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Vol. 73 No.50 February 13 - 19, 2013 50 cents

Hardwick and Barnes Team Up to Win Chris Paul PBA League All-Stars
By Jerry Schneider - PBA

Jim Hosier 826 at Holiday Bowl
OAKLAND, NJ – Jim Hosier burned the boards torching an 826 series highlighted by a 299 game and added a 278 and 249 to lead all bowlers rolling in the Sal Marino Classic League at Holiday Bowl. Jack Prins blasted 279-266247-792 followed by Mike Kenney with 289-243-768, Tom Settembrino 258-256-749, Glenn Griffiths 267-257-749, Ed Canavan 2682-68-737, Jim Demas 299-733, Harry Scheck 278-725, Walt Sacharow 259-719, Dave Cahoon 256-706, Joey Lavecchia 253-703, and Joe Cotton 248-699.

Mike Agosta, Tony Caridi 300 At Farmingdale Lanes
FARMINGDALE, NY – Mike Agosta and Tony Caridi each balsted a 300 game competing in the Friday Late Mixed League at Farmingdale Lanes. LOS ANGELES – In one of the highest scoring televised Baker format doubles title matches in PBA history, comedian and podcast innovator Chris Hardwick and 14-time Tour winner Chris Barnes defeated actor/comedian Kevin Hart and four-time PBA Tour titlist Bill O’Neill, 270-267, to win the 5th annual Chris Paul PBA League All-Stars tournament aired on ESPN from Lucky Strike LA Live. Hardwick and Barnes combined for the last nine strikes in the title match to edge Hart and O’Neill for the win. O’Neill could have sewn up the match with a strike on the second ball in the 10th frame but left a 10 pin. “This has to be the best celebrity tournament ever,” said Hardwick, who is the son of PBA Hall of Famer Billy Hardwick. “I was excited just watching it, much less bowling in it. “They were kicking our butts at first and my mindset was to just not get slaughtered,” added Hardwick. “But Chris (Barnes) kept me pumped up and said we’ve got a long way to go in the match. “I have to admit that the pressure of that match got me a little fatigued, but looking back at it that may have helped because being a little tired forced me to relax and not over think it.” Barnes, one of six PBA triple-crown winners, struck on all of his shots including all three in the 10th frame to win the match. “We had our hands full with those guys,” Barnes said of the Hart/O’Neill team. “They got off to a fast start with the first three strikes, but we didn’t let them get too far away (Barnes and Hardwick started spare-strike-spare). I reminded Chris (Hardwick) that there was a long way to go in the match and anything could happen to turn it around. He threw some clutch strikes in the fifth, seventh and ninth to keep the string going.” The 2013 fundraiser, benefitting Paul’s CP3 Foundation, returned to a doubles format and showcased several owners and players in the new PBA League. Other Tour players competing in addition to Barnes and O’Neill were reigning Player of the Year Sean Rash, five-time Tour winner Jason Belmonte, PBA Hall of Famer Norm Duke, fourtime Tour titlist Mike Fagan, three-time Tour winner Osku Palermaa, and two-time PBA regional winner Missy Parkin. In addition to Paul, Hardwick and Hart, other PBA League owners represented were former NFL All-Pro receiver Terrell Owens, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley, and actor Jesse Williams. Other celebrities competing were Paul’s Clippers teammate Blake Griffin and former NBA star and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose. Competition began with two Baker doubles elimination rounds of four doubles teams each with the highest-scoring team in each bracket advancing to the championship match. The Baker format requires the pro and celebrity to alternate frames in each game. See John Lennon rolled 267-247698, Howie Delman and Mike Forman 248, Rob Larsen and Junior Pascual 247, and Rene Costello 241.

Herman 804,Trimblett 803 Lardieri 300 at Parkway Lanes
WOOD PARK, NJ - Nick Lardieri lashed his second 300 game on his way to a nice 762 series while rolling in the Friday Majors Bowling League at Parkway Lanes. David Herman took high series honors posting a 267-279-258-804 set followed closely by Chuck Trimblett tallying a 269-277-257803, all were on top of their games. Mike Salfino Bowled 265-771, Stephen Aiello 277-753, Ken Kokobosky 259-746, and Mike De Nichillo 266-735.

Dave Merrill Rolled 300 At Plaza Lanes
MADISON, NJ – In the CMIL League Dave Merrill dominated the leader board rolling a 300 game on his way to a 788 set and Jennifer Drury led the women with a 226 game to highlight her 627 series. In the Plaza Ladies League Cindy Heinemeyer rolled 208, Elaine Wilson 190, and Jane Inch 183.

Erick Kerekes Blasted 299-788 At Majestic Lanes
HOPELAWN, NJ – Erick Kerekes beat the competition rolling in the Atlantic City Trios League at Majestic Lanes when he posted a near perfect 299 game to highlight a 788 set earned by adding 256 and 233 games.. Andrew Bock rolled 243-240655 followed by Paul Harney with 258-206-652, Joe Defini 219-216614, and Bill Bock turned in a 255 game.


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February 13 - 19, 2013

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In the first round Hardwick, creator of the popular podcasts The Nerdist and All-Star Celebrity Bowling, and Barnes, representing their Silver Lake Atom Splitters team combined for a 199 game eliminating Rose and Fagan, representing the Motown Muscle (190), Owens and Duke, representing the Dallas Strikers (186), and Williams and Rash bowling for the BROOKLYN STyLES (143). In the second round, Philadelphia area natives Hart and O’Neill of the Philadelphia Hitmen advanced to the title match by combining for a 218 outscoring Griffin and Parkin, representing Billie Jean King’s New York WTT KingPins (189), Paul and Belmonte bowling for L.A. X (182), and Woodley and Palermaa bowling for the Pittsburgh Jack Rabbits (177). Between semifinal matches the celebrities participated in the one-ball “Super Clash” elimination competition which was won by actor Quinton Aaron, who played the role of Baltimore Ravens lineman Michael Oher in “The Blindside.” Aaron struck on his seventh shot to edge tournament host Paul who had a nine-count. Defending champion Williams was eliminated in the fifth frame.

He's & She's Mike Fuscoletti 299 Sunday Night Mix Kenneth Walker Sr. 279 Tuesday AT & T Pete Garcia 232 Wednesday AT & T Joe Hendricks 276 Liz Pakosz 246 Thursday Night Men Gary Wittmer 266 Keith Hayden 246 Danny Eremias 254 Tony Soletto Jr 258 Seniors Frank LaBruzzo 166 Don O’Brien 183 Franz Plate 203 He’s & She’s Pete DiNizo 221 Marc Berko 222 Sunday Night Mix Robert Rose 247 Phil Koszutinski 267 Boc Brown 247 Shonda Darden 218 MG & CC Elaine Campion 163

Kevin Macchia, Colette Malyack Top Youth Travelers
By Vince Albrecht BOONTON, NJ 01-13-13 - It took just a few frames to realize the Stan Niemiec youth bowlers were exposed to advantageous scoring conditions at Boonton Lanes. By the time the last plastic-sticks fell, there were two “700s”, four “650s”, three “600s” to go along with four “250s”, five “240s”, five “230s” and eighteen other deuces. Holiday II opened with a season best 903 scratch that would have been higher had anchor Kevin Macchia, having entered the eighth frame with a seven-bagger, not inexplicably bounced his next delivery off his ankle into the channel. Talk about youthful resiliency, Kevin withstood the subsequent pain to convert the spare and finish with 246. By the time game two started, one would have wondered if Kevin had hurt his ankle at all as he proceeded to bury the pins for 267 on his way to a session high 714 set….amazing. Meanwhile, his teammates contributed seven deuces: Colette Malyack 246-251-205: 702, Joe Malyack 222-202-212: 636 and Frank Olandesi 203 as Holiday II cruised past Bowler City IV whose best was Nick Ferrante 222 and Greg Khan 207. Rob Gilbert, Jr. knocked the pins silly with 228-211-258: 697 while Eric Grabusnik and Matt Trento posted 205 and 202 respectively, but Bowler City I dropped all three games to Bowler City II which rapped out high team handicap game 1043 and fourth best set 2894. Pacing the victors were Welmer Paguay 245: 619, Jonmikal Sepero 237: 618, Kyle Schellberg 237: 598 and Kristen Kane 187. League-leading Boonton scored well enough to win most matches, but only managed to take the finale from upstart Bowler City III which benefited from Nick Reyes 233-214: 618, Tiffany Sucero 213203 and Arielle Wallace 178. Pacing the front-runners were Justin Puchalski 245-235: 663, Karl Kattermann 236-235: 655, Pat Teshima 225 and Brian McGrath 182. Steve Plaszky 216, Matt Myers 194, Hassan Izzard 189 and Madison Perry 169 were enough to power Fair Lawn to a sweep of shorthanded Montvale. Katie Didonato 210 and Matt Russell 191182 kept Montvale competitive. Holiday I’s Brian Rizzi blitzed the maples with 280, delivering his last ten strokes for strikes after an opening 191 and closed with 215 for a 686 set; Frank Magyar added a 244 and Lilly Sigona 175 as the team earned seven points from the vacancy.

February 13 - 19, 2013

Kevin Masick 715
FARMINGDALE, NY – Kevin Masick led the scoring in the Monday Night Fourplay League firing games of 279-256 for a high series of 715. Chris DePierro rolled 235-233649, Paul Baron 224-223-204651, Joey Kurdziel 229-226-640, James Gallagher 241-239-631, Kevin Kremler 237, and Linda Stephanopoulos 233. In the Monday AM Seniors League Al Noll rolled 190, Bill Platania 185, Jerry Hoeler 181, and Marguerite Lauri 170.


Don Price 657
FARMINGDALE, NY – Don Price paced the Tuesday Nite Owls League firing games of 266226 for a high series of 657. Paul Constantinopoli shot 253644, Rafael Santos 245, Rob Larsen 232, Kenny Simon 229, Victor Cassano 227, George Zandier 226-217, Pat Gregg 225, Deidre Scollins 218, Jennifer Karow 209, and Peg Casoria 201.

Brian Meade 257
FARMINGDALE, NY – Brian Meade led the competition in the Sunday Early Mixed League firing a high game of 257. Rianer Latteier shot 247-213, Joe Giammarino, Jr. 235-233, Jeremy Schuster 235-225, Eric Tilton 233, Jonathan Knox 216, Joe Panareillo 213, Alyssa Kennedy 223, and Joe Veenzia 210. In the Sunday Adult/Junior League Jimmy Prince shot 206. Otto Vitillo rolled 225, Gregg Thilborg 221-208, and Christopher Penderga 216 in the Saturday PMS League.

Meghan Wing 278-662
FARMINGDALE, NY –Meghan Wing topped the competition rolling in the St. Martin’s Major League firing a high game of 278 and a high series of 662. Kerri Delisi shot 235, Jonathan Smalkin 217, Emily Dean 196189, Deanna Rosenberg 192, Sammi Ng 189, and Nathan Smith 190. Kameron O’Neill shot 219, Amanda Heme 210, Joseph Napoli 197-194, and Jake Diamond 178-175 in the St. Martin’s Seniors League.

Joe LiVolsi 652
FARMINGDALE, NY – Joe LiVolsi led the Friday Sunshine Kids firing 238-235 for a high 652. Jerry Keenan rolled 195, Jerry Hoeler 193, Bill Platania 192, and Roe Heoler 182. In the Sunday Adult/Junior Scholarship League Michael Coaxley rolled 199, and James Prince 191. In the Saturday Junior Scholarship League Erin Galalgher shot 191181, Kristie Testa 178, and Elizabeth Simmons 176.

Brian Selwin 683
FARMINGDALE, NY – Brian Selwin led the scoring in the Friday Late Mixed League firing a high game of 257 and a high series of 683. John Lennon and Rene Costrello rolled 253, Tony Caridi 246-237, Bob Starzec 243, Issy Medak 237, Nick Crocitto 235, Neil Williams and Patrick Scott 234, and Rob Larsen 231-225.

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February 13 - 19, 2013

By Michelle Wright

For the Men’s Joe Lupo shot a 280 game and a 655 series; Keith Massimillo came through with a 278 game and a 726, Billy Maxwell 268-665 series; Jason Julian 261- 655, Mike Peppe threw a 258 game; Elwood Verity 255-711 series; On the Woman’s end we have Wendi Maxwell who shot a 215 game and Heather Maxwell came through with a 210 game.

On the Men’s end we have John Howarth who shot a 290 game and a 720 series; Kevin Sullivan came through with a 279 game and a 660 series; Terry Boyle shot a 267 game and a 736 series; Kyle Webster threw a 267 game; Peter Tang bowled a 256 game; John Maglio threw a 256 game; Les Forrai came through with a 255 game; Rich Laurita Jr. shot a 253 game; Keith Benenatti bowled a 251 game and a 727 series; Rob Benenatti shot a 661 series. On the Woman’s side we have Dawn Laurita who shot a 256 and a 232 game and a 664 series and Eileen Rufer came through with a 223 game.

Kelley Grippo Rolled 247-650 to Spark Holy Angles to Victory
By Vince Albrecht HACKENSACK, NJ - Kelley Grippo blasted 247: 650 and Leslie Subaldo added 560 to lead top-ranked Holy Angels to the North Jersey Girls Group II Sectional Title. The Angels came out of the gate with a tournament best 978 and never looked back as they poured it on with 919-901. Warren Hills closed with a huge 900 to overtake Paramus and earn a trip to the state finals as runner-up, despite having no individual qualifiers. In a three-way battle for Group I, Mother Seton hung on to win its third straight Sectional Title by just fourteen pins over Dumont. The Huskies, down by twelve sticks to Westwood after two games, caught the Cardinals in the third game’s tenth frame, winning by two pins to join Mother Seton in the state tournament on February 11th at Carolier Lanes. Pacing the Setters was anchor Dominique Toro whose 562 qualified her for the state individual tourney to be held February 13th, also at Carolier. In Group III, second-ranked Paramus Catholic couldn’t get untracked and finished third behind champion Northern Highlands and runner-up Hackensack. For the Comets, anchor Kelsey Sarro advanced to Carolier with 563. Ridgewood was never threatened as it came through with solid scores of 870-876-857: 2603 to outdistance runner-up Immaculate Heart. With thirty-seven schools in the competition, sixteen girls [there was a tie for fifteenth place] advanced to the state individual tournament. The Sweet Sixteen: Laura Uzzell [Science Park] 258: 663, Lexus Lopez [Lyndhurst] 660, Brianna Boze [Summit] 652, Kelley Grippo [Holy Angels] 247: 650, Amanda Santos [Memorial WNY] 247: 617, Giana Loyer [Vernon] 605, Yvette Gramignano [High Point] 592, Brittany Hovan [Paramus] 576, Sarah Rhodes [Sparta] 574, Lauren Pinkard [West Orange] 569, Isabelle Neheh [Wayne Hills] 568, Kelsey Sarro [Hackensack] 563, Dominique Toro [Mother Seton] 562, Kristina Verbeke [Wayne Valley] 561, Kristen Greiner [Morris Knolls] and Leslie Subaldo [Holy Angels] 560.

Joe Mazza came through with a 286 game and a 700 series; Anthony Lubrano shot a 276 game and a 671 series; Raoul Vegosen 268-256-726; Eric Paulson Jr. 267-257-731; Anthony Bruno 266-718; John Hanlon 258, Jonathon Berghorn finished with a 689 series; Anthony DePace threw a 675 series; Richie DiConza 653 and Scott Rufer finished with a 651 series.

On the Men’s end we have Rich Rothmansky who shot a 299 game and a 669 series; John Frank bowled a 268 and a 257 game and a 738 series; Yosh Novichonek came through with a 268 game and a 698 series; Arthur O’Connor threw a 267 game and a 698 series; Matthew Stanisic followed with a 265 and a 258 game and a 717 series; Anthony Phillips finished with a 683 series and Pete Conway threw a 665 series; On the Woman’s end we have Melissa Messite who shot a 229 game and a 600 series; Michelle Montigoris came through with a 225 game and a 602 series; Eleanor Cockett threw a 222 game and a 607 series; Betty Frank shot a 221 game and a 595 series and Nancy Karish bowled 215 game and a 585 series.

Dwight Flowers came through with a 300 game and a 725 series; Jim Sabbagh followed with a 279253-727; Yosh Novichonek 277-690; Richie Salcedo Jr. 259-257-753, Eddie McCree 257; Steve Friedman bowled a 289 game and a 746 series; Bruno Gerin shot a 279; Tim Swanson 269-692; Jesus Peredes bowled a 258 game and a 688 series; Tom Riccobono threw a 257 game; Pat Zencker shot a 256 game and a 683 series; Brad Cammarano came through with a 279 game and a 765 series; Manny Espinosa bowled a 279 game also; Frank Cimino shot a 259 game and a 732 series; Christian Cabral and Ken Harrison both threw a 257 game; Greg Matera shot a 254 game and a 710 series; Gary Brown finished with a 696 series; Tommy Winchell shot a 681 series; Pete Radioli came through with a 729 series; Tim O’Brien threw a 693 series; Bob Thorne finished with a 680 series; Lou Cisario shot a 677 series; Bob Schmid threw a 705 series; Jeremy Slade bowled a 679 series and Bill Koste finished with a 673 series.

Bret Zaccoli came through with a 279 game and a 738 series; Steve Klein shot a 268 game and a 721 series and Andy Eisner threw a 258 game and a 667 series.

For the Woman: Barbara Migliorino shot a 217 game. For the Boys: Adam Malave shot a 277 game and a 685 series and Ramon Deleon Jr. bowled a 229 game and a 662 series For the Girls: Jenn Ackerman threw a 210 game and a 527 series.

Lisa Newman came through with a 238 game; Gloria Belmonte bowled a 236 game and a 617 series; Stacey Salomides followed with a 224 game and a 587 series; Betty Ann Lescher threw a 213 game and a 594 series.

On the Men’s end we have Dean Falconer who shot a 277 game and a 757 series; Tony Depperman followed with a 269 game and a 726 series; Chris Lucchese followed with a 258 game; Tim O’Brien also bowled a 268 game but also shot a 679 series;

Jerry Katz came through with a 277 game; Stan Lane shot a 255 game and a 652 series; Dan DiGirolomo finished with a 685 series; Jarvis Skellington followed with a 668 series; Keith Manza came through with a 667 series and Ben Gregoretti finished with a 650 series.

On the Boy’s end we have David Bruno who shot a 266 game; On the Girl’s end we have Maria Lucente who came through with a 222 game and a 575 series and Danielle Cuomo with a 211 game and a 547 series.

February 13 - 19, 2013





February 13 - 19, 2013

Dave Granitzki 280
MADISON, NJ – Dave Granitzki led the scoring in the Friday Classic League firing a high game of 280. Anthony Parisi hit 278-709, Jennifer Drury 245, Ellen Moore 235, and Laura Russo 210, Mike Hanlein 278, Joe Parisi 708, and Joey Parisi 707.

Harry Franz 677
MADISON, NJ – Harry Franz paced the scoring in the Wednesday Trio League firing a 257 game for a high series of 677. Jimmy Granato shot 258-673, Jake Bird 247, Stephanie Rahn 235, and Lissette Tapanes 210. In the Pharma Plus League Dan Smith shot 233, Don Miller 224, Rita Gregory 220, Ron Kaepernik 219, and Laura Russo 203.

Chris Minch 278
MADISON, NJ – In the CMIL League Chris Minch shot 278, Mitch Weinberg 747, and Emily Evanko 238. Scott Harwood and Dave Hanft shot 235, Donny Prisco 233, and Dan Pridham 624 in the Tuesday 400 Doubles League. Thomas Litland rolled 245-635, Tom Schneyer 237, Joe Marchese 236-652, and Jake Bird 611 in the MC Police & Fire League.

Victor Pitra 667
MADISON, NJ – Victor Pitra led the scoring in the Livingston Business Men’s League firing a 268 game for a high series of 667. Bob Russo shot 257-637, Loe Zotti 245, and Chris Sammond 629. In the Monday Night Ladies League Alice Bednarik shot 202, Karin Sainato 187, and Kitty Keating 183.

February 13 - 19, 2013



The 20th Annual Jackson Memorial High School Jaguar Bowling Tournament
Held at Ocean Lanes on January 19, 2013 This tournament had two divisions, one for the boys and one for the girls. The boys division was won by the host team, Jackson Memorial, bowling a team series of 2,437. Jackson Memorial was never truly challenged but second place Brick Memorial bowled a 2,220 beating both Howell Township and Toms River North, each rolling a 2215 series. A similar situation occurred on the girls side as Brick Township dominated with a 2,395 followed by Manchester Township at 2,115 for second and Howell Township at 2,043 for third. Brick Memorial was fourth posting a 2,015. The event featured some high individual games and series. On the boys side Chris Nicholsen of Jackson Memorial won both the high game with a 268 game and the high series of 745 as well. In the high game category Austin Daddato of Brick Memorial had a 245, followed by Mike Cassano of Howell Township with 236. Fourth was Mike Tedeschi of Toms River North with a 222 and fifth Tom Wolf of Manchester Township with a 221 game. In series following Chris Nicholsen’s 745 set was Mike Cassano of Howell Township with a 644, Austin Dadato of Brick Memorial with a 621. In fourth place was Drew Seich of Jackson Memorial followed by Mike Tedeschi of Toms River North with his 600 series. The girls also had a double winner as Vicky Spirio of Brick Township rolled a 240 game and a 674 series. Following Vicky for high game was Stephanie Trempfer of Manchester Township with a 237 followed by Misty Downs of Brick Memorial with a 213, Jillian Olsen of Brick Township with a 209 and Jenn Schwartz of Howell Township with a 204. High Series leader board was dominated by Brick Township. Following Vicky Spirio’s 674 for Brick Township was Stephanie Trempfer with a 644 for Manchester Township but the next three competitors were all on the Brick Township team. Jillian Olsen had a 576, Annalicia Savvides had a 573 and Brianna MacLeod had a 572.

Adult Leagues PBA Experience – bowled on changing PBA lane conditions: Tim Panek 255-627, Ken Yokobosy 248-659, Gary Malone 237, Scott Van Syckle 223, Rob Sperling 223, Brian Scott 219. Thursday Nite Mixed: Tim Panek 246-681, Jared Lopez 244-678, Paul Engallena 243, John Sanroman 240, Nidia Haneveld 235-608, Lee Ann Mackin 223, Carole Cerenzio 211, Dori Tingoli 202, Paul Engallena 268-693, Scott Struble 265, Nidia Haneveld 243-647. Lake Hiawatha A.C.: Rob Huff 288-662, TJ Gray 259, Joseph Albensi Jr. 256, Van Thompson 245, Bill Karpack 237, Jack Safkan 226; Jared Lopez 257683. Morris Hills Mixed: Sal Antoniello 185-476, Bob McClughan 171-480, Jay Taormina 169491, Gerrie Taormina 190-392, Rosemary Muscolino 185-494, Carole Walker 156-409. Rockaway Mixed: Fred Drier 209-595, Mike Svetik 176-491, Daryl Frank 177, Keri May 212, Michelle Halko 190, Amy Caselli 152. Friday Nite Mens: Ed Galuska 259, Heriberto Matias 247-670, Frank Grumka 245-599, James Stiles 242 game. Friday Tri-Mixed: Bob Olstead 279-702, Glen Malmstone 259-718; Darren Zarillo 227game, Peter Furio 226 game, Kristina Arocho 276-739, Nidia Haneveld 222, Keri May 216, Donna Sodano 211. Spanish American Mixed: Julio Soto 279-714; Manuel Matias 257-687, Jonathan Echevarria 245, Lynn Coleman; Julio Soto 268-675, Rober Soto 249, Eddie Acevedo 248. Fox Hills Seniors: Robert Forte 202-526, Rocco Rossi 197, Rich Martone 197-491, Helen Loverro 178-443, Bonnie Cohen 168-452, Marilyn Forte 154game. Junior Leagues Sizzlin’ Strikers: Nicholas Thiese 149-381, Benjamin Cruz 122-330, Dante Garrido 174-172, Emma Thiese 155-432. Weekend Warriors: Carlyssa Leigh 167-472; Emma Wright 141-363. Lucky Strikers: Mark Howarth 101-276, James Gallagher 100 , James Taylor 83. Ball Busters: Jack Cook 230-684, Matthew Graner 228, Nick Westergaard 266, Thomas Kleczynski 233, Tyler 223, Ryan Ackerman 212, Haley Paccione 164-477, Steph Sihlanick 145. Monday Rec Program (2 games): Ricky Rodriguez 109-218, Christopher Cavalie 108-212, Connor Tole 98-176, Julia Signorelli 92-182, Jack Hartsuiker 92-166, Natalia Tole 87-151.

By Gloria Volpe

G& L Friday Night Mixed Jeff Leitner had the high game of the night with his 278 and Mike Rochinski and Andrea White were right behind with 265, 242-718. Joe Seipe had a nice 249, Frank Nordt 248, Brian Creeley 247, Brian Wellenheider 246, Derrick Cuavers 242, Steve Nordt 238, 237, Mike Voorhees 237, Todd Feinman 236, and Mrs. (Peaches) Rock 232. Public Safety The two high games of the night were shot by none other than Kenny Lee with his 276, 257-730. Tito Jackson bowled a 248 game followed by Bill Ochiuzzo with 247, Billy Zika was on fire this week with his 246, 241-659, and John Colorado rolled a 246 game. Thursday Early Mixed Glenn Bonomo had game with his 268, 234-686, Randy Murray also had a good night and shot 258, 245-680, Joe Seiple 238, Mike Rochinski 236, John Manfredo 234, Jim Butcher 233, Charles (Honey Jack) Jackson 233, Our own up and coming bower has been on fire the last couple of weeks Jose Corniel posted a 224-625 this week. The ladies had one super star in Super-Sub Sarah Chirchella with her 247 game.


Anthony Serignese 680
HOPELAWN, NJ – Anthony Serignese topped the scoring in the Academy Madness League firing games of 242-252 for a high series of 680. Mike Dellamanna rolled 255-223-200-678, Don Anione 226-235-651, and Mary Ellen Oehler 256-222-659.

February 13 - 19, 2013

John Baginsky, Jr. 658
HOPELAWN, NJ – John Baginsky, Jr. led the scoring in the LaBuona Pizza League firing games of 220-247 for a high series of 658. Bob Stevens rolled 228-221-638, Joe Herber 222-226-633, Vinny Medvetz 231-201-611, and Alicia Poythress 232.

Rocco Fortunato 671
HOPELAWN, NJ – Rocco Fortunato led the scoring in the Family League firing games of 225-246-200 for a high series of 671. Bob Nebus rolled 234-221-640, Dan Pawelek 202-243-639, Joe Bloodgood 204-202-222628, Anthony Angotti 221-233-621, Thomas Kopko 220, Bobby Nebus 208, Steve Venito 247, paul Kopko 201-222, and Lynn Bloodgood 244.

Jose Medina 654
HOPELAWN, NJ – Jose Medina paced the scoring in the Garden State Mixed League firing games of 214-258 for a high series of 654. Chris Herrick shot 225-213-617, Barry Bailey 211-611, Leigh Gerba 231, and Donna Estok 220.

Matt Lombardo 652
HOPELAWN, NJ – Matt Lombardo led the scoring in the Merck League firing games of 238-224 for a high series of 652. Bob Zullo, Sr. shot 201, Otto Rein 206, and Aggie Blessing 200.

John Kupsch 665
HOPELAWN, NJ - John Kupsch led the scoring in the Friends & Family League firing games of 223-223 for a high series of 665. Michael Peterson rolled 231-210-626, Vinnie MIlazzo 203-213, and Wayne Torzilli 211.

Cid Stentella 673
HOPELAWN, NJ – Cid Stentella paced the scoring in the Knights of Columbus League firing games of 265-226 for a high series of 673. Anthony Cursi shot 218-213-630, Bill Dillon 243-604, Frank Grossi 215-203-603, and Mark Makwinski 224.

Matt Cestone 662
HOPELAWN, NJ – Matt Cestone led the scoring in the Thursday Nite Mixed League firing games of 242-228 for a high series of 662. Bob Divilla shot 264209-624, Scott Akalewicz 208-212-201621, Mike Piomelli 215227-611, Rollin E. Ball 224-611, and Kurt Moszkowski 237.

Bill Dillon 659
HOPELAWN, NJ – Bill Dillon led the scoring in the Knights of Columbus League firing games of 223-227-209 for a high series of 659. Cid Stentella shot 236605, Joe Britton 223, Frank Grossi 245, and Mike Kaminski 220. In the Atlantic City Trios League Bob Joseph rolled 216-227637, Bill Bock 241-210637, Erick Kerekes 229237, Anthony Bicidomini 223-229, John Krupinski 220, Nick Antonucci 255, and Paul Harney 215.

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