February 2013      

Highway 101 / County Road 61 – Flood Mitigation Project

The project will construct a new 4-lane, 78.5 foot wide Hwy 101 bridge over the floodplain between the existing Hwy 101 Minnesota River Bridge in Shakopee and County Road 61/Flying Cloud Drive in Chanhassen to minimize transportation disruptions caused by seasonal flooding of the Minnesota River. Additionally, County Hwy 61 (Old TH 212) will be reconstructed as a 4-lane highway between the 101 “Y” intersection and Bluff Creek Drive to accommodate the river bridge, future traffic growth, and future improvements to Hwy 101 north of the project area up the river bluff.

Schedule Letting: May 2014 Proposed construction in 2014-2015

A MnDOT study completed in 2011 identified potential low-cost, high-benefit solutions to address recurring congestion due to seasonal flooding. The study’s final report and project background can be viewed from MnDOT’s project website. Prior to November 2012, the Hwy 101 Bridge project and Carver County Hwy 61 reconstruction projects were separate projects that were planned to be constructed within the same time frame. MnDOT sponsored a Cost Risk Assessment Value Engineering (CRAVE) Workshop November 5-9, 2012 for both projects. The CRAVE reports are available on the MnDOT project website. After that Crave Workshop and discussions with the project partners, the projects were combined to realize economies of scale and are now known as the “Hwy 101/Co Hwy 61 Flood Mitigation Project”, or the “Southwest Reconnection Project”.

Estimated Cost* $40.3 million (101) $20 million (61) Total = $60.3 million *Cost estimate includes
construction, engineering, and right of way acquisition.

Funding Sources
$28.2 million MnDOT $9 million LRIP $2.3 million Scott County $0.9 million Chanhassen $7.5 million Carver County $12.4 million Turnback**

Current Status
Carver County is leading the combined project delivery and design effort, and will bid the project. This section of Hwy 101 will be turned back to the county prior to construction. MnDOT is providing services and funding to the project including: bridge design, contract administration and oversight, and assisting the county with project management. The Hwy 101 Bridge and Hwy 61 improvements are being designed to allow traffic on Hwy 101 across the floodplain during construction. Preliminary road, bridge, geotechnical engineering and environmental study have begun on the project. Cost estimates are being continually refined as additional preliminary design and soils investigation are completed. Funding for the project comes from many different sources including State Flood Mitigation Bonds (TH), Local Road Improvement Program Bonds (GO), County Turnback Funds, Carver County, Scott County, and the City of Chanhassen funds. Total project cost is currently estimated at $60 million including construction, engineering and right of way costs. The project is currently short approximately $12 million in County Turn Back Funds which are not available until 2021 or 2022. As the lead agency, Carver County is responsible to finance the shortfall or secure additional funding.

** Not available until 2022

http://www.dot.state.mn. us/metro/projects/hwy10 1river/index.html

More information can be found at : www.dot.state.mn.us/me tro/floodstudy/

For More Information Contact:
Lyndon Robjent Carver County Engineer 952.466.5206 lrobjent@co.carver.mn.us