Why Do Good Girls Love Bad Boys

Why Do Good Girls Love Bad Guys?

Written By: Jeremy Hu With some free time on my hands I’ll just do a little write up on one of the most darnest myths both males and females have been plagued by. Why good girls love bad boys. Aloof. Indifferent. Cocky. These are some of the trademark traits of a typical bad boy. Now looking at it logically, these are some pretty undesirable things to look for in a man. Alas, one thing that often escapes the male mind is this: women are not logical. They’re not gonna let something as trivial as ‘logic’ and ‘rational thinking’ get in the way of what they naturally respond to as the female species. A bad boy may seem arrogant and smug to most with his you-are-not-worthy stare and his whole you-want-to-get-to-know-you-got-to-make-that-effort attitude. But what he really is displaying, or at least to women, is a picture of wholesomeness. He behaves, speaks and does things that are congruent to how he sees himself: that he has pretty much everything he wants, and what he has yet to have, he will get. Hence the aloofness; he’s just moving and interacting in his own world with the things that he chooses to because other things don’t captivate him. He is, in some sense, invincible. And women respond to power. So it is natural to think of whatever that this man decides to interact with to possess great value. And so when he comes and actually approaches a woman, taking that time and effort to initiate an interaction, the woman will go “Whoa, this is a guy who can get pretty much anything he wants, and he chose me. I must be really something, eh?” You see where I’m getting at? More than just an simple equation of animal magnetism, it’s an exchange of power from both parties. The bad boy’s initiative serves to provide reassurance to the woman’s own self-worth and value, and her consent serves to reinforce the bad boy’s unshakable state. It’s a symbiotic relationship, and they’ll probably go off to procreate like rabbits in the summer. Alas, so far I’ve only mentioned about women in general. Many friends have time and again whined to me about why such a nice girl ended up with a total jerk. Well, you see, the effect that I mentioned above is even more so evident in ‘good girls’, and probably to a far greater extent. Not to stereotype good girls, but we can largely describe them as coming from a decent family that’s functional and gives enough hugs during her childhood. So why would the bad boy appeal so much to her? The answer can be found in your classroom history textbooks. Look closely enough and you’ll conclude two things about humans there:

Humans love to step into unchartered territory, and humans love to conquer and dominate. Ever since time unknown, humans have always stepped into the great unknown in the hopes of finding new riches, exotic sights and novel experiences. And women have always longed for adventures and life on the fast lane, what with their history of being a repressed sex, never quite allowed to step out of their obligatory duty as the nurturing wife, the obedient daughter, and the satisfying prostitute. So this ‘trapped’ kind of lifestyle of their foremothers (if there’s even such a word) eventually built up a natural craving in good girls to break out of an ordinary life for an extraordinary one. But of all extraordinary lifestyles to choose from, why does a good girl respond most strongly towards the bad boy? That’s where human’s desire to conquer comes in. A bad boy is up there at his own pedestal, the king of his own world. When a woman sees that, she sees something wild that has to be tamed. Something powerful to be reined in. Oh yeah, as a side note, it’s a common misunderstanding that women today rely on their sexuality to seduce and lure men into temptation to be conquered. While alot of women do that, trust me, women have far more powerful arsenal up their sleeves, or between their cleavage, or wherever the hell they hide stuff in. Ooh, kinky. Examples are all around us, from great literary classics from the past, to the modern day cultural icons. Romeo and Juliet. Bonnie and Clyde. Han Solo and Princess Leia. Heck, even Bowser and Princess Peach. Where do you think all those Bowser Jrs come from? At this point, you must probably be asking: “There’s got to be more to this than just power? Surely attraction must play a part too.” And with that I return to the bad boy’s state of power. From there, I’ll rewind a million years back to when we were still wearing loincloths and beating animals silly with ridiculously sized stone clubs. During our lessintelligent caveman days, where we didn’t have to worry about stuff like what to wear to work tomorrow and whether to get yourself wasted in Zouk or MOS, you only concerned yourself with the most basic of needs: shelter, food, warmth and protection. As a cavewoman, to make sure you have the best chances of surviving, you’d go for the strongest, fiercest, and most capable male of the tribe. And where does sex come into the equation here? Well, a woman has to find a reliable man whom she knows she can count on to protect, feed and shelter her before she decides that he is a suitable mate to have children with. Not only are the bare necessities covered, but she also wants the male’s stronger traits to be passed to her children to continue survival of her species. Fast forward a million years of evolution and the hereditary programming of this natural instinct into women’s DNA and you’ll slowly begin to understand why women do what they do. So the next time you see a good girl with a bad boy, don’t think too much of it. Because you’re dealing with something far more ingrained in the history of the human species than you think.

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