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A Fun Filled Summer of Theater Explore New Roles Listen to What Others are Saying

On Broadway, Allegra’s interactive theater work- My 15-year-old daughter has been enrolled in the summer
shop, trains campers in acting, voice, movement, program for the past three summers. I only wish we’d heard
make-up and costumes. Campers learn acting by way about the program earlier! It was amazing to see the progress my
of entertaining games and exercises that strengthen daughter made in a short time at Allegra. The professionalism is
memory, acting and performance skills. They delve what differentiates Allegra from other programs in the area.
into scene study, improvisation and physical comedy Anne Mette Pederson, Ph. D. Tessie, 15, Camper since 2005
routines, excitedly rehearsing for the theatrical pro- My 12 year old son has participated in two summer camp
gram they will perform at the end of the session. The sessions at Allegra and the Fall Thespian program. He has grown
poise and confidence they gain from this workshop tremendously in both confidence and skill. The summer camp
will translate successfully to other endeavors! offers children the opportunity to tackle lead roles that they
Fill your summer with fun at the Allegra Summer
wouldn’t necessarily be afforded in larger productions, allowing
Fun Theater camp. No experience necessary! Our them to stretch and find their greatest potential. The intimate
camp is ideal for beginners as well as actors who are atmosphere and personal encouragement from the very
interested in expanding their performance skills. Find Your Voice professional staff has furthered my son’s love of the “theater” and
Campers from ages 8 to 15 all enjoy our performing given him the abilities to audition with confidence at the local
arts Day Camp, while learning new skills to advance theater level and his school musicals. If your child has the flair
their performance ability. for the dramatics and the gift of “being a ham”, by all means,
Allegra’s Summer Fun Theater camp focuses on the Allegra Summer Camp would be a very worthwhile and
musical theater as it teaches campers fundamental enjoyable experience.
and advanced techniques in acting, performance Libby Drbal, Son Age 12, Camper since 2003
readiness, stage singing, backdrop design, produc- Dear Mrs. Johnson,
tion and stage crew. Each day campers participate ...Scott had such an incredible experience at music theater camp
in three workshops - acting, music and backdrop this past summer. Your staff was stellar - he gained such insights
production. Kids learn best by doing and they do it from each one. Scott also loved the aspect of making friends, and
all at Allegra’s Summer Fun Theater Camp. forming bonds with his fellow campers. I just wanted to thank
you for an extraordinary experience! You’ll see us next summer.
All of our camp instructors are professionally
trained and experienced in theater and stage, creat- Get
Lift Every Voice Creative
: Campers experience the joy of singing Nancy Cesta, Son Age 13, Camper since 2006
in our music workshop, lead by a professional musician and
ing a stimulating environment where campers can voice coach. They learn the musical accompaniment to the I started in Allegra’s summer program because I was interested
discover and develop their creative side. selected theatrical production by focusing on vocal breathing in acting. After that show, I started voice lessons with musical
techniques, posture, articulation and resonance. theatre repertoire. Since then, I have done over 10 musicals at
Their complete camp experience culminates in a
Allegra and plan on singing professionally.
grand performance in front of parents and friends. And, in addition to the Broadway production, campers learn to
sing a wide variety of unrelated repertoire - just for the fun of Christi Kinney, Age 15, Camper since 2001
Just for Fun it!
We sneak in a fun day of talent shows, water balloons
and ice cream. Campers can even invite a friend! GET CREATIVE Allegra Is...
Allegra is proud that our campers come back summer Stage Crew/ Set Design: Working with an
after summer to grow and stretch in new theater experienced artist, Allegra campers create sets using a
experiences. This is why we are able to achieve the
generalized art format, covering a wide range of media.
high level of performance and fun that you’ve been
hearing about. This is where the artist within each of them really shines.

Come and help us celebrate our eight year of great The final result...Beautiful sets and props designed and
performances! created by our Allegra campers.
Your ticket to a summer of theater fun!
All sessions are two weeks in duration.
2 week session cost - $750
•$35 non-refundable fee
•Family discount - 5% off 2nd camp fee*
•5% discount for multiple sessions*
*Discounts cannot be combined.
Please indicate all sessions
 July 7 -July 18
 July 21-August 1
 August 4-August 15 Summer Fun
 August 18-August 29
Program schedule: 8:15am-4:15pm
Theater Camp
Before and after care available. Call for details. and
School for
There will be no refunds, makeups or credits for missed Music & Arts

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