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youth and truck drivers. to find solutions. Our primary focus in CSR is the girl child. The projects have been chalked out with a clear understanding of the problems of these sections of the society and with the aim of finding solutions to these problems. HPCL puts in plenty of thought while formulating CSR activities. juveniles. We have worked closely with district administration who knows the developmental needs of the area and the people. We have been able to contribute towards society in terms of construction of school buildings. Edward Freeman penned his book Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach. We strongly believe in the benefits of women empowerment. . whom we are sponsoring. We blend the strengths of our resources and the district administration’s understanding of the problem. Interestingly it was around the same time when R. HPCL pioneered the creation of “creating socially responsible” business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society through its activities since 1985. good citizens. will grow up to be a responsible mother and citizen. The girl child. We will endeavor to make school drop outs and juveniles. In conclusion. school dropouts. spread over decades. That’s the way we in HPCL think and that’s the way we will grow. Computer familiarisation in schools opens up avenues for students from ill-equipped institutions.Chairman’s message Arun Balakrishnan Chairman & Managing Director Any business organisation of today has to include the triple bottom line of People. I am reminded of what Wilfred Grenfell said “The service we render others is the rent we pay for our room on earth”. Planet and Profit. I believe that newer projects will have outcomes. I am associated with the HPCL’s activities for a quarter of a century now. and in which he coined the word “Corporate Social Responsibility”. taking care of basic amenities and giving specialised training to the needy to enable them earn a living.

This is in tune with its philosophy to work with all stakeholders and communities. The HPCL CSR activities are concentrated more in the area where the organisation operates. The CSR activities range from working among street and slum children. CSR has become an increasingly important part of the business environment. Through Hamara Pump. to health care and drinking water augmentation. but instead through market-oriented yet responsible behaviour HPCL is one of the first organisations in the country.Director HR Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means a commitment by a company to manage its roles in a society in a responsible and sustainable manner. where the organisation has its operations. V. Dr. school children. by the HP Rasoi Ghar. vocational education. are now saved the trouble. who had to exert themselves while collecting bio-fuels and had also to inhale obnoxious fumes while cooking. Today. These also extend to relief work during natural calamities at the same time contributing to education. Women. especially in the oil sector. to take up CSR activities. there is a growing perception among enterprises that sustainable business success and shareholder value cannot be achieved solely through maximising shortterm profits. Especially since the 1980's. Vizia Saradhi . The HP Rasoi Ghar is a boon to women in the rural areas. health and hygiene. girl child and the youth.000 HP Rasoi Ghar spread across the country. for them to cook their food at the community kitchen at a nominal cost.000 families benefit every day from the 15. where they are provided with LPG connections. HPCL remains committed to play a key role in society towards a sustainable development. dating back to 1985. fuel is provided to farmers in the rural areas without travelling distances and they also find it as a single point outlet for a variety of agriinputs and farm financing. Over 22.

commitments under the component plan on the basis of the government mandate. but the commitment and enthusiasm of the employees of that organisation. This helps the organisation achieve its objective of making a difference in the lives of the people for whom the activities are intended. HR plays an ownership role for the CSR processes in the organisation. These projects are voluntarily adopted by the Senior Managers of CSR as the project owners. in line with the corporate objectives. HPCL is committed to create a positive impact on the society and contribute to socioeconomic development including measures for improving the quality of life of underprivileged classes of the society. Deshpande . Every year. Wherever necessary. HPCL takes the help of expert organisations and individuals for better implementation of its CSR activities. The organisation meets its societal obligations/commitments by developments in and around refineries. substantial financial provisions are made for the execution of CSR activities. installations and important markets/business areas. focused attention on marginalised sections of the society and extending help during the times of natural calamities/needs. Dinesh K. There are regular reviews of the activities to ensure desired outcomes.Executive Director HR The key success factor of CSR of any organisation is not only the funds earmarked. Employees play a major role in the implementation of CSR.

HPCL’s CSR is not restricted merely to serving the society. Ensuring sustainable business process-financially. environmentally and socially-is our effort. Using core competence. innumerable activities have been undertaken by HPCL as a part of its CSR. Developing capacity in the community is our strategy. but it starts with responsible and efficient management of all its operations. expertise and technology of our business to reach the common people. Enhancing human excellence and improving quality of life is our endeavour. . Since 1985. especially the underprivileged.CSR Purpose statement of HPCL Serving the community is the purpose of our business. products and services that create positive impact on the society. is our aim.

Andhra Pradesh. The duration of the training is four to six months. Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan and 4. The training is given through National Institute of Information Technology. .Unnati The project is aimed at providing time bound computer training programmes and personal computers to students in semi-urban and rural schools.000 students are given this training. The training is imparted free of charge to the students and the cost of the training is borne by HPCL. (NIIT) and the students are trained in computer basics. including MS Office. The programme has helped students from the economically backward class to get computer training and their teachers are happy over the results. The project is carried out in Maharashtra.

Also most of the youth in rural areas lack the requisite skills for the jobs that are available. . The modernisation of agricultural methods has reduced the employment potential of agriculture. To add to this is the shift from agriculture. Agriculture and agriculture based activities used to absorb a sizable section of the population in terms of employment. while at the same time.Swavalamban One of the biggest problems faced by the country and its youth is unemployment. For the rural youth to be employed and preferably within their area. Mahatma Gandhi emphasised the development of the rural areas and maintained that India lives in its villages. there is a need for them to be trained in different skills. There is also a need to make them capable of being selfemployed that give them the means of earning. it helps create job opportunities for others.

to earn a living.800 youth trained have already started earning.Orphans are given preference during selection and school dropouts are also considered. Unemployed youth from families. are given vocational training in trades like plumbing. so that they can start earning at the earliest. . whose income is not over Rs 10. Visakhapatnam and Bihar. but makes the person capable of using the skills. Having understood the needs of the youth. There are opportunities to be employed as drivers. acquired at such training.800 youth in locations like Hyderabad. HPCL took up the challenge of training youth in different skills to make them employable or for them to start their own enterprise. Agro-based sectors also have a huge potential for employment generation. automobile repairing.000 per month. The project is implemented in association with the Confederation of India Industry (CII) and the training does not earn the beneficiaries any diploma or certificate. nurses and masons. The 1. but the youth ought to be trained in those fields. apart from those in industrial workshops. fabrication and electrical installation. Such training is being given to 1. welding. They are also trained in customer relationship. Chandigarh.

does just that. clothes.Muskan Street children are most vulnerable and need to be protected from falling into bad company or from getting involved in antisocial or criminal activities. education and vocational training. a caring hand and proper training to make a good career. . shelter. The Muskan project. They also need a shelter. Two hundred street children have been provided shelter at Tugalkabad and Jahangipuri from Delhi state. health care. executed in association with Prayas. They are provided basic needs like food.

. 3. that they drink clean water and follow a balanced diet. especially their hair. rehabilitation for slum families and training programmes. nose and eyes clean.100 children are beneficiaries of the project. Implemented with the help of Navjyoti Foundatiuion of New Delhi. The children and their parents are advised on the need for a balanced diet and wherever required. which would in turn ensure that they do not drop out of school for health reasons. a diet chart is worked out on the basis of the child’s health and given to the parents for implementation. Navjyot They are provided health care facilities. referral services through regular health check up camps. which include family planning programme.The aim of Navjyot is to improve the health index of children by providing them health care. The children are taught to keep themselves clean.

through acceptance of safe practices. especially along the highways and through them bring about a behavioural change in the target group. The staff at the HPCL outlets is identified to be the best team to educate the drivers and cleaners.Suraksha The incidence of HIV-AIDS is very high in the country and among those most affected. suffer for no fault of theirs. Delhi. Haryana. Looking at the gravity of the situation and given the proximity of HPCL with this segment of the society. An MOU was signed with OSERD to run project Suraksha at 500 HPCL outlets and in the first phase 128 outlets were identified in Tamil Nadu. The objective is to arrest the fast spread of AIDS and ensure the safety of the members of the families of the drivers and cleaners. The present project partner is TCIF. Bihar. The programme creates a committed cadre from among the staff at the outlets. Rajasthan. are the truck drivers and cleaners. Emphasis is also laid on the fact that the wives and children of this segment. it was decided to take up a project named Suraksha (security) to educate the truck drivers and cleaners about HIV-AIDS and ways of preventing the diseases. . as well as in the high-risk segment. given their constant interaction with this section of the society. Jharkhand and Maharashtra.

. giving the target group easy access to condoms. Condom vending machines have been installed at petrol pumps.Extensive interactive training was given to 400 members of the petrol pump staff and 12 HPCL officials. which helped in making the project successful. A survey was carried out. The training also involved group discussions and games.

It is a good combination of study and pleasure. which implemented through K C Mahindra Foundation. There has been a marked improvement in the personalities of the 3.Nanhi Kali All the beneficiaries of the Nanhi Kali project come from very poor families and computer training is beyond their means. The girls are also taken for educational tours. The project gives them a platform to display their creative talents. which exposes them to new places and helps them learn about these places. . Domestic work and other pressures prevent them from indulging in creative and performing arts.600 girl children beneficiaries of the Nanhi Kali project.


The girl child is provided with school uniforms. dramatics and the like.HPCL has always been encouraging the girl child in her academics as well as to enable her accomplish her dreams. . given extra training and encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities like singing. by tapping her potential.

HPCL launched a project on educating schoolschildren on global warming. This project was implemented with Centre for Social Responsibility Leadership as the operating partner and nearly 20.000 school children were educated on the causes of global warming. The fight against global warming and for the preservation of ecology cannot be successful without the participation of the people at large.Global Warming Global warming is another issue bothering humankind. The best way to educate the members of the public is to begin with children. .

. while HPCL senior officers and successful dealers of HPCL share their rich experiences for better business and customer handling. as guest lecturers.Dealer Training HPCL dealers need not have done MBA to be successful in their business. educate the dealers on the finance portfolio and for effective fund management. meant for New Corpus Fund Retail outlet dealers. as HPCL has designed an effective four-week Intensive Training programme. It is a combination of managerial and functional module designed to provide requisite business needs for a new dealer. called the Management Development Programme. Bankers.

more than 500 new dealers are targeted for training under MDPs. During 2008-09. both theoretical and practical. takes care of the “Individual learning to collective learning” and makes the dealer confident and self supportive to manage the business well since inception of the dealership and equips the participant with all tools and techniques. to become a successful business partner with HPCL. as it is fondly called. During 2009-10.Thus this Mini MBA programme. HPCL organised 15 such programmes covering 318 new dealers (around 90 per cent SC/ST dealers). .

HPCL came up with an innovative idea of setting up Rasoi Ghar. Noticing this problem. for them to use the fuel for a nominal cost of Rs 4 per hour to carry out A their domestic work. The Wood Consumption Study carried out by the Forest Department of India revealed. apart from saving the energy and health of the women. Given their poverty. Moreover.” To get that much fire wood. “…the fire wood consumption per household of four is approximately 4 kg per day. animal waste and charcoal. The use of LPG provided by HPCL helps in saving the trees. or in make fuel cakes from animal waste. around 10 small trees have to be cut. during cooking and boiling water for bathing they are exposed to carbon monoxide and other harmful gases affecting their health. HPCL won the Golden Peacock Award in 2005 for CSR and National Excellence Award for innovative techniques for improving the access of rural women to a modern fuel.000 families everyday. Women and the girl children have to spend plenty of their time and energy in collecting of twigs and firewood from the forest or open land. these families cannot afford to buy a hotplate or spend on LPG connections. who goes to pick up fire wood. The Rasoi Ghar has become very popular amongst the women and it has also contributed in saving trees. Today there are over 1950 Rasoi Ghar spread across the country benefiting 22. HPCL also provides utensils in these kitchens and the beneficiaries have to merely bring their raw material to carry out their chores. community kitchen.600 trees per annum per lady. . where women are given LPG connections with hotplates. which would come to 3.Rasoi Ghar large number of people in rural India do not have access to modern fuels and have to depend on traditional fuels like twigs. For this activity.

Benefits of Rasoi Ghar Reduce Deforestation and climate change No one time investment on LPG connection (deposit/ stove). Payment according to usage Saves time otherwise spent on collection of firewood and on cooking Women can use the time for Value Added Activities Girls have more time for education Better health and hygiene for women .

Navjyot. Bihar Development and Leadership lectures were launched. primary education. Swalamban. Chaityabhoomi Lakhs of people assemble every year at the Dikshabhoomi at Nagpur to commemorate the embracing of Buddhism by Dr Babasasheb Ambedkar and HPCL makes arrangement for free food packets and water for the visitors. Muskan. The recommendations based on the study were placed before the CFD/Board and following its adoption projects like Swavalamban. health care. It is also the occasion for the organisation to organise eye camps and distribute spectacles to those in need. drinking water facilities and provision of live stock. In 2005. Nanhi Kali. Naya Netritva. Navjyot. Presently. Muskan. Nanhi Kali. a large number of employees of HPCL offer voluntary services to make the programme successful. CSRL were appointed as consultants and a study was carried out at the major locations to evaluate the CSR activities and the component plan.Dikshabhoomi Among the areas of work are adoption of villages. Suraksha and Unnati are the active projects. . Each year. There is a special component plan for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Suraksha. A sizeable number of visitors are poor and travel long distances on the occasion and the free food packets and water are a boon to them. Unnati.

HPCL has agreed to give space for the Jharcraft showrooms in major cities. In the days to come the artisans will be able to augment their income and that will also encourage them to display more of the creative abilities.000.Jharcraft In continuation of its efforts to improve the socioeconomic conditions of the rural people. On the day of the inauguration the Jharcraft showroom did a business of Rs 90. an undertaking of the Government of Jharkhand. The first such showroom was inaugurated in Delhi. The good display of their work at prominent places helps them get a good market. . to promote handicraft and handloom. HPCL has entered into an agreement with Jharcraft. These showrooms help the rural artisans to sell their handicraft items and handloom cloth to people in the urban areas.

For the Handicapped Under the ST/SC component plan. . Artificial limbs and wheel chairs and tricycles have been provided to the handicapped. scholarships are given to the blind.

found it difficult to transport the raw materials as well as the finished goods. which would in turn help them earn substantial sums of money. it was observed that women artisans. wide LCD monitors and a laser colour printer. to train the students at the Lauria centre. Both the schools are located on the same campus. Lauria would benefit from the centre.Employment Generation In Jammu. a leading computer training institute. sewing machines were provided to girls from the state. An advanced computer centre has been set up at the Government Boys Middle School.000. who were rescued from various cities in the country. as in the absence of the furniture. . Lauria in the district of West Champaran. who will eventually take over the computer training job. 2010. Over 1000 students from class V to VIII of Government Boys Middle school. In Mizoram. To take care of the erratic power supply. the computer centre has a solar power back-up. but at the computer centre set up by HPCL the same training is given free to these students. The computers are connected with LAN. who make beautiful items from bamboo and cane. Apart from the computer centre. women have been provided with sewing and embroidery machines and they are being trained to work on these machines. Govt Girls Middle school and all students of Goverment Girls Higher Secondary School. In Jharkhand too. Bihar on January 6. after it was found that they were being exploited as domestic workers. NIIT will also train the teachers. The centre has facility for training 20 students at a time. the students had to sit on the floor in the class. These artisans. who work with an NGO. HPCL has engaged NIIT. were presented a pick-up van for the purpose. The centre will help the students in the backward area to use computers and improve their job potential. The centre has 10 computers with latest configuration. HPCL has also provided desks and benches to the Government Girls Middle School. A similar course in a private training institue would have cost the student around Rs 3.

like the one in Ranchi. HPCL has opened a tailoring-cumembroidery centre at Gura More Smailpur in Jammu. earn a living. HPCL is always in the forefront in coming to the aid of victims of natural calamities. Sewing and embroidery machines have been provided at the centre with a teacher. Coaching centres have been set up at different places. This is done in coordination with the district authorities.Helping Hand The CSR activities of HPCL extend up to Jammu and Kashmir. Uniforms and other materials are also provide to school children at the beginning of the academic year. The free training helps the women. who come to the centre. . by distributing the requisite materials.

We realise the benefits of adopting socially responsible behavior by integrating Building social capital in the community Harmonise ecological factors Add economic value Our activities are taken up after clearly establishing the elevating impact they will make for the target group. We follow the dual strategy of working closely with Government agencies and with NGOs. It is with this deep understanding that HPCL is striving not only to create a social impact but also to involve deeply with social problems. thus making CSR a part of the core area of activities. Since we strongly believe that business and society are very closely interwoven.CSR +91-22-22871325 sonaldesai@hpcl. we resolve to make HPCL a role model in Corporate Social Responsibility by integrating our role more with society and its growing . Sonal Desai GM .co. The experience proves that the methodology has been very effective to make an impact through our CSR activities.From the Desk of GM CSR No organisation is an island in today’s world and HPCL understands the impact of interconnectedness of the business and society.

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