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Ubuntu is one of the big and famous gnu/linux distro in the world. Everybody who use
linux for their desktop needs 99,9% know this distro. Ubuntu has unique yet simple logo
design. In this article, I will explain how to make an ubuntu logo by your own hands.
Enough talk, just fire up your linux box and start your lovely inkscape program, then have

The ubuntu logo implemented a very basic rotating technique. It consist of one 120
degree punched donut shape and three circle surrounding the main donut shape that
punch the main donut shape too. Another simple things is it using just three different color.
To make this logo, we just need 9 circles and 3 rectangles. Quite simple isn't it? Lets do it!

Step One
Make a three circles (e-drag+hold ctrl) with three different size. Select all these
circles (ctrl+a) then align them (ctrl+shift+a) to horizontal and vertical axis. We call this
three circle as group A. This group will be the main donut shape in the future.
Step Two
Make two circle again, then align both them to horizontal and vertical axis, and make
them a single group (ctrl+g). We name it group B. This group will be circles that surrounds
the main donut shape.

Step Three
Make a guideline between smallest and medium size circle of group A. Place group B
like picture below, then align it to the horizontal axis of the group A.
Step Four
Duplicate the group B twice (ctrl+d). Then pick one of duplicated group B with the
biggest circle of group A (F1-click-shift click). Open the transformation dialog (ctrl+shift+m),
set to rotate counter clockwise for about 120 degree. Repeat the sequence, but rotate it
clockwise for about 120 degree. Leave the rest just like picture below.

Step Five
Pick all these objects, then do ungroup command (ctrl+shift+g).
Step Six
Now we make the main donut shape. Pick the smallest and second circle on group
A.. Do difference command (ctrl+-). To make sure that the medium circle already punched,
Color it red. Then punch the donut shape with all biggest circle of group B, one by one.

...and will look like this...

Note: Make sure the puncher object placed top most (home) and always pick it first.
Step Seven
Flip all remaining objects vertically (ctrl+a, then V). Then make a rectangle. Align it to
the vertical center axis of biggest circle. Duplicate it twice, and rotate it like step four.

Step Eight
Punch the donut shape with all three rectangles, like step six. And the result will like
Last Step
Break the donut shape apart (ctrl+k). Select the donut shape and rotate it 90 degree
clockwise. Then color it with hot yellow (ffcc00ff),orange (ff6600ff) and red (ff0000ff) one by
one (ctrl+shift+f) just like picture below. For very last step, remove the outline biggest
circle, and replace it with grey square.

Rotating technique is quite nice and even make some bang when implemented with
another technique. In this case, ubuntu guy really do it!