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RBC Capital: EchoSign Automates the Entire Signature Process
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“The EchoSign solution automates the entire signature process
from the request for signature to the distribution and filing of the
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executed agreement or form. With nothing to download, learn or
install, EchoSign is a fast and secure way to get contracts signed,
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tracked and filed. On average, the EchoSign service reduces the signature process from over
7 days to under 42 minutes. EchoSign has won numerous awards including Red Herring Top
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100 Private Company, Best of Show at Office 2.0 Conference, Judge’s Choice from IBD
Network/Under the Radar.”
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— August, 2008

Citigroup Research: EchoSign is Big Business

“EchoSign offers an on-demand solution for digital signatures, such as
when closing sales contract. The company has a SaaS-centric business
model and has achieved early success with 4,000 customers,
400,000 users, and on’s AppExchange.”

— June, 2008

JMP Securities: EchoSign Named to Hot 100 for 2008

“Congratulations to EchoSign for having been selected as one of the Hot
100 Private Software Companies by the JMP Securities software research
team … EchoSign is a signature automation solution for contract and
document management. The service handles all types of forms — and it’s
an on demand solution with a simple four-step process.”

— April, 2008

Beagle Research: EchoSign is “Sophisticated and Seamless” 

“EchoSign is a sophisticated and easy to use tool for securely
capturing signatures. EchoSign-for-Salesforce delivers seamlessly
integrated on demand contract management for sell side
contracts, allowing Salesforce users to send a contract directly
from a Salesforce account and track the real-time status of all
contracts. In addition, users can create a dashboard to measure the percent of agreements
closed, contract close time, unsigned agreements, and agreements by sender.”

Download PDF (187 KB)

— March, 2008

Gartner Research: EchoSign is “Innovative”, “Noteworthy” and 

“EchoSign provides a high convenience, low-risk assurance service for
routing and signing documents … EchoSign (uniquely) also accepts faxed
documents with written signatures, (and) signers do not have to register with EchoSign …
EchoSign offers an inexpensive base service, and a team-base service including the auditing
features, configurable document retention periods, and API-based integration with custom

— February, 2008
One to Watch: “EchoSign offers a contract management application that is noteworthy because
of its innovative, e-mail-based electronic signature functionality and its architecture as a
solution for mass-distribution contracts. This tool is all about simple functionality for
consumer agreements and other contracts, such as HR notices and sales contracts that must
be signed, returned and presented online.”

— July, 2007

Association of Corporate Counsel: “EchoSign is a Comprehensive 
Signature­Automation Solution” 

“The most straightforward part of the contract process
would seem to be getting other parties to sign your
contracts. But it has tended to be something of a
nuisance, as it has involved exchanging signatures by a
variety of mechanisms ... and keeping track of the signature pages and who has and hasn’t
signed. But comprehensive signature-automation solutions are now available. One is
EchoSign. In addition to being a stand-alone product, EchoSign is also incorporated in the
contract-lifecycle-management solutions offered by Upside Software and ...
What is particularly interesting is the tracking and filing component. EchoSign makes sure that
you can easily find a signed copy later. You can, for example, send a copy to anyone or
remind others to sign it if they haven’t already. And you can automatically keep track of which
contracts have been signed and which haven’t.”

Download PDF (1.4 MB)

— November, 2007

Infiniti Research: Independent Application Review

“EchoSign Contract Management Service is a contract
signature solution system with complete, seamless integration
to Salesforce. We found the application makes proposal
documentation easy, and liked that it provides real-time
visibility into every contract out for signature from within

Download PDF (68 KB)

— November, 2007

IACCM: “EchoSign Does Much More” 

“[EchoSign] does much more than simplify transactional
signatures. It puts in a whole new set of control and oversight
capabilities. For example, the system allows you to oversee how
many agreements are out awaiting signature and for how long. You can segment the data by
trading partner, or by business group, or by country or sales rep. There are in-built controls
so that only authorized signatories can apply an electronic signature (even though someone
else may have actually issued the agreement).”

— May, 2007

AMR Research: “Cuts Days Off Contracting Process” 

On innovative technologies in supply chain management.
With Upside Software’s “impressive technology partnership"
with EchoSign, "we expect at least three days to fall off” current contract cycle times.

— April, 2007

Press Releases
l November 2008
EchoSign 4.0 Empowers Sales to Close Quicker and Easier in the Cloud

— Released November 17, 2008

l October 2008

EchoSign to Sponsor and Exhibit at Dreamforce ’08

— PDF, 110 KB — Released October 28, 2008

l September 2008

Qualcomm Honored with a CRM Elite Award for its combined Salesforce CRM and
EchoSign deployment

— Released September 17, 2008

l August 2008

Qualcomm Wins 2008 CRM Elite Award for Deployment of EchoSign and

— Released August 20, 2008

l July 2008

American Lung Association of New England Chooses EchoSign E-Signature Solution

— Released July 9, 2008

l April 2008

EchoSign Q1 Results Signal Strong Momentum for Web-Based E-Signature Service

— PDF, 82 KB — Released April 28, 2008

l March 2008

Rapidly Growing EchoSign Appoints Former Executive as Vice President
of Sales

— Released March 25, 2008

Salesforce + EchoSign Make Things “Ship-Shape” at and Yachtworld

— Released March 12, 2008

l February 2008

EchoSign 3.0 Raises the Bar for Contract Signature Automation

— Released February 13, 2008

l January 2008

More than Sixty Customers Successfully Deploy EchoSign for On -Demand
eSignatures and Contract Management via the AppExchange

— PDF, 72 KB — Released January 9, 2008

l December 2007

SpringCM and EchoSign Team to Streamline Contract Management and Approval

— PDF, 100 KB — Released December 12, 2007

l October 2007
EchoSign Secures $6 Million in Series B Preferred Funding

— Word Document, 30 KB — Released October 25, 2007

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Picks EchoSign to Present at SIIA

— Word Document, 25 KB — Released October 16, 2007

l July 2007

EchoSign Announces 200th Enterprise Customer

— Word Document, 33 KB — Released July 31, 2007

l May 2007

EchoSign Announces New Web-Based Service Allowing Instant Electronic Signatures of
On-Line Forms

— Word Document, 32 KB — Released May 8, 2007

Red Herring Selects EchoSign as one of Top 100 Private Companies in North America

— Word Document, 26 KB — Released May 2, 2007

l April 2007

EchoSign Joins WebEx Connect Developer Network to Brings its Award-Winning Contract
Signature Application to the WebEx Connect Platform

— PDF, 27 KB — Released April 16, 2007

l March 2007

Upside Software Partners with EchoSign to Deliver First Contract Management Service
with Web-Based Electronic Signature Capabilities

— Word Document, 24 KB — Released March 22, 2007

l February 2007

EchoSign Announces Salesforce Certification for AppExchange: First Signature Automation
Solution to Fully Integrate with Salesforce

— Word Document, 28 KB — Released February 22, 2007

l January 2007

EchoSign Chosen to Present with SAP, Microsoft, and NetSuite on “Office 2.0 & the SMB

— Released January 30, 2007

l October 2006

EchoSign E-Signature and Contract Management Service Selected as “Best of Show” at
Office 2.0 Conference

— Released October 19, 2006

l August 2006

EchoSign Awarded “Judges’ Choice” At IBDNetwork Event for Office 2.0

— Released August 16, 2006
l June 2006

Designer Eric Pfeiffer Taps EchoSign: Good for Business and for the Environment

— Word Document, 35 KB — Released June 27, 2006

l May 2006

EchoSign CEO Jason Lemkin Selected to Present at VentureWire Conference

— Word Document, 32 KB — Released May 25, 2006

l April 2006

EchoSign Launches First Web 2.0 Document Tracking and Management Service

— Word Document, 40 KB — Released April 17, 2006

“Simple, Fast, Efficient” “Works Flawlessly” “Level the Playing Field”

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