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If you have never seen MusicMaster for Windows, we would love to show you Version 5. If you are an existing MusicMaster user, we would like to discuss the upgrade process.


Dont be stuck in the past when you could be experiencing the future.

Easy. Intuitive. You already know how to use MusicMaster!

Its 100% Windows, and thats a good thing!
If youre like most people you are very familiar with Windows programs. If you know your way around Excel or Word, you already know how to navigate around MusicMaster. You can easily share data between MusicMaster and other applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, using intuitive copy and paste. You can even import all kinds of data from e-mails, websites, and more! We also have many Mac users who schedule with MusicMaster as well, utilizing programs such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion.

MusicMaster is multi-tasking.

You can open up as many di erent windows within the program as you require. You can be editing the music schedules, open the library editor, open a few clocks, open up the Rule Tree, run a history analysis, and leave all these things open as you switch from one to the other. You can even open them in individual windows so you can drag-and-drop elements from one to the other. Just imagine, you can create a special program just by dragging songs from the library into the schedule. You can call for jingles and top-of-hour sweepers by dragging them into your clocks.

MusicMaster is also multi-user technology.

Share your database on your network and several people can work in the system at the same time. One person might be scheduling music for tomorrow, another is entering new song information, while another is running reports, and still another is building a special show for the upcoming weekend! We have the most advanced interface system on the planet! You can hook up MusicMaster to export logs to your automation system, import commercials from your tra c system, and even reconcile changes back into MusicMaster from automation the next day. The bottom line is that if your other systems provide a means to connect, MusicMaster can connect to them.

More Features
MusicMaster allows you to open, schedule, clone, and work with multiple databases freely with no additional licensing or

restrictions. Multi-station con icts can be avoided to make sure youre never playing the same song on two similar stations in your cluster at the same time. You can even run con ict reports to nd out exactly how close together these crossover songs play across multiple stations. If youre using an older scheduling system, we can save you a lot of setup time. Depending on which system youre using, we might even be able to copy over all your music, clocks, rules, and schedule history. Even if youve just got a list of songs in any standard data le, we can copy and paste that data into MusicMaster for you. v.5

Introducing MusicMaster Version 5

The number of people using MusicMaster for Windows has grown quickly, and it seems that with each new customer comes at least one new and unique music scheduling challenge. Its our pleasure not only to add your suggestions, but to continue observing the way you work, then thinking about ways to make your job easier and your radio station sound even better.

New Optimum Goal Scheduling Options

MusicMaster for Windows revolutionized the art of music scheduling with the introduction of Optimum Goal Scheduling. For the rst time ever, music scheduling stopped thinking like a computer and started working like a human, selecting the best song for every position, rather than just the rst one that happened to pass the rules. Optimum Goal Scheduling automatically chooses the best songs for each position. It knows what you want. It favors songs that have rested the longest. It rotates every song through as many di erent hours and dayparts as possible. It even tries to separate songs by the same artist as far apart as possible, calculating the ideal separation for each artist dynamically. With Version 5, MusicMaster for Windows users now have three new Optimum Goal Scheduling choices that brilliantly correct some of music schedulings most challenging issues. Optimum Spin Consistency works to keep all songs in the same category rotating at the same rate, favoring the songs that play less often over those that want to play too often. Optimum Rule Performance favors those songs that have the most diculty getting through your maze of scheduling rules, helping them nd the perfect places to play. Optimum Radial Spread is the most exciting new scheduling goal. MusicMaster for Windows can look at the History Graph the way you would if you were manually scheduling every song. The Optimum Goal Scheduling technology is very advanced, but incredibly easy to use. Just turn it on and it starts breathing wonderful life into your music right away.

Quick Move Editor

With all these scheduling advances, you have more time to focus on keeping your music fresh and current. MusicMaster for Windows Version 5 helps you do that, too. We call it QuickMove, but youll call it amazing. Load several current categories at the same time and just drag and drop songs to make your weekly changes. When you have everything set the way you want, just one more click makes all the changes happen. Music day will never be the same!

Schedule Editor

Have you ever thought two songs were playing together in your rotation? With the new Results Bar options, you can double-check your hunch. Song Segue: Nearest Plays and Song Segue: Separation options are available to tell you if the two songs played together and if so, how long ago. Once youre in the editor, check out some enhanced ways to edit: SHIFT-F5 will test and auto-swap the element you are on with other nearby elements in the same, previous or next hours from the same category. If theres a better test result, the swap is made. If not, everything stays the same. SHIFT-F9 automatically finds the best replacement song and puts it in the position you are editing. You can use this same functionality on multiple elements that you select and highlight.

Turnover Analysis

Turnover Analysis has two new features. If you want to look at a special show or hours where a category is never used, lter out those hours from the calculations. We also added the ability to review the projected turnovers of other elds. You can select any keyword or attribute eld and see how it turns over.

Tool Bar Navigation Tools

Do you have a program you open consistently while working with MusicMaster? Perhaps a website or research program? If so, youll love the new option to add buttons to the ToolBar. You can configure up to three buttons to start a third party application or a URL.

Schedule Calendar

Check out the additional status icons on your Schedule Calendar. Have you reconciled yesterday? Just look for the r on the date. The green arrow means the log has been exported. The paperclip icon means there is a memo for that date. The Log Memo is a new feature that lets you keep notes for the speci c day. Theres even an option to make this box pop up when you open a log. Weve also added a context menu to the Schedule Calendar. Youll be able to access the Log Memo Editor as well as see the Schedule QuickView graph for the week youre on.

Engineers and IT love MusicMaster for Windows

We continue to add more security options. You can now control whether a user can Auto Schedule and Unschedule music and non-music categories. Our Nexus interface allows third-party vendors to access the MusicMaster database for functions ranging from having your automation system automatically reconcile songs to adding new songs to MusicMaster. Microsoft SQL Server support is now available to manage your database. v.5

Speci cations
We understand that software compatibility with a customers current system is a key concern. Our broad list of existing customers gives us extensive experience interfacing MusicMaster with other software and hardware installations. Only a brief summary of technical information is listed below. We would be happy to provide a detailed IT Guide for review at your request.

MusicMaster uses a small USB security key that you can quickly attach to any computer where you want to use MusicMaster. There is no need to purchase licensing for every computer you might want to use. One key allows you access on as many computers as you have. You simply purchase enough keys for all of your sta members who will use MusicMaster. If you prefer, you can purchase a network key that connects to a single server computer in your o ce and allows all computers on the network to access MusicMaster without the need for individual keys. We also have accessories that allow the USB key to be installed inside many desktop computers to prevent loss or damage. Just let us know your needs.

MusicMaster is designed for use on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. It can also be used on Mac computers in a Windows virtual machine. We support server and workstation versions of Windows, both 32 and 64-bit, from Windows 2000 through the latest released versions of Windows 7 and Server 2008. Your system should have the latest service packs and security updates installed. We recommend computer hardware that provides very good performance when running multiple applications on your selected operating system. Such hardware would typically include a fast local hard drive (7200 rpm or better) or network connection (100Mb or better), a generous amount of system memory, and a speedy processor (Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, Dual Core, or equivalent CPU or faster). We also recommend a screen resolution of at least 1280 x 1024 since you can open and view data in many di erent panels and windows in MusicMaster at the same time.

MusicMaster data can be shared simultaneously by multiple users in a local-area network environment. You install the MusicMaster software on each workstation, and place the database les on your server. A fast (100Mb or better) wired network is recommended for this type of operation.

We have the most advanced interface system on the planet! You can hook up MusicMaster to export logs to your automation system, import commercials from your tra c system, and even reconcile changes back into MusicMaster from automation the next day. The bottom line is that if your other systems provide a means to connect, MusicMaster can connect to them. We would be happy to coordinate any integration with your provider.

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