capital, is the most direct channel for listening and responding to client needs and requirements. Also, increasingly competitive pricing strategies require effective information and knowledge management. Senior knowledge professionals will now have the ear of their Senior Partners and the knowledge management (KM) function will have a new strategic goal – to develop the business. To step up to that plate, you’ll need to ensure you have first-hand insight into how the legal market is going to change. Once seen as the key to legal service differentiation, added value services will no longer satisfy recessionhit clients who are becoming ever more demanding. Instead clients want their lawyers to have the commercial acumen to be able to anticipate and solve commercial problems before they even happen. This requires well-rounded fee earning individuals that add up as a whole to a service and solutions focused consultancy business rather than to a technical legal services provider – and all this will have massive implications for your role, both in terms of legal training provision and overall legal knowledge strategy. bring you our insightful panel of senior General Counsel to discuss the megatrends that your clients are facing, as well as the new resources that are now available direct to General Counsel, but we will also include case studies from firms that have already begun to garner their own client knowledge as part of a drive for increased commerciality. Top rated speaker Duncan ogilvy will share some of the practical techniques that Mills & Reeve has used to find out what its clients actually care most about, while Linklaters’ Ian Rodwell will give you some ideas as to how you could support your clients in their own internal KM activities. Past event feedback

Rejuvenated by the The area where client pressure is event on the basis that we being felt most keenly is undeniably are sharing common on cost. With clients demanding problems. to see every line of spend Stephen McDonagh, itemised it has become imperative Anderson Strathern to work smarter. What have other knowledge strategists done to help their firms reduce their cost base? What should be the role of knowledge management in driving cost efficiency? At KM Legal 2013 you can hear from the Director of the Knowledge Centre at Clifford Chance about offshoring and also from the Director of Knowledge at Pinsent Masons about his role in disaggregation, outsourcing and northshoring. While Huron Consulting Group will look at the role that knowledge management can play in keeping costs down and in capturing lessons learnt.

A word from our chair...

As a strategic move would it make sense to combine those who look after your intellectual capital with those who look after your people? Find out how this works in practice from the Director of People & Knowledge at Lewis silkin whose role combines responsibility for the two functions. Yes, knowledge managers are becoming more strategic but that doesn’t mean that the operational day-to-day tasks have gone away. Technology, especially mobile technology, will still play a vital role in assisting internal communication; the development of your people and achieving cost effectiveness. Choose your preferred breakout group option on mobile; client perspectives; metadata or social media for an opportunity to delve deeper into the particular operational areas that are your current focus and attend the panel discussion on how to balance the strategic and operational aspects of your role on a daily basis. 2013 is your year to shine and to take your seat, next to the leaders and the strategists, to drive your firm forward into the new look legal services market of the future. The risk from taking a back seat is too great. The legal services market is consolidating and those firms that do not clarify and strengthen their market position will quickly find themselves without one. To take up this role, you need to arm yourself with an up to date picture of the market and current legal knowledge management best practice and there is no better place to do this than at KM Legal 2013.

I had the pleasure of chairing the 2012 conference and am delighted to be doing the same again this year. The programme for the 2013 event is looking very exciting – an interesting mix of ‘horizon scanning’ sessions, considering the future role of KM within the evolving legal services market, and the ever-useful ‘show and tell’ case studies everyone relishes. I hope to see you in May!

Lucy Dillon,

Director of Knowledge Management, Berwin Leighton Paisner

KM Legal has been there to support you through all the ups and downs of legal knowledge management over the last fourteen years and you can rely on us again to support you through this next phase too. In such a rapidly changing market you need trustworthy client and commercial insight straight from the horse’s mouth. At a time when firms must necessarily move in many different directions in order to differentiate their services, the KM role looks likely to become lonelier than ever, so you’ll also benefit from the opportunity to come together to hear what others are doing and to exchange ideas and experiences. This year’s inspiration will come in the form of someone who is not only at the forefront of KM thinking, but who has also worked with many organisations across the globe to define their overall business and knowledge strategies. Recognised for his ability to predict future trends, Dave snowden is ahead of the curve, and indeed the paradigm shift, and will open the 2013 conference by taking you out of your comfort zones and inspiring you to think about how the legal services market could look in the future, as well as at how your firm might benefit by taking an agile approach. Back by popular demand, Mark Gould of Addleshaw Goddard and David Fitch of Latham & watkins will follow Dave Snowden to give their perspectives, as senior legal knowledge practitioners, on what all this change means for the sector. We know that you have always valued the client and market insight that we provide at KM Legal and this year is no exception. We will not only

Who should attend?
This conference is designed for those who are working with the strategic importance of knowledge to differentiate their firms in the changing legal services market and for those who are looking to learn more about how knowledge management can drive law firm business. In the past, attendees have included: » Directors/Heads of Knowledge Management » KM Partners » Professional Support Lawyers (PSLs) » Managing Partners » IT Directors » HR and Learning Directors » Librarians » Business Development Managers » Information professionals

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Chair’s opening remarks Lucy Dillon, Director of Knowledge Management, Berwin Leighton Paisner

OPENING KEYNOTE ADDRESS BY DAVE SNOWDEN »» Wisdom of the Crowds not stupidity of herds? »» Narrative knowledge is much closer to the apprentice model that the legal profession still use than codification »» Agile obviously in terms of system development but that depends whose there »» Customer retention, winning new business »» Generalists vs. specialists working with other professions in complex cases Dave Snowden, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge Morning coffee break Inspiring cultural change through KM: Making the fee earner integral to a dedicated know how and legal research solution Rob Martin, Director of Federated Search, Thomson Reuters/Solcara Sarah Vickery, Head of Library & Information Services, TLT Rethinking the nature of legal KM »» What change for law firms; what change for legal KM? »» Is this a crisis or a passing phase? »» Coherence in a fragmented legal KM landscape Mark Gould, Head of Knowledge Management, Addleshaw Goddard Networking lunch break

11:10 11:40


12:40 13:40

CASE STUDY | A model for attorney driven KM in a leading international law firm »» Mobilising attorneys to lead and deliver the KM programme »» Building consensus, trust and a sense of urgency within the partnership »» Supporting regional difference and practice specific KM needs »» Articulating a vision for KM that partners and attorneys understand David Fitch, Director of Global Knowledge Management, Latham & Watkins PANEL | Balancing strategic and operational KM tasks in a law firm »» Where should KM sit in a law firm? »» Ensuring the operational tasks get done when the strategic side can seem more exciting »» Managing your workload in line with senior management goals and expectations –– David Fitch, Director of Global Knowledge Management, Latham & Watkins –– David Halliwell, Director of Knowledge, Pinsent Masons –– Duncan Ogilvy, Consultant, Mills & Reeve and 3Kites –– Rachel Manser, Global Head of Knowledge & Information, Linklaters –– Ruth Ward, Head of Central Knowledge Management, Allen & Overy Document assembly: A recipe for success »» Smart implementation »» Achieving firm wide buy-in »» Benefits beyond efficiency Catherine Bamford, Manager, Precedents Express, Pinsent Masons Afternoon coffee break Are we still searching for the answer? Simon Price, Managing Director, UK, Recommind



15:10 15:40

Exploring the evolving use of mobile devices for KM »» Mobile delivery of KM and research tools »» The connection with clients, apps and mobile sites »» Communication – email and beyond »» Better decision-making by lawyers and clients Helen Stewart, Head of Knowledge Services and Alex Wood, Knowledge Manager, Hogan Lovells

The client view: Understanding the KM priorities of your key clients »» How the legal function works at Vodafone »» The story so far »» Working with panel law firms »» What we really value Katharine Ward, Legal Knowledge Manager, Vodafone Legal

Understanding metadata: The importance of metadata and tips for driving metadata standards and governance »» What is metadata and why does it matter? »» How metadata makes knowledge accessible »» Managing metadata within and across systems – common challenges and practical pointers Mary Loosemore, Consultant, 3Kites

From KM to knowledge networking »» Moving from a content-centric to a people-centric organisation »» Using social tools to better connect people »» Lessons learned from the early introduction of social tools »» Influencing behaviour – what role do incentives, nudges and gamification play in user adoption? Christoph Schmaltz, Director, thinknext

17:10 17:20

Chair’s closing remarks Close of day one

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Registration and refreshments


Chair’s opening remarks Lucy Dillon, Director of Knowledge Management, Berwin Leighton Paisner

CASE STUDY | Focusing effort on the work that your key clients most value »» Practical workshop techniques to understand what really matters to your client »» Listening to your client – what matters to them may not be what you think »» How face-to-face workshops have turned things around with key clients »» Taking a broad brush approach for lower value clients Duncan Ogilvy, Consultant, Mills & Reeve and 3Kites Disaggregating law firm processes: Making sure that legal work is being done by the right person in the right location »» Recognising client pressures on costs »» Deciding what to do where – outsourcing, offshoring, northshoring? »» Determining the right role for KM in legal process outsourcing – where can knowledge make a contribution? »» Positioning yourself strategically in this new world David Halliwell, Director of Knowledge, Pinsent Masons Morning coffee break The role of KM in capturing legal processes and lessons learnt to improve future pricing decisions and cost improvements »» The critical role of capturing historical pricing information to inform future decisions »» What lessons are important to learn and therefore capture? »» Making information accessible at the point of pricing »» How to engage lawyers in the process John Cussons, Director, Huron Consulting Group From volume lines to value lines – the industrialisation of artistry? »» Industrialising legal workflows beyond conveyancing and personal injury »» How technology and KM can play a role in supporting legal workflows »» Driving efficiency and effectiveness of lawyers’ work Nick West, Director of Legal Markets and Andy Sparkes, Director of Strategy and New Business, LexisNexis


10:40 11:10


PANEL | Discovering the mega trends affecting your clients (the marketplace) and how you can respond to them »» How are General Counsel using new technologies? Do they want you to provide them with e.g. iPad apps? »» Understanding how General Counsel are using social media to discuss issues »» Adding value for your clients when Google search offers them an extensive research tool »» Fitting in with the growing trend towards legal consultancy by providing your lawyers with better commercial awareness –– Panel Chair: Simone Pearlman, Head of Legal Knowledge, Herbert Smith Freehills –– Anthony Kenny, Chief Counsel – Europe, Boston Consulting Group –– Deepak Malhotra, Commercial Operations, Rubis International and independent adviser Networking lunch break

12:50 13:50

Creating a collaborative knowledge culture »» Explaining the strategic decision making process behind merging the HR, learning and knowledge management functions »» Taking a holistic approach to people, knowledge and culture »» What are the benefits of a combined cross-functional role? Penny Newman, Director of People and Knowledge, Lewis Silkin Afternoon coffee break

14:30 15:00

CASE STUDY | Re-engineering internal and external business processes at Clifford Chance »» Deconstructing legal processes to identify new efficiencies »» What can you reasonably send offshore? »» Overcoming the challenges involved in providing offshore legal support to clients »» Deciding to offshore knowledge and information management support Mark Ford, Director, Knowledge Centre, Clifford Chance CASE STUDY | Taking on a consultative role: Delighting your clients by supporting their internal KM activities »» Understanding your different clients »» Assessing your clients’ knowledge needs »» Supporting your clients with skills development activities »» Drawing on legal experience to consult on your client’s large IT projects Ian Rodwell, Head of Client Knowledge and Learning, Linklaters Chair’s closing remarks Close of conference


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CPD information
Attendance at this conference qualifies for 11 hours of SRA CPD (at intermediate/advanced level). To claim your hours, quote provider code: EEW/ARCL.


LEGAL 2013
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