Time : 1 Hr. Max. Marks : 50

1. The booklet given in the examination hall will be the Question Paper. An OMR Answer Sheet will also be provided along with the Question Paper. 2. A candidate has to write his/her answers in the OMR sheet by darkening the appropriate bubble with the help of HB Pencil as the correct answer(s) of the question attempted. 3. Paper carries 50 questions. There are 2 sections, 15 in Section I and 35 in Section II. 4. Blank papers, clip boards, log tables, slide rule, calculators, mobile or any other electronic gadgets in any form is not allowed. 5. Write your Name & Roll No. in the space provided in the bottom of this booklet. 6. Before answering the paper, fill up the required details in the blank space provided in the answer sheet. 7. There is no negative marking. Do not spend too much time on a particular question. 8. No rough sheets will be provided by the invigilators. All the rough work is to be done in the blank space provided in the question paper. 9. In case of any dispute, the answer filled in the OMR sheet available with the institute shall be final.

Name : ____________________________________________ Roll No. : _______________________________

1. 2. Successive discount of 10% and 5% is equivalent to : (A) 16.5% (B) 15% (C) 15.5% (D) 14.5%

The ratio between the side of a room is 5 : 3. The cost of white washing the ceiling of the room at 50 P per square m is Rs. 270 and the cost of papering the walls at 10 P per square metre is Rs. 48. The height of the room is : (A) 6 m (B) 8 m (C) 5 m (D) 10 m If the circumference of a circle is increased by 20%, then its area will be increased by : (A) 44% (B) 32% (C) 40% (D) None of these A tent is in the form of right circular cone 10.5 m high, the diameter of the base being 13 m. If 8 men are in the tent, find the average number of cubic metres of air space per man : (A) 32
3 58

3. 4.

(B) 59.75

(C) 36

9 13

(D) 58

3 32


In the adjoining figure AB || CD and PQ, QR intersects AB and CD both at E, F and G, H respectively. Given that m PEB= 80º, m QHD = 120º and m PQR = xº, find the value of x :

(A) 40º 6. 7.

(B) 20º

(C) 100º

(D) 30º

If 3x + 3x+1 = 36. then the value of xx is : (A) 64 (B) 3125

(C) 81

(D) 4

Mr. Modi can copy 40 pages in 10 minutes, Mr Xerox and Mr. Modi both working together can copy 250 pages in 25 minutes. In how many minutes Mr. Xerox can copy 36 pages ? (A) 5 minutes (B) 6 minutes (C) 3 minutes (D) 12 minutes

Directions : (8) In each of the following questions four positions of the same dice have been shown. You have to see these figures and select the number opposite to the number as asked in each question.

8 (i) (ii) Which number is opposite to number 5 ? (A) 4 (B) 6 (iii) (C) 1 (iv) (D) 3

(Space For Rough Work)


1 1

Directions : (9 to 10) Find the missing numbers : 9. 5, 14, 27, 44, 65, ? (A) 88 (B) 90 (C) 109 (D) 130


16 15 3 (A) 15

14 34 16

4 ? 15 (B) 16 (C) 17 (D) 14


If MOON is coded as 19 and RED is coded as 9, how would you code SISA in the same code language ? (A) 15 (B) 16 (C) 13 (D) 18


If × means , – means ×,  means + and + means –, then (3 – 15 )×8 + 6 = ? (A) 8 (B) 4 (C) 2 (D) –1


There are five different houses, A to E, in a row. A is to the right of B; E is to the left of C and right of A;B is to the right of D. Which of the following house is in the middle? (A) A (B) B (C) D (D) E

Direction : (14) In the following question, there are two terms to the left of the sign :: which are related in some way. Obtain the same relationship between the term to the right of the sign :: from one of the four alternatives given under it. 14. Light : Ray : : Sound : ? (A) Hear 15. (B) Wave (C) Audio (D) Pitch

How many triangles are there in the following figure ?

(A) 19

(B) 21

(C) 27

(D) 48

(Space For Rough Work)


2 2

16. A ray of light incident on a plane mirror as shown in the diagram below. Calculate the new angle of incidence if the mirror is rotated through 10º.

30º Direction of rotation
(A) 20º 17. (B) 10º (C) 70º (D) 60º

Which of the following diagrams correctly represent the passage of a ray of light through a concave lens ?






Anions are : (A) ions which are negatively charged (C) ions which loose electrons at anode (B) ions which are directed towards anode (D) All of them


Which of the following is not a unit of force ? (A) Dyne (B) Kg m s–2 (C) g cm s–2 (D) Kg m2 s–2


A force on a particle of mass 200 g displaces it through a distance of 400 cm in 2 s. If the particle is initially at rest then magnitude of the force will be : (A) 0.1 N (B) 0.2 N (C) 0.3 N (D) 0.4 N


Name the constellation of which Pole Star is a part. (A) Ursa Major (B) Ursa Minor (C) Orion (D) Scorpio


The planet which takes the maximum time to revolve around the sun is : (A) Mars (B) Saturn (C) Neptune (Space For Rough Work)

(D) Uranus


3 3


What is the only dwarf planet found in inner solar system : (A) Mercury (B) Eros (C) Pluto The point at which the rocks on either side of the plate give way is called : (A) focus (B) epicentre (C) aftershock

(D) Ceres


(D) fault


If two plane mirrors are inclined at an angle of 60º then the number of images formed by the object placed between these mirrors are : (A) 4 (B) 3 (C) 5 (D) 6


With the rise of temperature, the velocity of sound : (A) Decreases (C) Remains the same (B) Increases (D) Is independent of temperature


Friction can be increased by : (A) making the surface rough (C) both (A) and (B) Aneroid barometer means (A) without liquid (B) without solid

(B) increasing the mass of object (D) none of these


(C) without gas

(D) without liquid and gas


Which of the following relation(s) is/are correct (A) 1 mm of Hg = 1 torr (C) Both (A) and (B) (B) 1 KPa = 103 Pa (D) None of these


Allotropes differs in the (A) number of neutrons (C) way their atoms are arranged (B) number of protons (D) number of electrons


Destructive distillation of wood does not give(A) wood tar (B) wood charcoal (C) pyroligneous acid (D) CO2


Diamond is soluble in (A) alcohol (B) petrol (C) water (D) none of these


Which of the following gas is non-combustible ? (A) CO (B) CO2 (C) CH4 (Space For Rough Work) (D) H2


4 4


Which of the following is a compound ? (A) The black solid residue left when sugar is charred. (B) N2 gas (C) Air (D) CO2


Up higher in the mountains, water boils (A) at 100ºC (B) below 100ºC (C) above 100ºC (D) above 200ºC


LPG mainly consists of (A) butane and methane (C) methane (B) butane and isobutane (D) ethane


A non-metal used to preserve food stuffs is(A) nitrogen (B) phosphorus (C) carbon (D) none of these


Amphoteric oxide is (A) Na2O (B) MgO (C) ZnO (D) CaO


Iron combines with oxygen to form (A) Fe (II) oxide , Fe (III) oxide (C) Fe(I) oxide , Fe (II) oxide (B) Fe (II) oxide, Fe (IV) oxide (D) Fe (I) oxide, Fe (III) oxide


Enzymes for respiration / oxidation of food are found in (A) nucleus (C) golgi body (B) mitochondria (D) endoplasmic reticulum


HCl is secreted by (A) Zymogen cells (B) Peptic cells (C) Oxyntic cells (D) None of these


The rate of photosynthesis will be maximum in (A) Red light (B) Green light (C) Blue light (D) Violet light


Which of the following is a characteristic of respiratory organ ? (A) Thin walled (B) Vascular (C) Moist (D) All of the above

(Space For Rough Work)


5 5


Formation of blood corpuscles is known as (A) haemolysis (B) rouleaux (C) haemopoiesis (D) phagocytosis


The basic functional unit of Human kidney is (A) Nephron (B) Pyramid (C) Henle’s loop (D) Nephridia


In human fertilisation takes place in the (A) Follicle (B) Oviduct (C) Uterus (D) Vestibule


Match the following : List-I Branches of science a. Taxonomy b. Mycology c. Morphology d. Physiology a (A) (B) (C) (D) 2 2 1 3 b 3 4 2 4 c 1 3 3 2 List-II Details of study 1. Functional movements 2. Classification 3. Shape and structure 4. fungus d 4 1 4 1


Study of fossil is called (A) Paleobotany (B) Palaeontology (C) Misology (D) Systematics


Bacterial ribosomes are (A) 70 S (B) 60 S (C) 80 S (D) 100 S


Emasculation is achieved by (A) removal of stigma (C) removal of sepal & petals (B) removal of anthers (D) removal of gynoecium

(Space For Rough Work)
Que s Ans Que s Ans Que s Ans Que s Ans 1 D 16 C 31 D 46 B 2 C 17 B 32 D 47 B 3 A 18 D 33 B 48 B 4 D 19 D 34 D 49 A 5 B 20 D 35 B 50 B 6 D 21 B 36 B 7 B 22 C 37 A 8 C 23 D 38 C 9 B 24 A 39 A 10 A 25 C 40 B 11 B 26 B 41 B 12 C 27 A 42 A 13 A 28 B 43 D 14 B 29 C 44 C 15 C 30 C 45 A


6 6

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