First Attending Physician


RM. No Age Sex

Hosp No. Status



NAME _________., AGE ________, G_ P_ (____), Status________, Race_________,Religion_____________, born on _______________________, presently residing at __________________________________, and was admitted in our institution on ____________ at ___________ due to ________________________________________________. PAST MEDICAL HISTORY Patient is a known _______________________________________________________________, maintained with _______________________________________________. Patient took her medication during _______________________________. Patient is a non-diabetic? non-asthmatic? no heart, no kidney and no history of malignancy? Patient had no allergies to food and drugs? FAMILY MEDICAL HISTORY Patient’s family has a history of Heredofamilial diseases Paternal Maternal PERSONAL AND SOCIAL HISTORY The patient is a ______________ graduate degree in ____________________. She works as _______________________________. smoker, alcoholic beverage drinker. illicit drugs used. MENSTRUAL HISTORY She had her menarche at age of __, with subsequent menses occurring at _______________intervals (28-30 days cycle), lasting for __ days, consuming ________________ soaked pads per day, with occasional episodes of dysmenorrheal? and medication taken____________. GYNECOLOGIC HISTORY Patient had her first coitus at the age of ___ with ____sexual partner/s whom she is married for ____ years named ____________. Patient had history of postcoital bleeding, or dyspareunia? Patient had history of oral contraceptive use? ___________________ Pap smear was done last______________ which revealed ____________________. Patient was advised ___________________. OBSTETRIC HISTORY: Patient is a G_P_ (_____) Year/ Term/preterm? at weeks AOG/ via NSD/CS 2ndary to ?/ where?/ feto-maternal complications?/ baby’s weight? G1 – G_ G_ G_ G_ G? – present pregnancy LMP: _________________ AOG: _________________ EDC: ___________________

patient suspected pregnancy. no murmur Abdomen: Flabby. pink palpebral conjunctiva. with full and equal pulses. no blurring of vision Ear: no tinnitus. no weight loss Skin: no scars. no tonsillopharyngeal congestion. no nasoaural discharge. patient had her follow-up check up Subsequent pre-natal check ups were unremarkable. patient had her follow-up check up At __ weeks age of gestation.ANTENATAL HISTORY At ____ weeks amenorrhea. no joint pains CNS: no numbness. no dysphagia Respiratory: no cough. normoactive bowel sounds. hence admission. regular rhythm. no orthopnea GIT: no constipation or change in bowel habits GUT: no frequency. patient was subsequently admitted for the contemplated procedure. no discharge Nose: no colds. clear breath sounds Heart: Adynamic precordium. no loss of consciousness PHYSICAL EXAMINATION General Survey: The patient is ambulatory. no cervical lymphadenopathy Chest/Lungs: Symmetrical chest expansion. no tea colored urine Musculoskeletal: no spasm. At __ age of gestation. no dizziness Eye: no discharge. Patient had no medications taken nor consult done. with non-pitting edema Grade II . no retraction. no difficulty of breathing Cardiovascular: no palpitation. soft. Pregnancy test was done at home which revealed positive results. no cyanosis. patient had her pre-natal check up Few hours prior to admission. Patient had no associated symptoms noted such as vomiting. Internal examination was also done which revealed uterus slightly enlarged. patient had het first pre-natal check up where complete blood count and urinalysis was requested and done which revealed normal results. no lesions Head: no headache. non-tender Fundic Height – ___________ FetalHeartTone – ____________ EstimatedFetalWeight – _____________ LM1 – ______ LM3 – _________ LM2 – ______ LM4 – _________ Extremities: grossly normal. no epistaxis Mouth and throat: no gum bleeding no hoarseness. At _____ weeks age of gestation. headache. coherent and not in cardio-respiratory distress BP: ________ CR: _________ RR: __________ T: _____________ SHEENT: anicteric sclerae. conscious. normal rate. REVIEW OF SYSTEM General: no loss of appetite. epigastric pain and nausea. no seizures. At _____ weeks age of gestation. patient had her follow-up Subsequent pre-natal check ups were unremarkable At ____ weeks age of gestation.

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