mushroms- amadu shrom. good to keep fire alive, shreds in fibers.

agarikon- largest shrom in world, grow in old forest.-anti tubercular propietis. fomitopsis-antiviruls, 100-1 dilucion, most powerful thing ever. Cordyceps-anti insectos. turkey tail- empowers neuronal system.

jericho sunfire- marmas stimulated with heat, and fruits has lots of concentrate d prana inside, so when he does 5min workout all his body energize cuz of that. And now since body has been cleared n organs shrinked they consume less energy t o process food, therefore he can suck energy with chakras n maby marmas from the enviorment :D. 143 -Mississippi Valley discovered a sunflower plant, Silphium laciniatum, whose leaves accurately indicate the points of the compass -Indian licorice, or Arbrus precatorius, is so keenly sensitive to all forms of electrical and magnetic influences it is used as a weather plant. -When in need, they would go into the woods. With their arms extended, they would place their backs to a pine tree in order to replenish themselves with its power -To try to block the emission, Gurwitsch repeated the experiment with a thin shield of quartz between the roots, but obtained essentially the same results. However, when the quartz was coated with gelatin, or a simple sheet of glass was substituted, no enhanced cell division could be observed. Since glass and gelatin were known to block various ultraviolet frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum, Gurwitsch concluded that the rays emitted by the cells of an onion root tip must be as short as or shorter than ultraviolet. Because they apparently increased cell division, or "mitosis," he called them "mitogenetic rays." page 69 -Moscow one of Gurwitsch's own countrymen showed that he could increase the budding of yeast more than 25 percent by exposing it to "mitogenetic" rays from onion roots

72-"Integratron," researched by George W. van Tassel, a self-taught inventor living in Yucca Valley, -possibilities as rejuvenation of body cells, an antigravity force, and the ultimate of psychic experiences: time travel."

magnetic oxide of iron showed striking resemblance to those of muscles. the death spasm would take place with temperatures as low as twenty-three degrees Centigrade. Bose was able to uproot it and transplant it without the usually fatal shock of such operations. In potassium he found that the power of recovery was almost totally lost if it was treated with various foreign substances.1 microamperes per square centimeter. this seemed to parallel the reactions of muscular tissue to poisons 102.Using chloroform to tranquilize a huge pine tree. Bose ascribed to the affected sections some kind of lingering memory of the treatment. In these works Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose 101. unto none else!" 106-Bose completed a book-length account of all his experimentation up to the middle of 1902. Melvin and his co-workers created a "green photoelement. A metal surface etched with acid when polished to remove all trace of the etching exhibited reactions in its acid-treated sections which could not be elicited in those non treated." but its life could be extended by the addition of hydroquinone to the salt solution which acts as an electrolyte. the plant chlorophyll becomes desensitized or "exhausted. After several minutes. "They who see but one. 109-If their power of resistance was artificially depressed by fatigue." which produced a current of approximately 0. Other metal components reacted in animal-like ways. response and recovery diminished with exertion. which was published the same year under the title Response in the Living and Non-Living. . In both. The chlorophyll seems to act as a kind of electron pump passing electrons from the hydroquinone to the semiconductor -Calvin has calculated that a chlorophyll photoelement with an area of ten square meters could yield a kilowatt of power 93-1902: Response in the Living and Non-Living. or poison. and the consequent fatigue could be removed by gentle massage or by exposure to a bath of warm water. said the Soviet magazine.91-wherein he discovered that plant chlorophyll under the influence of the sun's rays can give up electrons to a semiconductor such as zinc oxide. unto them belongs Eternal Truth-unto none else. in all the changing manifoldness of this universe.

It was considered "the wildest and most singular invention that ever evolved fro m a poet's mind. could achieve the most diversified forms through modification of a single organ. one of the greatest plant physiologists of modern times 120-De Materia Medica by a Greek physician Although Herodotus had reported almost half a millennium before Christ that the Babylonians distinguished two sorts of palms. -Researches in Irritability of Plants." A heated controversy lasted almost a generation before it was finally established that plants had sexual organs and could therefore be elevated to a higher sphere of creation. -hardwood giant Paradox walnut. -Goethe came to the conclusion that nature. and would sprinkle the pollen from one onto the flower of the other in order to secure the production of fruit. which. growing as fast as a spongy pulpwood. 180 experiments -Bose's detailed 227-page work The Physiology of the Ascent of Sap -The Physiology of Photosynthesis and The Nervous Mechanism of Plants. by bringing forth one part through a nother. the 429-page Motor Mechanisms of Plants.-their growth were due to energy absorbed from their surroundings. "plants are psychic energy battery. -last was not till the end of the seventeenth century that it was realized that plants were sexual creatures with a flourishing sex life of their own. 376 pages. could form a hedge tall enough to screen a house within a few yearsfourteen-year-old Paradox walnut larger than the Persian variety four times its age and a monkey-puzzle tree which could stun passers-by by dropping twenty-pound nuts on their heads . which they could hold latent or store for future use.

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