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Vocabulary 1 Researcher Seems Mistakes Town Leisure Furnishing Deck Fencing Slipcovers Achieve Landed Migration Path Fates Tournaments Update Share

Vocabulary 2 Hedonistic Quest Enlightening Perpetrator Trickster Deceiver Impostor

Doer Executioner Hills Mountains region Annoyance Perturbation Pleasure Seeking Self Indulgent Deck Floor Ditch Adventure Journey Highlands Teaching Informing Disturbance Canal Excavation

TRADUCCION Science Eye witness line ups A researcher is studying how eye witnesses frequently identify an innocent person as a perpetrator. It seems that Police Line ups and photo IDs are done in a way thats likely to cause mistakes. We find out how to do it correctly.

Movie specials Michael Caine and Steve Martin co-star as two confidence tricksters working on the same French Riviera partch when it soon becomes very clear that the town just isnt big enough for the both of them in this hilarious comedy network premiere. Watch Saturday, April 26th at 8 pm/ET 5 pm/PT. Parliament channel Watch a live web broadcast of the BBC Parliament Channel. Drama and mystery A brand new season of psychological thrillers return with new episodes of chilling, coldblooded murder mysteries. Murder in Mind tells the story from a killers point-of- view and asks not whodunit, but WHY dunit? Season two premiers Mondays, since April 21st, at 9 pm/ET. 6 and pm/PT Home and leisure Airdates Monday Thursday 8 & 11 p.m. ET/PT Designer guys Inside out Indoors and out, this young family wants an infusion of urban chic into their lives. The Guys till treat the family room and backyard deck as one and give it an update from country to modern. Theyll ditch the plastic outdoor patio set, bring in some furnishing, and stain the deck fencing. With wonderful outdoor accessories, new slipcovers on the family room furniture and some quirky folk art, the Guys achieve a chic, functional space inside and out. Remind Me! Ecosystem Hawaii Goose The national bird of Hawaii has had to move to the inhospitable highlands of Hawaii to avoid predators and tourist disturbances. Conservationists have found a genetic similarity to Canadian geese. Theorize that they landed in Hawaii as a result of storm or winds driving the off their migration path. Films Sleuth This classic Oscar-nominated thriller airs Saturday, April 12th at 8 pm/ET, 5 and 10:30 pm/PT.

Sports Formula Barrichelo bemoans destiny --- Rubens Barrichello says the fates are against him after retiring from the lead of the Brazilian Travel Wimbledon 2003 Get ready for one of the worlds greatest tennis tournaments, Book your trip to Wimbledon 2003 now. Discussions Share your views on world news and event