Spring of Islam Conference, Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Three day Spring of Islam conference by Jamate-e-Islami Hind at Hyderabad was inaugurated by JIH national president Moulana Jalaluddin Umri on Friday morning. In the inaugural session of the conference attended by both men and women JIH president said Bahar-e-Islam (Spring of Islam) is the need of humanity to relive itself from the glitches of life. Maulana Umri in his address explained the need of building a society based on the Islamic principles of peace and justice.

JIH Ameer Jalaluddin Umari speaking at the conference. On the inspiration of the conference the Arab spring which bought revolution in the Muslim world, JIH president said Arab spring was nothing but spring of Islam in which humanity was released from the shackles of slavery. Khaja Arifuddin president, Jamaat-e-Islami (Andhra Pradesh and Odisha) in his presidential address said the era of atom bomb war is over and now it is the age of Ideological war, he asked Muslims to present the ideology of

Khaja Arifuddin said Western culture and economic system has declined and became unpopular. After the inaugural session and Friday prayers. the venue Nizam College ground was full packed with consecutive sessions organized with separate sittings for women. A separate cultural session for physically challenged persons was also organized mainly attended by the students of JIH run Ideal Information . He said Islamic law and principles are based on the human nature that is why Islam has awarded death penalty for rape. “Earlier when we demanded death penalty for rape we were branded as extremists. not only in east but even in the places of its origins.Islam as a solution to the problems face by mankind. JIH president for Andhra and Odisha Khaja Arifuddin speaking. He said moral pollution of the western culture has shown its negative results and mankind is searching for an alternative. apart from Girls Islamic Organization own leadership development session for girls. Discover Islam exhibition was also designed for the participants which were inaugurated by Editor Siasat Urdu daily Zahid Ali Khan in the afternoon.” Khaja Arifuddin said. but now even the politicians from the opposition parties are echoing our demand on the basis of Human nature.

Center for Disabled. Source: http://bit.ly/14Ha7fl Discover islam Expo at the conference . This was addressed by research scholars and SIO National president Ashfaq Ahmed Shareef. A cultural mushaira gathering was also arranged for the participants in the end of the first day. In the evening Student Islamic Organization of India organized a session for young students on importance of building up Islamic leadership. The session for Ulema (Islamic scholars) saw huge gathering which was addressed by many well-known Islamic scholars. The conference which contained 18 sessions will continue till January 13.

Audience at the inaugural session Ulema session in progress .

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