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PONSSE Ergo 04/08

HARVESTER A logger´s best friend ENGLISH

The heart of all PONSSE models easily controlled entity. OptiControl and clear display. tions. The easy-to-use OptiControl cated air-to-air intercooling tech-
is the OptiControl system. OptiCon- is based on PONSSE developed OptiControl controls the mar- system and the electronically con- nology lower fuel consumption.
PONSSE´s cab is the scene of the new-
trol combines all the main compo- technology, the corner stones of ket’s most modern diesel technol- trolled Mercedes-Benz engine pro- PONSSE is a real efficiency pack- est forest machine technology. It is a
nents of the machine. The crane, which are reliability and ease of ogy, which combines economy and vides PONSSE with the top per- age for the new millenium’s forest working environment for professionals
drive transmission, diesel engine use. All the measurements and environmental friendliness. The formance in its class. PONSSE is harvesting. who appreciate perfect comfort, safe-
control, and the measuring instru- adjustments made by OptiControl system feeds only the power need- also economical. Electronic con- ty and ergonomics. The patented active
ments are combined to a single, are easily readable on the single ed at any time for machine func- trol, turbocharger and a sophisti- suspension system ensures first class
working conditions for the driver.
PONSSE Opti4G is a new gen-
eration data processing system
The Ergo has a completely new design for harvesters. As a Windows
cab which provides more space and better / PC based application it is effi-
working visibility. The cab construction is cient and easy to use. The trunk
extremely service-friendly. Spaciousness and shape calculating prognosis al-
good control ergonomics have a positive gorithm, together with the effi- PONSSE cranes offer durability and high
effect on the working speed and decreases cient optimization calculation, speed for harvesting. The center of
the stress on the driver. Ball-end handles produces visible results. gravity of the lightweight crane lies low
provide a new kind of handiness and ease of and therefore working is steady. The tilt-
use. Traditional controls are available as an ing crane pillar, together with the fast
option. sliding boom, enables linear, fast move-
ment of the harvester head. PONSSE
Ergo can also be fitted with a PONSSE
C33 parallel crane, which has a reach
of 10,3-11 metres.
The Ergo´s power source is the Mer- Easy to open side pon-
cedes-Benz OM906LA diesel engine toons and side bump-
which starts a new era in the fuel ers contain spacious
economy and emission levels of for- storage rooms. The
est machines. The turbocharger and door side pontoons The flow of the crane´s work-
a sophisticated air-to-air intercooling serve well as a storage ing hydraulics is 9 (145
technology provide top per-formance space, e.g. for spare cm3) / 235 bar, and for the
(275 hp/ 205 kW). The electronic hoses. It is possible to equip a harvester head 11.6
control system of the water cooled, PONSSE forest machine with (190 cm3) / 235 bar. Each
6-cylinder engine produces optimal up to 30 working lights. New hydraulic circuit has its own
torque within each area of work- lighting technology, light con- pressure filter. Cooling cir-
The 106-gallon struction without using perspex, cuit filter capacity is approx.
ing speed 811 ft. lb. (1100 Nm) (400 l) fuel tank, to-
/1200-1500 rpm. Due to cylinder creates a fantastic lighting power 26 gallons (100 l) of oil per
gether with the low and an optimal light field. minute. In the Ergo, the con-
specific direct fuel injection the fuel fuel consumption
burns extremely clean. The engine tinuous cooling efficiency, inde-
of the Mercedes- pendent of the working move-
complies with the Euromot 3A and Benz engine, make
EPA Tier 3 emission limits. ments, is 60 hp (45 kW).
it easy to time the
fuel filling stops with
other pauses.

The crane stand can be
tilted hydraulically. It en-
sures efficient working
also on uneven and
sloping terrain.

The Ergo´s active suspension
system eliminates terrain
unevenness effectively and
keeps the cab upright.

The PONSSE harvester heads are
Thanks to the OptiControl connected efficient and versatile, well-suited for
The Ergo´s short construction makes it very agile in its class hydrostatic drive transmission system, both thinning and regeneration felling.
size. Due to its active suspension the ground pressure caused The Ergo´s reinforced frame pivot optimal drive efficiency is obtained at The PONSSE Ergo equipped with the
by the tires is distributed evenly and the drive routes remain can stand very high stresses, and all engine speeds. Ability to move the PONSSE H73e harvester head can
narrow. This is why the Ergo is also well suited for the possibility to retighten it reduc- machine at engine working speeds handle trunks with diameters of up
thinning operations. es the wear rate. improvesits working efficiency. to 70 cm.
Dimensions Cab
Length: 302 in (7,680 mm) Tilting safety cab which complies
Width: 105 in–112 in (2,670–2,840 mm) with all the required safety standards

Transport height: 148 in (3,770 mm) Windows: Polycarbonate

Ground clearance: 24 in (610 mm) Seat: Bege 9000 SE seat with head support
Air conditioner
- 8 tree species, 16 assortments, 16 quality Net weight: 35,274 lb (16,000 kg) (depends on equipment)
levels Engine
Type: PONSSE HN125 / HN200 / C4 PONSSE C33
- 10 drivers - dedicated settings for each one Type: MB OM906LA
Reach: 32 ft. (10 m) 34–36ft.
of them Power: 205 kW (275 hp) (10,3–11 m)
- Versatile handling display Torque: 811 lb-ft (1100 Nm) 1 200–1 500 rpm Lifting moment: 140,136 lb-ft–168,163 lb-ft 140,136 lb-ft
- Real time follow-up of harvesting, results Tractive force: 35,968 lbf (160 kN) (190–228 kNm) (190 kNm)
available numerically or graphically Drive speed: Gear 1 = 0–5,6 mph (0-9 km/h) Swivel moment: 25,814 lb-ft (35 kNm) 25,814 ft-lb
- Fast updatings Gear 2 = 0–17,4 mph (0-28 km/h) (35 kNm)

- Changes easily according to the contractor, Fuel tank capacity: 106 gallons (400 l) Turning angle: 280° 280°
driver and harvesting organization Transmission Stand tilting angle: 30° 30°
- Print-outs in the desired language Hydrostatic-mechanical power transmission
Communicates directly and easily with Intelligence 2 speed ranges forward and backward
Electronic drive automatics,
Harvester head
other data processing systems PONSSE OptiControl
- Always supports the newest Stanford Rear drive release
forest standard Differential lock: Mechanical on both axles
- Clear and easy-to-use fault diagnostic system Axles
- Easy-to-use OptiProgressControl for monito- Front: Pivoting axle with portal reduction
Standard equipment
ring the efficiency and working time. and differential gear lock
Rear: Bogie axle with planetary gears PONSSE OptiControl system
and differential gear lock
PONSSE Opti measuring device
PONSSE ball-end handles
Front: 600–34 or 700–34
Pressure gauge
Rear: 600–26,5 or 710–26,5
The Opti4G is the new genera- shape produces an exact prognosis
Auxiliary heater
Working hydraulics
tion information processing system and log division. The trunk specific Seat heater
PONSSE OptiControl
for harvesters. It helps the driver to data recorded by the Opti4G can be Separate hydraulics circuits for the MP3 player
cut the trunks exactly to the right di- reviewed and used, even years later harvester head and the crane
2 pcs of fire extinguishers
mensions and thus improves signifi- – a good basis for the development Harvester head pumps: 11.6 (190 cm3)
Hydraulic tank vacuum pump
cantly the productivity and degree of of a quality system. Crane pump: 9 / (145 cm3)
Hydraulic steps
cultivation of forest harvesting. Windows operating system ena- Hydraulic oil tank volume: 92 gal. (350 l)
Sun blind curtain
The trunk specific data record- bles the use of versatile data trans- Optional equipment a.o.
Drive brake: Hydraulic multi-disc brakes, front and rear
ed by the Opti4G is very easy as it is fer and map application systems dur- Fire extinguishing system
Parking brake: Spring loaded
based on the normal Windows op- ing harvesting. By means of a satel- Tracks and chains
Working brake: Acts on front and rear brakes
erating system and on a PC com- lite locationing system, using electri- Stump treatment equipment
Electrical system
puter. The high calculation efficien- cal stand maps, the driver can see Central lubrication system
Voltage: 24 V
cy and the vast memory capacity of on the clear color screen, the loca- Fuel filling pump
Ponsse´s triangular measurement sys- Batteries: 2 x 180 Ah
the computer ensure a fast optimiz- tion of his machine, the stand bor- Hydraulic oil filling pump
tem takes into account also the possi- Alternator: 2 x 80 A
ing process and, on the other hand, ders, and the areas left outside har- Cabin UV protection
ble oval shape of the trunk. The diame- Working lights: max. 30 x 70 W
ter is measured by the millimeter. the exact recognition of the trunk vesting area.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical changes and improvements.

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