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Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys

Quick Start Guide


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Welcome to Alchemy Enterprise Portal

Alchemy puts full functionality of CA AutoSys Workload Automation System at your fingertips with dashboards, metrics, charts and reports. Alchemy is web portal software. You need only a web browser and a user account to access it.

Logging into Alchemy Type in the URL for Alchemy Enterprise Portal into the address bar on your browser. Enter your user id and password when prompted. Contact the Alchemy administrator if you do not have the Alchemy URL or need an user account.

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys


Alchemy Home Page

The initial Alchemy screen displays a status summary of all AutoSys jobs by machine. Top level application options are available in the sidebar menu. Most common functions are also available via the icons on the top bar.

Sidebar Menu You can optionally hide the sidebar menu and expand your main application area by appending ?hide_sb=yes to your URL like this :

Topbar Menu Hover your cursor over the icons to see a brief description

Customizing Alchemy Alchemy Administrators may customize the menu options available as well as the initial application screen. Alchemy displays only the options you are authorized to use which means your version of Alchemy home page may look significantly different that the default landing page shown above.

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys


Top Level Application Menus

Alchemy displays main application options on the sidebar menu. Most common functions are also available via the icons on the top bar.

Menu Option
Job Entry Box Summarize Pull-down Job Search Job Panel Schedule Forecast Weekly Run Calendar Monthly Run Calendar Running Jobs Failed Jobs Run History Timeline Status Event Monitor Event Search New Job Pull-down Job Overrides Active Overrides Change Log Change Calendar Calendars

Type a job name pattern to quickly see a list of matchingjobs. Percent (%) is the wild-card. Job Status Summary by Machine, Owner, Team or other job attribute (page 4) Advanced Job Search by selected attributes (page 7) Display AutoSys jobs in a split panel with list of jobs on top and details of selected job in the bottom Scheduled Jobs and their dependencies in report and graph formats (page 8) Displays Job Activations in a Weekly Calendar - color-coded by status (page 10) Displays Job Activations in a Monthly Calendar - color-coded by status (page 10) List of Running Jobs List of Failed Jobs Job Run Advanced Search by Selected Attributes Job Run Durations in a Gannt Chart format - color-coded by status (page 11) AutoSys Status Dashboard (page 6) Monitor AutoSys Events in real-time (page 12) Advanced Event Search by selected attributes Create a new job of selected type (page 15) Job Override History Currently Active Job Overrides Search Job Change History by change type, date or performing user (page 17) Displays Job Changes on a Weekly Calendar (page 17) AutoSys Calendars (page 18)

TopBar Menu Icon

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys


Job Status Summary

This flexible screen displays a real-time status summary of AutoSys jobs by a selected dimension (default: machine). Click on the status totals to see the list of jobs in the given status. Clicking on the main dimension takes you to the dashboard for that dimension. Dashboards are available for machine, job owner, production team, job administrator, job flow, job category and other job dimensions chosen by your Alchemy administrator.

Machine Summary You can specify a refresh rate in seconds to view job status updates continuously.

Job Admin Summary Clicking on the name displays the job administrators dashboard. All summary dimensions have their own dashboards.

Drill-Down Click on any of the status totals to drill-down to a list of jobs that make up the selected category.

Available From: Summarize Pull-down in the Sidebar Machine and Owner Summary buttons on the topbar

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys


Alchemy Dashboards deliver real-time performance metrics in interactive charts and summary reports with drill-down to supporting data. The panels available for each role based dashboard (machine, admin, team, department etc.) can be customized by Alchemy administrator to fit the requirements of target users. Administrators may also define new dashboards and make them available to users in various application menus.

Interactive Charts Click on a pie chart slice or bar chart column and you will see the detail records (jobs, runs, events ec.) that make up the given category.

Dashboard Menu The menu options available on top of each dashboard provide a launch pad to other screens for the dashboard jobs

Available From: Job Status Summary screen Sidebar and topbar menus as defined by administrator

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys


AutoSys Status
This dashboard provides a birds-eye view of an AutoSys instance. The panels and options here apply to all the jobs defined in the target instance.

Excel and PDF Export Quickly convert your charts to Excel charts, export reports to Excel or PDF. Click on the Excel and PDF icons on upper right corner of each report or chart panel.

Available From: Status option in the sidebar Status button on the topbar

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys


Searching for Jobs

Job Search screen allows you look up jobs by any combination of job attributes. Select the fields you would like to search on by clicking on their checkboxes then type-in or select the search value for each field. You can also provide up to two fields to sort the result list in ascending or descending order. The results are displayed in a report by default. This screen is also utilized by other job screens to filter their result sets.

Specify the Search Criteria Select the checkbox for field(s) you want to search on Type in or select the search criteria. Use % sign as wild-card

Sort the Results Specify up to two fields to sort by and the sort direction (ascending, descending)

Available From: Job Search option in the sidebar Search button on the topbar Other screens that allow dynamic filtering
Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys P7

Schedule Forecast
Schedule Forecast screen displays all the jobs scheduled to run in the given time window (default: next 3 days) based on their date conditions. All their dependencies are also shown either in a multi-level report or as a dependency graph.

Job Schedule Forecast Report All scheduled jobs and their multi-level dependents are displayed on a tabular format. Dep Level column shows the depth of the job from the top level scheduled job. Check the Graph box in the parameters panel to view the job dependencies as a graph.

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys


Different Layouts of Dependency Graph Use these icons to redraw the graph in: Radial Chart Layout Spring Tension Layout Concentric Circle Layout

Schedule Forecast Dependency Graph Multi-level job dependencies are plotted on a hierarchical graph where nodes are the jobs and the edges are dependecies. The edges are color-coded by the type of dependency (green: success, red: failure etc.) Jobs with dependencies are represented by rectangular boxes whereas the leaf nodes are elliptical. The boxes are further color-coded by job owner or other attribute selected from Color Graph By pulldown. Click on the job node to view details of the job on the side panel

Available From: Schedule Forecast option in the sidebar Dashboard menus, Job report menu

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys


Run Calendar
Run Calendar makes it easy to see all job runs on a given week or month. The job activations are sorted by their start time and color-coded by their status. Run Calendar allows navigation to previous/next week or month and drill-down to run details.
Weekly Run Calendar Displays job name and the run start time in parenthesis. Click on job name to view run history report for the selected job

Monthly Run Calendar Displays executed job name. Place your cursor over the job name to view job description, run start time and re-try count in a tooltip.

Job Status by the Colors Visually identify job status by the job name color. Red is a failed run. Grey is success, Green is scheduled to run. See legend below the calendar for more info.

Available From: Run Calendar - Weekly & Monthly - options in the sidebar Weekly Run Calendar button on the topbar Dashboard menus, Job report menu
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Timeline provides job run durations on a Gannt chart. Timeline views let you change the level of detail visible by changing the number of minutes allocated to each of 12 time periods on the chart. Reduce the minutes to Zoom In and view more jobs that finish quickly. Increasing minutes per bucket allows you see a bigger time span. Some numbers you may want to try: 20 - 4 hour view, 40 - 8 hours, 60 - 12 hours, 120 - 24 hours. You can navigate using the arrows on both sides of From Date. Type the new date in From Date field to switch to another day.

Available From: Timeline option in the sidebar Timeline button on the topbar

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys


Event Monitor
Event Monitor makes it simple to view the stream of events generated by AutoSys in real-time. Event Monitor displays all events for the past 5 minutes. You can adjust the time window and refresh rate.

Event Window and Refresh Rate You can control how frequently the screen is refreshed and how far back the events are displayed. The parameter bar below the title lets you enter a refresh period in seconds (minimum 3 seconds) and the time window is in minutes (default is 5).

Job Run Details Click on the run number to see detail information about the job run including start/end times, output and error files and other events generated by the run.

Available From: Event Monitor option in the sidebar Event Monitor button on the topbar

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys


Job Report
Job Report list all the jobs matching the selection criteria in a tabular report format. Alchemy reports are fully integrated with desktop productivity tools and can be exported to Excel for analysis or to PDF for safekeeping and printing. The menu options on top of the screen provide shortcuts to other screens for the set of jobs displayed.

Build Your Own Report Click on the Customize link to pick new report fields and rerun the report. You can save your custom report as a live bookmark. Then share it with your coworkers or build a report repository on your intranet site.

Available From: Job Search option and job name box the sidebar Search button on the topbar Any summary report, chart or other widget with drill-down
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Job Info
Job Info screen displays all relevant attributes for the selected job. The menu options below the form lets you view job audit information (runs, events, change log, overrides), manage the job (edit, delete, copy, send event) or view its dependencies.

Different Layouts for Different Job Types Job Info screen changes its layout based on job type to show you the most relevent information about the job. For instance a command job will have the command attribute displayed whereas a file watcher job shows the watch file. Box jobs display their sub jobs in a separate report under the main panel.

Available From: Job report or any other report, chart, or panel that displays job name. Click on the job name link to view the job details.
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Job Maintenance
Alchemy makes it easy to create, edit, copy, or delete jobs via its secure interface which controls job access at the field level and captures all job updates in its change log with user id, timestamp and old/new values ensuring full SOX compliance.
Create a New Job Select the job type from the New Job pull-down on the sidebar. Alchemy prompts for the attributes required to create the type of job selected. Job is created via JIL and transaction is recorded in job history log

Copy a Job Sometimes it is easier to just copy a job to a new one and then change any attributes that differ. This is also a safer method to move a job from development to test to production.

Sending Events Alchemy lets you send events to jobs similar to AutoSys sendevent command. After picking the event to send, type in a comment and optionally a time to send the event. Alchemy automatically captures the perfoming user in the event log.

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys


Edit Job Using Alchemy you can also edit AutoSys jobs. The list of editable job attributes is based on the type of job, the configuration of your Alchemy instance and most importantly the roles assigned to you. Since Alchemy provides field level security, the attributes available for update or even whether editing a particular job is an option depends on the privileges granted to your account.

Available From: New Job option is available on the sidebar and topbar All other maintenance options are on the Job Info screen menu
Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys P16

Job Audit Trail

Alchemy captures all user actions that impact a job in the history log. Activities to creating jobs to editing them, from manually running a job to defining an override are added to jobs permanent life-cyle record by user id, timestamp and old / new values where applicable. You can also attach artifacts such as files, notes, web links or problem tickets directly to the job ensuring a single-point of visibility for the job stream.

Searching the Job History Log Alchemy lets you search the job changes by the type of change (New, Edit, Delete etc.), transaction date range, performing user id or job name pattern.

Job Change Calendar You can keep an eye on job updates using Weekly Job Change Calendar which displays all updates for the current week. Use the arrows on the top to view the changes for previous weeks.

Available From: Change Log and Change Calendar options are on the sidebar. Change Calendar button on the topbar
Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys P17

Manage your AutoSys calendars with a couple of clicks. Alchemy lets you define calendars by just selecting the dates from an annual calendar or copy an existing calendar into a new one and mark the new dates. From viewing the jobs that utilize a calendar to listing calendar days in a text box so that you can quickly cut and paste it; Alchemy makes it easy to control your AutoSys calendars.
View AutoSys Calendars Click on the Calendars option on the sidebar and you will see all the AutoSys calendars defined for the current month. Select a calendar to see the calendar details and manage the calendar.

Calendar Management Calendar Info screen shows an annual calendar with the days in the AutoSys calendar checked. The menu on top of the screen lets you view the list of jobs using the calendar, navigate to previous or next year. Using the calendar menu, you can also edit the calendar, copy one calendar to another or delete it. The calendar days are also shown on a text box at the bottom of the screen for cut and paste.

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys


Editing AutoSys Calendars Alchemy allows you to check off the dates on an annual calendar to define or maintain AutoSys calendars. The dates currently defined in the calendar are highligted in red. You can also copy an existing calendar to a new one and just mark the changes.

Available From: Calendars option on the sidebar Calendars button on the topbar

Quick Start Guide Alchemy Enterprise Portal for CA AutoSys