NAME: ________________

_____/ 20 possible

Instructions: Write the name of the BEST figure of speech in the blank for each of the following examples. If there is no figure of speech present in the example, write "NOTHING", in the blank. Provide blank.

ONLY ONE answer per

1. _________________ 2. 3. 4.

He sips the tedium of his days like tepid tea, and fills his emptiness with words. _________________ Autumn morning wind and the wild geese calling -- a knife edge in the sky. _________________ The girls blossomed forth in their new dresses and bonnets. _________________ They parted more swiftly and savagely than gulls. Time is a kindly father tickling his loving child into giggling senselessness before carrying him off to bed. Wayne Gretzky knows a thing or two about hockey. They live alone, together in a worn out old shack. The corner garage is now closed down; only a lonely old '42 sits in the abandoned parking lot. My love poem is a lump in my throat, a homesickness. A tree is an immovable critic twitching his skin. No moon. My boots crunch on the iced over path. The woods are still. I have nowhere to go.

5. _________________ 6. _________________ 7. _________________ 8. _________________ 9. _________________ 10. _________________ 11. _________________ 12. _________________ 13. _________________ 14. _________________ 15. _________________ 16. _________________ 17. _________________
buns on

Not so much as a hiss or a murmur came through his canine mouth. She brushed away tears that had not yet fallen.
"Christy didn't like to spend money. She was no Scrooge,

Oh world, I cannot hold thee close enough!

Marlisse really likes Morgan, and he really liked her too. Oh,the cinnamon buns were huge roles, reminiscent of the twisted
the sides of Princess Leia's head.

18. _________________ 19. _________________ 20. _________________

We danced for years and then she kissed me and all the planets in the universe aligned themselves. Lily ladled little Letty's lentil soup into her bowl. He snatched the thunderbolt from heaven and presented it to his love.

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