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A BYTE OF LIFE Wednesday, February 18, 2009


King Khan told to keep off strenuous action
scenes for next six months

Patio Galerie for your outdoors

Boxers in Tamil Nadu complain that
they have been delivered the unkind
cut due to infighting among local
boxing federation officials and a
North-South cultural divide.

Ayon Sengupta reports.
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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Discount Alert
Shoppers Stop has started its end of season sale. It is
offering 51 per cent off on international and Indian
brands for its range for men, women and children. The
offer is on till March 8 at Harrington Road, Chetpet.

When Suriya
I t’s never too late to gift your Valentine,
shook hands,
sang a song and gave roses away
especially if it is a book. In response to the
article ‘Say it with a book this Valentine’,
published on February 13, Chital Mehta has
suggested some more books that are an ideal

e don’t know how special only expecting Suriya at the The family went around meet-
P.S I Love You by Cecelia Ahern a Valentine’s Day it was event; instead he dropped in with ing patients, giving roses to each
P.S I Love You is a story about a young woman, for actor Suriya and fam- wife Jyotika and little Diya. For of them and encouraging them to
Holly, who loses her husband in the early years ily, but for the patients of the uninitiated, the actor is the motivate new patients on dialysis
of her marriage. Tanker Foundation it was a day to goodwill ambassador of Tanker treatment. He also praised the
She is unable to come out of the trauma. Fate remember. Foundation, which helps the un- staff for taking care of the many
smiles upon her when Holly receives a package A double bonanza awaited all derprivileged suffering from kid- patients.
from her late husband. He has left her those at the Tanker Foundation’s ney ailments by offering them The celebrations started with a
letters for each month and a task 15th anniversary. Everybody was subsidised dialysis treatment. prayer song, we shall over come,
to be performed. Holly rebuilds sung by Latha A. Kumaraswami,
life with some fun, laughter and managing trustee of the founda-
tears. It is an emotional book, tion, with the staff and Suriya
yet fun-filled, which exposes singing along in chorus.
little miracles about life which It was a day when all the pa-
are often overlooked. tients looked happy and motivat-
ed. ■
Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
Love is not only about owning but
also letting go. Dear John is a story
about a soldier who falls in love with
Savannah. She brings him to a “better part of
life” but deserts him due to circumstances. The
novel speaks about undying love and
perseverance. A must-read for those who are
in love as well as for those who aren’t in love.

More books from Nicholas Sparks
Message in a Bottle, The Notebook, The Guardian,
A Bend in the Road, The Wedding
(Chital Mehta is an associate software engineer with

Police crack woman’s
murder, 4 arrested
ERGO CORRESPONDENT accused Bhavani (37) had de- (45), the watchman of the store, ployed Harikrishnan (27), a water and Venkatesan (34) reached the
can supplier from Mylapore, to store, identified Ananthi and

n a breakthrough in the mur- commit the murder. Harikrish- stabbed her.
der of a female employee nan was a friend of Bhavani’s Royapuram police arrested
working in a supermarket in daughter. Bhavani, Harikrishnan, Muthuk-
Royapuram, police on Sunday According to an investigating rishnan and Venkatesan and pro-
arrested the lady owner of the su- officer, Bhavani had convinced duced them at the George Town
permarket on Tuesday. The ac- Harikrishnan to kill Ananthi by court.
cused woman had allegedly promising him her daughter’s They were later remanded to
orchestrated the murder of her hand in marriage. Harikrishnan, custody and sent to Puzhal pris-
employee after being irked over with the help of Muthukrishnan on. ■
the fact that her husband was
having an affair with her.
On Sunday afternoon, Ananthi
(23) was stabbed to death inside
The accused woman had allegedly orchestrated
the supermarket by an unidenti- the murder of her employee after being irked
fied youth.
Royapuram police registered a
over the fact that her husband was having an
case of murder and upon investi- affair with the victim
gation it was discovered that the
Wednesday, February 18, 2009


to it proportions.
The goods come in metal, cast Address: Patio Galerie
iron, rattan wood and wicker. As No. 164 (308), T.T.K. Road,
Preeth Lakra reveals, a majority Royapettah,
of the pieces are manufactured Chennai – 600 014
by Patio Galerie’s own manufac- Ph: 044 - 28116225
turing unit in Chennai. While Email:

ooking at the birdbaths, gar- customers can choose the de-
den chairs and lawn bench- signs from the store’s catalogue, Store timings: 10 a.m.
es, you might think you’re specific orders are also underta- to 7 p.m. (Open all days)
passing a park. There’re mini ken.
street lamps, too, that remind Besides, the store also under-
you Dickensian London. Only, takes corporate orders, with sev-
Patio Galerie is right on the busy eral star hotels in the city and
T.T.K. Road, just next to Music A- beyond figuring on its client list.
cademy, and is no park, lawn or
garden. The one-year-old store Ergo picks
specialises in outdoor furniture We loved the cast iron letter-
and accessories and has quite a box and fireplace. While the for-
motley bunch of interesting piec- mer comes at Rs. 9,450, the latter
es. costs Rs. 7,500. The letter box
Besides the above-mentioned comes complete with lock and
birdbaths and garden chairs, key, while the fireplace weighs 10
there are gazebos, hammocks, times more than what you’d ex-
garden umbrellas, recliners, pect from the puny-looking
swings, table-chair sets, lanterns thing.
and bird feeders, to name some. Also, the cast iron lamps
The wicker swing with canopy shaped like owls and turtles are
and metal frame stands out due useful and fun. ■

Patio has everything that could make your lawn, terrace, garden,
balcony, poolside and veranda look good and better
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Roses for a rose
Vipasha Sinha

bunch of roses with a glass of wine in a cosy
ambience is a perfect idea for Valentine’s
Day. But now that V-Day is gone, there is no
point regretting that you gave her neither a
rose nor a glass of wine. So, treat her to a rose-wine
Limelite, a popular chain of unisex salons, in-
troduced the rose facial to woo lovebirds, which is
still on offer.
The procedure is more or less like any other fa-
cial, except for the added back massage. It proves to
be of great help as the massage de-stresses the
body. After cleansing and scrubbing, the face pack
is applied.
The rose-wine pack is prepared from rose petals
and red grapes, as rose-wine contains poly phenols
and acts as an effective anti-oxidant. The pack also
contains natural ingredients like oatmeal bran,
sweet almonds, lavender and rose essential oils,
fresh milk and aloe vera.
Experts at Limelite say the penetrating nature of
wine helps the skin absorb vitamins and anti-oxi-
dants easily. It takes three hours for the ingredients
to penetrate.
Avoid using products containing chemical ingre-
dients for 24 hours after the facial. To rinse your
face, use only plain water.
If you want more than a facial, you can get a
rose-wine manicure and pedicure done, too. ■

In the blink of an eye
Company that introduced botox in beauty now
coming up with a drug that might replace mascara
F irst it was frozen foreheads.
Now it’s long eyelashes.
Allergan, the company that
The product has the same
formula as Allergan’s eye drops
for glaucoma, called Lumigan.
tomers may occasionally expe-
rience some of the glaucoma
drug’s other, less desirable side-
turned an obscure muscle para- It is one of several drugs in a effects, which can include red, spend about $5 billion a year on which approved the drug in late
lyser for eyelid spasms, Botox, category known as prostaglan- itchy eyes and changes in eyelid mascara, Latisse could be the December. In that study, eye-
into a blockbuster wrinkle din analogs, which are meant to pigmentation. Some financial biggest thing to hit cosmetic lashes typically grew 25 percent
smoother, hopes to perform reduce dangerous pressure in analysts, meanwhile, wonder medicine since, well, Botox. longer, 106 percent thicker and
cosmetic alchemy yet again. the eyeball. But as a side effect, how many people will be willing Allergan conducted a clinical 18 percent darker. And while 3.6
Last month, the company intro- the treatment tends to make the to spend $120 for a monthly trial among about 280 volun- percent of patients experienced
duced Latisse, the first prescrip- eyelashes of many patients dose of lash-lengthening teers, half of whom used Latisse eye itching and red eyes, none
tion drug for growing longer, longer and fuller. Latisse. daily for 16 weeks. The study re- had a change of eye colour, ac-
lusher lashes approved by the Some medical experts say But other analysts predict sults were reviewed by the Food cording to Allergan. ■
U.S. government. they worry that cosmetic cus- that in a world where people and Drug Administration, NYT News Service
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

India’s snake charmers
Take out a rally in Kolkata to
reclaim the right to charm
snakes for a living

he nation’s snake charmers, they cajole foreign visitors into taking
whose baskets and flutes have a snapshot for a small fee.
launched a thousand picture Tuesday’s protest was organised by
postcards, rallied in Kolkata on a union set up by the snake charmers
Tuesday to protest a ban they said to seek an exemption from the ban
was killing the generations-old pro- and lobby for state support for re-
fession. training.
An estimated 5,000 charmers from They have specifically asked the go-
all over West Bengal took to the vernment to set up snake serum

streets of the state capital, denounc- farms where members of their com-
ing wildlife protection laws that pro- munity could be employed extracting
scribe the commercial use of wild venom.
animals, including performances with The union’s leader, Raktim Das,
live snakes. said thousands of snake charmers
Since the laws were fully imple- were “on the verge of starvation” hav-
mented in the late 1990s, the estimat- ing been deprived of their sole source
ed 8 lakh snake charmers in India – of regular income.
one lakh in West Bengal alone – say “In fact, the ban has also jeopar-
they have effectively been deprived of dised the very existence of the 1,000-
their livelihood. year-old Bedia community, which is
“It’s our birth right to charm an integral part of the rich heritage of
snakes. No can deprive us of that,” Bengal,” Das said.
said Langra Bede, 35, who has suf- Animal rights groups say snake
fered two cobra bites in his charming charmers are cruel imposters who use
“Our forefathers charmed snakes.
physical abuse to train the reptiles to
move to the sway of their flute-like
“It’s our birth right to charm snakes.
We grew up with this. It’s basically all
we know,” he said.
The entertainers generally rip out
No can deprive us of that.”
A large number of Indian snake the snakes’ fangs and feed them milk,
charmers belong to the nomadic, meaning the animals are unable to
Bengali-speaking, Bedia community, catch prey and die when returned to
whose members have long made their their natural habitat after six months
living from street performance. or so of performance. ■
The wildlife legislation has emptied AFP
most large cities of snake charmers,
although a small number can still be
seen around major tourist sites in
places like New Delhi, risking arrest as
06 VILLAGE ERGO Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hong Kong tantrum
A clip of a hysterical woman screaming at staff and
writhing on the floor after missing a flight has
clocked up over 465,000 hits on clip-sharing website
YouTube just a few days after it was posted.

Pope John Paul II faced two
assassination plots
Pope John Paul II, the first non- Italian pontiff since 1520
to rule the Vatican City for almost 27 years till his death
nearly four years back, actually faced “two assassination
plots in his native Poland". According to Father Zdzislaw
Krol, the Chancellor of Warsaw Metropolitan Curia,
before the start of 1987 pilgrimage the Church received
information from a woman of a plan to kill Pope John
Paul II in the town of Czestochowa, a focal point of
Polish catholicism, ’The Daily Telegraph’ reported.
A computer ‘that will
First solar-powered phone play every video game’
Scientists are on track to develop a new computer which
they claim would be able to play all video games ever
goes on display created. According to them, the state-of-the-art machine
Samsung unveiled the world’s first solar-powered mobile would also ensure that other kinds of files remain
phone at an industry show on Monday. The South Korean accessible long after the demise of the hardware and
manufacturer put its “Blue Earth” phone on display in software for which they were originally intended. In fact,
front of curious crowds at Mobile World Congress, with the European Union-funded project dubbed KEEP involves
industry insiders keen to see the mini solar panels located creating a software package that replicates the
on the back of the phone. “This type of device would be functionality of a previous hardware platform, storage
ideal for developing markets where workers have long medium or operating system, making it possible to use old
hours and don’t have access to electricity,” commented software on modern hardware, the ’New Scientist’
Nick Lane, chief researcher at consultancy Direct2 Mobile. reported.
“It would also interest consumers with an eye on the PTI
‘green’ aspects, or companies and their CSR (corporate
social responsibility) programmes.” The device is to be
launched initially in Europe in the second half of 2009 but
is likely to be out of the price range of a worker in the Call to stop auction of
developing world. A Samsung representative said it would
be a mid to high-end Gandhi’s possessions
handset. A full charge An Indian organisation in Bahrain has expressed displeasure
taking 10-14 hours in the over the news of Mahatma Gandhi’s possessions, including his
sun would offer about four steel-rimmed glasses and leather sandals, going under the
hours of talk time. The hammer in the US next month. The Co-ordination Committee
phone can also be plugged of Indian Associations (CCIA) here issued a call for action to
in to charge, with the solar stop the sale by a private American collector, who currently
panels used to top up the owns all the items. The committee also urged the Indian
battery to extend its government to buy these valuables at any cost and bring them
power. back and keep them at the Gandhi Museum in Rajghat.

No kissing, please
we’re British
British train station bans passionate goodbyes
I t must have been one of Bri-
tain’s most passionate places
but now the rule in Warrington
The company declared on
Monday that the signs were “a
light-hearted way” of encourag-
“It’s ridiculous. I don’t see the
point of having a no-kissing ar-
ea, surely people are entitled to
Bank Quay’s station is: “No kiss- ing travellers not to clog the of- say their goodbyes,” said Ruth
ing, we’re British.” ten crowded station, which is Sargeant, 38, was quoted as say-
No-kissing signs were put up located on the rail lines between ing by the Daily Telegraph.
at the station’s taxi and drop-off London and Glasgow as well as Meanwhile, Tom Hall, 25, was
zone designated for rail travell- Birmingham and Scotland. merely wondering: “It’s daft.
ers, as outbreaks of passion ap- However, some commuters What are they going to do if they
peared to threaten the were less than amused at the catch couples kissing, fine
punctuality of traffic at the sta- idea of cold farewells from their them?”
tion operated by Virgin Rail. loved ones. DPA
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Websites of the day Fridge fire
This wacky blogspot finds there are friendly faces
everywhere: An elderly man in Austria set his
A run-down of retro motor ads through the ages: house on fire after he mistook his refrigerator for his fireplace.

Laze around and get paid!
More than 18,000 apply for the post of caretaker of Hamilton Island, dubbed the best job in the world

ore than 18,000 people airfares from the successful can-
from nearly 200 coun- didate’s home country to the
tries have applied for the white sands and clear waters of
“best job in the world,” Hamilton Island.
hoping to earn good money for In return, the winner will be ex-
lazing around on an Australian is- pected to have as much fun as he
land, officials said Tuesday. or she can – soaking up the sun,
The deadline for applications swimming, snorkelling, sailing –
for the post of “caretaker” of trop- and report to a global audience
ical Hamilton Island on the Great via weekly blogs, photo diaries
Barrier Reef looms on Sunday – and video updates.
and the competition is already The successful candidate – who
tough, the Queensland state go- will stay in a multi-million-dollar
vernment warned. three-bedroom beach home –
“We’ve been really over- must be over 18, a “fantastic and
whelmed by the lengths people charismatic” communicator, and
are going to draw attention to able to speak and write English.
their applications,” Tourism The campaign is a key element
Queensland spokeswoman Ni- in a drive to promote the north-
cole McNaughton told AFP. eastern Australian state’s 18-bil-
“Potential applicants have sent lion-dollar a year tourism
out press releases, sourced their industry during the tough global
own media coverage and estab- economic climate, officials say.
lished websites dedicated to their A shortlist of 50 applicants will
applications.” be announced on March 2, the
Candidates are required to cre- final 11 candidates will be flown
ate a video application in English to the island for interviews from
of up to one minute explaining May 3, and the winner will be an-
why they are uniquely qualified nounced on May 6, Tourism
for the job. Queensland said in a statement.
The job pays 150,000 Australian Job-seekers can apply on
dollars (about 100,000 US dollars) ■
for six months and includes free AFP

Jacko auctioning 2,000 items Spider-Man

from Neverland ranch “French Spider-
Man” Alain Robert
suit of armour, and a throne in celebrates after
his bedroom. The singer, who is scaling one of
currently wrestling with huge Hong Kong’s
debts, once had a fortune worth tallest skyscrapers,
more than 500 million pounds. the Cheung Kong
The Beverly Hills auction will see Centre
furniture, sculptures, items from (background) on
Jackson’s art collection, fixtures Tuesday in what
and fittings from his mansion, he said was an
and his stage costumes go under effort to highlight
the hammer. According to re- global warming.
ports, Jackon is even selling the Robert, famous for
famous gates and fairground climbing the
rides at the 38-acre Neverland world’s tallest
amusement park in California. buildings without

P op singer Michael Jackson is
reportedly auctioning 2,000
items from the Neverland ranch,
“It seems as if everything he
owns is made of bronze, marble
and gold,” the Daily Star quoted
safety equipment,
was arrested by
police after a 40-
which he quit in 2005 after his auctioneer Michael Doyle as say- minute ascent of
acquittal in his infamous child ing. Items for sale range from a the 62-storey
abuse case. His treasured posses- pair of socks covered in rhine- Cheung Kong
sions will descend on the four- stone banding, priced at 575 Centre AFP PHOTO /
day sale in April. pounds, to a Rolls Royce custo- MIKE CLARKE
Meanwhile, reports have sug- mised with special art, valued at
gested that Jackson lived like a 115,000 pounds.
king with crowns, a royal cape, a ANI
08 SPORT ERGO Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pak clears last six ICL players
A Pakistani court Tuesday lifted domestic bans on the country’s last six active players who joined the
unofficial Indian Cricket League (ICL). “Imran Nazir, Imran Farhat, Humayun Farhat, Riaz Afridi,
Arshad Khan and Taufiq Umar got their bans suspended by the court and are now free to play in
domestic matches,” the players’ lawyer Zahid Fakhruddin said.

Ring of
Legendary trio presented ICC
Hall of Fame caps
West Indies greats Vivian Richards, Andy Roberts and
Michael Holding were today presented the ICC Cricket
Hall of Fame caps to formally induct them into the
exalted honour list of the world governing body. The
former cricketers were presented with their Hall of
Fame caps by West Indies Cricket Board President Dr
Julian Hunte on the field of play during the lunch
interval on day two of the third Test between the
hosts and England at the Antigua Recreation Ground.
Richards, who made the fastest hundred in Test
history at the venue when he reached the three-figure

bronze medal at the Olympics followed
mark in just 56 balls against England in 1986, said, “It
by a clutch of more at the Boxing World
is a real pleasure to be recognised as one of the
Cup has failed to lift boxing from the
legends of West Indies cricket and in a group of
doldrums in Tamil Nadu. Though the
players in world cricket. It was special to receive this
success of Vijender and Akhil Kumar has in-
honour alongside two players I played a lot of cricket
spired hope among hundreds of boxers in the
with,” he added.
state, the disillusionment is palpable among
Holding, who was also celebrating his 55th birthday,
the athletes, for whom it appears to be a case
said, “It is a tremendous honour to become part of
of so near yet so far.
this small group of cricketers. It’s not something you
Hard training conditions and less-than-con-
set out to try and achieve when you start playing
ducive living conditions have added to the
cricket but it is special to be recognised alongside such
woes, and a cash-strapped state body treated
greats of the game. It is one of those things that will
like a perennial stepchild by the national body
endure a long time after people have forgotten the
dominated by the North Indians, or more pre-
matches I played in and it makes me proud.”
cisely Punjabis and Haryanvis, can only cry
“We have talented boxers but once they
proceed to the Indian camp, they are inevi-
tably ignored and treated as second-rung citi-
Easy win for Sania zens,” an official says, on condition of
anonymity. “Politics is everywhere and all the
Wild card Sania Mirza overcame a sluggish start to officials are trying to push their own wards.”
beat Russian Ekaterina Makarova in straight sets and Bronze medallist at the lightweight cate-
enter the second round of the USD two million Dubai gory in the last nationals E. Thulasi is still with-
Tennis Championships in Dubai. The in-form Indian, out a job and is apprehensive about attending
who finished runners-up at last week’s Pattaya Open the national camp in April. “I have performed
in Thailand, defeated Makarova 7-5, 6-2 after well at all levels but am yet to receive any help
slogging it out for one hour and 27 minutes in the from anybody. Although other boxers have
opening round of the hard court event. Sania will made it to government jobs even after failing
now be up against 16th seed Spaniard Kaia Kanepi in at the state level, I am still living on charity,”
the second round. The error-prone Indian lost her she says. Thulasi has thrice pitted her skills
serve twice in the opening set and committed three against four-time World Cup winner K.C. Ma-
double faults but with ry Kom and in their last meeting last year lost
Makarova being as rusty, on backward count after their scores were
Sania managed to clinch tied at the end of four rounds.
it breaking the Russian Nepotism is the buzzword and infighting is
thrice in the process. ablaze. G. Senthilnathan, two-time best boxer
The Hyderabadi player at the south zone meet, cries foul and says:
was in control in the “Things don’t look very bright here. Good
second set and broke performances don’t assure you a job or even a
Makarova thrice out of call to the national camp. It’s very hard to
the nine chances she got keep the motivation going.” Twenty-two-
to wrap up the match. year-old Senthilnathan, who has attended the
In doubles, Sania and National lightweight bronze medallist E. Thulasi (re
national camp twice and has rubbed shoul-
her Italian partner Mara Santangelo would open their Nehru Stadium in Chennai. PHOTO: R. RAVINDRAN
ders with the likes of Vijender, A.L. Lakra and
campaign against the Swiss-Polish pair of Stefanie Akhil Kumar, says that with a little help he
Voegele and Urszula Radwanska.
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You look at the individual players and some of the world’s best are coming.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virender Sehwag batting on the little grounds in
New Zealand is pretty scary. You balance that with them being notorious for not
touring New Zealand all that well.
Daniel Vettori

First they have to survive the infighting among the officials. And then comes the bigger hurdle of
North-South cultural divide. Boxers in the state are no less talented but are always fighting the odds.

usionment could also make it big in the international
arena. “Technically, the boxers from Bhiwa-
ni are not much superior to us. But they are
better looked after and that makes a differ-
ence.” Tamil Nadu Boxing Association sec-
retary A.N. Karunakaran acknowledges the
problem but sees it more as a cultural di-
vide. “Boxers from the South face a huge
problem in terms of language and food
when they go for the camps that are usually
held in the North. Our wards are generally
shy and can easily be bullied in alien condi-
tions,” he says. “At times they also return
home in the middle of the camp. So you
can’t blame the association always. But
what the national body can do is rotate the
camps all over the country and hold a few
down South so that our boxers find it easier
to amalgamate.”
Speaking about the infighting in the
state association, Karunakaran says: “Four
years ago it was really ugly and the office-
bearers were here only for money. Railway
recruitments have always been farcical for
some unforeseen reasons. We have provid-
ed jobs in Tamil Nadu Police but very few
are ready to take that up. In a way, our
hands are tied.”
Taking a dig at the nexus of clubs and
coaches, Karunakaran says: “The boxers
come from lower-middleclass background
and are mostly uneducated. The coaches,
especially the club coaches, are always tak-
ing them for a ride and stopping them from
participating in state events, bringing down
their chances of getting jobs.”
Thirteen-year-old R. Ravi, gold medallist
at the junior nationals in Assam in the 42 kg
category, and his close friend and silver
medallist A. Silambaram are still quite far
off from these politics and hope hard work
will help them emulate Vijender and Akhil.
“I come from a poor family and live alone
with my mother. I feel boxing is my ticket to
a better livelihood and for that I have to
give my heart and soul,” Ravi says as his
constant companion Silambaram nods his
head in acknowledgment.
While Thulasi and Senthilnathan may be
too viciously tangled in the official fiefdom,
ed head gear) manoeuvres against a fellow boxer at the SDAT School of Boxing at the
one can only hope that the future holds
better for youngsters like Ravi and Silamba-
ram. ■
10 FLICK ERGO Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hottest Sci-Fi Babe Ever
Hollywood actress Megan Fox has been named the
sexiest sci-fi babe of all time in a new poll. The
22-year-old actress landed the top spot for her role as
car-obsessed beauty Mikaela Banes in 2007 hit movie
Transformers, reports Contactmusic.

Back on track,
but with some brakes
While Shah Rukh Khan’s
shoulder surgery on Monday
was successful, doctors have
imposed a six-month no-no
on strenuous action

o heavy-duty action scenes for Shah
Rukh Khan for the next six months, say
doctors who successfully operated
upon him for a nagging pain in the left
shoulder on Monday.
“Shah Rukh’s surgery went off fine and he
should be back home in two days. However, he
will require some good rest for a long period and
has been advised not to do any strenuous work,”
said Sanjay Desai, orthopaedic surgeon at Breach
Candy Hospital in Mumbai.
So, in effect Shah Rukh will be on a forced break for six weeks
to fully recuperate. However, he will host the Filmfare awards on
March 7, which were scheduled for February 28 earlier. The organisers post-
poned the date for Shah Rukh’s sake.
He can take up taxing action scenes only after six months.
“It’s a normal precaution that one has to take. The surgery was long pending
and it is good that he finally took out time for it. Keeping in mind that he would
only become busier in months to come, it made sense that he got himself
operated before it was too late,” Desai said.
His family, friends and fans heaved a sigh of relief when it was announced
that the surgery, which lasted 45 minutes, had been successful. A team of three
doctors performed the surgery.
The last few months have been especially tiring for Shah Rukh as he was
working non-stop on the promotion of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, shooting for My
Name Is Khan and then promoting Billu. In fact, he went on an overdrive for
the promotion of Billu and was attending as many as eight events a day. He
had injured his shoulder a long time ago, but the pain aggravated in Decem-
ber last year.
Farah Khan, who was by his side in the hospital till late Monday evening,
said: “He went to sleep after the surgery. He was in too much pain.”
However, Shah Rukh made sure his producers would not suffer because
of his surgery and forced break.
Currently, Shah Rukh has only two films on the floors – Karan Johar’s My
Name Is Khan and Viveck Vaswani’s Dulha Mil Gaya.
While he has already finished shooting for an extensive part of My
Name Is Khan, in Dulha Mil Gaya he has an extended guest appearance
for which only a qawwali featuring him with Sushmita Sen remains to
be shot. ■

It’s a normal precaution that one has to take. The
surgery was long pending and it is good that he
finally took out time for it. Keeping in mind that he
would only become busier in months to come, it made
sense that he got himself operated before it was too late
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Too violent for release
Jackie Chan’s Chinese fans will not get to see his new movie, for its
director Derek Yee considers it to be “too violent” to be released in
China. The movie Shinjuku Incident features Chan as a refugee who
escapes to Japan, and gets embroiled in the local gang culture.

Joaquin Phoenix
Walking declares he’ll quit
acting for music.
Cine City
a new line And he insists
he’s serious

ctor Joaquin Phoenix has announced
that he will quit acting and pursue his
music career. The Walk The Line star be-
lieves it will be more successful than his
acting career.
Though there are claims that it is all a stunt,
he insists it is real. reports
him as saying: “I’ve always loved music and
never really played anything, and, after Walk
The Line, I kind of learned to play guitar and
having that sense of performing; that cer-
tainly opened the door for me for music. I
think, now I would just like the music to
speak for itself. I don’t think we’ll ever get to
the reason, ‘Oh, that’s why he quit and this
is why he’s doing this.’ I don’t fully un-
derstand it myself. I’ve always followed my
heart and felt what was true at the time and
that’s what I’m doing now.”
He added: “I’m not out to sell records.
I’m experiencing something and it’s what I
feel. I feel like everything in my life is lead-
ing up to this and suddenly acting doesn’t
seem like that’s a big part of what was impor- Nandhalala release postponed
tant in my life. I imagine, when I look back on Nandhalala, the much-awaited film of director
my life, acting will be just a very small portion Mysskin that was due to hit screens in February,
of something that I did, and I think music will has been postponed due to non-availability of
be the dominant theme in my life. I didn’t know theatres. The music of the film, composed by
that anyone was gonna care. I felt that it was an Maestro Ilayaraja, is already topping charts. Out
obligation to tell my fans what I was doing, mov- of the six songs, ‘Nenjil Oorndhu’ has emerged
ing in another direction.” ■ the favourite. The film directed by Mysskin also
IANS sees him playing the role of the protagonist.
Snigdha and Master Ashwath Ram also play
prominent roles in the movie.

Pinault wed Maddy teams up with
P.C. Sreeram
Cinematographer P.C. Sreeram has cranked the

M exican-born actress Salma Hayek and
French entrepreneur Francois-Henri Pi-
nault married on St. Valentine’s Day in Pa-
camera for Madhavan’s upcoming flick,
Yavarum Nalam. Apparently, it was Sreeram’s
brilliant cinematography and splendid lighting
ris, an official at the town hall of the chic effects that gave the apt romantic feel to
sixth arrondissement said on Monday. The Madhavan’s Tamil debut, Alaipayuthey. The
official, speaking on condition of anonym- movie Yavarum Nalam is directed by Vikram
ity, said the pair had tied the knot on Sat- Kumar, who earlier directed Silambarasan in
urday morning. ■ Alai. The music will be composed by Shankar-
Reuters Ehsaan-Loy. Bollywood heroine Neetu Chandra
plays the heroine in this film titled 13B in Hindi.
12 ERGO Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bhargavi, Shanmugapriya, Senthil ■ Hey Kisan. Thanks for the ■ A friend in need is a friend
Today’s Query: Kannan almighty for introducing you to me indeed suits best for my friend
Prema Ananthi, TCS as a friend, well wisher you are so Harsh
Can’t imagine your life special to me keep rocking
■ My teacher Revathy she has given Sruthi, Accenture
without a very special hope for me to challenge the world. Robz, Wipro
I’m very thankful to her ■ "Enn vaalkai ennum sirupikul
friend? Thank him/her Asif, Ford ■ Devi and Bhagya being my friends, natpu ennum muthai vanthu ennai
u both added values to friendship, alagu paduthaiya enn uyir nanban
during this Friendship ■ I don’t want to miss my special life without u gals can’t be. I’m sure Nagavuku!
friend Swasthika in my life we will binded throughout life time Sakthi, Sundaram Business Services
Week... Salma, TCS as we r now
■ My best friend Sundar who passed Padma, TCS ■ My friend Boominathan who
away recently. Thanks to him for ■ My dad (Mr. P.Gnanam). I can’t saved my life when I was in
keeping his promise of being my think a life without him ■ Dear Reeja and Sandy, the value footboard
lifetime friend Bavitiraa, Wipro of ur friendship cannot be measured Shiva Perot Systems
Rajarajan, Wipro but can only be treasured
■ Magi, Prakash, Vijaykumar, Brahan, TCS ■ Dear Archana, Just wanted to
■ Can’t imagine a life without the Tamilselvan, Govindaraj,Venky, thank u during Friendship week.
king of hells Mr.Rilwan 5yr friendship Perumal, I very much thank them ■ Dear Poorna u made my life very When it hurts to look back and you
and 2 be continued till death and God who gave me the chance meaningful when you entered in my are scared to look ahead, look
Hashim, Allsec to meet them heart as my near and dear friend beside you and ur best friend will b
P.SathiyaMoorthy, TCS Srini, Datamark Prodapt there..!! Thanx for being der always
■ The moments you are in my :)
thoughts are always the best ■ It’s not a friend. Friends for me. ■ Thank you Pavitra for being in my Love, Deepika
moments in my life. Thank you We(10 Friends) rocked in our college life. I could have never asked for a
Krithika for being my special friend
Balaji, Wipro
life. Thanks for coming in my life da
Jaganathan, Changepond Technologies
more wonderful friend as you. I am
lucky to have you around
Today’s Query:
■ Thanks Viswanathan, for the full ■ I would like to thank her for
Chital, Accenture Apart from Taj Mahal
support u have given me & still giving being my special friend and I can’t ■ Dear Anas, Santu, Naveen, I’m what would you like
me. Proud to hav u as my frnd imagine my life without her. It’s proud of our friendship. I can’t
Venkat, Infosys none other than my mom. imagine my life without you. Thanks to choose as a symbol
Rajesh Thanthoni RRD, Prasanna for everything
■ Thanks loosu(nas) for being my Chakravarthi Wipro Srini.KK, of love?
best friend and be forever Cognizant
Karthik, Aspire ■ I would like to thank each n every
one of 33 batch in Ahamedabad n ■ Ramya, u r such a nice friend to
■ Thanks Dummy and Monu I’m here my rocking Delhi batchmates for me in all my walks of life thanks for
because of your motivation and giving me some of the most being so special to me da
prayer. Always be close to my heart memorable moments of my life, Shree, TCS
Anu, Accenture they are Sriram, Balamani, Sidhu,
Ganesh, Vikki, Alagar, KK, Niranjan,
■ Thanks a lot Sathish, Murugan.S Shiva, Guru, Sneha, Gowri, Mukund
(HCL-CODC) you are a one of the best Sasidharan, TCS
mankind and good personality
Sivaprakasam G, Birlasoft ■ I can’t imagine my life without u
my dear kuttiponnu. I luv u
■ Thanks a lot Rani for your presence kuttiponnu
in my life as a friend, sister and well- Deepa, Wipro
wisher. I feel very proud and happy
for u in my life ■ I thank Adnan for making my life
Prabu, HCL colorful with his care n affection.
Miss u pal
■ Thank you Uma for being by my Rajesh Kumar Allsec
side n understanding me. You are
simply the best. Love U ■ Hi CK, if I had to sum up the
Rema Varma, Accenture friendship that we have in one
word, it would be comfort. Be my
■ Thank you Shiva for your best buddy forever
involvement and invaluable Senthil, Wipro
contribution in psychological
understandings and development of ■ Hey Anu I luv you so much n
my friends. Because it has its own thank you for all you have been to
importance and impact on everybody me till date
R.Nagarajan, InfoView Technologies Mahalakshmi, TCS

■ U r always very special to me u
have been with me besides my ups &
downs thanks a lot for ur kind &
caring support. Thank u my friends
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

■ Dear Myna(Meena.L), ■ Hi Karthick
SriLakshmi of HCL has been We wish u a Very Happy Birthday. And Wish you many more happy returns of the
nominated as Office Angel look forward to a brighter and more day, may all your dreams come true, i wish
by her team mate Mrs.Ma- fulfilling future. you all success in your life, love you so
nonmani . With Love, PACE Team, Polaris Software much.
With love Sri
She always appears with a ■ Dear Rohit,
smiling face. She won’t be All of us are joining in to say, may the year ■ Dear Karthik,
having any negative thought which your birthday begins, bring Today is an lovely and extra-special day,
in her mind. She will take happiness n all the special things which With all our heart we pray that every
everything in a positive way. mean the most to you!! Happy first dream of urs come true! Be happy and
She is very much helpful to birthday :) smile always! Wish u a very very happy
others.That is the specialty of With Love, Deepika, Archana, Sandhya, Bhavna, Birthday!!!
her. Sweety, Abhirami, Lavanya, Deepan. Tata With Best Wishes,
Consultancy Services IPB Team - Polaris software lab ltd.

■ Hi Niranjani (JUJU), ■ Dear Prabhu Ram R,
Happy birthday!!! Piranda naal Many more Happy Returns of the day. May
vaazhthukkal! Pirannal aasamsakal! Janam god give all success in your life. Have a
din diyan wadhayian! Shuvo jonmodin! Bright and Flourishing Future.
Janmadina abhinandan! Janma divas Best Wishes,
mubarak! May the coming years bring lots DCMS –Team, Financial Software Systems
of happiness and cherish in your life...
Regards, Siva C., TCS e-Serve
Belated wishes
■ Dear Prabhuram, ■ Dear Sathya-RAJuu,
Wish u Many More Happy returns of the Many more Happy Returns of the day. May
day! May the coming years brings lots of god give all success in your life. Have a
happiness and cherish in ur life. Bright and Flourishing Future.
Best Wishes, DCMS Team, FSS Best Wishes, DCMS –Team, FSS

■ Hi Mani, ■ Dear Sathiamoorthy
Happy Birthday for a Special Friend, I never Wish you Many More Happy Returns of the
knew what wonders a friend can do. Yes, day. May this bring you a lot of Happy and
Art featured in surely they can change things around you Prosperous Moments In your life.
this column will into smile, sunshine and happiness. Just the DCMS Team, FSS
receive gift cou- way you keep on doing always. I wish all
pons from Fruit your dreams come true. ■ Dear Vidhya,
Shop on Greams Nihar, Infosys Technologies, MCity. Wish U many more happy returns of the
Road. Send in day. Be blessed with all happiness, wealth
your addresses so ■ Dear Rohit, and gud health.
that we can post It’s your first birthday, baby, one candle on From U r beloved friends,
the coupons. ur cake; proud parents stare in wonder, at Deepa, Madhu, Priya, Sasi, Srikanya, Sudha,
each new move u make. We join in iNautix Technologies
celebration, as this special date arrives, for
baby has brought pleasure into all our ■ Dear Irfan,
lives. We look forward now to seeing how “You’re more to me than my brother, You
Sakthi Vinayagam B. from Changepond u progress and grow, frm the cute and tiny are also my best friend, You’re always
Technologies doodled this. infant u were one year ago. So dig into ur there for me, For an ear or a shoulder to
icing; enjoy ur presents, too. The reason for lend, You’re the first to hear of my joys,
this day is a special person-U:-)Love u:-) It’s you I go to if I’ve had a bad day, I love
With love, DEEPA.P, TCS, siruseri you more than I have words, To express
myself & say Happy Birthday”
■ Dear Sanjana, Best wishes, Salman, HCL
On your birthday, special one, we wish that
all your dreams come true. May your day ■ Dear Salman,
be filled with joy, Wonderful gifts and "These Birthday greetings are wished,
goodies, too. We wish you fine and simple Most affectionately your way, For someone
pleasures. We wish you many years of who’s very nice, Deserves an extra special
laughter. We wish you all of life’s best day, So here’s wishing every happiness,
treasures. We wish you happily ever after! Today, especially for you, With lots of your
Happy Birthday! favourite things, In the year ahead too"
With loads of love from Happy Birthday!
Chintu, Prithvi, Mom, Ashok, Pugazh, Thilaga, Nirmalraj and team, HCL
Dhana, Srikanth, Prabhu, Vidhya Murali, Antony,
Anusha, TCS ■ Dear Raji
Wish You Many More Happy Returns of
Man 1: Pongal la ore kal la (stone) iruku. ■ Hi Nithiya, the Day da. May this year be a wonderful
Man 2: Ama, Pongal la ore kal than. A very Happy Birthday. and prosperous one for you. Hope our
Rendu kal irundha athu “pongalkal” ayidume. With Regards, H.Bathula Banu, dreams would come true this year.
Meera and Francis Infosys Technologies Limited. Love You Always, Shina, Cognizant
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Swinging health plan
An elderly man in China is helping pensioners
get fit by follow a gymnastics programme he
created - using only a rope and a tree.


Aritra Chatterjee of HP
spotted this wild chameleon
on her trek to Kudremukh,
Agumbe and Sravan Belagola.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Dead pet whisperer Word’s worth
A psychic from Romania claims to able to speak to “Kebbie” (keb-ee) a staff
dead animals in the beyond, putting grieving with a hooked head, like
owners in touch with their deceased animals. a shepherd’s crook.


You would be completing all routine activities with
ease, be it office or domestic work. On the personal
front, you may remain enthusiastic and in a
cheering mood. Romantic connections may establish
or ongoing relationships may blossom.

You may be pushed to work harder at office today.
This of course may not bother you as you are
practical by nature. Relations with seniors may
require nurturing. Your relationship with your life
partner or beloved one will become even stronger.

You might have to deal with people with various
BORN LOSER traits today. You may use your wit and intelligence
while dealing with others at work. Your attention
towards life partner may increase which may make
him or her feel good.
Today, you might have to deal with critical
situations at work. Ganesha finds your support
system a little weak today hence you are advised to
be little more careful at workplace. You will be
emotionally charged’ today.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
Ganesha finds you impulsive and active today. You
may have high expectations from your colleagues. It
is a favourable day to propose someone. Ongoing
relationship may take a positive turn. In short, it’s a
comfortable day, more on the positive side.
Today, you may have realisation that it is necessary
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT to work harder to take your career forward form
where you are. At the same time, you may be
concerned about requirements of your beloved one.
You might have to work in fixed schedule.
Ganesha finds you quite eloquent today. You can be
pretty creative today. You will be intuitive and
spontaneous so will be able to handle everything in
time. Smoother sailing is expected on the
relationship front, by the Grace of Ganesha.
Ganesha advises you not to take important
decisions today. At work, your mood will be totally
different than usual. On the personal front, you may
be satisfied with the relationship with opposite sex.
You may be an intense lover today.
You will be paid good rewards for your hard work
at office. On the personal front, it is encouraging
and positive day. You have scope of receiving gift
from your partner/mate. You may wish to look more
pretty or presentable.
Routine work may be tiring but it may be more like
’intellectual stress’. Decisions that you may take
today will be practical but would be more like ’last
solutions’ to problems. On relationship front you
may have the attitude to ’let go’.
PREVIOUS Today you may be quite targeted towards gains that
you presume to achieve. Ganesha finds you taking
ISSUE’S initiative to deal with new things. This will increase
your value at work. Relationship front may require
SOLUTIONS freedom and needs more understanding.
Ganesha foresees you thinking very seriously over
the matters related to career. If you are willing to
appear in interview, this is a favourable day. Your
beloved may try to keep you in a good mood by
being very nice and kind to you.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ERGO Wednesday, February 18, 2009