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Only in Chicago

1. 1Good Italian Beef - Brad Little, Randell Monaco 2. 2Great thin crust pizza: Jim and Pete's - Randell Monaco Arguably true.

NO. Technically in Elmwood Park: NO.

3. 3Extreme segregation based on poverty. - Elizabeth Soledad Rivera 4. 4The smell of chocolate / And a downtown with the smell of chocolate. -Angela Ballard, Barbara Strangeman 5. 5Cubs!!! / Nonsensical rivalry between the Cubs and Sox. They don't even play in the same league!!! - Troy Swanson Todd Leiter-Weintraub 6. 6El Milagro Tortillas! Anthony Roy 7. 7Jibaritos Megan E.C. Klwitte

Arguably true.


NO: Arguably true: 14/best-jibarito-sandwiches_n_796787.html#s206305&title=Borinq uen_Lounge_1720 NO. You can ship it wherever: .html

8. 8Malort / Jeppson's Malort.Lehner Panal lAaron Reste Carla Caruso Katherine Raz John Michael Susan Gorby Emily Cot Erin Polgreen 9. 9WBEZ - Hollie Richard Shepherd Dawn Nijim Hill Judy Napoleon 10. 1Shot by gangbangers while

Arguably true. You can listen online.

NO. Unfortunately, this happens in

0minding your own business Matthew J. Robertson 11. 1Its obvious and true Me - Jason 1Soroko

other places.

No. Too easy.

12. 1Ravinia - Linda Lin 2 13. 1Polish sausage at Jims - Collin 3Pearsal

NO. Not in Chicago Proper: YES: Locations.html YES: http://www.chicagopizzaandovengrinder .com/ YES

14. 1Pizza pot pie, a la Chicago Pizza 4& Oven Grinder Co. 15. 1The Lake! Cristina Morales / 5Lake Michigan, and the public space abutting it. - Mike Sloothaak 16. 1The EL- a real Chicago 6experience for sure - Robbie Klinger 17. 1The VIEWS driving into Chicago 7from any direction are priceless. Colleen Fisch / Interesting architecture of any city in the USA, so maybe we can say our skyline is something you can't get anywhere else! Jean Greenberg / Everyday architectural experience that very few other cities in North America can offer. - Mona Oommen An 18. 1Public transportation that will take 8you anywhere in the metro area, loads of suburban places, and even into the next state. - Donna Kiser 19. 1The distinct feeling that you're not 9wanted by your own city governance? - Kaara Kallen 20. 2Both a death certificate and a 0sticker that says "I voted" Nicholas R Filipiak

NO. Travels outside the city limits


NO. Other places have that

Arguably true.

NO. Death certificates are issued by the state.

21. 2High ass gas prices - Jorge 1Pedroza / You get the nations highest gas prices. - Chip Mitchell 22. 2The ability to swim in a gigantic 2fresh water sea, right up against skyscrapers in one of the world's biggest cities. Impressive. - Liz Burns 23. 2Pop as in what we drink Emilie 3Babicz and Robin Randall 24. 2Jimmy's hot dogs Lily Be / 4A decent hotdog. Kathy Choi / Steve Albinis hotdog farts Randy Nieto / A chicago Hot dog...California has nothing nada, zilch that even comes close... Joyce Bell / Chicago Dog (hot dog). Sometimes I have cravings. Ron GalenA 25. 2World-class free orchestra 5concerts Barbara Strangeman / Free entertainment all summer long with a beautiful lakefront backdrop. Elisha Anderson 26. 2A President of the U.S. who calls 6Hyde Park his home! - Todd Leiter-Weintraub 27. 2Giardiniera Outsiders Almanac 7/ Giardiniera,or at least the good kind Could go with uniquely flavored and easily available giardiniera Adric Garlick 28. 2Pizza puffs, not calzones, the 8gross pizza puffs. - Eunice De Leon

YES. emap.aspx yes






NO. This person got some at a grocery store in Milwaukee (though they are a Chicago thing): 10/12/what-is-a-pizza-puff.html NO

29. 2Good pizza - Mary Bellus / 9Seriously, If any Chicagoans left town and really understood what's missing is Chicago Pizza. I've tried various pizzas from other states. THEY ALL SUCKED! JackJohn Gallen

30. 3Inexpensive ultra-high-end blues 0performances. - John Riordan 31. 3Winter spring and summer all in 1one day! - Franco Villarreal / A full season of weather - in one day! Kaye Pomaranc / Four seasons in one day. - Jerry Steele 32. 3Pastorelli Italian Chef pizza 2sauce. I have my family bring it to me when they visit DC. The taste takes me right back to mom's homemade on a Friday night. A must for untouchable pizza! - Jay Ferrari 33. 3Unfettered, open park land along 3a lakefront. No other city protects its lakefront like we do. Thank you Montgomery Ward & Daniel Burnham. - Laura Sabransky 34. A shirt that says Made In Chicago. - Deni Gottlieb 35. Guerilla theater troupes secondto-none. - Todd Leiter-Weintraub 36. El Ranchero tortilla chips - Brian Bowman / El Ranchero green bag - Dean DeMatteis 37. Finch's Beer! - Brian Bowman


NO - everyone likes to brag that happens in their town. Well except for all of California

NO: .php



Arguably true.

Arguably true:

NO: dining/beer-baron-it-s-been-a-busysummer-for-new/article_111c514ee187-11e1-a988-0019bb2963f4.html NO: NO: 4 - Vinnie Hernandez NO:

38. Frango mints? - Jessica D'Amico


Co-op Hot Sauce


The world's best caramel and cheese mixed popcorn!!! - Marian Barlage / Garrett's popcorn while the caramel part is still warm! Suzanne Smalling Edler / Garrett's, the Chicago Mix. But, I

just heard that there's a Garrett's opening in LasVegas. A few years ago you could have said Potbelly's. - Lynn Baber / garretts popcorn - Natalie Moore 41. Nighthawks and American Gothic!!! - Mats Trnblom YES: ork-search/results/nighthawks YES: html YES


Sather's cinnamon rolls. - Julie Sevig Ann


Buckinham Fountain!!! - Mats Trnblom Apple Jack breaded tilapia at Glenn's diner. - Kelly Chenault




The "Bean" - Lise Schuehler Onstott / Anish Kapoor's bean - Claudine Hubert Dawn Ivory Sapphire Ruby 16" softball - Kristan Raymond

46. 47.

? Arguably true. You can buy the softballs in Wisconsin, but the game is mostly played here. ?


Your own personal street parking spot: dibs! Veronica Pasia Tritt and Penny Duff Movies in the Park is a pretty wonderful benefit to being a Chicagoan! - Indo-American Center LSD - along the most beautiful lakefront. - JoAnne Kempf and Emily Cot Harold's chicken - Robin Rhodes Rone






NO:'s_Chi cken_Shack YES: r_League_Baseball_franchise_postsea son_droughts Arguably true.


A baseball team that hasn't won the World Series in over 100 years? - Jason M. Roberts


TWO city buses coming to pick

you up at the bus stop at the exact same time! - Katherine Raz 54. A 75 yr long parking meter contract. - Emily Cot YES: s/2012/10/15/chicago-to-audit-parkingmeter-contract.html NO. Detroit still has the highest


Highest homicide rate - Kathleen Roberts The Korean fried chicken at Crisp - Joaquin Tejada Goose Island Green Line pale ale. - Sarah Campbell


YES: NO: e-island-green-line-pale-ale NO



Praski (or prasky)sausage Arcadia Kust Ridiculously high taxes, overtly corrupt city government, skyrocketing living expenses, inept politicians, embarrassment of a public school system, crime rate that rivals rio de janeiro, and a population that appears complacent with all of it - Joshua Magnus Longstanding neighborhood distinctions (bucktown, logan square etc) that are still used? Arcadia Kust Italian ice from Johnnie's on North Avenue and near 1066 W. Taylor street. - Jorge M Juarez My Daughter ......... Kristan Raymond - Valerie Hudson Rice "The Picasso" - Meg Evans Smith






NO: This is in Elmwood Park: NO. Too easy. See rule 5.



YES: asso YES: e-Lounge/


A nice, affordable bar on a 96th floor that offers spectacular views of a fabulous city and a horizon extending to other states. - Josh Kurutz A ride on The Windy, a 147 foot,



3 masted schooner docked at Navy Pier, and skippered by MY nephew, David Galen. - Ron Galen 66. 67. Lincoln Park Zoo - Wendy Flood Clincher softball! - Teresa Elward YES Arguable true. You can buy the softballs in Wisconsin but the game is mostly played here. NO


20% homicide clearance rate Joshua Magnus A great city at an affordable price. - David Mueller A full tour of the city from O'Hare before you can get off the plane. Teddy Confetti maxwell street polish with grilled onions!!!! - Chris Garner Chicago Diner BBQ Wingz. Becky Duncan An italian sub from Bari on Grand Ave! - Joel Beaman









YES: d=157 YES:


Rainbow Cones! - Kathy Markham and Mairead Case


Jamaican Curry Goat! - Denise D Bland CHEEZEBOURGER CHEEZEBOURGER CHEEZBOURGER - Edison Orellana a friendly spirit and the generous nature of residents year-round! :) - @SkirtSuggests A decent Italian beef sandwich NOT called a french dip @transportnexus (Transport Nexus) Liquid nitrogen ice cream - Noah Mikell @noah_mikell

NO NO. Theres one in DC and Mount Prospect: s/ NO






NO http://www.subzeroicecreamfranchise.c

om/ 80. #OnlyInChicago Does The mayor hold more weight than a governor. - The Ocean Man @TheReturn1914 one thing that I always remember if the sight of steam and the smell from the subway vents in the winter ... also, the sound of the ice blocks like grinding teeth along the lake front as the lake swells. - Margo Blair Lyon and Healy Harps - Odette Yousef Arguably true.




YES. Well, the Lyon and Healy Harp factory: Arguably true. Possibly the highest amount of new, young improv actors?


Second City. For the most part, Chicago is the birth place of improv. Chicago is where comedic actors go to develop their skills. Sure they abandon it for money and fame in New York and LA, but they had to start somewhere. - Amin Sadri The world's largest Mexican middle-class. Check my stats. Its what I heard. - Xan Aranda Air that smells of CHOCOLATE! Kelly Joy Vanater Peraino Mexican/Polish weddings. - Mario Jaime Aranda The bully squirrels of Montrose Harbor. - Mario Jaime Aranda Superdawg (Chicago Style Hot Dogs delivered via carhop in old school drive-in on the NW side) and/or Sarkis (home of the Bacon Loretta). oh, and the "green bag tortilla chips," or El Ranchero's tortilla chips. - Jackie Suerth TVPolish - Todd Melby Chindian restaurants - Todd Melby Can you mail-order blommers'


Cant verify.


Arguably true.






YES. El Rancheros are questionably true, though, because you can order a specialty shipment.

89. 90.




dark and semisweet chocolate varieties? I'd do it! But as far as I know, we can't, and I miss that stuff. - Ilana Percher 92. Kartemquin Film Company - Tim Horsbough A recent world tour confirms that Chicago is ground zero for cheap, plentiful THRIFT/RESALE. Sure we have our dumb resale boutiques but for pure, unsorted, slightly musty fantastic thrift clothes, Chicago takes the cake. You can still discover $2 gems here. - Nicole Garneau E-Dogz - Joe Hulbert ml





YES: 541465/e-dogz-mobile-culinarycommunity-center YES


the Museum of Science and Industry and the Field Museum! Ashley Gross The perfect combination of a street system that makes sense, alleys, and back porches. Sure, it's easy to give/understand directions in NYC, but all their trash is on the sidewalk and they have ugly fire escapes on the front of the buildings instead of cute back porches . And Boston? Any city that includes Dunkin Donuts in their directions on how to get somewhere - "Go straight until the 2nd Dunkin Donuts, then sway a bit to the left until you see the 3rd Dunkin Donuts..." Much prefer "Go two blocks South and one block East." And our "accent" isn't grating. - Saya Hillman Coffee delivered to me by a buy on a bicycle who roasts it in his own garage. - Brendan Dabowski Most gang members of any city Husayn Allmart




NO. Portland has this too.


YES: 27/chicago-has-most-gangmem_n_1236341.html


A vegan diner! Typically diners are a real struggle for vegans. Jocelyn Frank Chicago is a mecca for many reasons. Besides being the birth place of improv, blues, house music, and molecular gastronomy, Chicago also takes the crown in segregated diversity. Many cultures reside here in their own pockets of the city making Devon, for example, feel authentically like India. I've heard of one never needing to learn English if they spent their entire lives in Little Villages Mexico. And how many times have you heard of Chicago carrying the second largest Polish population outside of Warsaw? Statistics of disparity are astounding to me. Within a 26 mile distance you have the highest income per capita to the lowest! You typically here of two seasons here. And, while we have a history rooted organized crime and windbag politics (Windy City) we also house many wonderful landmark spiritual centers as well. This ranges from the numerous beautifully intricate Presbyterian Churches, to the breath-taking BAPS Hindu Temple, to the only Bahai House of Worship in North America, and many others. Some of my favorites things unique to Chicago though would have to include the Aqua Building the tallest building in the world designed by a woman, Intelligentsia Coffee (though they've now spread), and wellthe skyline best seen on the lawns between the Planetarium and Shed Aquarium truly unmatched anywhere else in the entire world. - andre segovia The only coffeeshop/custom bike shop I've ever heard of at Heritage General Store! - Husayn Allmart



YES: Aqua Building is the tallest building in the world designed by a woman.




Nicole's Chicago Firecracker crackers. Delish. (And I don't think you can order them online.) a lesbian/Swedish/Middle Eastern neighborhood? (Andersonville) Tori Marlan Chicago was the center of the candy-making industry not long ago, there may be varieties that don't make their way past our shores. And I'm sure there are some micro-brews that don't get out of town much. - Leslie Simmer 57th St Bookstore. I know, books can be shipped, downloaded, or pirated anywhere. But this is in Hyde Park in the area of University of Chicago and the Frank Lloyd Wright house. It's not just that this place is meticulously curated-- it's that something magical about walking through the door. driving along Lake Shore in a midwestern thunderstorm is a pretty singular experience. Caitlin Johnson Castelaz the pedal pub. young entrepreneurs (who are simultaneously hipster and intelligent). the best ethiopian food. farm-to-table culture (include farmers markets). neighborhoods. affordable brunch. dogs in the workplace (okay maybe LA has that too, but there they are obnoxious dogs). guys with beards and wear plaid that actually have legit jobs. parking. - Beckie Stocchetti A keepin' it real attitude-that's what I miss most now that I have moved. The possibility of two seasons of weather in one day. Faiza Shirazi Hot Dougs - Leslie Simmer and Clarissa Williams

NO http://www.nicolesdivinecrackers.bigcart YES



Arguably true.




Arguably true. Too specific.








More food: Do other cities have vendors selling elotes, Mexican style corn with all those awesome toppings? (I didn't grow up in Chicago, and you can tell the food here is one of my favorite things.) - Jill Westerfelhaus baby chicagoans? - Andrea Fritsch Chances dances? - Andrea Fritsch it's the only place i've met Polish people that don't speak English Maciek Dolata :)






NO. Poland?


Chicaaahgo accents! - Todd Brandel You get in and out of jail without ending up deported -- even if you lack papers to be living in the United States. - Chip Mitchell You get the highest African American unemployment rate of any big U.S. city. - Chip Mitchell You get the nations worst traffic congestion. - Chip Mitchell

NO. Chicago transplants.




NO: YES: 20/chicago-ranked-no-1-forw_n_811626.html#s226786&title=_1_ Arguably true.



You get the nations best skyline. - Chip Mitchell You get lots of Mexicans without having to live in the Southwest. Chip Mitchell You get lots of Puerto Ricans without having to live in New York or Florida. - Chip Mitchell Chicago has the most unique (longest, too?) beachfront on a great lake - Natalie Moore Harpo Studios - Natalie Moore obamas home in kenwood Natalie Moore


Yes. http://www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory. org/pages/824.html YES




121. 122.



most council members whove gone to jail - Natalie Moore most governors members whove gone to jail - Natalie Moore A ticket to watch a pro sports event from outside the actual stadium at Wrigley Field rooftops Too Much Light Makes the Baby go blind at the Neofuturists... I don't know if other groups out there do 30 plays in 60 minutes, but it's impressive The pumpkin ice cream from Bobtail-- not only is it only in Chicago, but it's only around during the season and even then it's hard to find. An amazing dining experience at Alinea... only in Chicago. Space Time Tanks. You can float in salt water for an hour and come out feeling like you had the best night of sleep. The birth of Green River Soda

Arguably true.


Arguably true.




NO. Theres also a New York troupe.








YES _(soft_drink) YES


The Weiner Circle chocolate shake, you can only get in Chicago! A boat ride from Michigan Avenue to China town - and if you take advantage of the 10 ride pass it's cheaper than a bus ride for a family - and with incredible views of the city.




Smoke fish and shrimp from Calumet fisheries - it doesn't ship - the smoke shrimp and other smoked fish is totally unique - if you don't go and buy it there you'll never get it.