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October 2012 • Issue 16

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In Memory

This past summer, the Diocesan Office of Vocations for Priesthood and Religious Life asked if I, along with a number of our parish staff, would welcome and mentor a seminarian for a 10- week period. We agreed to do so, and it was understood our parish would provide room and board, and the diocese (through the Annual Catholic Appeal) would provide his stipend for service to our parish. As you will read in the following article, Andrew had a variety of parish experiences and ministerial opportunities beyond the parish. He was a delightful presence in the rectory, and has returned to complete his final year of college in preparation for five years of theology school. Andrew, thank you for your presence and ministry to our parish, and we wish you well in the years ahead! Come back and visit us!! Father Gregory Hite


Farewell address by seminarian, Andrew Wellmann
My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ! I have always enjoyed watching the Olympics, and the London 2012 games have been quite impressive indeed. It amazes me that people from around the world can gather in a city, work together in unity, and befriend those people whom they had only known for a short time. This reality is similar to what I have experienced here in Mansfield, Ohio. Thank you for welcoming me to your city and your parish from the moment of my arrival in May. It has been perfect joy to work and to serve in your parish. Thank you for befriending me, and, more importantly, for being my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! If I have offended any of you in any way, I am sorry. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in your parish and in your greater community. While you all have given me more than I can ever give you, I wanted to leave you with some token of my appreciation. At the doors to the church, you will find a small prayer card. Perhaps you could place this in your wallet, purse, or prayer book, and say a little prayer for me when you see it. That would mean so much to me. Next weekend, my contact information will appear in the bulletin. I would love to keep in touch with all of you and would welcome the opportunity to remain in contact as I continue my seminary journey. Here are the words of St. Paul in his Second Letter to Timothy: “The time of my departure has come…I have finished the race.” As I leave Mansfield, Ohio, I reflect on what St. Paul was referring to in this letter. While it was often sad for St. Paul to leave a city and its people – not knowing whether or not he would see them again – he nevertheless was able to bid farewell and trust in God’s plan for his life. My race here in Mansfield has been short, but there have been many golden opportunities along the way. Even though it is sad to bid farewell, it is comforting to remember that we are all united together in love through the Eucharist, which, appropriately, means thanksgiving. Indeed I will give thanks for my time here and for all of you. I will remember you fondly in my thoughts and in my prayers. After all, we are all united as brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ, and it is love that holds all of us together. Instead of worrying about goodbyes, let us remember that love never dies. I will end with a quote from someone who has always been a great inspiration to me. I think often of his book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go,” and I will proudly add Mansfield to the list of places I’ve been. Dr. Seuss said: “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.” Indeed, I will always smile fondly when I think of Mansfield 2012 – a great race, a golden opportunity, and a gleaming flame of love that will always burn in my heart. May God shower each and every one of you with His abundant love, peace, joy, and blessings! THANK YOU, GOD BLESS YOU, GOOD-BYE.

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Editor’s Note
With the passing of Msgr. Dunn and Sr. Pat Vaira, I felt is was incumbent to pay respect to their service at St. Peter’s. An anonymous donor made it possible to increase this issue by 4 pages without additional cost to the parish. Elaine Zarczynski, editor



Parish News

Monsignor Edward C. Dunn
Born December 10, 1916 Ordained a Priest June 19, 1943 Born to Eternal Life August 24, 2012
On August 28, 2012, the Mass of Christian Burial was held in Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Tiffin, Ohio. It was truly a celebration of the life and service of a devoted Priest. Father Joseph Szybka delivered this most meaningful and memorable homily: “I well remember when Monsignor Dunn was making his funeral plans many months ago. He asked if I would be willing to preach the homily at his funeral Mass. My first thought was: “O Lord, I am not worthy!” These same thoughts came to me this morning as well. As I look out at all our brother priests, and see many who worked with Monsignor in various ways over the years, many former associate pastors who were lucky enough to be mentored by Monsignor and many, many, very good friends of Monsignor in the priesthood, all of whom could do a much better job than I can. Yet with reluctance and humility, I said yes to Monsignor’s request! I would like to begin by extending our deepest sympathy to you, John, Monsignor’s brother, to John and Michael and your families, to Shirley and her mother, Clara, who provided excellent care for Monsignor over many years, and to all the close friends of Monsignor over the years, and to all of us as we gather this day with truly heavy hearts! Monsignor’s life and ministry touched many, many people. Monsignor’s death is a loss to all of us: here in Tiffin at St. Joseph and St. Mary parishes alike, to people of St. Peter Parish in Mansfield, to people of Clyde St. Mary Parish, to all the Sisters to whom Monsignor ministered over the years, to the Diocese of Toledo, to the Church universal – a loss of a good and


faithful servant! My association with Monsignor goes back to the summer of 1979. I was a lowly seminarian as Miss Shirley, then the evening secretary at St. Peter’s, is fond of reminding me! I was at the Josephinum, between my college and theology years. Monsignor, amidst many other duties and responsibilities, was willing to take in a very “green” seminarian for the summer. I must admit that the relationship began with a little fear of Monsignor, a rather formidable figure to me at that time! That fear quickly gave way to a great respect for Monsignor – he radiated goodness, kindness, thoughtfulness, and most importantly a great gift of affirming the goodness of others. Over the years, little did I know that that relationship would grow and develop from boss to mentor to fellow priest to greatest friends in the priesthood! Monsignor had the keen ability to accept me wearing my cassock and he never minded Father Ted Miller wearing sandals – wow – both ends of the spectrum! Monsignor just wanted us all to be good priests!

My reference to Monsignor went from “Monsignor” to “Mons” to “Ed” to “Eddie”. I loved to be able to use that name! Monsignor (Eddie) was one of those “inter-generational” figures – spanning many generations of familiarity here in the Tiffin community. Art Immele is fond of saying with pride, “I was one year ahead of Eddie Dunn at Calvert!” – there aren’t too many people who can say that! Many knew Eddie as the principal of Calvert High School, the Pastor at St. Peter’s in Mansfield, the Pastor of St. Mary in Clyde, the “retired” associate Pastor here at St. Joseph, and to others he was simply known as “the Energizer Bunny” who just kept on keeping on! As I think of Eddie, I cannot help but think of the Scripture passage: “Before the mountains were born and the earth was brought forth…” Eddie was here! At least it seems like that to me – just part of the landscape of the Diocese of Toledo! Eddie was a quintessential representative of priesthood in our diocese! As I was trying to organize my thoughts around the Scripture readings which Eddie chose for this funeral Mass, I thought of all the funerals Eddie celebrated during his 69 years of priesthood. As a priest, Eddie stood at the threshold between this life and life-eternal and helped many people over that threshold! It always seemed as though he had the right words to speak to people to help them through these most difficult times. What would Eddie tell us this day? I suspect we get a beautiful glimpse into Eddie’s thoughts as we reflect upon these Scriptures. The very familiar Old Testament reading from the Book of Ecclesiastes reminds us that “For everything there is a time under the heavens – a time to be born and a time to die.” Born – yes – Eddie was born here in Tiffin, Ohio, to John and Ethel. Who would have known that December 10, 1916, would be the beginning of a great, long, beautiful journey that would take Eddie into the lives and hearts of so many, many people – all the Baptisms and Marriages that Eddie celebrated, all the School Masses that I believe were a greater joy for Eddie than for the children, all the special events that Eddie enjoyed attending – Anniversaries, class reunions and graduations, dedications, First Masses (My own included where Eddie himself was the homilist!) “A time to be born and a time to die…” – Eddie was not ready to die! His calendar was full of upcoming events, including the 50th Class Reunion from Calvert later in September. Eddie loved life. He loved a good joke or some humorous experience. It was a delight to see Eddie laugh – his whole body shook. Eddie laughed with others but could also laugh at himself. Eddie became quite good at planning parties. I am told that whenever Father Say would go away, Eddie would plan a party for the staff. Eddie learned well from his former associates what to do when the Pastor goes away! More than loving life, Eddie loved being a priest – yes, a priest forever! For Eddie, to be a priest meant to be a servant. Stories still circulate about how Monsignor, when he was the principal at Calvert, was often seen
(continued on page 5) Monsignor Dunn at the St. Peter’s Ice Cream Social on May 13, 2011. Photo by Claudia Raff

Teaching Scripture class in 1979

September 1980 Parish Picnic Mass in South Park, Mansfield with Fr. John Shiffler and Fr. Richard Buckenmeyer

December 1981 Msgr Dunn at his 65th surprise birthday party



Parish News Remembering Monsignor Edward C. Dunn
(continued from page 4)

sweeping the gym floor after a basketball game and after everyone else left. He did what needed to be done. There was no task too great or too small, and he did it with grace and humility. Perhaps that is one of the things that impressed me most as a seminarian. When I was at St. Peter’s during those two summers, one of the chores Eddie asked me to do was to sweep the front steps of the church before the weekend Masses. For those of you who are not familiar with St. Peter’s, there are twenty-one steps going up to the front doors of the church! And in those days, pigeons were very prolific at St. Peter’s! I remember thinking that the priests had an easy job because they went in church to hear Confessions while I was outside sweeping the steps! I remember very well, however, that if Monsignor got done with the wedding early, he would have a broom in his hand to help me. I remember thinking to
Hall of Fame Induction October, 2001 2008 All school Mass

myself at that time, that’s the kind of priest I want to be! As I reflected upon the portion of the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus, recorded in St. John’s gospel we just heard this morning, Jesus said: “To them I have revealed Your Name and I will continue to reveal it, so that Your love for Me may live in them and I may live in them.” I believe that was the prayer

that Monsignor prayed for us as well! Monsignor continued to reveal the name of Jesus to us through his beautiful preaching, about which so many people have commented over the years. At 6:30 a.m. Mass at St. Peter’s, for which Monsignor frequently scheduled himself rather than assigning it to one of the other priests, Monsignor would offer a brief little reflection – so simple yet so

profound and inspiring – simply to help people live a better life. Just last Sunday, a week ago, Monsignor was here to celebrate the 11:30 Mass with the same fervor as he offered his First Mass at St. Mary many years ago. Monsignor thanked everyone for their prayers and support – almost as if, unknown to him, it was his farewell to all of us. Later in the week, one of our college students said what a great homily Monsignor gave on Sunday – a college student! Monsignor, we will miss you and we thank you! It has been said that behind every good man there is a great woman and that was certainly very true for Eddie. I would be woefully remiss if I didn’t point that out and, on behalf of Monsignor’s family and all of us, thank Shirley and her Mother for the great care they gave to Eddie over the past years. They made Eddie a part of their family and opened their home to him. Shirley, truly, these past seven years, you laid down your life for a friend! Whenever Eddie wanted to go some place, Shirley wanted him to be there. Even if Eddie didn’t want to go some place and Shirley thought it was important that he be there, she made sure that Eddie got there – even if it meant taking those curves on Route 100 a little faster sometimes than you should have been going! Who else would have been so dedicated? For being so faithful to your vocation, we thank you, Shirley. Monsignor Dunn – a beautiful icon of priesthood. As you loved us as priests and as the People of God, so we love you! We will miss you – your words, your love, your laughter. All will stay with us – in our hearts – always. As you continue to live, now with the Lord – truly a priest forever – may the Lord welcome you with the words: “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

1981 Confirmation Mass with Bishop Hoffman


September 1981 with Rev. Jerry Schmalenberger of First English Lutheran Church and Rev. Robert Baker of First United Methodist Church reviewing downtown development plan



Parish News
By Elaine Zarczynski

Msgr. Edward C. Dunn at St. Peter’s Parish
How do you measure a life? In the song, “Seasons of Love” from the well-known musical, Rent, music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson, we are told that a year is “five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.” For Msgr. Dunn, we multiply that times 95 and then some. The song concludes that the story never ends, we celebrate the years in the life of a friend and indeed, it is measured in love. The following achievements, collected by Sr. Paula Bingert, are a measure of the love that Msgr. Dunn had for the people of St. Peter’s Parish. The list is not only significant for a glimpse into the vocational life of Msgr. Dunn, but it is a reflection of the changes we have witnessed in the Catholic Church as a whole and the parish itself. • Designated Monsignor - 1964 • Pastor at St. Peter’s Parish - 1969-1984, mentoring 16 associate pastors • First Saturday vigil Mass - November 16, 1969 • Parish Council established – 1970 • First Parish Pictorial Directory – 1970 • Sixty Plus Club • First public concert of mixed choir - May 10, 1970 • Baptismal Font moved to Sanctuary – August 23, 1970 • Cry room established in former Baptistry – September 27, 1970 • Folk Group organized – October, 1970 • Opening night Bingo – September 19, 1971 • Automatic bell ringer installed – December, 1971 • New Schantz organ installed – March 1972 • Parish joins “Inter-Church Council” – January 7, 1973 • Celebrates 30 years as a priest – June, 1973 • High School Principal -1973-1974 • “Dunn Inn” added to rectory – November 25, 1973 • Handicapped ramp installed for side entry – May 26, 1974 • Terry Philpott becomes first Deacon – June 1, 1974 • Bob Kelly – first elementary lay principal – July 1974 • First lay ministers of the Eucharist – July 28, 1974 • First Christmas Eve 4:00 liturgy for children – December, 1975 • Montessori program established – June 13, 1976 • Confessionals renovated – November, 1976 • Mike Wasserman, first Director of Religious Education – June 5, 1977 • Receive Communion in hand and introduction of sign of peace – November 22, 1977 • Purchase of old First Street School (FAC ) – 1977 • Named Episcopal Vicar for Wyandot, Crawford and Richland counties, first of its kind in the Diocese – January 1, 1979 • Restroom installed in server’s sacristy – 1979 • Religious Ed for developmentally disabled – February 3, 1979 • Cup offered at Mass – September 23, 1979 • Church on National Register of Historic Places in Ohio – November, 29, 1979 • First RCIA class made profession – 1980 • First Marriage Encounter weekend – 1980 • Only parish in diocese with four priests – December, 1980 • Church doors replaced – May 1980

Monsignor Dunn at school Mass 2008 • Sisters to turn entire fourth floor into religious education center – May 26, 1981 • All St. Peter’s Alumni reunion – August 1, 1981 • Gala 65th birthday party in church basement – December, 1981 • Parish Heritage Room established – 1982 • Electric wiring fire in church – February 28, 1982 • Permitted girls to serve – 1982 • Virginia Imhoff hired as first Development Director – 1982 • New windows in grade school – August, 1982 • Chamber Choir sang Gregorian Chant Mass – August 28, 1983 • Tour of Catholic Europe under direction of Msgr. Dunn – September, 1983 • Msgr. Edward C. Dunn Foundation established – June 19, 1984 • Msgr. Dunn inducted into the St. Peter’s Hall of Fame - 2001 Monsignor, a French term meaning “my lord” or ‘my sir” is a term used for priests named honorary prelates by the Pope; however, the nomination for such honor is by the local Bishop. Msgr. Dunn received his honor in 1964, being nominated by then Bishop George Rehring, and was surprised to receive it. With true humility, Msgr. explained in a January 2011 article in the Catholic Chronicle that “there were a lot of other priests that were good

priests….why didn’t they make them monsignors?” He saw his role as priest as a vocation, “no different than that of a doctor or the guy running the butcher shop.” Explaining that the laypeople are just as holy as priests, Msgr. Dunn opined in the same article that “we’re all called to holiness and every vocation is sacred.” The winds of liturgical changes in the Church, starting with Vatican II and moving forward seemed to mirror Msgr. Dunn’s philosophy of parishioners sharing responsibility to fulfill their work in the Church. In a November 29, 1980 Mansfield News Journal story, Msgr. reflected that the St. Peter’s parishioners were already “involved in various aspects of the church’s planning, study and action” well before that call for laity to serve by an earlier conference of all US Catholic bishops. In a 1981 visit to St. Peter’s, Bishop James Hoffman reflected on changes in the parish since he had been an associate pastor at St. Peter’s, noting that while the pastor was still the head of the parish, the people are now very involved in every aspect of parish administration. Few may remember Msgr. Dunn’s involvement in what is now thought of as a type of downtown development authority. In the late ‘70s, Msgr. Dunn along with Rev. Jerry Schmalenberger of First English Lutheran Church and Rev. Robert Baker of First United Methodist Church realized a need for downtown urban renewal. The clergymen set forth a revitalization plan that was later changed in compromise with merchants. The plan called for a pedestrian mall with streetscaping and sewer improvements. The proposal was well received but as the true cost of the project became clearer and paperwork burdensome, a number of businesses withdrew support and the effort seemed on the verge of failing. These same businesses came back on board when more flexibility was offered and the project was back on course. As a result of his outreach beyond St. Peter’s physical boundaries, Msgr. Dunn was characterized by Rev. Baker as “the most ecumenical leader I have ever known.” In his years at St. Peter’s, the Alliance of Pastors was formed as well as the Inter-Church Council, which provided Lenten programs rotating annually through the involved churches. Described as a priest you could not say no to, parishioner Bob Schnug recalled being asked by Msgr. Dunn to take on the role of Eucharistic Minister. Bob tried every argument against it; however, Msgr. remained persistent, telling Bob “I’m not looking for a Saint.” Bob could no longer decline and, finally saying yes, informed Msgr. Dunn he was not getting a Saint. Msgr. even agreed with him! At Msgr. Dunn’s 65th birthday party, he was described as a good shepherd by Auxiliary Bishop Ottenweller. Msgr. Dunn was the ideal pastor who always loved the people, listening to their hearts. He loved learning, and his one wish was to be surrounded by young people who would tell him about the world

March, 1981 Ash Wednesday Liturgy and how they would change it. When the parish had four priests, Msgr. Dunn was curious to know what they were thinking as it offered him the opportunity to learn from them. The Dunn Foundation had its inception in Msgr. Dunn’s last year as pastor of St. Peter’s (1984) but its formal inauguration took place in February, 1986. As a testament to the character of the priest the foundation was named after, $25,000 was collected without any solicitation for funds. The Dunn Foundation has an annual report in the October issue of Family (see pg. 21) and a perusal of that statement shows the phenomenal growth that has occurred over a quarter century. The contributions to the Foundation have and will perpetuate the legacy of Msgr. Dunn, towards Catholic education in our local community. As a relatively new parishioner, I met Msgr. Dunn only one time about a year ago. In reviewing the collection of articles, stories and clippings of Msgr. Dunn’s time at St. Peter’s from Sr. Paula’s extensive collection of all things historical, a great portrait emerged of an iconic priest who was both leader and friend. My very favorite quote was from the Mansfield News Journal, December 27, 1975. Msgr. Dunn explained the closing of the cry room for the 4 p.m. Christmas Eve Mass, “….so we may enjoy the smiles and cries of children that we might better understand the infancy of Christ.” The message reverberates of love and is one we will carry in our hearts as we keep the memory of Msgr. Edward C. Dunn with us into the future.

Centennial parade on May 15, 2011 (photo by Emily Reith)

June, 1978 Celebration of 35th Anniversary of Ordination, left to right are Fr. Michael Tynan, Rev. David Sipes of Grace Episcopal Church, Rev. Robert Baker of First United Methodist Church, Msgr. Dunn, Fr. James Siefker and Fr. Frank Murd



Parish News
Reflections about Msgr. Edward Dunn by Bob and Trena Kelly I met Msgr. Dunn for the first time as Bob was interviewing for the position of elementary principal at St. Peter’s in July of 1974. I thought that the interview would provide a good experience for Bob, but was confident that we would not be moving to Mansfield. I had a good job in Cincinnati with great co-workers, lived in a lovely apartment, and enjoyed a happy life there. Monsignor’s directions to St. Peter’s brought us into town in a route that could best be described as not reflecting the finest attributes of Mansfield. Everything in my being screamed, “NOT HERE!” Msgr. Dunn came out of the meeting with Bob and said to me that he and the Board wanted Bob, but that Bob would not take the job unless I agreed. He looked into my eyes and said “is it okay with you?” In spite of everything I had been feeling, I took one look at those truly magnificent, honest eyes and said “yes.” Thanks, Monsignor, for the best years of our lives! ˜ Trena Kelly. Msgr. Dunn hired me as a 26 year old principal in 1974. I soon discovered that his leadership style was comfortable with change and he preferred my coming to him with a vision accompanied by well-organized plans. He was a visionary who also could appreciate and embrace the ideas of others. As a result, he supported my initiating the Montessori Preschool, the Development Department, and the Child Care Center, as well as many other efforts during our 10 years working

A “Prince of a Man” and a “Prince of a Priest”
together. Msgr. Dunn possessed a great sense of humor, which permitted him not only to weather the challenges of being pastor of one of the largest parish operations in the state, but also to simply enjoy the people around him. An example of this occurred one weekend after a sub-zero night burst plumbing pipes in the elementary building. Msgr. And I worked in ankle-deep water for hours to mitigate the flood. At one point we looked at each other with mops in our hands and water covering our shoes and burst out laughing, reflecting upon where in the job descriptions of pastor and principal this activity was covered. Recognizing his ability to influence decisions, Msgr. Dunn rarely spoke until the conclusion of School Board meetings. However, an athletic controversy resulted in one of the potentially most divisive meetings in my seventeen years as principal. Msgr. Dunn asked to speak at the beginning of the meeting, acknowledged the serious tensions surrounding the issue to be discussed, and stated that “at St. Peter’s we do not hire coaches, we hire teachers,” thus defusing the entire atmosphere with a brilliant demonstration of wise and unassuming leadership. Msgr. Dunn was known for his brilliant homilies, which somehow spoke directly to each person whether he/she was 8 years old or 80. He conscientiously limited his sermons to 8-10 minutes. At a 9:15 Mass one weekend, when I was serving with other Serrans, Msgr. surprised all of us by speaking for 25 minutes. After Mass, he asked

Parish News
by Elizabeth Wurm

Vacation Bible School returns
Smith, Demrie Alonzo, Marie McGinty, Audrey Ralph, Alana Ralph, Kayli Ralph, Noah Dillinger, Alexis Winters, Emily Raff, Natalie Zitko, Meghan Keller, Sophia Winters, Andrew Smith, Baillee Lovett, Marrin Eighinger and Olivia Kastelic for helping out with Vacation Bible School this year! I would also like to thank the countless members of our parish community for their generous contributions this week-- everything from supplies to monetary donations, which allowed us to keep the week cost effective for the children. We were very happy to help the children of our parish have fun, but most importantly, learn more about the “Blessings of Mary.”

Rev. Monsignor Edward C. Dunn St. Joseph Church bulletin cover if it seemed that he had spoken for an exceptionally long time and I confirmed that it was about 15 minutes longer than usual. He checked his notes for a sermon he was giving at another Church as part of a minister homily exchange that morning, turned to me with a somewhat embarrassed expression, and said “It appears that I just delivered the Baptist sermon.” Msgr. Dunn was described at his funeral Mass in Tiffin as a prince of a man and a prince of a priest. As a prince, he ruled by enabling those working with him to realize their potential. I know that I was a better principal and person because he was confident in my ability to affect change. I revel in the 10 years we worked together and the 38 years we knew each other. ˜ Bob Kelly

Monsignor Dunn on the soccer field

Saint Peter’s Parish hosted Vacation Bible School this July. The theme was the “Blessings of Mary.” The three day event looked at three different aspects of Mary’s life: Our Lady of Loretto, our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Fatima. Each day had some distinctive parts: praise and worship songs, a story about Mary’s life, a craft, games, the Catholic Spot where the children learned more about Mary, a snack and closing prayer. On day one we explored Our Lady of Loretto by hearing about the Annunciation. We made “Mary’s House” and all the children made “Our Lady” bags. We also learned more about Mary and her role in Christ’s Passion. We had a snack of “fish” like Mary would have eaten as a child, and finished by praying half of the Stations of the Cross from Mary’s perspective. Day two took us to Guadalupe! We learned about Mary’s appearance to Juan Diego and also made roses to present to the Blessed Mother. We played with a piñata and decorated our t-shirts with an image of the Blessed Mother on them. We also ate nachos and cheese! On day three we visited Fatima where we learned more about Mary’s appearance to the three children there. We ate cookies that looked like suns and all of the children made their own rosaries. I would like to thank Fran Leitenberger, Diane Stewart, Laura

Update to Prince of Peace Cemetery
(from June 2012 issue of Family)
We were deeply saddened to learn that Mr. Dick Keller passed away at the time our June 2012 issue of Family was being printed. Dick authored the article about Prince of Peace Cemetery and was so proud to be connected with this resting place and legacy for St. Peter’s Parish. Please note that the contacts for the cemetery remain as listed except for Mr. Keller. Any further questions can be made to the parish office, 419-524-2572.

Scan for St. Peter’s Parish/School website

June 2011 birthday invite (Before leaving St. Peter’s, Fr. Tony wanted to celebrate Msgr’s 95th birthday early)



Parish News
Remembering Sister Patricia Vaira
by Sister Bernard Marie Campbell Goodbye, Sister Pat. This goodbye is different from the goodbye we said four years ago June when you left St Peter’s for Our Lady of Angels Retirement Home in Joliet. Though you were out of sight, we could still reach you by phone and by driving to Joliet to visit you. This goodbye is final for the time being, but we will meet again. Sister Pat went peacefully to her final reward just after midnight on July 31. She died as quietly as she had lived. Through all of her 80 years here on earth she was cheerful, pleasant, quiet and gracious. In her dealings with the many students whose lives she touched, she was kind and helpful. She was always the “nice” Sister. Her students respected her and never took advantage of her niceness. As a teacher, she was able to inspire her students to accomplish more than they thought they could. Even though many of her typing students panicked when she covered the keys on their typewriters, they somehow managed to learn where the correct keys were located. Electric typewriters paved the way to computers when typing classes became keyboard classes. Sister Pat worked hard to learn the intricacies of computers so that she could confidently teach her students. For over 30 years she taught business courses to young men and women and sent many of them out to the business world and successful careers. The college-bound students found themselves well prepared to turn out term papers in record time because of their key board skills, thanks to Sr. Pat. Little children and babies held a special fascination for Sr. Pat. After St Peter’s began the Child Care program in the lower floor of the high school, Sr. Pat spent many hours in the baby room and with the toddlers. When she was no longer teaching, she took on the task of babysitting little Natalie who was only 2 months old. Natalie spent a couple of years growing up several days a week in the convent under Sr. Pat’s watchful eye. After she retired from teaching, in addition to her time with the little ones, she also found time to spend the lunch hours in the cafeteria working as a volunteer on the lunch line. Her job there gave her the happy title, “the Cookie Sister,” as she distributed cookies to those who ordered them. Sports occupied an important

1978 Silver Jubilee in Joliet with classmates

2003 Golden Jubilee Memorial Card place in Sr. Pat’s recreation schedule. She was one of the more vocal fans at all the home basketball games – both girls and boys. Saturdays in the fall found her cheering noisily for the fighting Irish. We were fortunate enough to attend one game a year as guests of my cousin as long as she lived. It is fitting that the words on her memory card say “Lord, direct the work of our hands.” That short prayer graced the bulletin board in her classroom year after year. After she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, her favorite saying became “one day at a time.” She felt she could always get through one day. Her positive attitude was a mainstay for her. Never once did I hear her complain or question God’s judgment. Never once saying “why me, Lord?” Her patience and long-suffering were an inspiration to all of us who knew her. We will miss her! As we pass her typing room – long a computer room now – we will say a prayer for a wonderful teacher, a happy, devoted Franciscan, a faithful friend and a wonderful example of a loving, caring person. Go with God, Sister Pat!

1989 Sr. Pat holding her godchild, Jessica Peters and Janise Peters

1995 with Sr. Bernie at Indian Lake, Michigan 2001 Hall of Fame Induction with Srs. Paula, Bernard-Marie , Margaret Duffy and Dolores Zemant

Sr. Pat 1985

2003 Golden Jubilee with Sr. Bernie and Jessica & Janise Peters



Parish News

The following comments were posted on the Facebook page for St. Peter’s Alumni when the announcement was posted of Sr. Pat’s passing.
Jamie Morris-Hamilton Sister Pat was a wonderfully kind woman. She will be missed. Rick Hacker, Class of ’86 That is sad news. I am typing right now thanks to Sister Pat. Mel Baringer Thoughts and prayers go out to her family and all who had the opportunity to know her. RIP Sr. Pat! What a sad day! Nathan Baldasare, Class of ’98 It’s fitting that I am typing my tribute to Sr. Pat - she was an awesome person and will be missed. Jason Hackedorn, Class of ’93 I had a broken hand, cast and all and she still made me type! RIP Sr. Pat. Deborah West Sexton, Class of ’70 Sister Pat ... I think of you every day I use a keyboard! Michelle Patzak Cook RIP prayers and love. Christina Witwer, Class of ’00 Sister Pat was a wonderful woman. Her kindness and sense of humor will be fondly remembered and greatly missed. John M. LeVan RIP Sister Pat. God be with you. Laura Shaum, Class of ’70 We can thank Sr. Pat for being able to type without looking at the keys! What a beautiful lady. Welcome home. Christina D’Ambrosio Baxter Prayers going out to Sr. Pat. What a wonderful, kind and patient soul. Rest in peace! Kelly Spires Baker, Class of ’97 I think my class was the last to use typewriters with her. We were supposed to use them for two weeks, but switched to computers after one day -- it was very noisy! Sr. Pat was a lovely person and will be greatly missed. Jim Rathburn, Class of ’83 Such a devout and devoted woman. No one to match her strength and dedication. Tireless champion of students. Missing her and her humor. Prayers that her final journey will be short and her reward great. Todd M. Lee, Class of ’88 Like so many others, I know my home row keys, how to type, and the difference between Pica and Elite because of Sr. Pat. Rest in Peace, Sister, you have touched many lives and created fond memories far beyond typing. Sad day and a heavy heart hearing this news. Heaven just scored a great angel. Type on, sister … type on. asdf jkl; Kevin Cukrowicz, Class of ’85 An institution all by herself who changed countless lives for the better. Rest in peace Sister Pat, our prayers will always be with you. Jason Crundwell, Class of ’95 Every time I feel my wrists slouching I think of Sr. Pat. Rest in Peace. Eric Collet, Class of ’86 Makes me sad, and appreciative of what she shared with us. 52 Words/ minute - who would have thought then how valuable that is today, but she was also so much more. God Bless and may you find Peace. Lisa Rhodes-Tedrow, Class of ’90 I’m so sad to hear we lost such a wonderful lady. She is much happier and we are less one great lady. She always made me smile! I will miss her! Deborah DeVeau Sexton, Class of ’70 Rest in Peace with the Lord...Sister Pat Joyce Battoclette, Class of ’83 I am better at my job (and got to bed so much sooner after helping kids type up school papers) all because of her. How wonderful that she’s impacted so many lives. Daniel Moloney, Class of 2001 But Jesus said, ‘Suffer the children, and forbid them not, to come unto me, for of such is the reign of the heavens;’ The passing of one of the long enduring educators at St. Peter’s brings this saying to mind. I thank her and all the gracious room moms, den mothers, teachers and coaches who gave of their time to make my childhood so rich. Thanks Sr. Pat for putting up with me and my ilk and devoting your life to giving what we could not repay.

Ann Danuloff, Class of ’88 Rest in peace with your Lord, Sr. Pat! What a special woman who touched so many lives at St. Peter’s! Erin Day, Class of 2006 She will be greatly missed! Karen R. Bloom, Class of ’59 Sr. Pat was such a gift to those of us blessed to know her! Her gentle, caring ways affected all who were touched by her teaching and love! Godspeed, Sr. Pat. Have a wonderful conversation with God! XO Chris Hostetler, Class of ’93 She was a great and kind woman. Elaine Baran Black, Class of ’89 She was a great teacher! I am thinking of her now as I type on my computer keyboard. Carol E Hoskins, Class of ’82 RIP Sr. Pat. She was a wonderful teacher and we will never forget her. Diane Jones Pinoni, Class of ’65 May she rest in heaven with the faithful. Judith Tellerd Terry, Class of ’85 God bless you Sister Pat-you will have a special place in my heart always. Lynn Currens This awesome lady will be greatly missed! Rest in Peace Sister Pat. Colleen Krupitzer Corrado, Class of ’86 She was a woman who continues to influence me today....How lucky Heaven is to welcome her back home. Terri Herlihy, Class of ’88 What an amazing lady and teacher! We will miss you!! Karen Schnieders Yockey, Class of ’85 You touched so many lives, Sr. Pat. Sending prayers for peace and comfort for all who love you and mourn your passing. Amanda J. Carpenter, Class of 1997 What wonderful memories you have left with so many of us! Thank you. May you lay to rest with our Lord! Claudia Thomas A wonderful woman - Heaven will be blessed by her.

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St. Peter’s Music Series 2012-2013
by Bill Johnson For many years now, the music programs of St. Peter’s Parish and School have had a reputation for excellence. Our music programs are highly regarded well beyond our parish boundaries and are well-known throughout the northern and central Ohio areas. Perhaps one of the best known parts of our music program is the St. Peter’s Music Series. The St. Peter’s Music Series was initially developed by Paul Monachino, former St. Peter’s Music Director and current Director of Music for the Diocese of Toledo and the Cathedral of Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. Redeveloped by current St. Peter’s Director of Music and Liturgy, Bill Johnson (the author), the Music Series is in the eighth season of its current format. As programming for the creative and performing arts is being cut in schools and communities throughout Ohio, the role of the St. Peter’s Music Series has become much more visible and important. When the local performing arts organization announced that it would cut the Mansfield Symphony Orchestra season in half, we took it as a sign that the time had come for St. Peter’s Music Series to step up and fill some of the gaps in local arts programming. One of the traditional and culturally important roles of the Church has always been the preservation and patronage of the arts – especially the musical arts. With that in mind, we doubled our previous programming, offering to the community some of the finest musical talent available in a season that is sure to have something for every musical taste. As noted in the previous issue of Family, the first program in our series featured the talents of Rich and Brandon Ridenour, a father and son duo performing on piano and trumpet. Brandon, the youngest-ever member of the Canadian Brass, offered a Master Class to area music students before the concert. The class was quite well attended. The October 28 program will feature the talents of Mansfield natives and St. Peter’s parishioners, Joel and Heidi (Kirschenheiter) Vega, accompanied by Dr. Gulimina Mahamuti. Both of the Vegas are trained in the operatic style of music. Their program will include many well-known pieces from the operatic repertoire and is sure to be an exciting presentation. In honor of the Feast Day of St. Cecilia, patron saint of music and musicians, we will present the St. Cecilia’s Day Sing on Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. Featuring the combined talents of many of St. Peter’s finest individual performers and choirs, the program will include works of all types and styles in an atmosphere of joyful celebration of the gifts of Music. St. Peter’s Choir is well-known for our Advent Festival of Lessons and Carols. This annual holiday favorite will again be performed on Sunday December 16, 2012, at 3:00 p.m. It’s a very prayerful and inspiring way to prepare for the holiday season. Our annual Catholic Schools Week Concert has become one of the favorite music programs we host here at St. Peter’s. From the charming and often hilarious MiniSingers to the individual talents of so many of our students, this concert is a wonderful way to spend a mid-winter’s afternoon. Be sure to join us on Sunday, January 27, 2013, at 3:00 p.m., for this delightful recital by many of St. Peter’s outstanding and talented students. The popular St. Peter’s Choir will present the inspiring Stabat Mater by Gioacchino Rossini at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 24, 2013. Featuring St. Peter’s gifted soloists and instrumentalists, this sacred program will

Heidi Vega

Joel Vega

Sr. Pat in 1965

As a novice in 1952 with Sr. Miriam Edward

afford you the opportunity to hear a classic of the choral repertoire in the incredible acoustics of St. Peter’s Church as well as a great way to help you prepare for the season of Lent. In March the St. Peter’s Music Series will host a performance by the noted choral group The Toledo Masterworks Chorale. Under the musical direction of Donna Tozer Wipfli for the past 22 years, the Chorale just finished celebrating its 40th anniversary season with an incredible series of performances. Mark your calendar for Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. You won’t want to miss them! Future programming in the 2012-2013 Music Series will include a String Chamber Ensemble as well as performances from virtuoso violinist Andrew Sords, in a return performance, and the possibility of a program by an entire orchestra of balalaikas, traditional Russian stringed instruments. With all these wonderful programs, it is clear that we are serving our community in a vital way. Support from parishioners, alumni and friends of St. Peter’s is critical to maintaining such programming. All are urged to make a donation of whatever size to the support of the St. Peter’s Music Series. More information about the St. Peter’s Music Series is available at the parish website: or by calling the Parish Music Office at 419-524-2572, ext. 2113. Toledo Masterworks Chorale

1975 with Sr. Loretta Wagner (formerly Sr. Miriam Edward)



Parish News
by Chris Baldasare Sr. Sixteen Scouts and eight adult leaders (divided into

Scout trek through New Mexico wilderness ... a ‘life-changing’ experience

two crews of eight Scouts and four adult leaders) from Troop 121 went on a life-changing summer trek as they hiked 85 miles over 12 days through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. 300 scouts arrive every day at Philmont and 300 scouts hit the trail every day. From Ohio, we had a total of 96 scouts make the trip for a total of eight (8) crews of 12 in each crew. We were assigned Crew number 2 and 3 out of the eight from Ohio. Philmont covers 214 square miles of vast wilderness with trails that climb from 6,500 feet to as high as 12,441 feet. St. Peter’s Boy Scouts and their advisors carried backpacks with everything they needed to survive during the trek while hiking from camp to camp. The group climbed Baldy Mountain (12,441 feet) and participated in backcountry programs along the way including spar pole climbing, blacksmithing, branding, rock climbing & rappelling, gold mining and panning, explored Lucien

Scoutmaster of St. Peter’s Boy Scout Troop 121. “The 1,000-foot elevation changes while trekking on the steep rocky trails added to the exhilarating experience, both physically and emotionally.” “The daytime sky was the bluest of blues and the night sky was even more amazing. The thousands of stars in view to the naked eye were unbelievable,” Boy Scout Kenny Ousley said. “It was hard to imagine that we were looking at the same sky that people back home were seeing. It’s something my dad and I will always remember and cherish, since we can’t experience it here in Ohio.” Scout Reid Studer added, “By day the temperatures reached the 90s. There was no cooking by fire, due to a statewide ban on fires. Meals during the day included

nuts, trail mix and peanut butter.” “The overall Philmont experience was such a great experience. I liked the Philmont Ranch because we learned so much about the history of the West,” said Scout Isaiah Corso-Phinney. “It was fun getting to know the troop in an entirely different way. We could lean on one another. We just seemed to mold together. It was very eye-opening and helpful to learn all these things about my friends. It was an honor to be there. It was quite different from Ohio.” “With the clouds at my feet and seeing airplanes flying below me, it dawned on me just how high we climbed,” Eagle Scout and Trek Crew Leader Christopher Baldasare, Jr. said.

The crew made what amounts to a Scouting pilgrimage with this trip. Philmont Scout Ranch is the Boy Scouts of America’s premier high adventure camp and the largest youth camp in the world, serving nearly one million participants since 1938. For more information on St. Peter’s Boy Scout Troop 121, visit

CREW 2 -- 617-D2
LEAD ADULT - Christopher Baldasare Sr. CREW CHIEF - Christopher Baldasare II CHAPLIN AIDE - Isaiah Corso-Phinney GUIA – Bailey Dauterman 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 121 121 121 121 121 121 121 121 121 121 121 121 Christopher Baldasare Sr Phillip Dollish Michael Schopieray Todd Studer Christopher Baldasare II Isaiah Corso-Phinney Bailey Dauterman Noah Dillinger Zachary Dollish Evan Free Shaun Schopieray Reid Studer

The St. Peter’s Scouts

Maxwell’s Aztec Mine, toured historic French Henry, toured pioneer Kit Carson’s former home and participated in the Rededication to Scouting Ceremony. A conservation project allowed the Scouts to learn and participate in the upkeep of Philmont’s ecosystem. Along the trek, Scouts endured tough challenges including backpacking in bear and mountain lion territory, steep climbs, and ofteninclement weather. “Summiting Baldy Mountain with my son was truly a memorable experience,” said Christopher Baldasare Sr.,
Baldy mountain here we come! Kenny Ousley and Jake Randall on day four of their trek hiking to Baldy Town. (Baldy Mountain in the background) On top of Mt. Baldy

CREW 3 -- 617-D3
LEAD ADULT - Dr. John Weilbacker CREW CHIEF - Andrew Weilbacker CHAPLIN AIDE - Robby Baker GUIA – Matt Cicila 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 121 121 121 152 121 121 121 121 121 121 121 152 Dr. John Weilbacker Andrew Anschutz James Ousley Cliff Cicila Jack Bennett Taylor Dauterman Patrick Gilbert Kenneth Ousley Jacob Randall Andrew Weilbacker Robbie Baker Matt Cicila

Panning for treasure

This is how we hike! View of Baldy Mountain



St. Peter’s School has already scheduled “Get to Know Us” enrollment events for prospective parents and students for the 2013-2014 school year. Mark your calendars now for those events which you plan to attend. More detail on each event will be posted in the parish Sunday bulletin, on the website (www. and by public announcement as the event draws near. In addition, principals always welcome visits any day with a scheduled appointment. Please call 419-5242572.

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by Elaine Zarczynski For over 13 years, Deacon Terry Philpott has been the connection between St. Peter’s Parish and the inmates at Richland Correctional Institution (RiCI). Serving as Catholic Chaplain, Deacon Terry presides at Communion, prayer services, counseling, visiting the sick and supporting the men in countless other ways. In the past several years, other staff members have joined Deacon Terry in his ministry at RiCI, first Lynne Lukach (leading RCIA) and more recently, Bill Johnson. With the changes that took place in the New Roman Missal late last year, Bill saw an opportunity to assist the inmates with the new format, which eventually lead to a weekly musical practice on Sunday evenings. It was during this process that the men learned of the various forms of music ministry available at St. Peter’s and chose to invite The Contemporary Ensemble, which sings at 9:30 Sunday Mass, to join them for a musical worship program. On Saturday, May 19, 2012, adult vocal members and violinist Patti Kastelic (no one under 18 is allowed inside the prison) of the Contemporary Ensemble, along with Bill Johnson, Deacon Terry and Lynne Lukach, visited the inmates for an afternoon of shared harmonious praise to God. The church ensemble and the men each presented five to six pieces of music, followed by the same number of pieces performed together. None of the Ensemble members had ever been inside a prison and were unsure what to expect. What they found were Christian men (not all are Catholic) seeking a voice for prayer and choosing to express their words with heartfelt song and voice. Contemporary Ensemble member Stephanie Mulherin described it as “an amazing experience to spend time with these men. In a place that could be the epitome of hopelessness, they were instead hope-filled. When it came time to explain how they found the songs to bring meaning to their lives, every inmate spoke passionately and with faith, trust, and great joy. They did not merely sing their songs; they truly prayed them, and these men were an inspiration to try to do the same every time I sing.” For Therese Graff, she “was a bit apprehensive before we went because my only knowledge of a correctional facility was what I had seen on TV. The men I met

An expansion of prison ministry
that day were well behaved and friendly. They went out of their way to thank us for coming. God used music as a powerful tool to bring all of us together, despite our different backgrounds and reasons for being together. The trip helped me look beyond my stereotype of inmates to see these men as people. I look forward to our next visit.” From my own perspective, it was one of the most moving experiences of my life. These men brought honesty, dignity and simplicity to their worship that led some of us to tears. We lost sight of the fact that they were inmates and connected to them as followers of Jesus. We were warmly welcomed and frequently thanked. At every opportunity we were invited to return. Some of us in fact did that on Saturday, September 8, 2012, joining a contingent of Toledo Diocesan Prison Ministry members in a retreat for the men in preparation for the celebration of Confirmation with Bishop Blair that same evening. Eight men were to be confirmed and they all spoke (one sang) of the path that led them to prison and ultimately to Christ. Their stories were compelling, filled with similar patterns of mistakes but ultimately recognizing the path to redemption through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Part of the success of the Prison Ministry Program can be seen as seven men at RiCI are now trained Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (commissioned only to serve within prison). An eighth man was trained, but released from RiCI just as scheduling got underway. They are doing an outstanding job. It is believed that RiCI is the only prison in Ohio with inmates serving as EME’s. What a wonderful testament to the dedication of our staff who spend many hours with the prisoners. Several members of the Contemporary Ensemble have already committed to join Bill Johnson for Sunday evening choir practice at RiCI. I encourage all of you to participate in the prison ministry at least once. The men celebrate Mass on Saturday evenings and Deacon Terry can answer any questions on how to attend. Despite the mistakes that took them to RiCI, the inmates are loved by God as we are. If repentant, their sins are forgiven. They need our support and prayers. Take to heart the words of the well-known hymn, “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.”

Parish News
by Jennifer Gray Downtown Mansfield, Inc. (DMI) has been involved in restoring and revitalizing downtown Mansfield for 20 years. During this time, we have focused primarily on retail and service businesses as well as commercial buildings in downtown. For the past few years, issues related to housing in various areas close to and within DMI’s program area have become of greater concern. We understand the relationship between housing and business and the importance of each entity’s role to the sustainability of the other. We feel that in order to effectively restore downtown Mansfield, we must also address the issues in the near downtown neighborhoods. It is no secret that the neighborhoods that surround the downtown have been in decline for decades; it’s a trend that reverberates across the nation. Our work now takes us into various areas across the city including the Chamber District, Hedges District, St. Peter’s District and Westinghouse District. We partner with key contributors, like St. Peter’s Parish, community leaders and local property owners in each area to meet, discuss and put into action, certain key elements that help to bring a more positive focus to the area. We hold monthly meetings within the district to brainstorm ideas, see what’s been happening and plan for future events. Our June 27th meeting was in Assisi Hall of St. Peter’s Parish. In attendance were representatives from ESOP, Cleveland Financial Group, Key Bank, Richland County Regional Planning, DMI, Catholic Charities, area property owners, and from St.

St. Peter’s Parish and DMI partner together to strengthen our neighborhood!

(Tour, meet staff, see the Montessori Preschool/ Kindergarten students doing “works”!) Thursday, November 8 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Be a Spartan for a day! ALL grade levels (Preschool thru 12th grade) November 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

One-hour breakfast and presentation Hear validation of St. Peter’s School mission and programs from alum and their parents! Wednesday, December 19, 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. (Snow date: Thursday, December 20)

Tour, meet staff, info on tuition assistance, register! Sunday, March 3 Montessori - K/KE - Elementary, 1:00-3:00 p.m. Junior High & High School, 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Peter’s Parish: Cathy Stout, Jerry Straub and Fr. Gregory Hite. In this meeting we talked about how Downtown Mansfield’s St. Peter’s District, in cooperation with the City of Mansfield, performed a Litter Clean Up on May 23. Eighteen people volunteered their time within the St. Peter’s District, picking up 30 bags of trash. We had volunteers from Key Bank, Richland NewHope’s Aktion Club, Abraxas, Downtown Mansfield, Inc., residents of Stimen’s Apartments as well as many neighborhood residents and stakeholders. Territory covered the areas bounded by Second Street, Mulberry Street, Glessner Avenue and Sturges Avenue. This Clean Up was the most successful one held in District to date! We wish to thank City of Mansfield’s Litter Control Office for the bags, gloves and water and the City of Mansfield’s Street Department for picking up the bags full of trash. To get involved in future clean ups or to join a neighborhood development committee, contact Downtown Mansfield at (419) 522-0099 or check out our website at Here is a list of some things that we have

been working on in the district this year: • held two clean ups in the district, one in Spring and one in Fall; • held monthly meetings all over the district for people who live and work in the district; • identified the top 10 properties in the district as areas of opportunity; • worked with others in the district to plan, organize and execute the St. Peter’s Block Party; • explored ways to get a neighborhood tool shed in the district. With these current economic trends, it is more difficult to fund city-run services and more and more people are taking it upon themselves to renovate their districts and neighborhoods. If you are interested in joining us in this effort to help the St. Peter’s District shine, please contact Downtown Mansfield at (419)522-0099 or e-mail at You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook. com/downtownmansfield.

Congratulations to parishioner Maggie Varga who was named Richland County 2012 Outstanding Senior Citizen by the Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging. Maggie was nominated by Stevie Regula for her work in the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program at large and at Richland County Probate Court, Red Cross and other special events. We are blessed to have so many active and involved seniors in our parish community and thank you all for enriching our lives by your service.

Scan for St. Peter’s Parish/School website

Pizza dinner for the family, meet staff, program info! Thursday, March 14



Parish News
Meet our Seminarian, Andrew Wellman
By Elaine Zarczynski

Parish News
By Elaine Zarczynski

Opening of the Music Series
St. Peter’s 2012-2013 concert series kicked off on September 23rd with a master class by guest artist, trumpeter, Brandon Ridenour, the youngest member ever to play with internationally renowned Canadian Brass ensemble. Fifteen students from as far as an hour away came to get tips on trumpet technique and performance. Brandon began by addressing the issue common for all performers – nerves. His advice can be used by instrumentalists and vocalists alike – by memorizing your music, you can concentrate on listening to yourself and tell a story with your performance rather than worry about reading music. Nora Elkanick, a senior from Midview High School in Grafton, Ohio volunteered to perform so Brandon could demonstrate various trumpet methods to the class. Shortly following the class, Brandon and his father, concert pianist Rich Ridenour began the concert, featuring a range of classical and contemporary pieces performed with piano and trumpet. Father and son both demonstrated extreme command of their instruments and treated the audience to an amazing array of selections, including a duet on the piano that finished with some

Andrew Wellmann, a senior student from the Pontifical College Josephenium in Columbus, Ohio came to St. Peter’s Parish through the Diocesan Office of Vocations for the summer of 2012. Andrew was asked to come early to take over the 7th grade Religion classes of Ms. Angie Dillion when she had an unexpected medical leave. Andrew arrived on Monday, May 14 and began teaching the very next day. While he has participated in all aspects of Parish ministry, teaching has been one of his favorite things and by the response of staff and students alike, he took to teaching like a duck takes to water. With no prior teaching experience, Andrew stepped in to finish the school year, gaining the respect of his students and fellow staff. With the guidance of Fr. Hite and Fr. McQuillen, Andrew experienced the many challenges that priests face in a large parish. Juggling his schedule just like our Pastors, Andrew has visited the sick and homebound, fed the needy and joined the inmates at the Richland Correctional Institute in celebration of Mass and participating in music ministry. In addition to teaching, the Ministry Program at the prison was another of Andrew’s favorite activities, offering him the chance to do something he has never done before. He was struck by the commitment of the prisoners as

Rich and Brandon Ridenour in concert

well as that of parish staff, Deacon Terry Philpott, Lynne Lukach and Bill Johnson in leading the men on a journey toward Christ. Andrew is from the small town of Delphos in northwest Ohio. The eldest child of Jim and Jean Wellmann, he has a younger sister, Chelsea, who is a freshman at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Growing up on a farm, Andrew has a deep love of all animals and even has equestrian talents, riding English style. During part of his stay in Mansfield, he joined parishioner Mike Santoro as a volunteer at the Raemelton Therapeutic Equestrian Center. The collage photo shows Andrew with the many family pets. While sister, Chelsea spent the summer performing in a musical group at King’s Island Amusement Park, Andrew took the opportunity to visit her many times. Not a roller-coaster fan, he watched the shows and ate a lot of ice cream. Andrew also enjoyed Amish country, taking his parents for

the food and sights when they visited him in Mansfield. Andrew is a huge fan of Blue Man Group, which he has seen eight times in many different locales. Blue Man Group is a multimedia experience by 3 men who are painted royal blue, wear black and don’t speak during performances or when meeting fans. They sign autographs with a blue smudge. Andrew has even managed to snag a front row seat for a performance (as dangerous as sitting up close at Sea World – one is bound to get wet!). Andrew left in early August to make a quick trip home before joining his fellow classmates for a retreat and then returning to his studies. His farewell address to the parish can be read under the Pastor’s Greeting on page 2. Knowing that the time he spent here was fruitful for his spiritual and professional development, we hope Andrew will choose to visit us in the future, allowing us to share in his continued journey towards his vocation as priest.

hilarious fanny contact with the keyboard, along with a sales pitch for a gizmo to insure the ability to play the piano just like Rich! Our guest artists were not only talented, they were funny as well and it was a delight to watch the smile on Rich’s face as he obviously loved accompanying his son. If you missed this gem of a concert, be sure to add the dates of the other concert series events to your calendar and bring a friend when you come!
Nora Elkanick and Brandon Ridenour demonstrate new techniques

Students in the master class practice new skills.

St. Peter’s Parish Adult Faith Enrichment
September to December 2012
October 2012 marks the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and the 20th Anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. In union with Pope Benedict XVI’s declaration of this “Year of Faith,” St. Peter Parish Adult Faith Enrichment Team has designed an outstanding series of classes. Please see the parish website for details. Deeper Study of Documents of Vatican II began Sept. 17. This course, led by Fr. Tom McQuillen, is intended for those who desire a deeper reading and study of the Council’s documents. Catholicism, the highly-acclaimed ten-week video series by Fr. Robert Barron, will be presented every Saturday at 10:30 from Sept. 15 thru Nov. 17. Why Do Catholics Do That... consists of three separate classes presented by Bill Johnson, St. Peter Parish Music Director and Liturgist, covering the topics “History of the Mass/ Parts of the Liturgy” Oct. 8-9, “Eucharist as Source and Summit” Oct. 22-23, “Tabernacle: Architecture and Worship” Nov. 12-13; the Monday sessions are at 7 p.m., the Tuesday sessions are at 1 p.m. Eucharist is a book study/faith sharing opportunity using Fr. Robert Barron’s book on the Sacrament of Eucharist. The group will meet Thursdays, Oct. 11, Nov. 1, Nov. 8, at 7 p.m.; a daytime group is also possible if enough people express interest. All sessions are open to anyone interested in growing in the Catholic faith.



2012/2013 Annual Tuition Drive CLASS TOTALS
(as of 9/01/12)
CLASS OF 1935 ..............$ CLASS OF 1937 ..............$ CLASS OF 1939 ..............$ CLASS OF 1940 ..............$ CLASS OF 1941 ..............$ CLASS OF 1942 ..............$ CLASS OF 1943 ..............$ CLASS OF 1944 ..............$ CLASS OF 1945 ..............$ CLASS OF 1946 ..............$ CLASS OF 1947 ..............$ CLASS OF 1948 ............... CLASS OF 1949 ..............$ CLASS OF 1950 ..............$ CLASS OF 1951 ..............$ CLASS OF 1952 ..............$ CLASS OF 1953 ..............$ CLASS OF 1954 ..............$ CLASS OF 1955 ..............$ CLASS OF 1956 ..............$ CLASS OF 1957 ..............$ CLASS OF 1958 ..............$ CLASS OF 1959 ..............$ CLASS OF 1960 ..............$ CLASS OF 1961 ..............$ CLASS OF 1962 ..............$ CLASS OF 1963 ..............$ CLASS OF 1964 ..............$ CLASS OF 1965 ..............$ CLASS OF 1966 ..............$ CLASS OF 1967 ..............$ CLASS OF 1968 ..............$ CLASS OF 1969 ..............$ CLASS OF 1970 ..............$ CLASS OF 1971 ..............$ CLASS OF 1972 ..............$ CLASS OF 1973 ..............$ CLASS OF 1974 ..............$ CLASS OF 1975 ..............$ CLASS OF 1976 ..............$ CLASS OF 1977 ..............$ CLASS OF 1978 ..............$ CLASS OF 1979 ..............$ CLASS OF 1980 ..............$ CLASS OF 1981 ..............$ CLASS OF 1982 ..............$ CLASS OF 1983 ..............$ CLASS OF 1984 ..............$ CLASS OF 1985 ..............$ CLASS OF 1986 ..............$ CLASS OF 1987 ..............$ CLASS OF 1988 ..............$ CLASS OF 1989 ..............$ CLASS OF 1990 ..............$ CLASS OF 1991 ..............$ CLASS OF 1992 ..............$ CLASS OF 1993 ..............$ CLASS OF 1994 ..............$ CLASS OF 1995 ..............$ CLASS OF 1996 ..............$ CLASS OF 1998 ..............$ CLASS OF 1999 ..............$ CLASS OF 2000 ..............$ CLASS OF 2001 ..............$ CLASS OF 2002 ..............$ CLASS OF 2003 ..............$ CLASS OF 2004 ..............$ CLASS OF 2009 ..............$ CLASS OF 2010 ..............$ CLASS OF 2011 ..............$ 51.00 151.00 100.00 75.00 1,031.00 775.00 476.00 606.00 475.00 735.00 800.00 $857.50 692.00 1,331.00 1,678.50 1,880.00 550.00 481.00 3,350.00 1,755.00 150.00 686.00 1,428.00 1,083.00 355.00 1,306.00 550.00 1,532.00 420.00 1,392.00 3,061.50 7,610.00 2,892.50 2,342.00 560.00 1,860.00 1,467.00 1,282.50 1,073.00 1,861.00 360.00 2,085.00 3,402.00 1,135.00 1,455.00 1,760.00 215.00 375.00 1,091.00 100.00 101.00 450.00 20.00 465.00 150.00 300.00 751.00 270.00 30.00 50.00 37.50 62.50 265.00 151.00 50.00 77.00 95.00 10.00 20.00 100.00

by Cathy Stout

The 2012-2013 Annual Tuition Drive
BLUE RIBBON Craig & Debbie Bodell Terrence & Ann (‘68) Brown Michael J. Sperzel / Estate KEY & SHIELD Michael (‘67) & Carol (‘68) Chambers Jacob H. Forwith Sr. (‘37) / Estate John & Patti Kastelic James (‘81) & Ann (‘82) Schmidt SPARTAN James & Mary Bacon Michael & Mary Berry James F. Brado (‘67) William & Kathleen (‘74) Heichel John (‘55) & Terry Heringhaus Mark & Karen Isaac William & Dotti Jilek Roger E. Julian (‘55) Mark F. Kroger & Belinda J. Bogner Martin P. Osmond (‘59) Rodney & Lydia (‘56) Reid Dr. & Mrs. John O. Riedl Ellen C. Schubert (‘79) Rudy & Phyllis Weiss, Jr. Paul J. Weitzel GOLD CIRCLE Thomas & Diane Abrahamsen Rita A. Allen (‘69) Rose Altomonte Julie A. Bauers (‘80) Clarence J. Beat Edward R. Bozymski (‘51) Donald & Jean Chambers Timothy & Anne Cowen Duke Energy Foundation James R. Frantz (‘51) Omar & Susan Guimaraes Thomas (‘78) & Theresa Heringhaus Thomas W. Kramer (‘72) Steven Landoll (‘70) Dr. Jackson Liu & Dr. Millicent Osorio Michael J. Loughman (‘64) Fred (‘52) & Marilou Marshall Richard E. Marshall (‘52) Robert P. McCabe, Jr. (‘76) Theodore Patterson (‘62) Leonard & Kim Quick John & Maura Siegenthaler Stella F. Sutter Jennifer L. Weber (‘85) Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Tracey A. Williamson (‘78) WHITE CIRCLE Anonymous Joan C. Ashley Sharon K. Berger (‘68) Susan Bratschun (‘78) Suzanne M. Brown (‘79) James & Janis Buckey Richard & Nancie Cummins Dolores E. Fancher Troy D. Fate (‘93) John W. Fisher, III (‘62) Rosemary Forseth (‘70) James Gibson (‘66) Charles P. Hahn (‘70) Christina L. Hudon (‘73) Brian (‘68) & Nancy Joyce Berdie Lambert Regina Linkenbach (‘50) Egon Loschinkohl (‘69) William J. Lukach (‘76) Amy Malaska (‘84) George F. Marie (‘47) Fr. Tom McQuillen Grant Milliron Cindy A. Mlay (‘76) Bonnie L. Mollica (‘70) Richard (‘41) & Elvia (‘44) Pfeifer Mary Ann Robertson (‘49) Mary Seckel Lisa A Simmons St. Peter’s Class of 1948 Frank Stout (‘93) Patrick J. Sweeney (‘77) Carl (‘50) & Madeline Taddeo John F. Topa (‘72) Barbara L. Utlak (‘75) Genevieve M. Wala (‘42) Joseph White (‘69) Stephen D. Winston, Jr. (‘72) Mark Yoha (‘73) BLUE CIRCLE Paul (‘60) & Kathryn Adamescu Samuel J. Addeo (‘88) Donald Armbruster (‘46) Bernard J. Baka, Jr. (‘64) David & Barbara Barnes Cinda M. Berman (‘83) Loraine L. Boisvert (‘79) Ralph (‘50) & Peggy (‘52) Bonanata Eileen P. Bozymski (‘46) Valentine W. Bozymski (‘48) Alex L. Brown (‘92) Thomas (‘80) & Faith (‘81) Callahan Marianne Cappadonna (‘45) Michael R. Carrigan (‘54) George & Rosemary (‘43) Cashell Thomas (‘50) & Shirley Castrataro Peter C. Chengelis (‘00) Belinda M. Chiu (‘66) Josephine L. Contra (‘46) David & Elizabeth (‘94) Daniels Kenneth (‘50) & Rita (‘50) Day Anna M. Delianides (‘43) Sherri Demyan (‘75) Todd & Theresa Depperschmidt James (‘74) & Carol Dillon Mary Peg Dispenzieri (‘80) Thomas A. Doyle (‘58) Patrick Dunne (‘62) Ann M. Feldstein (‘60) Timothy A. Fisher (‘64) Richard K. Flood (‘49) Sidney (‘41) & Mary (‘41) Foltz Anton (‘45) & Beverly Freiheit Jane C. Frye (‘69) John (‘60) & Roseann Fusco Scott & Jennifer Gatchall Jacquelyn L. Gehrisch Robert & Susan (‘71) Glorioso Dominic (‘53) & Sandra Grillo Jean K. Gurski Michael (‘80) & Cheryl Gurski Jay & Jennifer Haar J. Mark & Claire Haddock John F. Hahn (‘79) Catherine M. Hallabrin (‘37) Kevin & Jackie Harrigan James R. Hegarty (‘72) Kathy H. Herbst (‘69) Sharon S. Herlihy (‘66) Al & Rose (‘47) Hess Kenneth R. Hipp (‘00) Raymond & Donna Jasinski Karen A. Kaskewsky (‘79) Joseph E. Kinstle (‘79) Douglas J. Kinton (‘56) Robert A. LeBlanc (‘66) Richard (‘43) & Elizabeth (‘44) Lehman William (‘74) & Stephanie (‘75) Leibfritz Richard (‘63) & Michele (‘65) Loeckel John (‘42) & Marjorie (‘42) Maurer George & Josephine Metzger Charles P. Miner (‘44) Patricia Mitchell (‘65) Fred (‘53) & Miranda Moritz James (‘71) & Rebecca (‘71) Moritz Martin (‘70) & Lora Moritz Mary Lou Moritz (‘44) Motorola Foundation John J. Munsell (‘67) Marilyn J. Passerini Jennie F. Petrella William A. Rathburn (‘52) Terry & Mary (‘74) Rennpage Charles H. Rich (‘85) Jeffery M. Riddle & Dr. Carolyn A. Chambers Melanie A. Riggleman (‘72) Clara M. Robison (‘49) David & Brenda Roush Patsy & Rose Saul Elizabeth Savoy-Bockbrader (‘85) David & Ellen Scarborough Frances A. Schmidt (‘51) Joseph P. Schokatz, Jr. (‘67) Anton J. Schwartz (‘46) Jerry & Laura (‘70) Shaum Gary & Mary Shoemaker Dennis J. Siciliano (‘81) David Siciliano (‘79) George (‘50) & Mary Siciliano Gregory C. Smith (‘70) Jean M. Smith (‘54) Betty L. Smollen Thomas (‘58) & Laura Speelman Richard (‘64) & Catherine (‘67) Stout St. Peter’s Academic Booster Corps. St. Peter’s Class of 1961 George W. Stuhldreher (‘41) Rachel L Thompson (‘01) Joe & Kimberle Tucker Carla A. Waleri (‘69) Esther E. Wappner (‘72) Valerie A. Washington (‘78) Mark A. Weitzel (‘82) Linda Wise (‘76) Peter (‘59) & Sue Zeides Paul & Sherry Zelinski FAMILY & PATRON Catherine D. Adamescu (‘59) Ruth J. Adamescu Mary Jane Adee (‘55) Jeffrey (‘60) & Mary Ann Alt Mark (‘59) & Marilyn (‘59) Alt Anonymous Raymond & Virginia (‘60) Applegate Frank & Janet (‘65) Ardis Mark R. Ashley (‘73) Dominic (‘48) & Helen (‘51) Augustine Ron H. Bailey Michael (‘67) & Susan Bair Michael S. Barbao (‘80) Ronald & Barbara (‘60) Barbao James (‘60) & Madaline (‘63) Barrett Bonnie Barretta (‘58) Ellen M. Bauer (‘58) Sheila Beapre (‘62) Joanne Bednar (‘67) Charles P. Benick (‘70) Gerhard A. Berberich (‘73) Hugh E. Berger (‘41) Pauline Berger Thomas W. Berges (‘69) Susan Bernbeck (‘65) Sr. Paula Bingert (‘43) Jim & Terry Blank Bradley T. Boeckman (‘90) Helen E. Boesch (‘35) Helen L. Bogner (‘60) Anna Bohland (‘62) Susan J. Boliantz (‘70) Marcia K. Bond Mary J. Bonte Terra L. Bonte (‘93) Brian A. Boroski (‘87) Marilyn E. Bottorf (‘64) Erin A. Brandt (‘88) Lois M. Brewster (‘73) Keith & Betty (‘52) Brinley Terry & Barbara Britton Gertrude Brkich (‘61) Mary E. Bucklew (‘50) Mary E. Burns (‘55) Dennis M. Bush (‘60) Mark A. Callahan (‘75) Sr. Bernard Marie Campbell Anthony (‘40) & Angelina Cappadonna Gino Cappadonna (‘66) Linda Cappadonna (‘68) Patricia A. Caraway (‘52) Mary I. Cashell (‘46) Jonathan (‘92) & Linda Chambers Kellie Chinchar (‘76) Catherine A. Chinni (‘54) Marilyn J. Clement Barbara Cochran (‘68) Margaret M. Cochran Kathryn A. Coder (‘61) Sherwood Coleman (‘67) IMO Terry Coleman (‘67) Charles K. Cowdery (‘69) Geraldine Craig (‘59) Dianne Creamer (‘66) Barbara J. Crundwell (‘65) Jean F. Cullen (‘51) Irene F. Culler Karen A. Culler (‘73) Barbara Cummings (‘52) Ray (‘67) & Marita Curatti Ralph Curtis Rosalie M. Cusic (‘48) Robert & Mary (‘90) Czado Demetra A. Czegan (‘98) Constance E. Dalton (‘51) William & Loreen Danuloff IMO deceased members of the Class of 1969 Patricia DeAngelo (‘53) Shirley Delong (‘60) Rosemary H. DiGregorio (‘48) Marie M. Dillon (‘51) Mildred E. Dillon (‘41) Pamela J. Dillon (‘83) Thelda J. Dillon (‘60) Diane Dolland (‘73) Lauretta V. Donley (‘49) Norma J. Dorsey (‘50) Mark & Donna Dreskler JoAnne L. Dressler (‘65) Andrew J. Dropsey (‘91) Bennett P. Eighinger (‘11) David & Carla Eighinger Eli Lilly & Company Foundation David J. Etzwiler (‘58) Dr. & Mrs. Uchenna Ezike Karen E. Fetters (‘67) Robert Filipek (‘58) David & Anne (‘84) Finn Marsha A. Finnegan (‘69) Christopher Fisher (‘69) Vivien E. Fisher (‘58) Thomas P. Flood, Jr. (‘63)

Monsignor Dunn Foundation
The Monsignor Edward C. Dunn Foundation for Education has a distinct advantage over many Foundations in that each year hundreds of individuals make contributions of varying amounts which help to stabilize its assets. The Dunn Foundation is also fortunate in having the expertise of several Board members who have professional background in matters of finance and investment. The Board of Trustees of the Foundation extends its sincere thanks to all who have given their support for the past twenty-seven years. While we are deeply saddened by the loss of Monsignor Dunn, who shared his life of service so generously with us, the entire month of May we will continue to celebrate Monsignor’s legacy to our parish and school family and the Foundation.

BLUE RIBBON.......................................$5,000.00 and ABOVE KEY & SHIELD ...................................... $2,501.00 to $5,000.00 SPARTAN................................................ $1,001.00 to $2,500.00 GOLD CIRCLE ...................................... $ 501.00 to $1,000.00 WHITE CIRCLE ................................... .$ 251.00 to $ 500.00 BLUE CIRCLE ........................................ $ 101.00 to $ 250.00 FAMILY & PATRON .............................. $ 1.00 to $ 100.00
Daniel & Catherine (‘69) Forster Jane L. Fortman Ted W. Fox (‘73) Morgan A. Frye (‘10) Harold E. Fulmer (‘40) Mary Kay Futty Susanne Galbraith (‘02) Richard & Charlene (‘76) Garrison Elizabeth Garriss John R. Geiger (‘69) Allison N. Gemzer (‘04) Joan M. Gemzer (‘69) Jeffrey (‘83) & Barbara Genter Neil & Janet Gerhart Josephine C. German (‘41) Joseph W. Gfrer (‘64) Dorothy M. Gies (‘55) Fran Glodowski Susan J. Graham (‘73) Camille Grayson (‘79) Laura Grimm (‘76) Michael (‘63) & Kathleen (‘63) Gross Jenna M. Guimaraes (‘03) Nickolas D. Hagel (‘59) David G. Hamilton (‘94) Gratton & Linda Hamilton Neil & Carol (‘71) Hamilton Betty A. Harris Emmilia S Hartney (‘68) Helen Catherine Hawk (‘68) Steve Hawkins (‘90) Alice G. Hegarty (‘47) Michael E. Hegarty (‘75) Amy T. Heringhaus ( ‘88) Jill M. Heringhaus (‘82) Juanita S. Hinton Thomas (‘59) & Darla Hipp Rev. Gregory R. Hite Mary E. Holland (‘46) Anita M. Holloway (‘66) Maria H. Horning (‘66) Eva G. Hornung (‘41) Nancy R. Howard (‘60) Gloria A. Hughes (‘47) Peter T. Hurley (‘74) Patricia A. Hutchison (‘52) Maryanne Irwin (‘73) Janet Ivers (‘75) Robin (‘74) & Theresa Jakubick Florence E. Jocha (‘41) Antoinette Kaufman (‘69) Gregory R. Keller (‘76) Michael R. Keller (‘77) Sandra M. Kelley (‘71) Tina Keough (‘67) Joyce E. Kerr (‘64) Jonah J. King (‘03) Paul (‘56) & Ann (‘56) Kinstle Paul & Deborah (‘70) Kistner Patricia M. Kitzler (‘69) Cleo Kleer (‘56) Dennis P. Kline (‘70) Robert & Linda (‘77) Kline Linda J. Klump (‘66) Frank S. Kmetz (‘63) Julianne C. Kmetz (‘60) Leroy H. Knapp (‘49) Sheryl Kocab Parks (‘90) Martha M. Kondos (‘64) Susan M. Konves (‘68) Judith L. Korbas (‘58) Mildred L. Kramer (‘39) Michael & Agnes Krebs Daniel & Gladys Krous William & Jaimie Kunecke Heather R. Kushner (‘01) Richard V. Kutschall (‘51) Edmund Lang (‘59) Linda Lannan Neal (‘71) Barbara Laudano (‘64) Carol A. Lawson (‘73) Elaine Leach (‘76) Michael F. Lehman (‘73) John A. Leibfritz (‘79) John C. Leibfritz (‘40) Mark (‘76) & Kay Leibfritz Frances J. Leitenberger (‘63) Maria E. Leu (‘75) Fran Leverone (‘70) Frederick E. Levins (‘69) Maria Loschinkohl Margaret M. Lowe Lynne M. Lukach (‘70) Thomas F. Lukach (‘69) Danielle E. Lutz (‘94) Thomas & Yvonne Lutz Rita M. MacCartney Harvey & Marilyn (‘51) Mace Beverly J. Magee (‘54) Rosemary T. Malaska (‘41) Janet F. Malik (‘61) Marilyn J. Mandler (‘44) Betty I. Mapes (‘41) Audrey L. Marshall (‘02) Sr. Carolyn Marshall (‘55) Helen L. Marshall (‘58) William (‘76) & Karen (‘73) Marshall Ann G. Martin (‘73) Joseph (‘60) & Marsha Marzetti Joseph E. Massa (‘41) Emma L. Mathias Joseph (‘60) & Mary Maurer Pauline A. McClain Phillip & Beth (‘73) McClain Dolly Y. McDonley (‘64) Margaret McElroy (‘45) A. Aileen McFarland (‘43) Gail & Jenneane (‘64) McKinley Karen L. McNeal (‘67) Mark & Nancy Meinzer Mary Ellen Mellen (‘64) Carol A. Merle (‘64) Betty S. Metzger (‘44) Mary M. Metzger (‘44) Kathleen J. Miller (‘64) Thomas A. Miller (‘45) Chelsey Mills (‘09) Mark & Julia (‘80) Mills Gerald A. Mollica (‘56) Lewis R. Mollica (‘51) Doris M. Moore Joanne Moore (‘71) Matthew Morasco (‘82) Michael Morasco (‘74) Vincent Morasoc (‘85) Jason (‘95) & Carrie Moritz Robert & Joyce (‘62) Morton Duane & Amelia (‘’69) Moser James E. Mott (‘66) Carol A. Mulcahy (‘63) Marlene A. Murray (‘61) Jean Myles (‘60) Nancy E. Naylor (‘57) Frank (‘96) & Keri (‘99) Nemeth Kevin & Paula (‘70) Nestor Jeane D. Nolte (‘70) Stephen (‘98) & Christina (‘99) North Joseph (‘60) & Donna O’Brien Christina N. Olex (‘90) Nicolo (‘48) & Barbara Olivieri Sr. Mary Olivieri (‘47) Sr. Rose Olivieri, RSM (‘52) Jerry (‘60) & Lynn Pasheilich Michael J. Passerini (‘72) Robert & Lynn Paugh Patricia A. Pekare (‘65) Theresa K. Phillips John Pifher (‘48) Gerald F. Pilot (‘54) Jeffrey & Carla Pindel Joyce A. Poling (‘63) William J. Polinski Agnes J. Priess (‘49) Craig M. Priess (‘79) John Priess (‘73) Roger E. Rathburn (‘56) John & Victoria Reef Daniel & Antonia (‘50) Reese In Memory of James G. Reifenberg (‘53) Patricia A. Reindl (‘66) Mary Jane Reip Robert & Gigi (‘82) Rice James & Denise Richardson Robert (‘66) & Beverly Ringer Elizabeth A. Risacher (‘43) Thomas P. Risacher (‘79) Shirley A. Robison (‘76) Linda K. Roberts (‘67) Joan M Roemer Patricia Rohal (‘58) Giuliangela Rosato (‘04) Joan Rose (‘61) Margo Rowen (‘69) Debbie A. Russell (‘70) Robert Salmen (‘74) Carlos & Stacy Sanjur Judy J. Schatz (‘67) Nick (‘42) & Hilda Schemine Robert J. Schnug (‘43) Kathleen Schroeder (‘60) John Schwartz (‘44) Andrew N. Schweitzer (‘37) Ronald (‘59) Schweitzer Joseph E. Sedlak (‘69) Ted & Martha (‘55) Selby Scott M. Semancik (‘91) Kevin (‘75) & Kimberly (‘75) Sever Mark V. Sever (‘72) Ann M. Sexton (‘56) Colleen M. Seymour James & Carol (‘60) Sgambellone David (‘64) & Linda (‘64) Shaffer Jean O. Sholaya Maureen Simmons (‘68) Christian & Katrina (‘88) Smith Darrell & Lynda (‘68) Smith James R. Smith (‘75) Judith Smith (‘56) Laura L. Smith Lisa Smith (‘84) Marilyn A. Smith (‘60) Mary E. Smith (‘74) James (‘58) & Linda Snyder Sarah R. Solin (‘93) Betty J. Somers (‘63) Carol J. Spain (‘62) Marjorie K. Spicer (‘44) James & Jennifer Spires Richard Sposito (‘64) Daniel Sprutte (‘66) Michele Staller (‘71) Thomas & Helen T. (‘47) Stanton Traci A. Stearns (‘03) David (‘71) & Lois (‘72) Steele Jenifer S. Stewart (‘93) James & Marcia (‘55) Stirp Renee Stoke (‘73) Paula T. Strom (‘82) Gary & Judith Stroup Harold Stupanski (‘51) Suzanne L. Sumner (‘71) Cristine M. Sutter (‘69) Jerome & Marilyn Sweeney Michael & Frances (‘78) Swiderski Nicholas P. Taddeo Max & Betty Taylor Madeleine Thomas (‘60) David A. Thompson (‘85) Maria Tica Christopher J. Timan (‘82) Ronald E. Tipul (‘55) Albert & Annette Togliatti Maria D. Tolhurst Seyerle (‘89) Jane M. Tolman (‘57) Joseph Traunwieser (‘70) Ted & Sandy Trebonik Bruce & Kathryn Truax Nancy Tucker (‘52) Stanley & Evelyn (‘42) Twardzik Ursula Unterwagner Elizabeth D. Vaccaro (‘04) Anne M. Vaughn (‘54) Douglas & Jane (‘69) Versaw Aldo & Josephine Viglino Robert (‘45) & Jacquelyn (‘47) Vogel Edward & Mary Anne (‘51) Voytko Robert R. Wahl (‘85) Judith A. Waldman (‘68) Sheryl A. Weber (‘69) Frank J. Wehinger, Jr. (‘41) Beth A. Weiland (‘69) Michael A. Welsh (‘90) Nancy J. Welch (‘63) William H. Wells (‘53) Kenneth R. Wentz (‘69) Carol A. Wheitner (‘61) Jacqueline M. White (‘87) Nanci M. Whiteman (‘66) Molly Wileke (‘72) Ralph & Rose (‘53) Wilson Linda M. Wolf Todd & Cindy (‘82) Wrobleski Nancy Yahraus (‘56) Mary L. Yeager (‘50) Donald & Kathleen (‘62) Yockey Marilyn Young (‘71) Marita J. Zawisa (‘47) David L. Zimmerman (‘86)

Annual Tuition Drive Gifting Categories

Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents .................................$ 673,516 Cash Value Life Insurance........................................ 55,314 Domestic Equities ................................................ 231,035 Forum Absolute Strategies Fund ............................. 69,908 Managed Volatility Fund....................................... 267,273 Absolute Opportunity Fund .................................... 50,929 SPDR Gold Trust ...................................................... 35,694 iShares Silver Trust .................................................... 5,756 International Equities .......................................... 147,462 Domestic Fixed Income ......................................... 417,756 International Fixed Income ..................................... 53,276 Real Estate Investment Trusts ............................... 321,300 Total Assets ......................................... $2,329,219 Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities ............................................................. $ -0-

Net Assets General Fund ................................................... $2,166,919 Campbell Fund ....................................................... 50,606 Castle Fund ............................................................ 7,076 Tridico Fund ............................................................ 13,871 Polinski Fund ......................................................... 54,249 Tuition Endowment Fund ....................................... 10,638 Chambers Fund....................................................... 25,860 Total Net Assets ............................................... $2,329,219 Total Liabilities & Net Assets ................ $2,329,219

Annual Tuition Drive
The process of allocating contributions to the Annual Tuition Drive begins long before the actual school year starts. In fact, each effort on behalf of the ATD is dated one year beyond the current school year. We are currently working on funding for the 2013-2014 school year. Working a year ahead provides time to: • Review budget implications • Families to begin the financial aid process • Allocate dollars based on true need Historically, we conduct the Annual Tuition Drive in phases that include: • Major Donor ($500.00 and up) requests in winter or spring • Alumni requests beginning in late June • Phonathon to Alumni in October • Parish and Parent requests in the fall • Friend requests throughout the fiscal year Many, many thanks as always to all of our alumni, parents, parishioners and friends who give so generously to the Annual Tuition Drive. The 2012-2013 Annual Tuition Drive provided fifty-eight families and eighty-nine students with much needed tuition assistance. These are critical dollars in assuring that as many children as possible may enjoy the blessings of Catholic education at St. Peter’s.

The Monsignor Dunn Foundation for Education Board of Trustees
Most Rev. Leonard Blair Rev. Gregory R. Hite Rev. Tom McQuillen Tom Blunk James Brook Sr. Bernard Marie Campbell Michael Chambers Elizabeth Daniels Joan Gemzer Charles Hahn William Heichel Nancy Joyce William Joyce John Lump Tressa Reith Stephen Rizzo James R. Smith John Stewart Catherine K. Stout

St. Peter’s Development Board
Rev. Gregory R. Hite Rev. Tom McQuillen Jay Allred Mary Berry Sr. Bernard Marie Campbell Myles Creed Theresa Depperschmidt Tiffany Gavula Cheryl Gurski Tammy Haus Beth Malaska Joseph Mulherin Tressa Reith Maura Siegenthaler James R. Smith Catherine K. Stout Jerry Straub



School News
Staff changes throughout St. Peter’s School
by Jim Smith and Tressa Reith

St. Peter’s School announces theatre programming for 2012-2013
by Jim Cox

School News
The reinvigorated Theatre Department at St. Peter’s is expected to really take off this coming school year following the recent successful theatrical productions of Nunsense, The Education of Angels, and South Pacific. This fall, audiences will bellyache with laughter, boo for the villain, and cheer for the “fallen saved” as they participate in the Raymond Hall’s The Drunkard -- a melodrama set in the mid19th century. The Drunkard is one of the most famous melodramas ever written and the foundation for hundreds of melodramas that have followed. The production will be staged in the VE room, St. Peter’s version of a “black box” – although the room is green! In spring 2013, St. Peter’s will present the parish-wide production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! The classic musical is the story of Laurey and the two rivals for her affections: Curly, a cowboy, and Jud, the hired farmhand. The play takes place in 1906 in an Indian territory of the American West during the time when Oklahoma was established as a state.

Several faculty changes have occurred for the 2012-2013 school year. Mrs. Traci Wolfe joins us in the Montessori School, replacing Mrs. Becky Stanfield, who has moved to Michigan. Mrs. Wolfe is a graduate of Mt. Vernon Nazarene University and has recently taken a number of education classes through Ashland University. Miss Katherine Grossman, who taught in our Montessori program last year, is relocating to the state of Washington. At this time, her position will not be filled because our Montessori enrollment is not at capacity. Mrs. Sherry Vaught, Title I reading teacher for the past two years, is taking a fulltime teaching position at Prospect Elementary School. Mrs. Sally Tawse has replaced Mrs. Vaught as our Title I teacher. Mrs. Tawse has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Ashland University and has spent eighteen years teaching reading at Prospect Elementary School and the former Brinkerhoff Elementary School. First grade teacher, Mrs. Tonya Stevens, has resigned and has accepted a teaching position in Florida. Assuming her position is Miss Rachael Crespo. Miss Crespo holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education with a Generalist Endorsement for fourth and fifth grade from Baldwin-Wallace College, as well as an Associate of Arts degree in English from Cuyahoga Community College. Miss Natalie Cates has been hired to teach music (Montessori, K/KE, grades 5-6 general music, junior high choir), replacing Mrs. Lauren Dickerhoof who has moved out of the community. Miss Cates is a recent graduate of the Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in preschool through grade twelve. Mrs. Lillie Shelby has been assigned by Mansfield City Schools as our school psychologist. What a fantastic group of new teachers! In the High School, the new guidance counselor is Ms. Jessica Roth, who earned both her Bachelor and Master’s degrees at Xavier University. Ms. Roth brings to us experience from previous work as a guidance

counselor at Norwood High School in Cincinnati and Lincoln Elementary in Dayton, Kentucky. The newest faculty member is Mr. Jon Cuttitta, who teaches Algebra 1A, Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Honors, Chemistry and Chemistry Honors, and Physics. Mr. Cuttitta earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics degree with a minor in Social Studies from Alma College, Michigan. His eight years of teaching experience include one in South Carolina, three in Columbus and four in Cardington. As detailed above, Ms. Natalie Cates, in addition to her music duties at the lower levels, will direct the junior high and high school choirs this year and will work closely with band director, Mr. Lew Friend. Other things new include some shifts in staff member responsibilities. Miss Angie Dillon will provide more administrative assistance as she continues to recover from the health issues she endured last school year. We pray in thanksgiving that she is continually getting better and are grateful to have her talents in the office. Mr. Charlie Henrich will teach the seventh grade religion classes that used to be a part of Miss Dillon’s schedule. Adding those classes to Mr. Henrich’s schedule required shifting his junior high phys ed classes to Mr. Roy Shoulders. Mr. Bob Neumann is using his Intervention Specialist training to assist students of differentiated learning styles. Mr. Bob Keller picked up the junior high science classes that used to be a part of Mr. Neumann’s schedule. Mr. Jeff Strang now teaches the seventh grade social studies classes that used to be a part of Mr. Keller’s schedule. Mr. Keller’s seventh

grade reading classes are now a part of Mrs. Cindy Zehnder’s schedule. Some of Mr. Neumann’s math went to Mr. Keller and some to Mr. Cuttitta. With last year’s move of former vice principal Mr. Jerry Straub to the role of parish business manager, we needed a new Personal Finance teacher. Fortunately, our French teacher,Ms. Beatrice Omwomo, has a business degree. On the first day of school she joked that she was being asked to teach the entire class in French! We also have a transition in the Athletic Office. Last year’s assistant to Mr. Failor, Ms. Amanda Smith, is still coaching volleyball for us but she is no longer in the office. The new athletic office assistant is Mr. Frank Gordon, known to our students through his coaching of boys’ basketball and tennis. If your head is spinning after reading this, it is just evidence of how complex an institution St. Peter’s School is. Many people bring many skills to work with our children. We pray that God will bless them with energy and insight to lead the students in their educational and spiritual growth this year.
Scan for St. Peter’s Parish/School website

It tackles class issues between the farmers and the cowmen in the still-developing, rugged landscape of a state in its infancy as characters struggle to find hope, love and the fulfillment of “the American Dream.” As with South Pacific, the Robert Fry Auditorium provides a wonderful venue for this expansive musical and will feature many youth and adults in the Parish. The ability to stage the recent wonderful productions has been due to key collaborations with area organizations including the Ohio State University – Mansfield Campus Theater Department, Mansfield Playhouse, Opus II Dance Studio, Dynamic Audio Systems, Mysterious Mark Lighting as well numerous individuals. It would simply be impossible to stage productions without the collective effort to bring creativity and equipment into the St. Peter’s theater space. Most importantly, the students are excited and having fun rehearsing, working tech, playing in the pit orchestra and just

doing whatever is needed. So much so that a chapter of the International Thespian Society is being chartered this fall, and an Introduction to Theater class is being offered for the first time in many years. Room 133 has also been designated the theater “digs” for storage of flats, costumes and supplies, and for rehearsals and instruction. Students and parishioners will have the opportunity to travel to Memphis, TN next May to attend a Miss Saigon at Playhouse on the Square. Instructional classes and tours will be conducted at the various performance locations. Visits to historical sites will also be included. St. Peter’s students attended an off Broadway production of South Pacific in Charleston, WV last December and had an opportunity to talk with the cast afterwards. Contact St. Peter’s High School with any questions.

Plato, Pizza, and the St. Peter’s Philosophy Club
by Hayden Eighinger


If the first thought to run through your mind upon reading the title of this article was, “What’s a Philosophy Club?” you are well on your way to qualifying as a member. It all begins with a question. In my case, membership began with this one: “Are you interested in free food and a little easy reading?” In true philosopher fashion, I answered a question with a question: “Is this some sort of trick question or what?” Father Tom McQuillen first approached me about helping him recruit a Philosophy Club in the fall of 2011. He asked me if I thought people my age would be interested in reading and lightly conversing works of philosophy. After a bit of asking around and recruiting through the Church bulletin and the high school announcements, a small group of about ten high school-age young men and women from throughout St. Peter’s Parish began meeting with Father Tom (and our

secretary, Kim Randall) in Assisi Hall every fourth Sunday. Simpler put, it was a bunch of young people eating junk food with a priest, asking questions about life. Such were the humble beginnings of the Young Philosophers. We began with the basic writings of Plato (who, strangely enough, was also a young person following an old man around and asking questions). Through Plato’s writings we were introduced to the method of his teacher, Socrates – the method of asking questions, not necessarily to find an answer but to define. It was this simple act of questioning that is the heart of the club. Often, the goal is not to ascertain an answer to the meaning of life, but define what life is, what it means to exist. From this “lightweight” introduction, we then moved on to the philosophies of St. Augustine, Nietzsche, and Descartes. Truly, we have only scratched the surface in the history of philosophy. To many, this all seems pretty heavy thinking

for just a small assortment of high school students. In reality, it is a chance to look at things in a new perspective without breaking blood vessels. As avid member Mitch Thompson once said to me, “It’s fun being able to just sit back and think about whether or not we exist. Or just watch everybody else get into arguments about whether or not we exist.”The group’s main efforts are simply to lightly immerse young people to the broad scope of philosophy. It is a club for all those with questions to come and ask and also for all who are interested in a basic introduction to philosophy and its history. For you high-schoolers interested in free food and a little easy reading (or with questions of your own), contact Fr. Tom McQuillen about future meetings. The club is open to all, and – since every meeting we cover a new reading – you won’t be behind or have missed anything. In the words of Plato himself, “Philosophy is the highest music.” 24

In Memoriam
Susan Steele Kirschenheiter ’69, daughter of Richard Steele ’46 and Jo Ann Steele ’49, sister of Cindy Wendling ’70, Mary Lu ’71, Kathleen Creel ’73, Donna ’75. Richard Keller, father of Michelle ’71, Mark ’72, Susan Davis ’74, Mike ‘77, Tim ’79, Meg Long ’80, Tom ’82 and Jill Fate ’85. George Ferguson, husband of Toni Gossom Ferguson ’57. Helen Reindl, wife of Lloyd Reindl ’43. Thomas Abrahamsen, step-father of Laura Davison ’03. Susan Dowis, mother of Max Dowis ’12. Eleanor Webb ’44, mother of Carol McClain ’69. Elizabeth Beal, mother of Janet Ardis ’65. Gerald Rizzo, husband of Barbara Rizzo ’62, father of Stephen ’90, Bryan ’91, Tanya ’93 and Jason ’96.

by Sister Bernard Marie Campbell Robert Shaffer ’69, son of Mary Palmer, brother of David Shaffer ’64 and Fred Shaffer ’66. Mary Wehinger Shaffer Palmer ’31, mother of David Shaffer ’64 and Fred Shaffer ’66, sister of Frank Wehinger ’41. John Bishop ’38, husband of Constance Baxter Bishop ’38. Christine O’Leary, mother of Michelle Carsey ’77, Colleen O’Leary ’78, and Sean O’Leary ’83. Judy Ann Tomits Morgan ‘59, daughter of Rose Grassel Tomits ‘30, sister of John Tomits ‘63 and Carol Dropsey ‘56. Robert E. (Robby) Reed ‘97, step-brother of Richard Roby ‘96. Omission: We mistakenly omitted Robert Keppler ’60 as Margareta Keppler’s son. We apologize for the omission.

James Hughes ’52. Rev. Stephen P. Cairns ’60. Aldrane Turk Schuchman ’41, sister of Ruth Espy ‘43. Karin Landoll, wife of John Landoll ’65. Pamela Lannan Thomas ’65, sister of Patricia Lannan ’59, Penny Beckas ’62 and Pegge Dillon’69. Luevernia Ringer, mother of Robert ’66. Richard P. Dalton ’41, brother of Mildred Kramer ’39 and Constance Dalton ’51. Eileen Kaiser Steele ’48, mother of David ‘71, James ’74, Kevin ’78, and Joseph ’82, sister of Joan Beech ’46, and Frank Kaiser ’54. William “Bill” Burgess ’73, brother of Catherine Montanya ‘66 and Tom Burgess ’73. William “Bunk” Barrett, father of Shawn Byrne ’79 and Beth Klein ’81.

Alumni Updates
by Michelle Failor ’94

’07 … Andrea Case recently graduated from Muskingum University with a bachelor of arts in Speech Communication with a focus in broadcasting and in Media Studies and English. ’61 … Marilyn (Deley) Swisher is retired and living in Lewis Center, Ohio. ’85 … Tomasean (Gloriosa) Kesig is living in Delware, Ohio and is currently serving as the Assistant Director of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Gift Shop, where she has worked for 22 years. She holds a bachelor of science degree in Human Ecology (OSU 1990) and majored in Fashion Merchandising. Tomasean and her husband, Drew, have a 4-year-old daughter, Kendall. ’68 … Rosemarie (Monachino) Owen is a retired teacher who currently lives in Newport, Florida. ’04 … Lisa Krehnovi is currently living in Westerville, Ohio and is a Program Coordinator for the Ohio State University Physics Department. ’73 ... Karen Culler, Napa valley vineyard owner and winemaker, received a 90 point ranking from Wine Spectator for her La Palette Napa Valley 2009, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. In the 100 point scale, a 90 reflects the wine is outstanding and of superior character and style.

May 3, 2012 was a “blessed” day! The day marked the occasion of the 26th Annual Meeting of the Monsignor Edward C. Dunn Foundation for Education with special attention to Regina’s Kids. This student service program was inspired by the volunteerism of the late Regina Polinski and established in the Foundation through the generosity of the Polinski family. But the “blessed” part is a result of the birth of Regina’s first grandchild, Nathan Michael, that very morning to Craig and Rachel (Polinski ‘01) Thompson! Our congratulations and best wishes to all!


CLASS OF 1967 - Classmates met at the Happy Grape on Friday July 14 to kick off their 45th reunion. Saturday’s gathering was held at the Liederkranz and, overall, there was a great turnout (including those who have not been able to attend previous reunions). “It was exciting to see everyone and actually recognize all who were there,” said Linda Peery. “I am glad to say we were, and still are, a tight knit class and do stay in touch with each other.” CLASS OF 1992 - Andy Crowl writes: “We had 26 members from the class of 1992 gather for our 20th class reunion. We held it July 28 at the Happy Grape in Lexington. We had great weather and great conversation. The reunion was also attended by former classmates and spouses. Sister Bernie also stopped by to partake. The awesome part is, we had other SPHS alumni attend from other years. I guess our class’s history of always having a great time together spread to others! We have created a class Facebook group to better stay in touch with each other. We are all already looking forward to our 25th reunion in 2017!” CLASS OF 1997 - Celebrating its 15th reunion, members of the Class of 1997 gathered informally at the family home of Aaron Miller on August 11. Afterward, some of the group headed to the Red Fox. Kelly (Spires) Baker said it was a great time and everyone enjoyed catching up with one another and talking about their families. Photos were passed around from high school days as well as letters that they wrote to themselves as sophomores. A message board is in place for the classmates to stay in touch, she added.

St. Peter’s Class of 1963 50th Class Reunion
Please mark you calendar. Plans are in process. Hoping for a BIG turnout. More information will be provided at a later date. REUNION COMMITTEE Kathy Notter Gross, Judy Stimmler Rissover, Norma Schnelker Metz Class of 1992

Come Home Alumni
To all SPHS alumni! If you are now attending college or have just graduated from college, please consider joining us for the fifth annual “Alumni Visitation Day” which will be held on Wednesday, December 19. Remember when you were in high school and had many questions about preparing for college? How about sharing your thoughts? If you might be interested in participating, please email Mrs. Kathy Morris at morris.kathy@myspartans. org and she will communicate details about the event when they are finalized.

Will be held the weekend of Sept. 20 - 22, 2013

Class of 1967

Cory Ellis (‘05) and Maddie Wilson (‘07) were married on August 4th, 2012 at Kingwood Center in Mansfield Ohio surrounded by their closest family and friends. Both graduates of Saint Peter’s High School, they now happily live in Wooster, Ohio. Maddie is a Speech Language Pathologist for the East Holmes Local School District and Cory is a Deputy Sheriff for Morrow County Sheriff’s Office.

Hello Alumni! If you have any news about you and/or your family to share with your fellow alumni, please send information along with a jpeg photo if you like to: or mail to: Alumni Office, St. Peter’s Parish Center, 104 W. First Street, Mansfield, OH 44902. Does your class have a reunion planned? If so, and if you would like us to publicize in our February issue, send us the details and we’ll be happy to give your classmates a heads up on the plans! Mail to: Alumni Office, St. Peter’s Parish Center 104 W. First Street, Mansfield, OH 44902 or email:

St. Peter’s Everywhere
The St. Peter’s Alumni Board has a new Facebook page to keep everyone informed of upcoming events on campus. From sporting events, fundraisers and reunions to school plays and parish events, St. Peter’s parishioners, students and families can use this tool to keep up with each other and on current events happening in our community. Be sure to “like” this page to get connected:



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