Ong, Eunice FIN2 Dogma VS Reality Do you know that according to the National Demographic and Health Survey

, the definitive reason why unsolicited pregnancies under the age of eighteen exist is because of the deficiency of knowledge about sex? Do you know that mothers in the slums of Manila give birth to an average of 6 to 10 children? The Reproductive Health Bill caters to both these hitches, but what obstructs our administration from implementing this bill? “We live in a pluralist society, where various religious groups have differing beliefs about the morality of artificial contraception, which is very much at the center of the controversy,” Fr. Joaquin of The Inquirer quoted. Contraceptives, sex education & giving equal opportunity are the three most controversial topics that are inline with the bill. Let me expound on these to help you paint a better picture. What are contraceptives? These are medications that help prevent ovulation, but the church denotes that abortion is present through this process. Where is abortion when prevention of ovulation results to no fertilization? No fertilization results to no fetus. No fetus, thus, no abortion. They say that we are legalizing abortion, but actually, we are preventing it. As a matter of fact, the RH Bill intensifies the drive against abortion. When you try to prevent ovulation, you don’t eradicate anything, for there was initially nothing formed. You are in fact controlling the formation. ”Currently, most young people enter relationships and even married life without the benefit of systematic inputs by any of our social institutions. As a result of just one faulty sexual decision, many young women and men can lose their future, their health and sometimes their lives.” according to I support watchful recasting of the provision on mandatory sexual education in schools, both public and private. This will be implemented from grade 5 to high school 4th year. "This is not a population controlled nation." according to Rep. Edcel Ragman. It is only through sex education that will bring teenagers awareness and enlightenment. Knowing the consequences and concerns of bearing a child, they will turn out to be more cognizant and responsible members of this

” stated in rhbill. which partly explains why the poor plan for more children. In the middle of all these debate and exchange of opposing opinions about the bill. Infant deaths among the poorest are almost 3 times compared to the richest. while the poorest get an extra 2. providing more midwives and access to enhanced and modernized family planning methods. The pro RH Bill looks at the long run. A government is recognized by the individuals not as a tool to avert. . They will not be taught about sex positions. looks at the finish line and sees what our country could be and could have been. discontinue. it’s time to take a stand and fight for what is right. the welfare of the people is what’s most important. If a government refutes the right to life at its first instance. guard. Promoting equity for poor families includes equal access to health facilities. These are due to lack of access to respectable facilities and deficiency of people who can take care of these mothers and their babies. According to the United Nations Population Fund. or quench life. but about correct sexual values. Premarital sex is alarmingly growing and all we can do about it is to teach this generation. we should set aside our religious dogmas and look at what God really and actually wants for this country. what is there to stop it from violating human rights? This bill has been shelving for almost 12 years. “Ninety four percent of women in the richest quintile have a skilled attendant at birth compared to only 26% in the poorest. 24 out of 1000 thousand babies die upon birth and 11 women die of childbirth daily. and enrich The richest have 3 times higher tubal ligation rates compared to the poorest. but to sustain. thus. This equity gap in tubal ligation partly explains why the wealthy hardly exceed their planned number of children.populace.