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By Aine Belton www.GlobalLoveProject.com This free ebook contains 3 sections: 1) The Gifts of Gratitude 2) Scientific Evidence 3) Gratitude Exercises

Part 1 The Gifts of Gratitude
Gratitude attracts more of anything you feel grateful for and more of everything in general! In that sense it is a wonderful abundance ally. Feeling grateful aligns you to, and subsequently magnetizes, that which you love and is in your highest, inviting in more of the same - greater love, joy, success and blessings into your life. Gratitude opens your heart, raise your vibration, and can elevate you from even the darkest of states.

Aine Belton In appreciating and feeling grateful for something. When you appreciate and feel grateful.” . You also are directing your focus and attention towards the positive. as well as give to it from your heart.GlobalLoveProject. or has been. which is why feeling GRATEFUL makes you feel GREAT! When you feel grateful you get to experience the beautiful qualities you feel grateful for all over again. as well as give to it from your heart.© Aine Belton. www. This will enhance your energy in uplifting heartwarming ways. Gratitude attunes your heart and mind to that which is wonderful in your life. 2 . what you feel grateful for is always something beneficial. Gratitude is the sweet song of appreciation and turns any experience. you allow something to more fully reach you and touch your heart. which is a wonderful exchange of positive energies. person or event into a gift that is received.com “Gratitude is the sweet fragrance of an opening heart. you essentially 'receive' it and let it in.

and all the wonderful things. www. see their value and beauty and feel grateful. you will receive more of the same. experiences and people you appreciate.GlobalLoveProject. It's a fantastic abundance expanding experience! 3 .© Aine Belton.com “Gratitude is a light that dances from your heart. those qualities will expand and grow in your life. When you focus on everything in your life you have to feel grateful for. so when you appreciate someone. and blesses its subject whether near or far apart” Whatever you focus on grows.

were: * More likely to have made progress toward 4 . generated a 25% increase in happiness levels! It was also found to increase progress towards important goals.© Aine Belton.10 things you are grateful for over the last 24 hours).com Part 2 Scientific Evidence Gratitude Increases Happiness & Goal Progress In one study it was found that keeping a gratitude journal (listing at the end of the day 5 . the group that did "gratitude intervention" (keeping a gratitude journal at the end of the day to list 5 . Below are some of their findings: In their research. Robert Emmons and Mike McCullough are two leading researchers on this topic. www.GlobalLoveProject.10 things they were grateful of over the last 24 hours).

Paperback (2004): ISBN 0-7432-2298-9.com important personal goals (academic.GlobalLoveProject. M. attentiveness and energy. R. Scientific Study References: Emmons. www. Counting blessings versus burdens: Experimental studies of gratitude and subjective wellbeing in daily life. New York: Free Press. * Reported higher levels of the positive states of alertness. reported fewer physical symptoms. Hardcover ISBN 0-7432-2297-0. enthusiasm. (2003). felt better about their lives as a whole. (2002). 5 .© Aine Belton. & McCullough. and health-based) over a two-month period. 84. 377-389. Thanks to Dr David Hamilton for sharing some of these research examples in a talk. Seligman.P.E. Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment. and were more optimistic. 75. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. M..E. p.A. determination. * Exercised more regularly. interpersonal.

generating energy of gratitude. actions. 6 . www.© Aine Belton. as well as a number of other positive benefits. Add to that list at least a few things you are grateful to YOURSELF for. traits and demeanours. As studies have shown (discussed above).com Part 3 Gratitude Exercises Exercise 1 – Keep a Gratitude Journal At the end of each day. In doing so you will open to and experience more of the wondrous. how you've taken care of yourself or been kind to others. don't just make it a mental box-ticking process.GlobalLoveProject. how you've handled your day or any situations. etc. be sure to connect to the heart-felt feelings of gratitude. When you do so. write down (or say in your mind) 10 things you feel grateful for over the last 24 hours. this alone has been found to generate a 25% increase in happiness levels. Really engage your emotions. the positive qualities.

or is causing pain. anguish or frustration. focus on the gifts and light it may hold. which can be unrealistic if it is one that you are unhappy with. look to anything you can feel grateful for in the person/ situation/circumstance surrounding the issue. or what can become so from the situation. light. in any challenging or problem area.© Aine Belton. Before looking at things from a different and more objective perspective it can be helpful to feel and honour your feelings first so they can move through you and be released. fear. To do this. Look to what is positive. and also lead to denial.com Exercise 2 – Transforming ‘Problem’ Areas If there’s an area of your life that feels blocked.GlobalLoveProject. is not going as you would like. There is no point pretending you feel grateful through a wall of anger. and explore new perspectives that may help to 7 . however. In this exercise the idea is to pick out the gems in a problem situation. Does the situation hold any gifts? Are there any benefits to it you can feel grateful for? This is not the same as being grateful for the situation per se. try applying gratitude as an anti-dote and transformer. www.

Very often when we look back at problems and challenges we DO feel grateful for them.GlobalLoveProject. the challenge may vanquish completely as the gifts. realizing what we gained. Responsibility brings freedom and empowerment. healing and awareness have been received. www. what it led to that was beneficial. It can also bring a new perspective that unhinges unconscious reactions and ego agendas and the negative energy that may be keeping it alive. awareness or love was catalyzed through it.© Aine Belton. To help with this.com transform the experience. What you take responsibility for you are more able and willing to change. or what healing. If you can get to a place where you genuinely feel grateful for a challenge. This exercise can also help us take greater responsibility for the parts of us that may have wanted or manifested this problem. try asking yourself the questions below in relation with what may be troubling you: * What have I learned or can I learn from this situation? * What gifts have I received or might I receive from this person or situation that could be a benefit to me? 8 .

GlobalLoveProject. and if not right now. or have the potential for doing so through this situation? * How has this challenge helped me discover more about myself? * What positive qualities or experiences has this person or situation exhibited that I can be grateful for? * What good has come from this challenge.com * How might my life be better for this.© Aine Belton. then in the future? * Has my love and compassion deepened or does it have the potential for doing so through this situation? * How can this situation open me to more love for myself. or could come from this experience. for myself/others/my future/ the world? * Am I now incentivized for positive change (for which I can feel grateful)? 9 . others and the world? * Have I become stronger or wiser. www.

let go of limiting beliefs and stories that may be generating the experience. forgive yourself and others.com * What positive qualities and traits have I discovered or demonstrated in dealing with this challenge (that I can feel grateful for)? Obviously you can do other things such as reflect on why you may have created or allowed this reality. When visualizing a goal (by stepping into it and experiencing it with all your senses as tangibly as possible in your mind). www.” – Wallace Wattles Exercise 3 – Future Causation Be grateful not only for your present reality but for the future realities and goals you are desiring and intent on manifesting. “The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best. love yourself more. accentuating the positive and diminishing the negative. and so on.© Aine Belton. including GRATITUDE. will begin to shift your energy and vibration for the better to help transform problem areas. feel all the positive feelings that would be there if that dream had come true.GlobalLoveProject. therefore it will receive the best. however. Gratitude in itself. 10 .

com/Gifts 11 . is a great idea. www. as if it has already occurred.© Aine Belton. for example. Receive your free “Love Pack” courtesy of the Global Love Project at: www.GlobalLoveProject. Doing so at the beginning or end of a manifesting visualization meditation. ahead of time. Being grateful for what will be.com Feel grateful for having manifested that reality ahead of time! This is a powerful technique! Your emotions are ways in which you communicate to your subconscious mind.GlobalLoveProject. is a very powerful way to attract its manifestation into your life right now! Every now and then pause to send some thoughts of gratitude about future goals and dreams as if they have already come true and you will begin to magnify their materialization at an accelerated rate.

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