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February 13, 2013
States Postal Service announced
plans today to transition to a new
delivery schedule during the
week of Aug. 5, 2013 that includes
package delivery Monday
through Saturday, and mail deliv-
ery Monday through Friday. The
Postal Service expects to generate
cost savings of approximately $2
billion annually, once the plan is
fully implemented.
“The Postal Service is advanc-
ing an important new approach to
delivery that reflects the strong
growth of our package business
and responds to the financial re-
alities resulting from America’s
changing mailing habits,” said
Patrick R. Donahoe, Postmaster
General and CEO. “We developed
this approach by working with
our customers to understand
their delivery needs and by iden-
tifying creative ways to generate
significant cost savings.”
Over the past several years,
the Postal Service has advocated
shifting to a five-day delivery
schedule for mail and packages.
However, recent strong growth in
package delivery (14 percent vol-
ume increase since 2010) and pro-
jections of continued strong
package growth throughout the
coming decade led to the revised
approach to maintain package de-
livery six days per week.
“Our customers see strong
value in the national delivery
platform we provide and main-
taining a six-day delivery sched-
ule for packages is an important
part of that platform,” said Dona-
hoe. “As consumers increasingly
use and rely on delivery services –
especially due to the rise of e-com-
merce – we can play an increas-
ingly vital role as a delivery
provider of choice, and as a driver
of growth opportunities for Amer-
ica’s businesses.”
Once implemented during Au-
gust of 2013, mail delivery to
street addresses will occur Mon-
day through Friday. Packages
will continue to be delivered six
days per week. Mail addressed to
PO Boxes will continue to be de-
livered on Saturdays. Post Offices
currently open on Saturdays will
remain open on Saturdays.
Market research conducted by
the Postal Service and independ-
ent research by major news or-
ganizations indicate that nearly
seven out of ten Americans (70
percent) supported the switch to
five-day delivery as a way for the
Postal Service to reduce costs in
its effort to return the organiza-
tion to financial stability.¹ Sup-
port for this approach will likely
be even higher since the Postal
Service plans to maintain six-day
package delivery.
The Postal Service is making
the announcement today, more
than six months in advance of im-
plementing five-day mail delivery
schedule, to give residential and
business customers time to plan
and adjust. The Postal Service
plans to publish specific guidance
in the near future for residential
and business customers about its
new delivery schedule.
Given the ongoing financial
challenges, the Postal Service
Board of Governors last month di-
rected postal management to ac-
celerate the restructuring of
Postal Service operations in order
to strengthen Postal Service fi-
“The American public under-
stands the financial challenges of
the Postal Service and supports
these steps as a responsible and
reasonable approach to improving
our financial situation,” said Don-
ahoe. “The Postal Service has a
responsibility to take the steps
necessary to return to long-term
financial stability and ensure the
continued affordability of the U.S.
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Pen of 3 Showcase ... Bart Carmichael Ranch was among the
twenty-seven pens of bulls showcased in conjunction with the 36th
Annual Rancher’s Forum on Thursday, Feb. 7th.
Photo by Loretta Passolt
Pen of 3 Showcase ... Schauer Angus was among the twenty-
seven pens of bulls showcased in conjunction with the 36th Annual
Rancher’s Forum on Thursday, Feb. 7th. Bulls from as far away as
Nebraska and North Dakota were showcased at Faith Livestock.
Photo by Loretta Passolt
Postal Service announces
new delivery schedule
Six days of package delivery, five days of mail delivery begins August 2013
White House announced today
that Olympic champion, role
model and humanitarian Billy
Mills (Oglala Lakota) is going to
receive the Presidential Citizens
Medal this week. Billy is the Na-
tional Spokesperson for Running
Strong for American Indian
Youth, a non-profit with the mis-
sion of strengthening American
Indian communities by creating
opportunities for self-sufficiency
and self-esteem, particularly for
native youth.
“I am humbled and honored to
be recognized by the President in
this extraordinary way,” said
Billy. “The most powerful thing
you can give to a child is a dream.
I hope every child in Indian Coun-
try knows what is possible if you
follow your dream.”
The Presidential Citizens
Medal is the second highest civil-
ian award in the United States,
and is bestowed by the President
of the United States. It recognizes
individuals "who [have] per-
formed exemplary deeds or serv-
ices for his or her country or
fellow citizens."
Competing as a Marine during
the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Billy
stunned the world when he ran a
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White House to honor Billy Mills with
Presidential Citizens Medal Recognition
West River Tournament... Marissa Collins and Shanna Selby
were named to the All Tournament Team.
Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Page 2• February 13, 2013 • The Faith Independent
Letters to the Editor
Faith Community Health Center
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Dear Editor:
We are all aware that there are
heroes among us – the ordinary
people who do extraordinary
things in service to others in
times of danger and desperation.
At VA Black Hills Health Care
System (BHHCS) we are privi-
leged to care for many of our com-
munity’s heroes and want the rest
of our citizens to join us in honor-
ing them during the National
Salute to Hospitalized Veterans
event from February 10-16. We
invite individuals and groups to
show their love and appreciation
for the Veterans who defended
their freedoms by taking part in
"Visit a Vet for Valentine's Day"
during observance of the National
The quality and level of care
we provide our Veterans is di-
rectly linked to community sup-
port. Our dedicated staff, our
hundreds of caring volunteers
and the other healthcare institu-
tions and schools we work with
are all parts of a community effort
that contributes to the care we
provide our Veterans.
I invite every citizen to partic-
ipate. You can start by visiting
Veterans at our Fort Meade and
Hot Springs VA Medical Centers
during the National Salute. But
you don’t have to stop there;
many of our Veterans have spe-
cial needs and challenges that re-
quire the hearts and hands of a
new generation of VA volunteers.
We invite you to join us in honor-
ing our Veterans year round by
learning more about VA’s volun-
teer program.
For information about our Na-
tional Salute program and to
schedule a visit for yourself or
your group, call our Voluntary
Service Departments at Fort
Meade, 605.347.7206; or at Hot
Springs, 605.745.2865. I encour-
age you to take time every day to
thank a Veteran and hear their
story of service to our country.
Thank you for your outstanding
Stephen DiStasio, FACHE
Director, VA Black Hills Health
Care System
Letter to the editor,
Country-of Origin Labeling
(COOL) provides valuable infor-
mation about the origin of the
food we purchase for our families.
I am glad that Senator Johnson
and Senator Thune, along with 29
United States Senators, signed
onto a bipartisan letter to USDA
and the US Trade Representative
to keep COOL requirements in
place. Because Congress passed
COOL, we now have a legal right
to know the origin of our food.
This makes good, common sense.
Unfortunately, the World Trade
Organization (WTO) is trying to
force the United States to weaken
our COOL law. Thanks to Sena-
tor Johnson and Senator Thune
for reaching across the aisle to de-
fend COOL against the WTO's at-
/s/ Kenny Fox
Belvidere, SD
Dear Editor
Pleaes continue my subscription
to the “Faith Independent” for an-
other year. At the age of 96, I con-
tinue to enjoy my hometown
newspaper. I enjoy reading about
the wonderful things the town of
Faith continues to do, like the
new school. There are still a few
familiar names, old classmates,
neighbors and family.
Lois Giesler
Salem, SD
The Faith Public Library
Board is in need of an Advisory
Board Member. Advisory Board
Members are not voting members
of the board but assist the board
in the decision making process.
Meetings are held on the third
Monday of each month (except
July and December) at 6 PM.
Most meetings are less than 60
minutes.  Members responsibili-
ties include:  attend meetings,
give input on library operations
and represent the library.  All in-
quiries, please attend the next li-
brary board meeting on Feb. 18.
Questions: call the Faith Li-
brary 967-2262. 
Open hours:  Mondays, Tues-
days and Thursdays – 8 AM – 7
PM, Wednesdays 8 AM – 4 PM,
and Fridays 9 AM – 3 PM.  
Faith Library
Board Advisory
member being
The Legislature is in session!
Do you know what they are up
to? They are taking actions that
will ultimately have some effect
on you.  This year they are not
only adding bills but they are re-
moving some laws under the Gov-
ernor’s “Red Tape Reduction”,
some things good, others maybe
not so much. A Cracker Barrel is
your opportunity to become in-
formed, as well as let your legis-
lators know your opinions on the
issues being debated in Pierre.
Come join the conversation!
On Sunday, February 17, the
Western Plains Action Group, a
chapter of Dakota Rural Action, is
sponsoring a cracker barrel for
District 28 and 28B. Representa-
tive Betty Olson, R-Prairie City,
and Senator Ryan Maher, R-Is-
abel, will be there to talk about
how South Dakota’s 2013 Legisla-
tive Session is progressing and to
answer constituent’s questions.
So far this year, the South
Dakota Legislature has consid-
ered bills relating to oil and gas
development, school funding, gun
laws, hunting, the criminal jus-
tice system, and many bills re-
lated to agriculture and economic
development. The session began
January 8th, and will continue
until March 8th.
Please join Western Plains Ac-
tion Group as we discuss these
important issues at the Indian
Creek Lutheran Church in
Meadow. There will be refresh-
ments and ample time for ques-
tions.  For more information,
contact Karen Englehart at 605-
244-5402 or Sabrina King at 605-
716-2200, or email
Dakota Rural Action is a grass-
roots family agriculture and con-
servation group that organizes
South Dakotans to protect our
family farmers and ranchers, nat-
ural resources, and unique way of
District 28/28B cracker barrel at
Indian Creek Lutheran Church
Don Hight, age 92, of Lemmon
and formerly of Murdo, South
Dakota, died at Five Counties
Nursing Home in Lemmon on
Sunday, February 10, 2013.
Don Hight was born on Novem-
ber 3, 1920, the fifth of 10 chil-
dren to Charles and Edith Hight.
He grew up in the White River
area.  After graduating from high
school, he entered the U.S. Army
and served as a paratrooper in
Europe during WWII. He then
began ranching south of Murdo,
where he and his wife, Adeline,
made their home. They had two
children, Dan and Cheryl.  The
family raised longhorn cattle,
horses, and buffalo. Don was well-
known in the rodeo circle for all
the rank bucking horses and
nasty bucking bulls that came off
the Hight Ranch. 
In 1962, Don captured the
world’s attention by trailing over
1800 head of cattle from Westover
to Winner, a distance of 70 miles.
Shortly after, Don and Adeline
flew to California, where Don was
featured in an episode of the
Rawhide TV series.
Surviving him are son, Dan
Hight and his wife, Vanessa, and
their children Cody, Hannah, and
Bridger of White River; daughter,
Cheryl and her husband, Barry
Vig of Opal; their daughter, Geor-
gia and her husband, Steve Dale
and sons, Joe and Jeremy of
Rapid City; their son, Justin Vig
and his wife, Mellissa and chil-
dren, Blake and Skylar of Faith;
their daughter, Marti Jo and her
husband, Bucky Derflinger and
daughter, Jami of Opal; and their
son, Ryan of Opal; also two sis-
ters, Lorraine Fraser and
Dorothy Hight.
Preceding him in death were
his wife of 53 years, Adeline; his
parents Charles and Edith Hight;
four brothers, Harold, Harlan,
Ray, and Roy; and three sisters,
Maurine Hight, Irene Schramm,
and Sally Littau.
Funeral services will be at 2:00
PM on Wednesday, February 13,
2013, at Grace United Methodist
Church at Piedmont, with visita-
tion from 12:00 noon until time of
service.  Burial will be at the
Black Hills National Cemetery
with military honors.
Condolences may be sent to the
family at www.kinkadefuner
Don Hight
email us at
February 13, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 3
Senior Citizens Menu Senior Citizens Menu
Happy Valentine’s Day
Vilas has special Valentine balloons,
cards, gift baskets!
Lots of jewelry and wine!
Vilas Pharmacy &
Healthcare Store
Prairie Oasis Mall, Main St,
Fai th, SD-PH: 967-2123
Here’s a brief review of some of
the S.D. Legislature’s recent ac-
•Veterans seeking legislative
sanction of establishing a veter-
ans cemetery in Eastern South
Dakota were disappointed by the
House State Affairs Committee,
which voted Feb. 6 to kill it. Rep.
Stace Nelson, along with various
state veterans’ organizations,
asked for the authority to acquire
50 acres of land along the I-90
corridor, promising to raise the
money on their own. The Depart-
ment of Veterans Affairs objected,
noting there currently are ceme-
teries in Sturgis, and soon to be in
Pine Ridge and Mission.
•Restoring state salary assis-
tance to the county’s veterans
service officers received initial ap-
proval Feb. 6 from House State
Affairs and was sent to the House
floor with a unanimous vote. The
annual $168,000 was cut two
years ago during the state’s
budget crunch. With HB1249,
counties would be able to request
reimbursement for some costs as-
sociated with the VSO.
•Efforts to give voters another
chance to change terms for legis-
lators were addressed by the Sen-
ate State Affairs Committee
resulted in one plan given the
nod, the other sent to the 41st
day, or killed. The full Senate will
discuss SJR1, which changes the
length of the current two-year
terms to four. Killed was a pro-
posal to limit legislators to no
more than eight years in each
house, served consecutively. Sen.
Bill Van Gerpen, R-Tyndall, said
he was surprised SJR4 was not
given a Senate floor hearing,
when voters have expressed their
support for term limits.
•A bill to permit counties and
townships to levy a capital im-
provement property tax for high-
ways, secondary roads, bridges,
and culverts passed through the
House Taxation Committee and is
expected to be heard in the House
this week. Counties could levy $1
per thousand, while townships
could levy half that. HB1189
would be an option where needed,
it was noted.
•Democrats are seeking to
work with Republicans on eco-
nomic development this year.
Sen. Jason Frerichs, D-Wilmot,
said in a recent news conference
that “infrastructure seems to be
the biggest stumbling block” to
economic development. That
would include improvements for
roads, water and sewer and
broadband service. Housing, he
said, also goes hand in hand for
economic development.
•Republicans leader Larry
Rhoden, Union Center, Senator,
said he has introduced a bill that
would provide a vehicle for con-
versation of K-12 funding, that
any increase would go to the
state’s funding effort. He said 30
senators and 48 house members
had co-signed the bill. “It appears
there is a lot of support to have
that conversation,” said Rhoden
in a Thursday news conference.
•A standing-room-only meet-
ing of the Senate Ag Committee
Feb. 7 discussed SB148, which
would have reestablished certain
administrative rules in the De-
partment of Environment and
Natural Resources relating to un-
derground injection control and in
situ leach mining. After two
hours of testimony and discus-
sion, the bill was sent to the 41st
day, effectively killing it for this
•Gov. Dennis Daugaard said
in a Feb. 7 press conference that
the state’s economic recovery had
good news and bad news. The
good news: the recovery was pro-
ceeding at about the pace pro-
jected in December. However, the
bad news was that the news was
“not any rosier than that,” as it
had been in several preceding
•Gov. Dennis Daugaard said
several amendments have been
made to the School Sentinel bill,
which has created much discus-
sion. He said he doesn’t object to
the underlying concept of the bill
as long as safeguards are in place.
The bill would allow school dis-
tricts to have an armed guard in
the school for protection of stu-
dents and teachers.
•The Senate killed a joint
physical custody bill, SB125, on
Feb. 7. “This is about children,
not about spouses,” cautioned
Sen. Jean Hunhoff, R-Yankton.
Sen. Dan Lederman, R-Dakota
Dunes, noted that if it were not
the right concept, then why had
he gotten over 200 e-mails want-
ing it passed. The bill failed on a
vote of 13 in favor, 21 against, one
All meals served with milk and
bread. Menu subject to change
without notice.
Wed., Feb. 13: Ash Wednes-
day-Cream of Potato Soup, Egg
Salad Sandwich, Sliced Toma-
toes, Orange Jello w/Mandarin
Thur., Feb. 14: Valentine’s
Day-Roast Turkey, Mashed Pota-
toes & Gravy, Broccoli, Cranberry
Sauce, Tropical Fruit
Fri., Feb. 15: Baked Fish,
Parsley Potatoes, Glazed Carrots,
Pudding w/Fruit
Mon., Feb. 18: Presidents
Day/No Meals
Tue., Feb. 19: Sweet & Sour
Pork, Steamed Rice, Oriental
Vegetables, Grape Juice, Apricots
Wed., Feb. 20: No
Meals/Kathy gone
Thur., Feb. 21: Roast Beef,
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Har-
vest Beets, Peach Crisp
Fri., Feb. 22: Macaroni &
Cheese, Stewed Tomatoes, But-
terscotch Pudding, Banana
This week was the fifth week of
the 2013 legislative session and
we’re only seven legislative days
from Cross Over, which is the last
day for a bill or joint resolution to
pass the house of origin. We were
supposed to be back in Pierre on
Monday, but because of the bliz-
zard over the weekend that has
been canceled and we’re not
scheduled to go back until Tues-
I was blessed with a great FFA
legislative shadow on Tuesday.
Savanna Sperle, the daughter of
Meria and Raydelle Sperle from
Buffalo, followed me through both
my committee meetings and
watched the afternoon session
from the gallery. We were also
visited by high school classes
from Newell and from Faith.
Hopefully watching the legisla-
tive procedure will inspire these
students to become more involved
in government.
Rep. Kristi Noem came to
Pierre this week, visited our cau-
cus, and spoke to both the House
and the Senate. Kristi and I came
in to the South Dakota House to-
gether seven years ago and it was
really nice to see her again. Kristi
cautioned us about the fiscal mess
in Washington and warned about
the sequestration deadline loom-
ing on March 1st.
The Governor’s Awards in the
Arts banquet was Wednesday
evening at the Ramkota and we
got to visit with three very tal-
ented artists from our area. Sev-
eral of John Lopez’s sculptures
were featured in the exhibits and
on the brochures, Dale Lamphere
received the South Dakota Arts
Council’s ‘Distinction in Creative
Achievement’ award, and I finally
got to meet Jim Maher, a very tal-
ented sculptor from the Black
Hills. Dale Lamphere is the son of
Oakley Lamphere who graduated
from high school in Buffalo and
several of Dale’s statues are fea-
tured in the Capitol rotunda.
John Lopez and Jim Maher have
crafted many of the life size
bronze statues for the City of
Presidents in downtown Rapid
City, but Jim Maher’s other claim
to fame is that he is a first cousin
to one of our younger kids’ fa-
vorite teachers at the Reva coun-
try school, Mary (Maher) Cook!!
Two of my bills dealing with
predator control moved out of the
Ag committee and passed the
House this week. HB 1167 to re-
vise the composition of the policy
review committee for animal
damage control will add one rep-
resentative from each of the fol-
lowing organizations to the
Animal Damage Control policy
review committee:
USDA/APHIS/Wildlife Services,
the South Dakota Sheep Growers,
South Dakota Cattlemen, South
Dakota Stockgrowers Association,
South Dakota Farmers Union,
South Dakota Farm Bureau, and
the South Dakota Wildlife Feder-
ation. HB 1168 will allow preda-
tor control districts to increase
levies on producers to fund pred-
ator control if producers see a
need and vote for the increase.
Another of my bills, HB 1083
to re-establish the crime of
rustling sheep and goats and
make it a Class 4 felony passed
the Ag committee unanimously
and was put on the consent calen-
dar, then it promptly ran into
problems. The governor’s Public
Safety bill, SB 70, lowers the
penalty for grand theft losses at
Short takes from the State Capitol
By Elizabeth “Sam” Grosz, Community News Service
different dollar amounts so HB
1083 was yanked off the consent
calendar and is now on Gov. Dau-
gaard’s kill list! Although I don’t
like the idea, I may have to
amend out the Class 4 felony sec-
tion so sheep and goats can be
listed with cattle, horses, buffalo
and non-domestic elk as animals
that are illegal to steal.
Here are some of the bills that
passed the House this week:
*HB 1123 to increase the sur-
charge by a dollar on hunting li-
censes with the money going to
Animal Damage Control to fund
the predator control program.
This is my bill and Senator
Maher is the Senate prime.
*HB 1016 to move the location
of the cow-calf research and edu-
cation unit from Volga to Brook-
ings as authorized in chapter 107
of the 2012 Session Laws.
*HB 1122 to revise the require-
ments relating to health insur-
ance plans for county officers and
*HB 1126 was the massage
therapy bill. Instead of doing
away with the board as originally
intended, the bill was amended to
lessen the licensure restrictions
on massage therapists.
*HB 1153 to exempt environ-
mental upgrade values from as-
sessment during construction and
provide a sunset clause for the en-
vironmental upgrade exemption.
*HB 1239 to authorize school
districts to increase tax levies for
pension and health insurance
*HB 1164 establishes a class-
room innovation grant program
and makes an appropriation.
*HB 1029 to exempt persons
hunting mountain lions from the
requirement to wear fluorescent
orange exterior garments.
*SB 49 establishes the fee
charged by registers of deeds for
documents filed by the Depart-
ment of Transportation disposing
of highway right-of-way that is no
longer needed for highway pur-
*HB 1002 provides for the cre-
ation of a trust account for un-lo-
catable mineral interest owners.
*HB 1067 designates
POW/MIA Recognition Day as a
working holiday. This honors vet-
erans that were prisoners of war
like my friend Bob Hanson from
*HB 1084 designates Purple
Heart Recognition Day as a work-
ing holiday. This bill honors vet-
erans who were wounded in
action and received a Purple
Heart. My father, Bryce White,
‘earned’ two Purple Hearts after
being wounded while serving in
Northern Africa and on Anzio in
Italy during WWII. We owe a
debt to these soldiers that we can
never repay.
If you want to get in touch with
me, call the House Chamber
number 773-3851. Leave a phone
number and I’ll call you back. The
fax number is 773-6806. If you
send a fax, address it to Rep.
Betty Olson. You can also email
me at rep.bettyolson@state.sd.us
during session. You can keep
track of bills and committee meet-
ings at this link:
http://legis.state.sd.us/ You can
also use this link to find the leg-
islators, see what committees
they are on, read all the bills and
track the status of each bill, listen
to committee hearings, and con-
tact the legislators.
Legislative Update
Rep. Betty Olson
Page 4• February 13, 2013 • The Faith Independent
E-mail all your
News, Wedding
and Engagement
to The Faith
Marcus News
By Vicky Waterland
Word was received this week-
end of the passing of Albert (Ju-
nior) Steen of Faith and Don
Hight of White River. I know I
sound like a broken record but
these guys are the ones who have
made South Dakota a great state
to live in. They were both good
men who did what was right,
showed respect where it was due
and loved their country. I know
both men were grandpas who will
be missed! 
I receive updates on Trinity
Woods from the “Caring Bridge”
site on the internet. She is having
a rough time right now and needs
our prayers. The following is
something her sister, Shawna
had written on the page: Please
pray for Trinity's comfort and de-
creased pain. Please also pray for
wisdom and peace for us all (espe-
cially Trinity and her physicians)
as decisions are made about how
to proceed at this point.
The e address is www.caring-
bridge.org/visit/trintywoods . If it
asks you to sign in, go ahead. It is
a wonderful site that eases the
way for us to check on the health
of someone with issues. I have
used it for several years to check
on many friends and have never
been forced to pay anything.
There will be a wedding
shower Sunday, February 24, at
the White Owl Hall for Chuck
Timmons and Darlene Bolm. The
shower begins at 1:00 P.M. with a
potluck. Everyone is invited (guys
that means you too). Call Kay
King with any questions.
There was a two-day fire train-
ing meeting held at Union Center
this past weekend. About 15 peo-
ple attended including Jason
Radway, Val and LeAnn Hlavka.
My brother-in-law Denver En-
right was released from the Ab-
erdeen Hospital Friday. He will
be starting chemo there next
week. Best wishes go out to him. 
Tuesday, Jim and Vonnie
O'Dea were off to Philip to ap-
pointments. Vonnie visited her
Aunt Eleanor Kroetch and later
visited long time friend, Joy
Neville. Norma Oldenberg joined
them for coffee at Joy's.
O'Deas were off to Belle
Fourche to grandson Michael De-
ichert's basketball game. Vonnie's
great neice plays for Belle, so they
got to visit Vonnie's sister Twila
Dean and some of her family.
Spearfish had the wins in basket-
ball, but good visiting was had by
A broken hose on the loader
tractor was a good excuse to go to
Union Center. While they were
there they killed two birds with
one stone by getting that fixed
and picking up Jim and Vonnie
O'Dea's meat. Vonnie says it’s
nice to have the freezer full again.
The south Plainview water sys-
tem had a leak in the 4” water
pipe this past week. Long suffer-
ing designated “pipeline fixer”
Allen Waterland called for Rex
Gilles to bring the backhoe and
made a trip to Rapid City for re-
pairs. It’s not done yet, but they
plan to fix it Monday morning.
Thanks to Allen for all he does to
keep our water system working
cause he gets no pay, just our
Harold and I were in Faith
Thursday to watch Faith play
Tiospaye Topa. Bub Thompson,
Cody and Denise Weyer and girls
were also there to see Faith win
both games.
Congratulations to the Faith
Girls Basketball team for their
third place in the West River
Tournament played this past
Robert Wondercheck and Nick
Caspers were grooming bulls for
John Sletten this past week.
When Kevin Jensen emailed
me about the Mother’s Club mem-
bers he listed the following peo-
ple:  Velma Sandstrom, Mrs.
Pankratz, Jo Schuh, and Edythe
Dexheimer. I recognize Velma
Sandstrom and Edythe Dex-
heimer but don’t know what
Schuh and Pankratz did. Anyone
remember what they or their hus-
bands did and where they lived in
Faith? Kevin, are you going to
have to straighten me out again?
I went through another box of
treasures from my folks’ today
and I struck gold, a Faith Inde-
pendent from February 6, 1957!
The front page had a picture of a
beautiful young woman Pat
Payette engaged to Don Lutz. In-
side, the Marcus News by Rose
Howie and the Plainview News
by Sally Hlavka both mentioned
the birth of Vern and Rosalie Si-
mons’ daughter, Juanita (Del-
bridge). Grandma Howie
mentioned that John and Corrine
Schmidt had been down to watch
T.V. There was a large ad urging
you to “Buy a pickup” at Stovall
and Drum. It was an Interna-
tional pickup in the ad. I have
never heard of Stovall having
anything except the saddle shop.
Where was the store or imple-
ment building and how long did
they run? One classified ad of-
fered to sell chickens for 80 cents
each or $1.00 picked. If you
bought 12 of them, Jennie Wilson
would even deliver them to Faith
on Monday. The Wapazo Theatre
was showing “Ray Edge.” I didn’t
see the names of any stars I’d
even heard of. I wondered what it
cost to see the show but didn’t
find that. I also found old family
pictures and letters with stamps
worth 1 cent, 8 cents and 9 cents
on them. What a nice way to
spend a cold wintery afternoon.
Got any answers for me, email
vickywaterland@hotmail.com  or
call 985-5318.
Chandelle Brink and children
came out to her folks, Dwayne
and Zona Vig, on Tuesday for a
visit and also to visit JT, Kelsey
and Brixie Vig.  Landan Brink
stayed at the ranch for a few days
and was able to complete a few
projects with the help of Morgan
Vig. Thursday, Zona took Landan
to meet his mother at the Winkler
Ranch where she was visiting.
John and Carmen Heidler
went to Rapid City on Tuesday to
keep an appointment. Wednes-
day, Heidlers had both the hay
grinder fellow and the gas man
show up and OJ Heidler came
down and a time of visiting was
Faye Fees had a follow-up ap-
pointment with her knee surgeon
on Tuesday in Spearfish. Every-
thing looked the way it should,
except a good case of 'Arthur' has
settled there. I drove for Faye and
we shopped a bit in Spearfish, vis-
ited my tax lady in Whitewood,
ate lunch and visited with Margie
Ingalls in Sturgis and headed
Bernice Lemmel reported a
trip to town this week for them to
see the doctor and they stopped
by to visit Rorey Lemmel and
family for a bit. Bernice's shoul-
der is giving her some pain.  Hope
they get it figured out and fixed
up for her.
John Heidler went to Lemmon
on Thursday and stopped by to
play with the granddaughters
near Faith before coming home.
Carmen made a trip into Faith on
Glenn, Margaret and Dan Fo-
gelman made a trip into Rapid
City on Friday to keep an ap-
pointment and replenish their
wood pellet supply.
Sunday was a rather blustery
morning so Dwayne Vig drove up
to services at Prairie City rather
than flying.  Hope and Zona Vig
drove into services in Faith and
stopped to make a delivery at JT
and Kelsey Vigs.
Sam and Cheryl Cowles spent
the weekend, plus a day due to in-
terstate being closed, in Sioux
Falls.  Larry Reinhold was to hold
services for the Opal Community
Church but with the uncertain
weather predication the decision
was made to cancel services. As it
turned out here we got just a
trace of snow and plenty of blow.
Cheryl Vig's father, Don Hight
passed away this weekend. Our
condolences got out to Barry and
Cheryl Vig and their family.  The
man made a lot of good memories
for his descendents for years to
Opal Area News
By Kay Ingalls
February 13, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 5
Faith News
By Loretta Passolt
Central Meade County News
By Sandy Rhoden
Well, the biggest news last
week was about the upcoming
blizzard. While there were places
that received a measurable
amount of snow, Meade County
received mostly wind. Strong
winds blew all of Sunday.
Despite the annoying, cold,
windy weather, the legislative
cracker barrel scheduled at the
Community Baptist Church fel-
lowship room went on at 1:30 pm
on Sunday. The questions and
comments covered a wide variety
of topics in a relaxed atmosphere.
Because of the predicted bad
weather the Bull Creek Cafe was
not open, so Amy Cammack made
up a large roaster of soup for
those who came early to eat out
and attend the cracker barrel.
Western Dakota Families and the
Farm Bureau hosted the event
and provided coffee, lemonade,
and refreshments. The three leg-
islators spent their Saturday at
cracker barrels in Sturgis, Belle
Fourche, and Newell.
The Faith basketball season is
nearing its end with games this
Friday in McIntosh, and in Faith
on Saturday with Philip. Satur-
day is parents night for the Faith
boys basketball team. They will
play Wall next Thursday, Feb.22
and then District games will
begin on February 25 at Harding
A blood drive was scheduled
for Monday at the Community
Baptist Church in Union Center
Because this Thursday is
Valentine’s Day there will not be
Rural Neighbors. Next Thursday,
Feb.21 at 1:00 pm will be the next
Rural Neighbors.
Lorie (Rhoden) Haussman,
Donna Cammack, and Elaine
Rowett made a trip to Pierre last
Tuesday and Wednesday. Lorie
spent some time with her twin
brother, Larry Rhoden, as it was
their birthday on Feb.5. Donna
and Elaine spent some time with
Gary Cammack, Donna's son and
Elaine's brother, in Pierre. They
attended committee meetings and
sat up in the gallery during the
full House and Senate debates.
Sandy Rhoden drove to Pierre
on Monday morning and attended
several meetings with the Faith
senior class and their government
teacher, Deanna Fischbach, and
principal, Kelly Daughters. They
met with Lt. Governor Matt
Michels for 40 minutes, attended
committee meetings, full House
and Senate floor debates, sat in
the Supreme Court Room, and
toured some areas in the Capitol,
and fed the ducks and fish at the
lake. Sandy rode back to Pierre
with Joan Wink on Thursday
where she, Joan, and Amy Cam-
mack attended a luncheon at the
Governor's mansion with Linda
Daugaard as the hostess. The
Winks and Cammacks stayed on
for the military ball that evening.
The Rhodens headed back to
Faith for their son Reggie's bas-
ketball game.
Chris and Felicia Cammack
hosted a friend from Namibia,
Africa since last Tuesday until
Wednesday of this week. He
comes from a very rural area and
lives on a ranch that host hunters
of at least a dozen varieties of
game animals. They run cattle
and sheep as well. Hoekus Van
Niekerk is their freind's name.
Chris and Felicia have been away
doing trade shows and their next
one will be in Salt Lake City.
Valentine’s Day Dinner
Thursday, Feb. 14
Bourbon Tips or Steak and Shrimp
The 4 percent sales tax on food
items remains intact after a pro-
posal to cut it failed to make it out
of the House Taxation Committee
The tax would have been de-
creased to zero percent, which
through a technicality, would
have allowed cities to continue
charging their one or two percent
currently in place.
Rep. Marc Feinstein, D-Sioux
Falls, led the discussion, noting
that the approximate 9 percent of
sales tax revenue “shouldn’t be
wagging the dog of 91 percent of
revenue … 9 percent is not that
This was the fifth year for this
attempt, but Feinstein noted that
the reasons it had been voted
down before “are no longer there.”
“We tax … sales tax on baby
food and formula,” Feinstein said,
“but not for pigs and horses –
that’s wrong.”
Rep. Ray Ring, D-Vermillion,
and a retired college economics
professor, backed up Feinstein’s
argument, noting, 64,000 are in
the bottom 20 percent of income.
Through calculations, he noted
that these families should pay 30
percent of their food bill, with the
other 70 percent covered by food
stamps. In actual expense, he
said, about half of their food ex-
pense is covered by food stamps
and the other half they would pay
the tax.
Feinstein said for a family of
three, with a net income of $1,591
per month, or grossing $24,000
per year, they would receive only
$86 in food stamps.
“That is a lot less than the av-
erage of $312 per month” that is
touted in discussions, Feinstein
“We have an immoral tax sys-
tem,” commented Rep. Bernie
Hunhoff, D-Yankton, adding “in
South Dakota we have the poor-
est of the poor,” yet they are taxed
for food.
The bill was resisted by the
state Department of Revenue,
and the Bureau of Finance and
Management. Officials said the
state’s broad tax base allows
many to pay a little without plac-
ing a large burden on anyone.
Those states without sales tax on
food, it was noted, generally have
another source of money, such as
Alaska with its oil production.
Despite the passionate support
of Democrats, their four votes
were the only ones cast to pass
the bill, while 10 voted to kill it.
It also was sent to the 41st day,
an action meant to keep it from
being brought up again during
this session.
Removal of sales tax on food
By Elizabeth “Sam” Grosz, Community News Service
We had some great weather
again last week. We had fog
Thursday morning, and it moved
back in again Thursday night and
was still here Friday morning.
But Saturday was an entirely dif-
ferent story...a big blizzard was
forcasted to hit Saturday evening,
but all we got was the wind which
continued all day Sunday. Accord-
ing to KOTA, Faith had 50 mph
winds. We didn’t get any snow, al-
though they did in the Hills and
East River and the eastern US.
They really got hit!
Somewhere along the way I
missed expressing condolences to
the family of Lawrence Collins a
few weeks ago. Lawrence was al-
ways a tinkerer and spent many
hours on the Community Legion
Hall renovation for the Commu-
nity Action Team.
Condolences to the family of
Albert “Junior” Steen. Junior
passed away at the ranch over the
weekend. He was a quiet man
who raised a nice family.
Our condolences also to the
family of Don Hight who passed
away over the weekend. He was
Cheryl Vig’s father. He was well
known in the rodeo circle. These
three men will all be missed by
family and friends.
Several members of the Prairie
Strippers Quilt Guild from Faith
joined the Dupree members for a
retreat at the Moreau River Sanc-
tuary near Isabel over the week-
end. Among those ladies from
Faith were Eldora Fischbach,
Rita Duck, Mona Thomas, Gloria
Traversie and LuAnne Jordan.
They had a great time working on
projects, enjoying all the goodies
they took along to share, and of
course, visiting.
The Girls West River Tourna-
ment was held last week. The
Ladies defeated Rapid City Chris-
tian Thursday night in their first
game. Friday night had them fac-
ing Newell and unfortunately the
Lady Horns came up short, pit-
ting them against Upton for the
third place win. Congratulations
to Shanna Selby and Marissa
Collins for being named to the All
Tournament Team!
Faith will be hosting the Girls
District Tournament next week.
The tournament begins Monday
night at 6:00, continues Tuesday,
with the championship game on
Thursday at 7:00 pm.
The Longhorns hosted
Tiospaye Topa last Thursday
night. They travel to McIntosh
this Friday night and will host
Philip this Saturday, which will
also be Parents Night.
The jr. high boys participated
in the Knights of Columbus Tour-
nament in Dupree over the week-
end. I didn’t hear how they did.
They will be participating in a
tournament in Newell this Satur-
School students will have early
dismissal this Thursday, 1:00, for
Parent/Teacher Conferences.
I sure could use more news to
share with our readers. Won’t you
please drop yours at the office,
call or email it? Those away from
here enjoy reading what everyone
is doing.
The operational plan for the
new delivery schedule anticipates
a combination of employee reas-
signment and attrition and is ex-
pected to achieve cost savings of
approximately $2 billion annually
when fully implemented.
The Postal Service is currently
implementing major restructur-
ing throughout its retail, delivery
and mail processing operations.
Since 2006, the Postal Service has
reduced its annual cost base by
approximately $15 billion, re-
duced the size of its career work-
force by 193,000 or 28 percent,
and has consolidated more than
200 mail processing locations.
During these unprecedented ini-
tiatives, the Postal Service con-
tinued to deliver record high
levels of service to its customers.
While the change in the deliv-
ery schedule announced today is
one of the actions needed to re-
store the financial health of the
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Postal Service Continued from Front Page
Page 6• February 13, 2013 • The Faith Independent
email us at
Valentine’s Special
Steak & Lobster
with salad bar and dessert
Steak House
Main St.,
Faith, SD
coming up short at the end. They
kept it close in the first quarter
but after that it was all Newell,
who also went on to win the tour-
nament. Marissa Collins led the
Ladies with 12 points.
Quarter scores
Faith 8-17-27-40
Newell 10-27-45-54
Stats:  Marissa Collins  12 pts,
15 reb, 1 assist, 1 steal; Shanna
Selby 9 pts, 5 reb, 5 assists, 1
steal; Tearnee Nelson 8 pts, 4 reb,
4 assists; Shali Sheridan 7
pts;  Ashton Delbridge  4 pts, 1
reb; Madison Vance  2 reb, 1 as-
sist; Paige Brink  5 reb, 1 assist.
The Lady Longhorns led
Upton, WY the entire game for
third place on Saturday in Rapid
City. Tearnee Nelson was high
scorer with 15 points, followed by
Marissa Collins with 13.
Quarter scores
Faith 11-28-44-55
Upton 5-13-20-24
Stats:  Tearnee Nelson  15 pts,
4 reb, 3 assists, 8 steals; Marissa
Collins  13 pts, 12 reb, 1 assist, 4
steals;  Madison Vance  8 pts, 5
reb, 3 assists;  Shanna Selby  7
pts, 4 reb, 5 assists, 5 steals;
Shali Sheridan  5 pts, 2 reb, 1 as-
sist, 1 steal; Paige Brink  2 pts, 4
reb, 1 assist; Ashton Delbridge  4
reb, 1 steal; Katie Bogue  3 pts, 1
steal; Michaelah Martin  2 pts, 1
reb, 1 steal; Brandi Enright  2 as-
sists, 3 steals.
Marissa Collins and Shanna
Selby were named to the All
Tournament Team.
The girls traveled to McIntosh
this past Tuesday night. The
next action for the girls will be
the District Tournament, here
next week. The tournament runs
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Good luck Ladies!
The Lady Longhorns came
home with the third place trophy
from the West River Tournament
last week.
In round one at Newell Thurs-
day night, the Lady Longhorns
defeated Rapid City Christian 52-
37. The Lady Horns had four girls
in double figures: Shanna Selby
with 15 points, Marissa Collins
with 12, Madison Vance 11 and
Tearnee Nelson had 10 points.
Quarter scores
Faith 8-16-32-52
RC Christian 6-15-27-37
Stats: Shanna Selby  15 pts, 8
reb, 4 assists, 5 steals;  Marissa
Collins 12 pts, 9 reb, 3 steals;
Madison Vance  11 pts, 4 reb, 1
steal;  Tearnee Nelson 10 pts, 3
reb, 6 assists, 7 steals;  Shali
Sheridan  4 pts, 1 reb, 1 assist, 1
steal; Paige Brink  4 reb; Ashton
Delbridge  2 reb,  1 steal.
The win Thursday night put
them against a tougher Newell
Lady Irrigators team in Friday
night’s round. The Lady Horns
didn’t fare as well as they did the
last game they had with Newell,
The jr. varsity girls only played
half a game against the Takini
Lady Skyhawks on Tuesday, Feb-
ruary 5th.
Quarter Scores:  
Faith    19-33
Takini    5-9
Stats: Tori Simonson 6 pts, 1
reb, 2 assists, 1 steal; Michaelah
Martin  6 pts, 4 reb, 1 assist, 3
steals; Teagan Engel  6 pts, 4 reb,
3 assists, 1 steal;  Brooklyn
Schauer  6 pts, 1 reb, 1 steal;
Shali Sheridan  4 pts, 1 reb, 3
steals; Brandi Enright 3 pts, 1
reb, 1 assist, 4 steals; Tanielle Ar-
neson  2 pts, 1 reb; Bonnie Lutz  1
reb; Penny Welter  1 steal; Katie
Bogue  4 reb, 1 steal
The varsity girls had no prob-
lem with Takini, coming out
strong in the first quarter to win
in a big way, 91-27. The Lady
Horns had four players scoring in
the double digits: Marissa Collins
with 17, Tearnee Nelson with 16,
Brandi Enright with 13 and
Shanna Selby with 11.
Quarter Scores  
Faith    31-51-73-91
Takini    5-12-25-27
Stats: Marissa Collins  17 pts,
6 reb; Tearnee Nelson  16 pts, 4
reb, 5 assists, 3 steals; Brandi En-
right 13 pts, 8 reb, 4 steals;
Shanna Selby 11 pts, 2 reb, 5 as-
sists, 6 steals; Madison Vance  8
pts, 2 reb, 2 assists; Shali Sheri-
dan  8 pts, 2 reb, 6 steals; Ashton
Delbridge  6 pts, 3 reb, 1 steal;
Paige Brink  2 pts, 4 reb, 1 assist,
1 steal; Tanielle Arneson  4 pts, 1
reb, 1 assist, 1 steal;  Michaelah
Martin  4 pts, 7 reb, 1 assist, 1
steal; Tori Simonson  1 assist, 1
steal;  Katie Bogue  2 pts, 1 reb;
Teagan Engel 1 reb.
The Office of Academic Affairs
at Black Hills State University
has released the dean’s list for the
fall 2012 semester. 
Samantha Gray,    Ryan
Palmer, and Taylor Shoemaker,
of Faith, were named to the
Dean’s List.
A total of 737 students main-
tained a grade point average of
3.5 or above while taking at least
12 credit hours to be named to the
list this semester.
Tori Simonson, #20 …
fires a 3-pointer from the side line
during last Tuesday’s home
game against Takini. The JV Lady
Longhorns won with the score of
33 – 9.
Photo by Marcia Samuelson
#22, Shanna Selby … shoots for 2 points during the varsity
game against Takini on Feb. 5th. The Longhorns went on to win with
the score of 91 – 27. Photo by Marcia Samuelson
dean’s list
Lady Longhorns
win over Takini
Lady Longhorns bring home third
from West River Tournament
February 13, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 7
Faith Longhorn’s … David Ruth right before he fires the shot
that was heard around the world (or at least in the Faith Community
Center!). Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Senior Cody Bernstein …
takes the ball down the court dur-
ing varsity game action while
playing Tiospaye Topa last Thurs-
day evening.
Photo by Marcia Samuelson
#34, Gereth Bushong … tosses up a two pointer during the
JV home game against Tiospaye Topa on Thursday evening, February
7th. The Longhorns went on to defeat the Thunderhawks with the
score of 42 – 20. Photo by Marcia Samuelson
The Longhorns hosted
Tiospaye Topa on Thursday, Feb.
The jr. varsity only played half
a game.
Quarter scores
Faith 20-42
Tiospaye Topa 12-20
Stats: Chaney Keffeler 6 pts,1
asst, 5 rebs, 1 stl; Dalton Sheri-
dan 5 pts, 3 assts, 1 reb, 1 stl;
Dustyn Eaton 3 pts; Gereth
Bushong 7 pts, 2 rebs, 1 stl; Jacob
Ulrich 2 pts, 1 asst; Jarius Halli-
gan 4 pts, 2 assts, 2 rebs; John
Gropper 1 reb, 1 stl; Joseph Ul-
rich 1 reb; Josh Afdahl 8 pts, 1
asst, 6 rebs, 1 stl; Rio Hulm 5 pts,
3 rebs; Troy Thompson 1 asst, 1
reb; 1 stl; Tye Grubl 2 pts, 2 rebs,
2 stls; Tyen Palmer 2 assts, 2
rebs, 1 stl.
Totals 48% 42% 46%
The varsity had an easy win
over Tiospaye Topa pulling out to
a big lead in the first quarter and
carrying it through to the end.
The Longhorns were led by Cody
Trainor with 16 points. Reggie
Rhoden pulled down 14 rebounds.
Quarter scores
Faith 18-37-43-63
Tiospaye Topa 7-13-16-26
Stats: Caden Smiley 3 assts, 5
rebs, 2 stls; Chaney Keffeler 7 pts,
4 rebs, 1 stl; Cody Bernstein 4 pts,
1 asst, 1 reb; Cody Trainor 16 pts,
5 assts, 5 rebs, 1 stl; Dalton Sheri-
dan 2 pts, 1 asst, 2 rebs; David
Ruth 3 pts; Drew Vance 6 pts, 7
rebs, 1 stl; Gereth Bushong 2 pts,
2 assts, 4 rebs; Glenn Palmer 2
pts, 1 reb; Jarius Halligan 7 pts,
1 stl; Josh Afdahl 2 assts, 1 reb;
Marty Shaff 2 pts, 1 reb; Reggie
Rhoden 8 pts, 14 rebs, 2 blks, 2
stls; Rio Hulm 4 pts, 3 rebs, 1 stl;
Wyatt Simonson 2 pts, 1 stl.
Longhorns have easy wins over Tiospaye Topa
email us at faithind@faithsd.com
Legal Advertising
Friday noon before
Wed. publication
The Faith Independent
Page 8• February 13, 2013 • The Faith Independent
tII8|tKIt| KtItllIII
44th Annual Sale
- Saturday-
February 16, 2013
1:00 pm (MT)
at the Ranch
Meadow, S.D.
Auctioneer: Doug DietterIe
42 coming
16 Bull Calves
2 Saddle Horses
1 Proven
Doggin’ Horse
Lot 3 · KC L1 Domino 12035
4/1/12 · Sire: HH Advance 0207X
BW 3.7; WW 57; YW 90; MM 27; M&G 56
Lot 15 · KC Mr Ribstone 12033
4/1/12 · Sire: F 157K Ribstone 765
BW 3.3; WW 38; YW 67; MM 24; M&G 42
Lot 18 · KC Mr Ribstone 11012
3/22/11 · Sire: F 157K Ribstone 765
BW 3.7; WW 47; YW 88; MM 28; M&G 51
Lot 9 · KC Mr Ribstone 12037
4/1/12 · Sire: F 157K Ribstone 765
BW 5.3; WW 52; YW 93; MM 29; M&G 55
HH Advance 0207X · F 157K Ribstone 765
JC L1 Domino 5031R · KC L1 Domino 08013
KC L1 Domino 09005 · KC L1 Domino 05009
HH Advance 8097U ET
See videos at www.herefordamerica.com
For a saIe book contact:
tII8|tKIt| KtItllIII
14111 SD Hwy 73 · Meadow, SD 57644
Keith CarmichaeI · 605/490-7659
(SaIe Day Phone: 605-788-2977)
email us at faithind@faithsd.com
The Dewey, Meade & Ziebach
County FSA offices would like to
keep you informed of the follow-
ing items important to USDA pro-
grams. If you have any questions
please contact the Dewey County
office at 865-3522 ext 2, Meade
County at 347-4952 ext 2, or
Ziebach County at 365-5179 ext 2.
February 19 – Sign-up begins
for DCP & ACRE
March 15 – Last day to pur-
chase NAP coverage
June 3 – Last day to sign-up
for ACRE
August 2 – Last day to sign-up
for DCP
Interest Rate for Commodity
and marketing assistance loans is
1.125 %
Interest Rate for Farm Storage
Facility Loans is 1.250 7 YEAR
Interest Rate for Farm Storage
Facility Loans is 1.875 10 YEAR
Interest Rate for Farm Storage
Facility Loans is 2.125 12 YEAR
FLP Farm Operating Loan In-
terest is 1.125%
FLP Farm Ownership Loan In-
terest is 3.125%
NAP provides basic cata-
strophic insurance protection for
crop types which are uninsurable
through standard Federal Crop
Insurance. The NAP application
fee is $250/crop type with a $750
maximum per county.  Limited
Resource producers may apply for
a NAP and/or CAT Fee Waiver if
the Adjusted Household income is
under $23,050 AND Gross Farm
Income is under $172,800 for both
2010 AND 2011. Call for details.
There are no late filed provisions,
so do not miss this important
March 15, 2013 deadline to be
eligible for 2013 NAP coverage
and potential disaster programs.
If you have changed names,
addresses, bank accounts, or
LAND please let us know so we
may update our records timely
and keep your payments coming
without delay! 
All individuals who are not
U.S. citizens, and have purchased
or sold agricultural land in the
county, are required to report the
transaction to FSA with 90 days
of the closing. Failure to submit
the AFIDA form (FSA-153) could
result in civil penalties of up to 25
percent of the fair market value of
the property. County government
offices, realtors, attorneys and
others involved in real estate
transactions are reminded to no-
tify foreign investors of these re-
porting requirements.
Service Agency
February 13, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 9
Keep up with your city,
school, and county...
Read the Legals
Custer State Park's 47th An-
nual Buffalo Roundup will be fea-
tured on the television program
Born to Explore with Richard
The program will be aired Sat-
urday, Feb. 16, on most ABC sta-
tions as part of Litton’s Weekend
Adventure. The 2012 Emmy®
nominated program filmed on lo-
cation in South Dakota last Sep-
Born to Explore is an educa-
tional program that takes viewers
around the world to join in the ad-
venture with host Richard Wiese.
The show offers an educational
approach to the earth's wildlife
and its unique cultures, from
Australia to Iceland to Morocco to
"As an explorer, I have trav-
eled around the world to share
the beauty, wildlife and cultures
of each continent,” said Richard
Wiese. “At Custer State Park, we
experienced the thrill of the buf-
falo roundup and got a taste of
the American West and its thriv-
ing cowboy culture. The hospital-
ity of South Dakotans and the
magnificence of Custer State
Park made for a most memorable
Wiese continued, "To see over
1,000 head of buffalo being driven
across the rolling prairies by cow-
boys and cowgirls on horseback is
a sight all should experience at
least once in their lifetime."
"Custer State Park is the only
place in America where the pubic
is invited to witness an event like
our buffalo roundup, which un-
folds in front of them,” said Craig
Pugsley, visitor services coordina-
tor at Custer State Park. “Last
September, about 14,000 guests
from all over the world came to
experience this world-class
The 2013 Buffalo Roundup will
be held on Friday, Sept. 27. For
more information on this year’s
event, contact Custer State Park
at 605-255-4515 or visit
"The Buffalo Roundup and
Arts Festival are great events
that bring visitors to South
Dakota during the all important
shoulder season, which helps
build our tourism industry and
South Dakota's economy," said
Jim Hagen, secretary of the
South Dakota Department of
Tourism. “Programs like Born to
Explore with Richard Wiese,
which air on major TV networks,
showcase South Dakota and en-
courage more visitors to make
South Dakota their vacation des-
Buffalo Roundup to be featured on
ABC’s Born to Explore with Richard Wiese
36th Annual Rancher’s Forum... Dr. Gary Sides, Nutrition-
ist with Zoetis, presented information on nutrition and immunology
to around 60 area ranchers on Thursday. Following his program was
the Pen of Three Showcase. Photo by Loretta Passolt
personal best by 46 seconds in the
10,000 meter final. His charge
down the final straight-away pro-
duced a stunning come-from-
behind victory and a new Olympic
record. Sometimes called the
greatest finish of all time, it is
viewable online at
To this day, Billy remains the
only American to win the Gold
Medal or be ranked #1 in the
world in the 10,000 meters. Mills
eventually set seven US Track &
Field records and was co-holder of
the six mile world record. When
he won Olympic gold, Billy cap-
tured the spirit of America, the
nity, character and pride, to
American Indian children and
their families.”
Every day, Billy and Running
Strong work to give Native chil-
dren a chance by meeting funda-
mental survival needs -- enough
food, warm shelter, safe places
and supplies to succeed in school.
And they do it while building
their communities with organic
gardens, and teaching culture
and language, and making them
proud of who they are.
For more information about
Running Strong:  www.IndianY-
hearts of runners around the
world and the pride of American
Indian people.
“In Lakota culture, someone
who achieves great success has a
‘give away’ to thank the support
system of family and friends who
helped him achieve his goal,” said
Lauren Haas Finkelstein, Run-
ning Strong’s Executive Director.
“Billy has gone on to turn his life
into an extended example of what
it means to give back to the com-
munity. For decades, as Running
Strong’s National Spokesperson
he has traveled tirelessly to im-
part his message of inspiration
and opportunity, based on dig-
Billy Mills Continued from Front Page
Postal Service, legislative change
is urgently needed to address
matters outside the Postal Ser-
vice’s control. The Postal Service
continues to seek legislation to
provide it with greater flexibility
to control costs and generate new
revenue and encourages the
113th Congress to make postal re-
form legislation an urgent prior-
The Postal Service receives no
tax dollars for operating expenses
and relies on the sale of postage,
products and services to fund its
¹ Sources: Gallup Poll, March
26, 2010 • New York Times/CBS
News, June 27, 2012 • USA
Today, March 17, 2010 • Wash-
ington Post, March 30, 2010
Postal Service
Continued from Page 5
Page 10 • February 13, 2013 • The Faith Independent
The South Dakota Farm Bu-
reau is hosting a series of meeting
across the state this month for
farmers and ranchers to learn
more about the EPA’s Oil Spill
Prevention, Control & Counter-
measure (SPCC) Program, which
requires compliance by May 10 of
this year.
Two representatives from the
U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency’s Region 8 office in Den-
ver will lead the meetings: Re-
becca Perrin, EPA Region 8
Agriculture Advisor, and Jim Pe-
terson, EPA Region 8 SPCC In-
spector. According to the U.S.
EPA, farms or ranches that store
more than 1,320 total U.S. gal-
lons of oil or oil products in above-
ground containers sized 55
gallons or larger, or more than
42,000 U.S. gallons in completely
buried containers, and could rea-
sonably expected to discharge oil
to waters of the U.S., are required
to have an SPCC Plan.  EPA re-
quires an SPCC Plan to be in
place by May 10, 2013. Read the
EPA backgrounder here with full
details on the SPCC program and
p l a n
The schedule for the SPCC
meetings is as follows: (all times
are local)
•Feb. 25 in Sturgis, 3:00 p.m.
at the Meade County Extension
Building Community Room
•Feb. 26 in Wall, 10:00 a.m. at
the Community Building on Main
•Feb. 26 in Pierre, 4:00 p.m. at
the Capitol Building Basement
Room A (plus 6 DDN locations)
•Feb. 27 in Redfield, 10:00
a.m. at the Spink County Court-
house Community Room
•Feb. 27 in Mitchell, 3:00 p.m.
at Central Electric Cooperative
Building (I-90 Exit 325)
•Feb. 28 in Platte, 10:00 a.m.
at the Lyric Theater
•Feb. 28 in Yankton, 3:00 p.m.
at the Yankton County Extension
•March 1 in Lennox, 10:00
a.m. at Pizza Ranch
The meeting at 4:00 p.m. Cen-
tral Time on February 26 will be
broadcast over the Digital Dakota
Network (DDN) from Pierre to
these locations:
•Aberdeen, NSU’s Beulah
William Library Room 117
•Brookings, SDSU’s Pugsley
SPC Room 203
•Madison, DSU’s Tech Class-
room Building Room 103
•Rapid City, SDSM&T’s Class-
room Building Room 109
•Sioux Falls, SF University
Center’s Main Building Room 145
•Vermillion, USD’s Delzell Ed-
ucation Center Room 203
•Watertown, LATI’s Main
Building Room 128 Door 1B
There is no cost to attend these
informational meetings, no pre-
registration is required, and you
do not need to be a member of
Farm Bureau to attend. 
South Dakota Farm Bureau to
host series of EPA meetings
on Oil Spill Prevention, Control &
Countermeasure (SPCC) Program
Special feeder cattle, replacement heifer, bred cow,
heifer & sheep sale
Sale Time: 10 AM
Expecting 3000-3500 calves and 300-400 sheep
Consignments: Replacement heifers
Fishhook – 180 Angus heifers BV HR (mostly AI Sired) Sitz Alliance 6595 6-700#
Palmer – 250 Angus heifers BV NB 625-700# – Besler – 60 Red Angus heifers BV HR 6-650#
Besler – 40 Black Angus heifers BV HR 6-650# – Anderson – 40 Angus heifers BV HR 700#
Simon – 65 Angus hiefers BV HR 650# – Kolb – 50 Angus heifers BV HR 650#
Heidler – 100 blk & bldy heifers BV HR (every baldy) 600#
Wilkenson – 70 Angus heifers BV HR 700#
Klein – 40 Angus heifers HR 650# – Nash – 25 Angus cows 5's HR bred Angus calf 3-20
Consignments: Feeder & Grass Cattle
Klein – 400 Angus steers HR 550-750# – Brown – 210 Angus steers HR 600-700#
Archibaldy – 300 blk & bldy steers HR 650-800# – Earsley – 100 1st x baldy calves HR 8-850#
Hagen – 170 Angus steers HR 850# – Ehlers – 130 blk & bldy steers HR 800#
Johnson – 225 Angus steers HR 650-800# – Brockel – 140 1st x & Angus steers HR 625-700#
Brockel – 60 Hereford steers HR 650# – Gaaskjolen – 100 Angus steers HR 700-800#
Drolt – 150 blk & bldy calves HR 750-800# – Sperle – 150 Angus steers HR 600-700#
Honeyman – 70 Charolais x steers 800-850# – Valhoff – 40 Angus calves HR 500-600#
More calves and yearlings expected by sale time.
Upcoming Sales:
Monday, February 25: Regular cattle and sheep sale
Faith Livestock Commission Co.
(605) 967-2200
The weather and the board cut our sale down for Monday,
February 11, although, the market was higher than antici-
pated. Greener grass cattle sold steady to a little lower with
replacement heifers selling steady. Our first breeding bull
sale met with a very strong sale..
Thank you for your business.
Jaime Enerson
37..................blk & bldy steers DF 594 .............$163.00
24..................blk & bldy steers DF 465 .............$188.00
44............................Angus heifers 514 .............$158.50
Harlan Enerson
19.......................Angus steers DF 602 .............$162.25
12............................Angus heifers 517 .............$158.00
Jerry Martin
20....................1st x baldy hfrs BV 613 .............$140.50
20......................Angus heifers BV 629 .............$144.50
Wayne Palmer
21......................Angus heifers BV 740 .............$130.50
Les Lensegrav
20......................Angus heifers BV 613 .............$140.50
A & G Hatle
70.........................blk & red steers 751 .............$138.25
C & R Olson
18.............................Angus steers 745 .............$138.75
12......................Angus heifers BV 651 .............$141.00
Steve Harwood
45........................blk & red heifers 549 .............$149.25
23........................blk & red heifers 440 .............$156.50
Tracy Collins
4 .......................Red Angus steers 574 .............$163.25
H & M Wiesinger
16 .......................blk & bldy steers 547 .............$166.75
22 .....................blk & bldy heifers 524 .............$157.50
Linn Ranch
12.............................Angus steers 499 .............$179.00
.................................................... ..............................
Tim Smith
8..................................baldy cows 1429 .............$78.25
9..................................baldy cows 1582 .............$76.25
15................................baldy cows 1503 .............$76.75
Fairview Ranch
14................................baldy cows 1314 .............$75.75
6..................................baldy cows 1374 .............$78.25
Jason Reed
1........................................blk cow 1500 .............$77.00
1........................................blk cow 1445 .............$77.50
Rob Farlee
8 .....................................red cows 1466 .............$75.50
We appreciate your business. Give us a call at 605-967-2200
or www.faithlivestock.com if you have livestock to sell.
We would be glad to visit with you.
Gary Vance – (605) 967-2162 OR Scott Vance – (605) 739-5501
OR CELL: 484-7127 OR Max Loughlin – (605) 244-5990 OR
1-605-645-2583 (cell) OR Glen King 1-605-390-3264 (cell)
LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County • NWAS February 13, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 11
Proceedings of the
Common Council
City of Faith, SD
The Common Council for the City of
Faith, South Dakota met in regular ses-
sion on February 4, 2013 at 5:30 P.M. in
the Community Room of the Community
Center. Mayor Haines called the meet-
ing to order, Brown called roll call, and
Mayor Haines led the Pledge of Alle-
Council members present: Inghram,
Spencer, Lightfield, and Hellekson.
Council members absent: Riley and
Others in attendance were: Debbie
Brown, Jon Collins, and Sandy Ras-
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Spencer to approve the agenda re-
moving items #2, #3, and #6. Motion car-
Inghram made a motion, seconded
by Lightfield to approve the minutes of
the January 22, 2013 meeting. Motion
The following claims were presented
and read:
Aflac, Cancer & Accident Insurance –
$997.52; Avesis Third Party Administra-
tors, Inc., Vision Insurance – $126.38;
City of Faith, Utilities – $12,008.65;
Coca-Cola Refreshments, Pop at Bar –
$313.60; CWD Aberdeen, Supples –
$299.74; Delage Landen Fin. Service,
Copier Lease – $44.46; Demco, Library
Supplies – $124.77; Dept of Revenue,
Laboratory Services – $13.00; Diesel
Machinery, Inc., MV Parts – $624.04;
Emerency Medical Products, Inc., Ambu-
lance Supplies – $1,353.64; Faith Fit-
ness Center, Full Time Employees Mem-
bership – $50.00; Faith Lumber
Company, Supplies – $492.06; Heart-
land Waste Management, Hauling
Garbage & Dumpsters – $4,105.00;
Jerome Beverage, Inc., Beer –
$6,828.15; Johnson Western Wholesale,
Liquor – $2,354.43; Northwest Beverage
Inc., Beer – $7,264.25; Prairie Commu-
nity Health, Inc., Ambulance Supplies –
$28.00; Reliable, Library Supplies –
$124.42; Roy's Pronto Auto Parts, Re-
pair & Maintenance – $639.77; S&S
Roadrunner Sales Co., Misc – $159.08;
SD Retirement System, Retirement
Plan – $3,667.56; Schwan's, Misc –
$169.77; SDTA, 4th Quarter Assessment
Notice – $1,602.74; Sodak Distributing
Company, Liquor – $2,881.09; Sparky's
Bar & Grill, Wine – $2,199.00; Sysco-
North Dakota, Inc., Supplies – $104.36;
Tri County Water, Water – $5,520.00;
Visa, Gasoline, Pool Lift, Other –
$4,910.30; Missouri River Energy Serv-
ices, Supplemental Power, Dues,
WAPA – $26,818.73; Farmers State
Bank, SS & Withholding – $1,087.78;
Farmers State Bank, SS & Withholding –
$3,183.94; Farmers State Bank,
BankCard – $116.69; Farmers State
Bank, 911 Surcharge – $314.80; Farm-
ers State Bank, 911 Surcharge –
$361.25; Dept of Revenue, Drivers Li-
censing – $100.00; Post Prom, Dona-
tion – $500.00; Companion Life, Dental
Insurance – $569.74; Wellmark Blue-
Cross & Blue Shield, Health Insurance –
$8,062.80; Farmers State Bank, Extra
Statement-February – $3.00; Farmers
State Bank (Void), 911 Surcharge –
Inghram made a motion, seconded
by Lightfield to approve all claims as pre-
sented. All yes votes. Motion carried.
5:45 PM – Open Bids for
Aviation Fuel:
No bids were received.
6:00 PM – Open Bids for
Surplus Property:
The following bids were received for
the aviation fuel tank:
Barry Vig – $220.00
Rodney Geisler – $65.56
John Heidler – $45.00
Inghram made a motion, seconded
by Hellekson to accept Barry Vig’s bid of
$220.00. All yes votes. Motion carried.
Audit and year End Financials:
Ketel Thorstenson’s proposal is as
Audit – $10,500 plus expences
Year End Financials – $4,500
Hellekson made a motion, seconded
by Spencer to accept Ketel Thorsten-
son’s proposals, Audit - $10,500 and
Year End Financials - $4,500.00. All yes
votes. Motion carried.
Use of Gym – Clay Brown and
Brandi Donovan:
Debbie Brown, on behalf of Clay and
Brandi, asked for the use of the gym for
a wedding on September 14, 2013.
They would like the bar and would like to
set up on the 13th and take down on the
15th. Spencer made a motion, seconded
by Hellekson to approve the use of the
gym for the wedding and the bar. All yes
votes. Motion carried.
Federal Mileage Rate Change:
The federal mileage rate changed to
$.56.5 as of January 1, 2013. Lightfield
made a motion, seconded by Hellekson
to approve the City to use the federal
mileage rate. All yes votes. Motion car-
Change in Library Budget:
Meade County’s allocation for 2013
Dr. Jason M. Haf ner
Dr. David J. Prosser
Faith Clinic
PH: 967-2644
910 Harmon St
Cell: (605) 441-7465
Fax: (605) 859-2766
Bus. (605) 859-2585 or 1-800-859-5557
101 W. Oak St., PO Box 816
Philip, SD 57567-0816
Chrysler • Dodge Ram • Ford-Lincoln
Faith Community
Health Service
HOURS Mon.–Fri.:
8 a.m.–12; 1 -5 p.m.
After Hours
Verna Schad: 964-6114 or
605-365-6593 (cell)
Dusty’s Tire Service
PH: 605-490-8007 – Faith, SD
“Have truck will travel”
For all your on-farm tractor, truck &
machinery tire repairs call Dusty.
Leave a message if no answer
Call anytime 7 days a week!!
I have tubes & most common
tires on hand & can order in any
tire of your choice.
Serving the town of
Faith, SD
Bison, SD
H&H Repair–Jade Hlavka
3 mi. W & 3 mi. N of Howes, SD
Equip. Repair/Maintenance -
Hydraulics - A/C - Tires
Car & Light Truck Tires
Shop: 605-985-5007
Cell: 605-441-1168
Certified Diesel Tech
Dr. Brandace Dietterle
DC Chiropractor
Located in
Imagine and More
Prairie Oasis Mall,
Faith, SD
PH: 415-5935
Imagine And More
Home Furnishings
High Quality ~ Low Cost
Prairie Oasis Mall
Po Box 402 Faith, SD 57626
Mon.–Thurs. 8 aM-6 PM
Bus: 605-967-2562
Krissy Johnson ~ Owner
Ravellette Publ. Inc.
We offer a complete commercial
printing service ...
• Business Cards • Letterheads
• Envelopes • Brochures
• Office Forms • And More!
The Faith Independent
PH: (605) 967-2161 OR
FAX: 967-2160
e-mail: faithind@faithsd.com
Faith Veterinary
(605) 967-2212
Monday–Friday: 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8 am-Noon
For the best in critter care!
For all your Real Estate Needs
call Kevin Jensen
Black Hills land, homes and businesses.
With values and honesty born and bred in Faith,
trust Kevin Jensen to help you
solve your real estate questions.
Kevin Jensen your friend
in real estate
Exit Realty, Rapid City
Bogue & Bogue
Law offices
Eric Bogue
Cheryl Laurenz Bogue
416 S Main St., Fai th, SD
967-2529 or 365-5171
Available for all
Anniversary - Weddings
Call Diane Fees
605-748-2210 or 2244
Hol l oway Storage
Fai th, SD
Unit sizes: 5x10, 8x20,
10x10, 10x15 & 10x20
Steel storage facility
Cal l 967-2030 or
Cel l 605-200-1451
Badlands Enterprises
Samuel C. O’Rourke, Sr.
PO Box 1618, Eagle Butte, SD
• Septic Tank Pumping
• Portable Restrooms
• General Contracting
for the Library is $5,390.00. The City
budgets $20,000 plus what the County
allocates, so the budget needs to reflect
this amount. Spencer made a motion,
seconded by Lightfield to approve the
change in the Library’s budget from
$25,000 to $25,390. All yes votes. Mo-
tion carried.
West River Cable Franchise
Council reviewed the agreement and
will be on next meeting.
Meeting Change:
The next scheduled Council Meeting
is the same time as the Girl’s District
Basketball game at home. Hellekson
made a motion, seconded by Lightfield
to change the meeting to Wednesday,
February 20th at 5:00 PM. Motion car-
Building Permits:
Countryside Estates on Butler Addi-
tion Lot 4, Block 2, submitted a building
permit for remodel(Replace some cabi-
nets, different front door and replace
bathroom fixtures). Lightfield made a
motion, seconded by Hellekson to ap-
prove the building permit. Motion carried.
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Inghram to adjourn. Motion carried.
Glen Haines, Mayor
Debbie Brown, Finance Officer
Published February 13, 2013 for a total
approximate cost of $58.14
CLASSIFIEDS • CALL 967-2161 • Email: faithind@faithsd.com The Faith Independent • February 13, 2013 • Page 12
CLASSIFIED RATE: $5.00 minimum for first 20 words; 10¢ each word after.
CARDS OF THANKS: Poems, Tributes, Etc. … $5.00 minimum for first 20
words; 10¢ each word after. Each name and initial must be counted as one
NOTE: $2.00 added charge for bookkeeping and billing on all charges.
Classified Display Rate.....................................................$4.70 per column inch
PUBLISHER’S NOTICE: All real estate advertised in this newspaper is sub-
ject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, which makes it illegal to advertise
“any preference, or discrimination on race, color, religion, sex, or national ori-
gin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimina-
This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which
is a violation of the law. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised
in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis.
The Faith
In Town & Dupree
$34.00 + local tax
In County
$34.00 + local tax
Out of County
$39.00 + local tax
Out of State $39.00
PO Box 38 • Faith, SD 57626
Ph: 605-967-2161
FAX 605-967-2160
Breakfast: Burritos
Lunch: Hot Hamburger – $4.29
Sandwich: BBQ Chicken
Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwiches
Lunch: Tacos – $4.29
Sandwich: Rueben
Breakfast: Biscuits & Gravy
Lunch: Asian – $4.29
Sandwich: Hamburger
Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwiches
Lunch: Cassserole – $4.29
Sandwich: Philly Steak & Cheese
Breakfast: Burritos
Lunch: 2 Piece Chicken Dinner – $4.29
Sandwich: Hamburger
…The Better Choice
Prairie Oasis Mall 605-967-2622
Faith, SD
1st Tuesday & 3rd Wednesday
of each month
Trips to Rapid City, Sturgis & communities in between
Fares to Rapid City are $25.00
For information or a brochure call (605) 374-3189
or Call 967-2001 to arrange a ride!
Wix Filter Days
Open House
February 18th
at Roy’s Pronto
Auto Parts
Hwy. 212 & S Hwy 73, Faith, SD
Lunch will be served
Register for Door Prizes:
Coats, tools, and a TV
Special on Tractor
Hydraulic Oil
& Mobil Delvac Oil
Wix Filter Days, Feb. 18-28
• 15W40
• 15W30
• Universal
• ISO 32, 46 or
Northern Hills
Eye Care
Schedule for Faith Clinic
For Appointment call: 1-800-648-0760
1st & 3rd
of each month
Dr. Hafner
Feb. 20, 2012
Dr. Prosser
MARCH 6, 2013
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Lassleís Main Street CafÈ, Bowdle,
SD, to be sold as going business,
turn key operation, March 20.
Gary McCloud Real Estate Auction,
605-769-1181 or 948-2333.
owned business, established in
western S.D. for 63 years. Shop is
busy all year round. Lesí Body
Shop, Philip, 605-859-2744.
Custer Clinic and Custer Regional
Senior Care in beautiful Custer,
SD, have full time and PRN (as-
needed) RN, LPN and Licensed
Medical Assistant positions avail-
able. We offer competitive pay and
excellent benefits. New Graduates
welcome! Please contact Human
Resources at (605) 673-2229 ext.
110 for more information or log
onto www.regionalhealth.com to
tive wages, benefits, training, profit
sharing, opportunities for growth,
great culture and innovation.
$1,500 Sign on Bonus available for
Service Technicians. To browse
opportunities go to www.rdoequip-
ment.com. Must apply online.
between 2001-present and suf-
fered perforation or embedment in
the uterus requiring surgical re-
moval, or had a child born with
birth defects, you may be entitled
to compensation. Call Johnson
Law and speak with female staff
members 1-800-535-5727.
Make & save money with your own
bandmill. Cut lumber any dimen-
sion. In stock ready to ship. FREE
Info/DVD: www.Norwood Saw-
mills.com 1-800-578-1363
DAKOTA LOG HOME Builders rep-
resenting Golden Eagle Log Homes,
building in eastern, central, north-
western South & North Dakota.
Scott Connell, 605-530-2672,
Craig Connell, 605-264-5650,
statewide for only $150.00. Put the
South Dakota Statewide Classi-
fieds Network to work for you
today! (25 words for $150. Each
additional word $5.) Call this
newspaper or 800-658-3697 for
discounts for spring delivery.
50x80, 62x100, 68x120, 68x200,
100x200. Take advantage of tax
deductions. Limited Offer. Call
Jim 1-888-782-7040.
run 14 central states. 2 years over
the road experience required. Ex-
cellent benefit package. Call 701-
221-2465 or 877-472-9534.
rights on private property for An-
telope and or Mule Deer. Call
605-321-3635. F22-3tp
WANTED: ranch or grass land to
lease by the month or year, by the
head. Call 316-734-3374.
Countryside Apartments in
Faith. 1 bedroom, carpeted
throughout. Laundry facilities
available. Handicap accessible.
Rent based on income. For infor-
mation contact: PRO/Rental
Management 1-800-244-2826 or
1-605-347-3077 Equal Opportu-
nity Housing. F5-tfc
with trencher and backhoe, Live-
stock Water Systems. 10 1/2
miles south of Maurine, 605-748-
2473 Merle Vig. F2-tfc

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