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Worship Planning

March - 2009

March 1 – Communion – Lenten Prayer Guides Introduced
Scripture: Mark 1: 9-15
Sermon: Pastor Diane
Video: Randy Hollis
Music: Joyful Voices
Note: Paul Howard to Serve Communion
Communication: Lenten Creative Project

March 8 – Scout Sunday
Scripture: Mark 8:31-38
Romans 4:3-25
Sermon: “Got Faith?”
Theme: There comes a point in our walk of faith where it is only possible to walk by
faith. The disciples came to such a point when, after understanding he was the Messiah,
he told them plainly what was to happen. Abraham came to such a point when he was
almost 100 – “as good as dead” – and God came with a promise of many descendants. At
these points, being a good person, with good intentions, who plays by the rules is not
enough. Faith is needed and only faith will do.
Video: Bill – focus on the people in the two passages – Jesus and his disciples, and
Music: Joyful Voices
Communication: Lenten Creative Project, Prayer Guide

March 15 – Brady Zerkle Baptized (10:00)
Scripture: John 2:13-22
I Cor 1:18-25
Sermon: “Tear Down the Walls”
Theme: What was it that made Jesus so mad that, according to the Gospel of John, he
cleansed the temple as his first chosen act of public ministry? Wasn’t the miracle at Cana
a better way to “win friends and influence people”? I want to focus on Jesus “zeal”for
his Father’s house” – his passion that none should be excluded. Jesus is angry because
none should be excluded by lack of money or lack of human standing. I will connect this
to our act of baptizing Brady.
Video: Bill – meditation on the walls of the temple – either artistic renderings of thee
temple, or pictures of the wailing wall. After the sermon, stay with images of Jesus
cleansing the temple.
Music: Praise Team, #611 – Child of Blessing, Child of Promise
Note: Music team please stay through baptism
Communication: Lenten Creative Project
March 22 – One Great Hour of Sharing
Scripture: Numbers 21:4-9
John 3:14-21
Sermon: “The Snake Solution”
Theme: The people are in the desert, they complain, God punishes them, and they relent
and ask God to take away the snakes. Thus far in the story, we have a typical story of
how our natural minds think god works. But the God of Israel does an odd thing – rather
than take away the snakes, he tells Moses to have a bronze snake cast and put on a pole.
Rather than taking away a problem, God makes a way for people to have faith. Jesus’
ministry in the Gospel of John is described in the same way – he is here because God
loves us and wants us to have faith.
Video: Bill – images of the desert and of Christ on the cross to help interpret the passage,
throw in a few pictures of a cadeuces (the medical sign of a snake on a stick) if you want
to see how closely people are paying attention
Music: Praise Team

March 29 – Men’s Retreat, Richard Stitt Preaching
Scripture: Philippians 2:5-11
Title: The Outlook of Jesus
Video: Lani (Please plan to coordinate with me prior to Thursday)
Music: KICK Choir
Note: Richard has requested to pick readers for the day