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20428 160th Street Holland, IA 50642 319.240.


{Exhibitor Application/Contract for all 2013 Barn Sales.}
Exhibitor’s Business Name:: Exhibitor’s Name:: Address:: State: Email {required}: Website/Facebook Page: Tax ID #: Tell us about your business. Describe your merchandise.

City:: Zip:: Contact Phone #:

New Exhibitor applicants: Please submit 2-3 photos of merchandise and display style either with this form or via email at Booth Preference {select one}: Rate is good for the full sale weekend. With the Barn booth space, you may keep your merchandise in the Barn, with any sales outside the big Barn Sale weekend being sold with 15% commission. In the Hen House, you must set up and take down your booth space and merchandise each sale weekend.

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Barn Booth Space: 12’ by 12’ for $115 2 Barn Booths {if available}: $200 Hen House Booth Space: 10’ by 10’ for $50 Electricity needed in Hen House {circle one}: YES NO

2013 Sale Dates & Hours
Sale Dates: April: 12, 13 & 14 May: 10, 11, & 12 Sept: 13, 14, & 15 Oct: 11, 12, & 13 Nov: 8, 9, & 10 Sale Hours: Fridays: 4-7p Saturdays: 9a-4p Sundays: 12p-4p New for 2013…. The Barn {only} will be open every weekend, weather permitting, April 12 thru Thanksgiving weekend!

Booth Set Up Hours: Thursdays: 10a-6p Fridays: 10a-3p

Sweep booth space after set up and at the end of each sale day. Be sure to take action to prevent shoplifting from occurring in your booth. NO SMOKING and no animals are permitted in the Barn or Hen House. 5. Agrees to read and be responsible for compliance with all rules and regulations in this contract. THE UNDERSIGNED: Agrees to indemnify. proprietors of location and all of its associates for any personal injury. the exhibitor will be held liable. Little Prairie Girl employees will try to call contact number listed. Agrees that. and especially the attendees while within the exhibitor’s space or caused by the exhibitor. Little Prairie Girl is not responsible for any stolen items. All components of your display must be kept in your designated space. Be in attendance of your space at all times during the entire event. 4. loss. at the end of each sale day. Keep your spaces neat in appearance. stolen. restocked and staged in accordance with Little Prairie Girl standards. If you are an exhibitor in the barn. If customers want to purchase an item and it isn’t priced. Signed: Date: . and as needed. or damages of any nature suffered by any person.Rules. 7. exhibitors. 10. proprietors of location. Regulations. after take down. Keep aisles clear and unobstructed. all items must be priced if you plan to leave merchandise in the barn for sale. ABSOLUTELY NO EARLY TAKE DOWN ALLOWED PRIOR TO THE CLOSE OF THE SHOW! 8. Little Prairie Girl does not provide backdrops or partitions. tubs) must be stored out of sight. 6. If no response within 15 minutes. Agrees to hold harmless the sponsors. Assist your customers with loading merchandise and provide good customer service. REGULATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF EXHIBITORS CONTRACT – 2013 TERMS: 1. 2. protect and hold harmless the sponsors. should an accident occur within the exhibitor’s space caused by the exhibitor’s displays. 3. No open flames are permitted in the building. and its associates for any merchandise lost. 1. However. I have read. 3. Exhibitor may not assign their contract for exhibit space or permit any other person to use part of the said space. You are solely responsible for your property and the security of it while at the event. defend. We ask that tables be covered. Empty garbages and remove from booth space after set up. Is responsible for product liability and accurate representation of products offered for sale. moving equipment and packing products (boxes. All back stock. and agreed to this contract. we will price the item to the best of our abilities. table coverings will NOT be provided. Exhibitors will bring their own if they desire. 4. products or unsafe conditions. understood. Be certain that all items are priced prior to the Sale. LITTLE PRAIRIE GIRL reserves the right to formulate additional rules and regulations if necessary for the betterment of the show. 9. and Responsibilities of Exhibitors 2013 Terms RULES. or on farm premises by Exhibitors. LITTLE PRAIRIE GIRL is owned and operated by Kevin and Natalie Meester. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. or broken. 2. Make access in and out of your booth as easy as possible.

we would still love to have you. name brands. All vendors must have a sales tax identification number. If you have not taken part in a sale or show before. etc. including tables. quality and display design. tear down and any items for displays. If this is a problem. We want the attendees to be able to shop and see all your items with ease and not feel pressured.     . have an eye for that perfect vintage/repurposed piece and who want to share their beautiful finds with others! We want to create an environment for people to bring their handmade creations and fun vintage finds to one location for all to see. please contact Little Prairie Girl. but we will require photos of a booth setup representing your style and the items you would like to sell. We truly love bringing people together who are passionate about their work. Vendors can choose between three options to display their items:    Barn Booth Space: 12’ by 12’ for $115 2 Barn Booths {if available}: $200 Hen House Booth Space: 10’ by 10’ for $50 Each vendor will be responsible for supplying their own set-up. Any new or mass produced items must be approved by Little Prairie Girl…such as candles. We will approve a limited number of any one type of vendors and products to reduce competition and provide the largest selection of merchandise to attendees. enjoy and buy. The Little Prairie Girl Barn Sale is a juried event and participating Exhibitors will be chosen based on product variety. originality. Therefore photos of your booths at other shows or antique malls (or a display made specifically for this application) are required for Exhibitor application. You may bring assistants to help conduct business in your booth. Experience is not necessary. Exhibitors may share a booth. but no more than 3 people are allowed to do so. linens.  The display and presentation of your items will play a large role in who will be considered for inclusion in our show.Exhibitor Info Thank you so much for your interest in participating as an Exhibitor at the Little Prairie Girl Barn Sale. but each Exhibitor must fill out a separate application and be approved.

We want the attendees to be able to shop and see all your items with ease and not feel pressured. and must be requested with your application. What time will I be required to be ready for business? All Exhibitors MUST be COMPLETELY set up by 3p on Friday. Can I share a booth with a friend? Exhibitors may share a booth. Any sales made in your absence will have a15% commission Will the Barn Sale continue of it is raining? The Little Prairie Girl Barn Sales will go on either rain. When can I set up my booth prior to the Barn Sales? Exhibitors must have their booth set up by Friday at 3pm of the sale weekend. due to limited access to the building doors. How many people are allowed to help conduct business in my booth? No more than3 people at a time will be allowed to conduct business in a booth. But you must provide your own power strips. there is a public outhouse on the farm available for all to use. We ask that you unload items as quickly as possible and then move your vehicle before beginning to set up. ready for sales. Can I bring any food or beverages with me? Each Exhibitor is allowed to bring food or beverage items for themselves. . As a recommendation. Will I be able to drive right up to my space at the event to unload? All Exhibitors will be able to pull up to the doors of the Barn or the Hen House to unload items. In the Hen House. we use the Square app. Exhibitors are allowed to accept payment in the form of credit card. if you have an iPhone or iPad. Will I be provided with a table to display my items? You are responsible for providing all your own displays. All cords must be plugged in to your own power strip. All tax id numbers will be collected and reported as needed. Am I allowed to accept payment via credit card? Each Exhibitor is responsible for their own forms of payment. but all Exhibitors must apply separately and be approved. NO DROP CORDS ALLOWED. with vehicles parked in proper designated spots. so there will be no issues with rain or wind…. sleet or shine. Will I have access to electricity/power source? In the Barn. Set up time is Thursday from 10a-6p and Friday from 10a-3p. snow.Exhibitor FAQ’s Do I need to have a sales tax number for the Barn Sales? Yes. Will there be a public restroom? Yes. including tables. electricity is limited. but we will not be providing you the means to do so.30 minutes prior to each Barn Sale date.except for getting to and from the buildings. What time must I be present and accounted for in my booth each sale day? We ask that you be in your booth. Food items are also usually available for purchase from a food vendor during Barn Sale weekends. WiFi is available. Please contact if you do NOT want to be put on a waiting list. We are inside the Barn and the Hen House. unless if there is no space available at the current time that application is submitted. Are deposits refundable? Deposits are nonrefundable. each booth space has electricity.