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Course Title: ELCA 101 Course Code: ELCA Course No. : 101 Pre-requisite: None Credit Hours: 3

Catalogue Description: This course is an introductory level of the series New Headway Plus, an innovative fourlevel, integrated skills series for learners of English as a Foreign Language. It lays a solid foundation for the higher level (ELCA 102). The course aims to provide learners with a wide range of vocabulary that is carefully graded and recycled, intensive knowledge of the basics of tightly controlled reading language and grammar structure. It also reinforces the use of every day English through regular unseen listening activities in dialogue or monologue form and all language input - grammatical, lexical and functional.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course, students will gain confidence in their ability to read, speak, listen and understand English at both beginner and elementary levels. Also, they will be able to use reading strategies to understand the meaning of a wide range of vocabulary from their context. They will be able to form grammatically correct sentences through both spoken and written activities. The conversational interactions in each unit in both textbooks will enable students to produce linguistic forms nearly typical to everyday language.

Required Textbooks: (1) New Headway Plus: Beginner Students Book (2010) )11-1( Units: (1- 14); Pages: 2 143. (2) New Headway Plus: Elementary Students Book (2006) )11-1( Units: (1- 14); Pages: 2 143. Authors: John and Liz Soars Publisher: Oxford University Press, UK.

Textbooks Description: The two textbooks provide students with the tools needed for an early academic progress by introducing new language gradually and methodically in terms of dialogues and through a large variety of topics that incorporate vocabulary building, information transfer, grammar and structure, and critical thinking strategies within the reading passage activities. Grammar includes questions with be, different forms of verb to be, the simple present tense, the present continuous tense, pronouns and possessive adjectives, There is/There are, the simple past tense, comparative and superlative adjectives, making future plans with be going to, questions and negatives, prepositions of place, regular/irregular verbs, time expressions, count/uncount nouns, and present perfect tense. 2

Major Components of the Final Examination: - Reading comprehension of passages ) ( - Conversations/Tapescripts ) ( - Vocabulary and everyday English - Grammar Important: The workbooks are useful and they can contribute effectively to your understanding of the subject. Although they are NOT a basic course requirement for external students you are advised to study them for your benefit. Examination Instructions and Guidelines: (1) The answer sheets will be electronically corrected. Students should use pencils to darken the circles of their names, university identification numbers and use the pens where required. Filling in the answer sheets in the wrong way could make you fail the course. (2) The examination is usually based on multiple-choice questions. Students should choose the correct answer from A, B, C or D (or as required). (3) The examination does not include any composition or writing tasks. (4) The examination will contain no listening part. But it will include questions of tapescripts as a substitute for listening. You should study the tapescripts in the appendices (final pages) of the textbooks. (5) Students found cheating, in any form, will have their examination immediately declined and be reported to the KAU authorities. (6) Using books, handouts, dictionaries and mobile phones during the examination is strictly prohibited and could be equally treated as cheating. Textbook Online Resources: Online Learning Center: For further inquiries: Students can visit the ELI website: Or e-mail the External Student Academic Affairs at: LALI@