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ENGR 408: Leadership Principles Personal Profile Analysis According to the Keirsey personality assessment, I am considered an Artisan Performer

(ESFP). I totally agree with this because I do believe that I am a warm-hearted person and I put all my emotions and thoughts into my work. Artisans are most at home in the real world of solid objects that can be made and manipulated, and of real-life events that can be experienced in the here and now. I found this 100% accurate and I prefer learning through real-life events and experiences because I can reflect upon those experiences and assess myself and I am also able to recall my mistakes and avoid them in the future. My friends and family members have told me before that I am a very easy going, easily approached, funny person who creates this warm atmosphere around them because I believe that If I smile at the world, it will smile back. Like the other Artisans, Performers are incurably optimistic - "Always look on the bright side," is their motto -- and they will avoid worries and troubles by ignoring them as long as possible. Yes I have to admit I am sometimes too optimistic which can lead to bad results at times because I put a lot of faith in people, but on the other hand, I believe this is one of my strong personality traits which stops me from failing because I have high hopes and a positive attitude towards the future, I keep going on and never give up. My optimism keeps me strong and on my feet during hard times and when I am undergoing overwhelming pressure and need to meet a deadline it really keeps my mind at peace. Moreover, my one of By Ahmed Al Haddad 1

ENGR 408: Leadership Principles my weaknesses is that I am prone to nailing things down, and looking at this from a Leaders perspective this can be harmful to your business because you keep procrastinating and leaving things to the last minute and this is definitely something I should address and work on because if I want to become a successful leader I need to be able to finalize decisions and have a solid and complete vision of where I want to be and how I can get my business there. However, I do explore other possibilities and as an Engineer I am always trying to use different steps or algorithms when solving problems. I think this a critical attribute in a leader because he or she is able to make use of the resources available when facing an issue and being able to create a vantage point and look at the problem from different angles and explore other possibilities or solutions.

Moreover, I believe my personality keeps the balance in teams with various personalities. For example, if my team consisted of a hard working, but shy person I would try to make them feel comfortable and approach that person with a helping hand which would in result help me feel comfortable and work harder and thus we can rely on each other to work on our weaknesses by socializing but still getting our work done. Another example could be someone who is a well organized and devoted employee, but is always depressed and in that situation I would be inclined to hopefully make them feel better with my witty comments and

By Ahmed Al Haddad

ENGR 408: Leadership Principles humor, but this could affect me negatively if that person is always depressed because I like being surrounded by happy ambitious people and thus our personalities may not go well together. I might feel angry or left out if one of our group members was insensitive and dominated the team because this would stunt the flow of our ideas and might even silence some shy members of our team, and therefore I would react by trying to make everyone come to an agreement and reestablish the channels of communication between us simply by facing the problem head on and speaking up.

After taking the online Jung Typology test I realized that all these online tests are saying the same things about my personality and this makes me feel confident about who I am and what my values are. I fell into the Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging (ENFJ) category and it states that I have a tremendous power to manipulate others with my phenomenal interpersonal skills but this is generally because I see myself as an enabler and I always try everything possible to motivate the people around me because I have been in their shoes before and use that to effectively persuade them to believe in themselves and make them feel that there is someone they can depend on. I think it is also rather awesome that I share the same personality with one of my role models the American President himself, Barack Obama. The report also mentions that I am at a higher risk of getting hurt by less sensitive

By Ahmed Al Haddad

ENGR 408: Leadership Principles people, which is true only if that person is someone I see on a daily basis and is close to me. I think that both the Jung Typology test and the Keirsey personality assessment complement each other and give a more accurate description of my personality but I believe the Jung Typology analyzed my responses more effectively and in greater detail.

The Big 5 Personality Test states that I am relatively open to new experiences which emphasizes what was being said in the Keirsey report about being optimistic and this clearly shows that I am able to adapt to different experiences, in fact, I enjoy variety and like being in an alien environment because I am constantly learning new things. You are extremely outgoing, social and energetic. This is certainly true and verifies what I read on the alternative online reports and also what my family and friends think about me. The report mentions that I am generally relaxed which is something I have taught myself over the past years and have finally overcome anxiety however I do get tense when I am under tremendous pressure but this almost never affects my social life and I believe this is natural for everyone and we all have our own ways of dealing with stress. Additionally the report acknowledges that I am good natured, courteous and supportive which can be linked to the Jung Typology Test where it mentions that I carry more burdens than I should and always offer assistance because I enjoy helping people and enabling them. The last thing the report says is that I am very well

By Ahmed Al Haddad

ENGR 408: Leadership Principles organized and can be relied upon and I guess this simply because of my culture and the way I was brought up because growing up my mother always rewarded me if my room was organized or even for something small like underlining my titles and using paragraphs and this remained engraved in my habits. Also in my culture if a man gives you his word, he has to deliver what he promised and do everything possible to do so in order to keep this feeling of mutual respect.

The 7th Century BCE poet Archilochus wrote: The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing. Personally, what I comprehend from this quote is that a fox is known for being sly and is able to find many ways of tricking their prey but a hedgehog has one strong and unique defensive mechanism, its spikes. The fox will keep trying and in the end even though it is lacking in size, the hedgehog wins because it knows one big thing which is that it is confident that its spikes will keep it safe. Ultimately, I would rather be a hedgehog who knows himself very well and knows the whereabouts of the fox at all times by avoiding him whereas the fox is constantly on the hunt. Knowing many things is not always a good thing f you know them shallowly whereas knowing one thing and being an expert is more effective.

By Ahmed Al Haddad

ENGR 408: Leadership Principles

Everyone has their own unique core values which make them special and give them an advantage in certain cases over others and vice versa. One of my core values is integrity, and by that I mean being honest and truthful at all times to myself and to others. However, honesty can be a strength and a weakness because being honest with ones self is probably the hardest thing anyone can do and requires a mature mind and a powerful will. But also knowing when to be smart in your workplace and not blurt out everything about your company demands a strong character. If I were in a situation where the values of the company I was working for ask me to lie to my clients I will find another job because this clearly violates my own values. Independence, is another value I posses which is probably the most important value to me because It has made me the man I am today and has got me where I am at this point in life. Studying abroad has been one of the most life changing experiences for me because unlike the rest of my family I chose to follow my dreams and leave my home and this has only made me more responsible, experienced and ultimately prevents me from depending upon someone. I believe being independent helps a leader make the right but difficult decisions and being able to lead his people without asking anything in return from them. One of my favorite core values is being passionate about everything I do and having ambitions and dreams. Passion makes a leader constantly grow their business and promotes

By Ahmed Al Haddad

ENGR 408: Leadership Principles continuous innovation and gives him a goal to achieve with the help of his team.

I believe figure 1.01 summarizes my core values clearly.

Figure 1.01 Examples of my human core values.

By Ahmed Al Haddad