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Antea Worldwide Palliative Care Conference

Rome, 12-14 November 2008


Presenting author CORE COMPETENCE FKT
Claudio Pellegrnini
Author: Claudio Pellegrini
Email: In Italy, more than 250.000 people are in need of palliative care every year.
But nowadays, the competences and the literature on the role of the physiotherapist in the
Phone palliatives care are underestimated, both in sanitary circle and in the public opinion.
The physiotherapist in this field, is one of the components of the multidisciplinary team that takes
care of the patient.
Mobile phone Recently, the interest for this new member of the team has greatly grown, but with little clearness
with regards to his functions, assignments and competences.
Even if in the common meaning it is said that “a little physiotherapy cannot hurt anybody”, it is
true that we are talking of a professional that must act following shared goals, respect to a sick
Please underline the most person that, as time goes by, has become disheartened towards all sanitary and not sanitary
appropriate category for your figures who care about him. Furthermore, he has been discouraged towards rehabilitation itself:
abstract we often find out that the patient has never performed a rehabilitation before that was finalized to
the improvement of his adls.
• Pain and other symptoms
Probably, there is no another field where the competences of a physiotherapist have to be so
• Palliative care for cancer patients multidisciplinary. He must have knowledge in any issue he could deal with: from orthopedics to
• Palliative care for non cancer neurology and neuro – linguistic; and furthermore, it is important not to undervalue how to
patients increase the motivational factor, that we could define the keystone in the success of a
• Paediatric palliative care
rehabilitation project.
A physiotherapist must involve his patient, and lead and motivate him with the right empathic
• Palliative care for the elderly
• The actors of palliative care
It will be necessary to train physiotherapists skilled in palliative care, that is - in spite of the
• Latest on drugs common opinion - a different field from oncology. While oncology is involved in the recover of
• Pain one’s health, the palliative care concern the last period of a man’s life, trying to give him back the
largest possible self-sufficiency. And, that is not to underestimate, to give him back also his
• Illness and suffering through personal dignity, and satisfying relationships.
media For this reason, we wait for an increasing interest from the establishment, with the insertion of
palliative care in the degree’s course and specifically in phisiotherapy’s degree to have the
• Marginalisation and social stigma
opportunity to educate really qualified professionals in this range.
at the end of life
• Palliative care advocacy projects

• Prognosis and diagnosis
communication in
different cultures
• Communication between doctor-
patient and patient-
• Religions and cultures versus
suffering, death and
• Public institution in the world:
palliative care policies
and law
• Palliative care: from villages to metropolies

• Space, light and gardens for the
Session: Rehabilitation in palliative care
terminally ill patient
• End-of-life ethics Chair of the session: Claudio Pellegrini
• Complementary therapies
• Education, training and research
• Fund-raising and no-profit
• Bereavement support
• Volunteering in palliative care
• Rehabilitation in palliative care
• Workshop on core curricula