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16 Webster-Kirkwood Times February 13 - 19, 2009 February 13 - 19, 2009

Webster-Kirkwood Times 17

Here comes

Planning For The Big Day
Bride... Wedding Folklore,
T he onIcing
your perfect day!
Bridal Shower CookieS
wedding CakeS & CookieS
PetitS FourS
For the Bride… & Groom
Couples Massage
Spa Parties
• Wedding Shower
• Bridesmaid Luncheon
• Bachelorette Party...

One of the best ways to ease wedding-
Good Luck Charms Custom Make-Up

V i ta l i t y
day nerves is for the couple to get orga- Who doesn’t hope for good fortune on
nized and begin planning their event the their wedding day? That’s why there are
moment the engagement period begins.
By making a list of things to do, cou-
so many traditions and steps people take
to ensure luck is smiling down on them Unlimited
ples can allot time in their schedules for
each task – and they can feel a sense of
for their wedding. Here are some tradi-
tions you may not have known about.
accomplishment and relief each time an
item is ticked off the list.
the wedding-planning process.
• Book a band or DJ. Another ven-
• According to Greek culture, tuck a
sugar cube into your glove on your wed-
clayton’S bakeRy 29 W. M oody • W ebster
since 1993

• Decide on the wedding date. dor that tends to have a busy schedule is ding day. The sugar will sweeten your 11744 Manchester Road • Des Peres • 314-821-2509 ~ Hours: 6:30–6:30 M-Sat.
Couples should select a date for their the wedding entertainer. Early booking union.
wedding soon after becoming engaged. ensures an available date. • Hindu tradition says rain on your
After all, it is the countdown to this day • Choose a florist. Flowers add an wedding day is good luck.
For your next social
For your next social that will help organize and determine elegant touch to the wedding day. A flo- • The groom carries his newly be-
event, party gathering or
event, party gathering or planning schedules. rist will provide flowers for the ceremony trothed across the threshold to protect
For your nextmeeting,
business meeting, • Reserve a ceremony location. and the reception in many cases. her from evil spirits.
The Edge of Webster
Webster —
ofgathering —or Traditional weddings take place in a • Select and order dresses. Wed- • A law in 1775 said a wedding was
a new
new and
and modern
business meeting
modern meeting house of worship. It’s best to meet with ding and bridesmaid gowns can take sev- not legal if the bride wore makeup during
and banquet
Edge center
of Webster
banquet center— a pastor, rabbi or other officiant to see if eral months to order and be tailored, so the ceremony.
a new and modern meeting
accommodating your group the ceremony site will be available for the it’s best if this fun part of wedding plan- • Wedding and engagement rings are
up to 200 people.
and banquet center Weddings and events
wedding. ning is done early on. worn on the fourth finger of the left hand
Located your group • Book a reception site. After se- • Order invitations. With a bevy of because it was long believed a vein ran
Located inin the
the Owen
Owen Ridge
Campusup on
to 200
just east
just east
Campus on Marshall Avenue
Marshall Avenue
of Brentwood
curing the ceremony location, couples
will have peace of mind knowing they can
styles of invitations there will be many
ideas to consider. Couples should decide
from that finger directly to the heart.
• Ancient Greeks and Romans said
Something borrowed, something blue, Wedding planning, design and
Blvd. in
in of
Owen Ridge
Blvd. in Webster Groves.
Avenue now book the place where their party will on a style that best suits their wedding, a wedding veil protected the bride from Come see us before you say “I do” Beautifully designed weddings,
take place. Sometimes the ceremony site based on its formality, the time of day evil spirts. It has been a tradition to wear exquisitely implemented
east FOR
Edge Groves.
for your is also the reception site, as is the case in and the wedding colors. a veil ever since. Wedding invitations • save the dates • Bridal shoWers
Mon next
- Fri.event.
• 11-1:30
Blvd. in Webster Available for travel
Reserve The Edge for your many second weddings. Catering direc- • Order the wedding cake. Wed- • The term “tie the knot” comes from rehearsal dinners • menus • Programs • thank yous
next event.
Reserve The Edge for your
next event.
tors will work closely with the couple to
plan and execute the reception.
ding cakes can be a work of art, and are
the focal point at every reception. Besides
Roman times when the bride wore a gir-
dle tied in knots that the groom was later 120 West Monroe | Kirkwood | Tuesday – Saturday 10-6
• Select a photographer. Photogra- choosing a cake, however, don’t forget able to untie. Some also believe it refers | 314.909.1640 ELLEN GUTIERREZ
314.962.6886 phers tend to book very quickly, partic-
ularly if they are well recommended. It
what else the bakery has to offer, like del-
icacies for the wedding shower, a groom’s
to the knots of rope that were tied to form
the marriage bed.
314-580-2381 pays to research and choose one early in cake and elegant chocolates.

Make your special day
even more special with
Personalize Westwood
Your Wedding!
handmade custom jewelry.
Let us help personalize your
Our jewelry is all handmade to order
wedding or reception with our
and can be easily adapted to suit your
preferred caterer at...
specific requirements.
We can also design for your
21 colors of McArthur’s Bakery
bridesmaids, as well as the mother St. Louis’ Most Trusted Name in Wedding Cakes The Magic House
of the bride and the mother of the World’s Fair Pavilion
groom! Call to set up an appointment The cake artists at McArthur’s Bakery can create an edible piece of art that will be the Jewel Box
to discuss your wedding jewelry centerpiece of your wedding reception. We can adorn your wedding cake with gum paste Museum of Transportation
wishes. We understand that your Chocolate Candies creations, icing or silk flowers or fresh or sugared fruit. We encourage you to use your
imagination, because if you imagine it, we can make it!
Soulard Preservation Hall
wedding has to be perfect, Third Degree Glass Factory
we would be happy to help! Choose your favorite color or create your own mix!
Call us to schedule one hour of consultation and sampling. Bring this ad with you and Edge of Webster
Enough colors to complement any event! receive a 15% discount on the base price of the cake.
Mudd’s Grove
(When the cake is ordered and paid for in full during your consultation.)

Sweet Be’s Discount excludes all extras. This offer expires 12-31-2009. May not be combined with any other offers. The Hawken House
Kirkwood Train Station
Candy & Gifts Mad Art
Call for an appointment please call for
249 N. Kirkwood Rd. (Adam’s Place) 12027 Manchester Road • Des Peres 314-894-0900 additional venues
314-966-2800 314-835-1400 •
• Rental items
• Specialty linens
• Tents
• Flowers
• Entertainment
• Special lighting
available • Ice carvings
at Christopher’s • Theme decorations
• Specialty food and drink ~

Full service event planning
Customize your Bridal Package to make your special day
memorable and unique.
We can service you from “head to toe’’

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