World of the Common Soldier

(Articles, Published and Unpublished)

John U. Rees 136 North Sugan Road, New Hope, Pa. 18938 Phone: (215) 862-2348 Email: Letters, Diaries, and Order Books (List 4 of 15) “`Marched at Day Break and fell in With the Rebels’: Anonymous British Diary, 13 April 1777 to 26 September 1777,” "`Necessarys … to be Properley Packd: & Slung in their Blanketts’: Selected Transcriptions 40th Regiment of Foot Order Book,” "`We ... wheeled to the Right to form the Line of Battle': Colonel Israel Shreve's Journal of 1777," The Brigade Dispatch, vol. XXII, no. 1 (Spring 1992), 7-16. “`We had a small attack … with our Riflemen …’: A Pennsylvania Soldier’s 1776 Letter,” Military Collector & Historian, vol. 61, no. 3 (Fall 2009), 155-156. “`The end of the war will be the commencement of our felicity.’: Insights on Two Campaigns, Col. Israel Shreve (1779) and Lt. Col. Francis Barber (1781),” American Revolution (Magazine of the American Revolution Association), vol. 1, no. 3 (October 2009), 47-52. “Diary of Soldier with Lafayette’s Light Infantry, 1781” (diary transcription) “Asa Redington, Scammell’s Light Infantry Regiment, 1781” (soldier’s memoir) “`The British army marched out and grounded their arms …’: Pennsylvania Lt. William Feltman’s Diary 26 May to 5 November 1781” (transcription) “`Remembour me to all inquiring friends’: New Jersey Private Henry Johnson’s Letters, 1778 to 1780” (manuscript) "`The Action was renew.d with a very warm Canonade’: A New Jersey Officer’s Diary, June 1777 to August 1778” (manuscript)

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