English 301 Spring 2013 Schedule

Week 1 TR Jan 24 Introductions and course discussion, writing Week 2 T Jan 29 Due: Please read and bring any short article that you can easily locate written in the past year
that deals with any aspect of education, the classroom, teaching, teachers, or student populations. Discuss: reading

R Jan 31 Read: 1-133 in Lives on the Boundary and Chapter 13 in Grammar to Enrich Discuss: I,
Writer, book club

Week 3 T Feb 5 Due: Draft of I, Writer. Discuss: peer workshop effectiveness and assessment, workshop I, Writer, reading journals TR Feb 7 Due: Reading Journal (on Lives on the Boundary), I, Writer Read: to the end of Lives on the Boundary. Discuss: Reading, I, Writer part II Week 4 T Feb 12 Snow Day TR Feb 14 Due: I, Writer Part II (bring notes and oral report), Reading Journal (on Grammar to Enrich ch 13, 1, 2 Read: Grammar to Enrich chapters 1 & 2 Discuss: oral reports and reading, First Book Club Meeting Week 5 T Feb 19 Due: Reading Journal (on Iser) Read: Iser handout (in readings on website) Discuss: reading, Second Book Club Meeting

TR Feb 21 Due: Reading Journal (On Rosenblatt and Smith) Read: Rosenblatt and Smith handouts (in readings on website) Discuss: Reading , Third Book Club Meeting

Week 6 T Feb 26 Due: Reading Journal (On Friere) Read: Friere handout (in readings on website) Discuss: in-class exercise, midterm portfolio, book club journal cover letter

TR Feb 28 Due: finish in class activity from Tuesday and be ready to read out loud. Final Book Club Meeting (work on presentations)

Week 7 T Mar 5 Due: Book Club Presentations TR Mar 7 Due: midterm portfolio- cover letter to be written in class

Week 8 Spring Break

Week 9 T Mar 19 Due: Reading Journal (on BWM and WBT) Read: Because Writing Matters 71-87 and Write Beside Them 208-237 Discuss: reading, I, Writing Scholar

TR Mar 21 Due: Reading Journal (on Sommers) Read: Skim Massachusetts State Frameworks for language arts (link in readings section of website) , Nancy Sommers Responding to Student Writing and excerpt from St. Martin’s Guide to Teaching Writing. Discuss: Assessing student writing, reading, I, Writing Scholar Week 9 T Mar 26 Due: I, Writing Scholar for workshop Discuss: Group work for I, Writing Scholar TR Mar 28 Due: I, Writing Scholar, Reading Journal (WBT and BWM) Read: Write Beside Them chapters 1 and 2, Because Writing Matters chapters 1 and 2 Discuss: Reading, Group Work on I, Writing Scholar

Week 10 T Apr 2 Due: Reading Journal Read: Write Beside Them part 4, Because Writing Matters part 3 Discuss: reading, I, Writing Teacher, group work on I, Writing Scholar TR Apr 4 I, Writing Scholar presentations

Week 11 T Apr 9 Due: Group Presentations Read: excerpt from St. Martin’s Guide to Teaching Writing and Selfe Toward New Media Text TR Apr 11- Due: Reading Journal (on WBT and GTE) Read: Write Beside Them chapter 11, Assigned Section in Grammar to Enrich Discuss: Reading, Teaching Philosophy Week 12 T Apr Due: Final Reading journal (on Why School) Read: Why School Discuss: reading TR Apr 18 Discuss: Watch Take 20 in class

Week 13 T Apr 23 16Read: Write Beside Them chapters 6,7,8 Due: I, Writing Teacher PresentationsWhole class workshop TR Apr 25 Read: Write Beside Them chapters 9 and 10 Due: I, Writing Teacher PresentationsWhole class workshop
NOTE: There are no reading journals due for this reading. This is all material from Kittle that gives specific ideas on how to create assignments to teach students to write in different genres. Reading this material can only help you plan your assignments. Some aspect of the reading will be involved in each day's workshop.

Week 14 T Apr 30 Class Cancelled for conferences TR May 2 Due: Final Portfolio and cover letter to be written in class Final Exam: Tuesday May 14th 11:00-1:00 Final Presentations

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