Lesson Plan

Subject Grade Topic Time Allotment A. OBJECTIVES Students are able to:
1. Open the Acid Music Studio 5.0 Application 2. Make a new file 3. Load and insert the songs to the application 4. Split the songs and arrange it to a new song

: Information Technology : X/ Senior High School : How to Combine Several Songs by Using ACID Music Studio 5.0 : 1 x 30 minutes

5. Render the song 6. Save the project B. TEACHING AIDS AND MEDIA
1. Aids

: Personal Computer or Laptop, LCD projector, speaker

2. Media : Acid Music Studio 5.0 Application, Media Files

C. METHOD 1. Demonstration 2. Simulation 3. Question and Answer

4 5. 5 7. 2 4. 1 III. Post Activity 1. 5 6. Time (minutes) I.D. 2 2. TEACHING SCENARIO No. 5 II. Whilst Activity 1. Pre-Activity 1. 1 3. 5 Teacher Activity Teacher mentions the learning objectives Teacher ask students to work in a groups Teacher ask students to make the new file Teacher distribute the material Teacher ask the students to read the material Teacher ask the students to insert the song and split the song Teacher ask the students to render the song Teacher ask the students to save the project Teacher ask 1 student in group to show the file in front of the class .

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