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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu &
NO-GI Submission Tournament
Saturday Feb. 28th, 2009
Blackham Colliseum
Lafayette, Louisiana

o Gi's for the champions of the Open Classes GI Divisions.
o Six Regulation Competition Mats.
o All competitors will receive a Gladiator Games Tournament T-shirt
o All 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive Gladiator Games medals
o Professional referees from around the region.
o Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and NO-GI style tournaments
o NO-GI Beginner and NO-GI Advanced Divisions
o 4 Divisions for adults.
o All Competitors will weigh-in.
o Picture ID required.
o GI color – White, Black or Blue. No other color or combination like white top and
blue pants will be allowed in the tournament.
o Drinks and Food will be sold at the venue.
o Rules and Regulations will be CBJJ rules for Gi and No Gi
( ). There are no exceptions when it comes to this
please refer to this website for all questions regarding points and rules.
o This tournament will be following all CBJJ, IBJJF and LBJJF rules and
Where and When : ???

Blackham Colliseum 2330 Johnston St. Lafayette, LA 70503

Ealry Morning Weigh In’s: 7 am till 9:30 am @ Blackham Colliseum

Competitors will be allowed to weigh in the night before from 5 pm till 9 pm @

Gladiators Academy of Lafayette 5505 Cameron St. Scott, LA 70583


Tournament Cost is $55 for Adults and $35
for children 15 and under.
Appropriate Etiquette:

o Fingernails and toenails must be clipped.
o No headgear or wrestling shoes allowed.
o Any kind of diseases like Staph infections, ringworm or etc, will result in
o No T-shirts or rash guard allowed under the GI.
o No Gi – Must use a rash guard (recommended) or T-shirt.
o The Gi and No Gi uniform must be clean.

Illegal Techniques: All the professors must read the CBJJ rules and explain it to their

Or you can contact Tim Credeur (337)356-8643 or

o No Slamming
o No Neck Cranks or Cervical Locks.
o Foot locks: Straight Achilles locks for all belts, Knee Bars and Toe Holds for
Brown and Black Belt. No Heel Hooks.
o No striking, Biting, Putting fingers into the Eye or Nose of the opponent, small
joint manipulations, head butting, hair pulling, chin to eye or groin shots.
o The use of foul language or other immoral acts of disrespect towards the referee
or any of the assisting public.
o Run out the ring with a submission locked to avoid tapping out.

Points System:

Besides the Take Down, all positions must be established for 3 Seconds. After the time is
over, the Referee will decide the winner in case of same score for both fighters. NO

4 points – mount, back mount, back (two hooks must be inside)

3 points – passing the guard

2 points – take downs, sweeps and knee on the belly

Fight Time:

Kids 7-9 years old – 3 min

Kids 10-12 years old – 4 min

Juvenile 13-15 years old – 5 min

Adult - White belts – 5 min– Blue belts 6 min – Purple, Brown, Black Division 7 Min

(Purple, Brown and Black Divisions will be combined for this tournament)

No GI Begginer – 5 min

No GI Advanced – 6 min
Adults Weight Classes:
Children’s Weight Classes

NO-GI Weight Classes:

The Adult Male Divisions will include all of the listed weight
classes. There will be no Masters or Senior divisions at this
tournament, all competitors regardless of age will compete
in the adults divisions. All Purple, Brown and Black Belts
will be combined and compete according to Adult Weight
Classes. The divisions will be adjusted based on the
participants so that all competitors get at least one fight per
division. The women’s divisions will be used as long as there
are at least two competitors per division otherwise weight
classes will be combined. Kid’s divisions will be combined
only in age groups and only adjusted two weight classes
maximum. Kids divisions will be 7-9, 10-12 and 13-15. 16
years and older will compete in the adult divisions.

Gladiator Games 2009 Tournament Registration Form

Name: ____________________ Age: _______________________ Weight: _______________

Adress: __________________________________ City / State: ______________ Zip: ________

Sex: _________ Date of Birth: _____________ School: _____________ Instructor:__________

Phone:_________________ Secondary Phone: ___________________ Email: ______________

Emergency Contact Name: ___________________________ Phone: ______________________

Belt: ____________________ Experience(years / months): ______________________________

Waiver / Hold Harmless Clause
Gladiators Academy of Lafayette, LLC does not provide Accident / Medical Insurance for
tournament participants. I recognize that participation in Gladiators Academy of Lafayette, LLC
activities and tournaments may expose me to risk of injury or even death. I understand that
martial arts training is inherently dangerous even when performed correctly, and accept the risk
of injury freely and with full knowledge of the risks. I agree to hold Gladiators Academy of
Lafayette, LLC and any trainers, instructors, managers, officers, agents, or other employees or
independent contractors harmless from any claims for damage to any property or injury to
myself, my children or any other persons which may occur through my participation in any
activity at a Gladiators Academy of Lafayette, LLC tournament of function.

Participant Name (Print): ________________________________________________________

Participant Signature: ___________________________________________________________


Name of Parent or Legal Guardian: ________________________________________________

Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian: _____________________________________________

Gladiators Representative: _________________________________ Date: _________________