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REPORT #09-001
March 2009 Prospering in a Down Market:

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Strategies for Life Science Suppliers
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Report Highlights
The life science industry is not immune from the global drug discovery are listed for both years. Fourteen product
financial crisis. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic categories are examined using multiple variables, including
and government labs are bracing for budget freezes and staff current suppliers, price points that increase likelihood
reductions. During this tumultuous time in our industry, the of switching and projected expenditures through FY10.
opportunity for life science suppliers to thrive—rather than Additionally, the respondents will provide insight as to how
survive—will be predicated on a detailed understanding of their labs are adapting to this crisis—through hiring freezes,
how labs will allocate 2009 funds. This report, scheduled for modifying or delaying experiments and calculating ways to
release in March, is designed to provide guidance, backed by make resources go farther.
hard data, as to how scientists plan to cut corners, modify

Company Information
experiments and change purchasing behaviors in response to Quick responders will win in this tight economy. Prospering
shrinking budgets. With unparalleled access to the voice of in a Down Market: Strategies for Life Science Suppliers
the customer, BioInformatics, LLC analyzes in this report the is not only a compilation of how life science customers
broad scope of how scientists plan to control lab costs, what are planning to allocate 2009 budgets; it also outlines in
products will be affected and the degree of concern scientists detail how scientists expect suppliers to respond. Scientists
have about the economic climate. share their opinions about how suppliers can differentiate
themselves, and what types of incentives, discounts and
Providing a roadmap for the life science supplier, this packaging would entice a lab to purchase more. The study
study compares and contrasts FY2008 (actual) and FY2009 also includes feedback as to whether or not scientists will
(projected) budgets, revealing anticipated trends and turn to vendors for advice—on how to conserve reagents,
changes. Expenditures for capital equipment (greater than how to preserve the shelf-life of instrumentation and how to
$25k), instrumentation ($25k or less) and consumables go “green,” thereby counting on suppliers to become more
are detailed, and sources of funding for research and involved in promoting efficient operations in the lab.

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With a fifteen-year tradition of informing life science
Report Objectives supplier strategy, BioInformatics’ March release of this
report will make the first step of decision-making—finding
out how customers plan to spend their money—both timely
Prospering in a Down Market: Strategies for Life
and accurate. In light of budget cuts and in the spirit of
Science Suppliers, BioInformatics, LLC’s first report
collaboration with life science suppliers, Prospering in a
of 2009 provides detailed insight into each of the
Down Market: Strategies for Life Science Suppliers will be
following topics:
available at a pre-release price of $2,700 (print copy only)
• Understand current sources of funding for research or $4,500 (electronic plus print copy) until March 15, 2009.
and drug discovery and what effect the current A comprehensive study packed with responses from the
economic situation will have on each, including a people who have budget authority and/or make purchasing
FY2008/FY2009 comparison. recommendations in the lab, this report is mandatory for the
life science supplier who intends to come out ahead in 2009.
• Measure life scientists’ near-term level of concern
with the impact of the economic crisis on their lab's
operating budget. Contact us at 703.778.3080 x13 to review the
study questionnaire fielded to more than
• Correlate level of concern with planned purchases in 500 U.S. life scientists.
14 product categories.

• Identify strategies life scientists intend to employ to BioInformatics
market insights from gene to drug
“stretch” budgets and suggest effective positioning
and marketing programs for suppliers. 2111 Wilson Blvd
Suite 250
Arlington, VA 22201
703.778.3081 (fax)
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Report Highlights
Prospering in a Down Market: Strategies for Life Science Suppliers
REPORT #09-001

I. The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Laboratory Budgets IV. The Adoption of Cost-Saving Lab Practices
• Fiscal year starts/ends • Cost saving measures employed
• FY08 Lab budget • Planned Cost saving measures
• FY09 Lab budget Bulk ordering
• Percentage spent on Change direction of inquiry
Capital equipment (>$25,000) Conservation measures
Instrumentation (<$25,000) Decrease/stop long-term experiments

Report Highlights
Consumables Defer capital equipment purchases
Other Delay/cancel nonessential purchases
• Sources of funding FY08 and FY09 Downsize staff
Percent of funding by source Halt new initiatives
Anticipated change in FY09 Increase energy efficiency
Anticipated change in through 2011 Increase the use of core facilities
Lease instrumentation
II. Scientists’ Reactions to the Current Economic Climate Outsource work
Participate in “reagent rental” programs

Company Information
• Impact economic recession on current research
• Level of concern Postpone or suspend projects
Perception of overall impact compared to other Postpone or suspend specific experiments
Specific budget cutbacks in the lab Purchase through alternative channels
Specific budget cutbacks in the institution Purchase/acquire used instrumentation
• Overall impact on purchasing Purchasing groups
• Changes in grant applications Reduce/cease experiments with animals
Rent instrumentation for the duration of a project
III. Anticipated Changes in Laboratory Purchases in Reuse products
14 Product Categories Share resources with other labs
• Products in use/Primary Supplier Standing orders

Order Form
Cell biology instruments—Flow cytometer-based Switch to less expensive alternatives
Cell biology instruments—Microscope-based • Interest in used lab equipment
Cell biology kits and reagents • Impact of cost saving measures on service contracts
Cell culture media and reagents • Attractiveness of special offers from suppliers
Computer hardware • Interest in assistance/advice of suppliers
Gene expression analysis products • Credibility of supplier advice
High throughput screening and analysis systems • Interest in environmentally-friendly products
Image analysis systems
Instrumentation for genomic analysis Additional Analysis by
Instrumentation for protein analysis Years of experience
Laboratory plasticware Lab size
Nucleic acid purification and separation products Purchasing authority (consumables)
Protein purification and separation products Purchasing authority (instrumentation)
RNAi products Product category
• Anticipated change in purchases by product category Market segment
• Planned capital equipment purchases by product category U.S. geographic region
• Potential for customer switching
Appendix A. Verbatim responses to the questions:
• Despite this economic recession, is your lab planning on
adopting new technologies this year? Why or why not? If so,
which technology(ies) will your lab will be adopting?
• Do you think your research or the research in your field will
change due to policies implemented by the new presidential
administration? Why or why not?

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email invitations. To provide you with the most valid and or conduct a custom study to extend your knowledge.
accurate results possible, the respondents to our surveys are

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About BioInformatics, LLC Our strength lies in our ability to integrate our understanding of
science and medicine with cutting-edge market research techniques.
Since our inception in 1994, BioInformatics has provided critical As one of the first firms to recognize how the World Wide Web has
market intelligence to leading companies serving the life science, transformed market research, BioInformatics formed The Science
medical device and pharmaceutical industries. We support clients Advisory Board. Launched in 1997, this global community currently

across the entire market spectrum—from scientific research to consists of more than 42,000 life science researchers, physicians
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Our multi-disciplinary team of scientific experts and business experts and receive answers to their critical marketing questions in
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Advisory Board offers substantial cost savings over gathering
their competitors through the eyes of the most important information
information via traditional market research techniques.
source of all—customers. We can precisely meet the needs of our

Report Highlights
clients through the most appropriate mix of research methodologies,
BioInformatics offers both published reports and custom research
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REPORT #09-001 market insights from gene to drug

Prospering in a Down Market: Strategies for Life Science Suppliers

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