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Skills List Communications Clowning: Cryptography: Electronic Counter-Measures (Jamming): Encryption: Flag Signaling: Jesting: Laser: Microwave

Communications: Mime: Optic Systems: Performance: Public Speaking: Radar/Sonar Operation: Radio: Basic: Radio: Advanced: Radio: Expert: Radio: Deep Space: Radio: Scramblers: Basic: Radio: Scramblers: Advanced: Radio: Scramblers: Expert: Radio: Satellite Relay: Sign Language: Signal Codes: Surveillance Systems: Telephone Networks: T.V./Video: Basic: T.V./Video: Advanced: T.V./Video: Expert: Cultural/Domestic Accounting: Acting: Advertising: Animal Husbandry: Architectural: Design/Enginner: Art: Barbering: Begging(T): Blacksmith: Bonsai: Breed Dogs: Business Management: Calligraphy: Calligraphic Forgery: Chess: Cook: Dance: Desert Survival: Drawing: Pencil/Ink/Chalk: Economics: Editor: Farming: Fasting(T): Fishing: Flint Working: Floral Arrangement (Ikebana): Game: Gaming(strategy): Gardening: General Repair & Maintenance: Go: Juggeling: Leather Working: Lighting Technician: Live Engineer: Meditation: Meteorology Mountaineering: Music - Composition: Music - Play Musical Instrument: Music - Sing: Philosophies(T): Poetry (Haiku): Recording Engineer: Recycle: Sculpture: Sewing: Sing: Spelunking: Sports: Weaving:

Computer Artificial Intelligence: Computer Engineer: Computer Hacking: Computer Imaging: Computer Keyboarding: Computer Language: Computer Networks: Computer Operations: Computer Programming: Cyberjacking: Neural Interface & Networks: Supercomputers: VR/3D Systems: Cowboy Branding: Breaking/Taming a Wild Horse: Herding Cattle: Horsemanship: Cowboy: Horsemanship: Exotic: Lore - Cattle/Animals: Lore - Indians: Roping: Trick Riding: Electrical Avionics: Basic Electronics: Advanced Electronics: Expert Electronics: Circuit Board Micro-Electronics: Computer Repair: Electrical Engineer: Electricity Generation/Power Systems: Glitter Boy Electronics: Mecha Electronics: Power Armor Electronics: Robot Electronics: Enginering Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineer: Chemical Engineer: Civil Engineer: Computer Enginner: Electrical Engineer: Genetics Engineer: Glitter Boy Engineer: Industrial Engineer: Mechanical Engineer - Basic: Mechanical Engineer - Advanced: Mechanical Engineer - Expert: Mining Engineer: Nuclear Engineer: Power Armor Engineer: Robot Engineer: Safety Engineer: Sanitary Engineer: Spacefold Engineer - Basic: Spacefold Engineer - Advanced: Spacefold Engineer - Expert: Starship Engineer - Basic: Starship Engineer - Advanced: Starship Engineer - Expert: Weapons Engineer - Basic: Weapons Engineer - Advanced: Weapons Engineer - Expert: Espionage Binding: BS Smooth Talking: Command: Concealment: Detect Ambush: Detect Concealment: Disguise: Escape Artist: Fieldcraft: Forgery: Hojo-Jutsu: Imitate Voice: Impersonation: Intelligence:

Juicer Technology: Medical Instruction: Nurse: Paramedic: Parapsychology: Pathology: Plastic Surgery: Psychiarty: Psychobiology: Psychology: Psycho-Thearpy: Sea Holistic Medicine: Specialist: Surgeon: Radiation Technology .Knight: Horsemanship .General: Horsemanship .Expert: Armorer: Automotive Mechanics: Basic Cybernetics: Basic Mechanics: Bioware Mechanics: Cross-Dimensional Trans-Location Device Mechanics: Cybernetic/Bionic Repair: Cyclone Repair: Design Engineering Drive repair: chemical drive Drive repair: fold drive: Drive repair: ion drive Drive repair: plasma drive Drive repair: traction drive Drive repair: warp/gravity drive: Fashion Tools and Weapons: Glitter Boy Mechanics: Hardsuit/Motoroid Mechanics: Helicopter Mechanics: Jet Aircraft Mechanics: Locksmith: Marine/Naval Engineer: Mecha Mechanics: Mechanical Engineer: Metallurgy: Mountain Bike Mechanics: Nuclear Engineer: Power Armor Mechanics: Radiation Technology . in Cybernetics: Medical .Palladin: Heraldry: Physical Acrobatics: Aerobics: Arm Wrestling: Athletics: Battle Bike Combat: Basketball: Blind-Fighting: Body Building: Boxing: Climbing: Deadball: Interrogation: Interrogation Techniques: Jungle Survival: Land Navigation: Lip Reading: Marxism/Leninism-Maoism: Microfilm/Microfiche/Microdot Technology: Palming: Perception: Pick Locks: Pick Pockets: Safe-Cracking: Sniper: Stalk/Capture: Tracking: Trap Construction: Trap/Mine Detection: Urban Survival: Urban Warfare: Wilderness Survival: Medical Animal Husbandry: Bioengineering: Brewing: Criminal Sciences & Forensics: Dentist: Diagnostic: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM): Entomological Medicine: First Aid: Field Expedient Surgery: Field Surgery: Genetics Engineer: General Practitioner: Holistic Medicine: Medical Doctor: M. Biological & Chemical Warfare (NBC): Paired Weapons: Parachuting: Radiation Technology .Military: Recognize Weapon Quality: Ship-to-Ship Combat: Siege Engineer: Sniper: .Industrial: Robot Mechanics: Satellite Systems: Ship Mechanics: Spaceship Mechanics: Starship Engineer: Submersible Vehicle Mechanics: Time Machine Mechanics: Veritech Mechanics: Weapons Engineer: Welding (Basic): Welding (Advanced): Welding (Expert): Medieval Civilization Skills Courtly Etiquette: Falconry: Field Armorer: Horsemanship: Horsemanship .D.Basic: Aircraft Mechanics .Advanced: Aircraft Mechanics .Medical: Toxicology: Veterinarian: Military Armorer: Arsenal: Creating: Arsenal: Reloading: Assassination Techniques: Camouflage: Combat Sniper: Defense Systems: Demolitions: Demolitions: Creating: Demolitions Disposal: Find Contraband.Industrial Armor & Weapon Decoration: Blacksmithing/Metalworking: Carpentry: Cobblery: Construction: Fashion Toos and Weapons: Glass blowing: Logging: Masonry: Mining: Pilot Construction Vehicles: Plumbing: Mechanical Advanced Mechanics: Aerospace Engineering: Aircraft Armor and Weaponry: Aircraft Mechanics . Weapons & cybernetics: Field Armorer: Fortification: Military Construction Engineer: Military Engineer: Military Etiquette: Military Instruction: Naval/Marine Engineer: Naval History: Naval Tactics: Nuclear.

Competitive: Swimming . Special Maneuvers: Evasive Action: .S.Snorkel: Track and Field: Tumbling: Vacuum Survival: Wrestling: Swimming & Fatigue Note: Pilot Related Aerial Navigation: Astrogation (Navigation via Astronomy): Debris Ring Navigation: Instrument Rating: Interplanetary Navigation: Navigation: Navigation Space: Navigation Underwater: Orbital Navigation: Radar/Sonar Operations: Read Sensory Equipment: Starship Gunnery: Automated: Starship Gunnery: Manual: Temporal Navigation/Time Detection Equipment: Weapon System: Weapon Systems (Battloid): Weapon Systems (Battle Pod): Weapon Systems (Destroids): Weapon Systems (General): Weapon Systems (Glitter Boy): Weapon Systems (Power Armor): Weapon Systems (Robots): Weapon Systems (Veritech): Rogue Skills Acting: Appraisal: Bargain/Bribe: BS Smooth Talking: Cardsharp: Con: Concealment: Contortionist: Dice Rolling: False Divination: Find Contraband.U. Space) Advanced Deep Sea Diving: Air-to-Air Combat: Airplane: Automobile: Battle Bike Combat: Bicycle: Boat: Motor and Hydrofoils: Boat: Paddle Type: Boat: Sail Type: Boat: Ships: Boat: Warships/Patrol Boats: Combat Engineer Vehicles (CEV): Combat Pod: Commercial Vehicles: Construction Equipment: Contragravity Pack: Cross-Dimensional Piloting and Navigation: Dog Sled: EVA: Farm Equipment: Fighter Combat "Basic" Training: Fighter Combat "Elite" Training: Flight System Combat: Freight Hauler: Hardsuit/Motoroid: Heavy Machinery: Helicopter: Horsemanship: Horsemanship: Exotic Animals: Horse: Teamster/Wagoner: Hovercycle: Hover Craft (ground): Jet Aircraft: Jet Fighters: Jet Packs: Jump Bike Combat: Lighter-than-Air Vehicles: Mecha Cyclone: Mecha Destroids: Mecha Veritech: Mecha Zentraedi Style Battle Pods: Mecha Combat: Mountain Biking: Motorcycle: Offensive Driving: Robots and Power Armor: Robot Combat Basic: Robot Combat Elite: Sailing: Seamanship: Snowmobiles: Solar Sailer: Space Shuttle: Spacecraft: Spacecraft: Advanced: Space Fighter: Starship: Submarines: Submersibles: Tanks and APCs: Time Machine: Titan Transport: Truck: Underwater General: Underwater Robots &Power Armor: Unicycle: Water Skiing & Surfing: Water Scooters: Yacht: SPECIAL NOTE: The following rules apply to ALL land vehicles. Ground.A.C.Basic: Swimming . Weapons & cybernetics: Gambling (Standard): Gambling (Dirty Tricks): Hide/Sneak: Strategy/Tactics: Torturing Tactics Trap Construction: Trap/Mine Detection: Underwater Demolitions: Weapons Specialist: Pilot Skills (Air.Fencing: Forced March: Gymnastics: Hand to Hand Combat: Aikido: Assassin: Basic: Commando: Expert: Judo: Jujitsu: Karate: Kendo: Magic: Martial Arts: Ninjutsu/Tai-Jutsu: Teng-jutsu (rare among humans/mortals): Wrestling: Zanji Shinjinken-Ryo: Zero Gravity Combat Advanced Zero Gravity Combat Basic Juggling: Juicer Football: Kickboxing Marathon Meditation: Movement: Zero Gravity: Murderthon: Oxygen Conservation: Pressure Point Control Tactics: Pool: Prowl: Running: Skiing: Swimming .: Swimming .Deep Sea: Swimming .B. Sea.

20th Century: History.Pharmaceutical: Cosmology: Cross-Dimensional Physics: Cryptozoology: Ecology: Electrochemistry: Entomology: Ethology: Ethnology: Geochemistry: Geology: Geophysics: Hydrology: Horticulture: Interdimensional Theory: Marine Biology: Mathematics . Middle-Eastern (Islamic): History. Pre-Colonial Africa: History.Statistics: Meterology: Microbiology: Nanotechnology: Nanomanufacturing: Nanorobotics: Nuclear Physics: Ocean Geographic Surveying: Oxygen Systems: Paleontology: Dating rocks.Alchemical: Chemistry . Greco-Roman: History. 18th Century: History. Indian (Asia): History. fossils & artifacts: Parapsychology: Petrology: Physical Chemistry: Physics: Psychological Warefare: Psychology: Psychotherapy: Temporal Physics: Theology/Philosophy: Trans-Dimensional Physics: Undersea Farming: Xenology: Zoology: Weapon Proficiencies Ancient Weapon Proficiencies: W. Blunt: W.P. Rifts Atlantean Era: History. Reverse Driving: Stunts: Sharp Curves: Sideswipe: SPECIAL NOTE: The following rules apply to ALL aircraft.Short Bow: W.P. Renaissance: History. Special Maneuvers: Evasive Action: Tilt Dodge: Stunts: Emergency Landing: Shadow: Dog Tail: Science Anthropology: Archaeology: Aromatherpy: Astronomy: Astrophysics: Biochemistry: Biology: Biophysics: Biotechnology: Botany: Cartography: Chemistry: Chemistry . Battle Axe: W.Accounting: Mathematics .Thousand Character Literacy. Robotech or Macross Zentraedi: History. Native American: History.Con Games: Streetwise . Chinese: History.P. West: History.P.Buddhist: Chinese Mythology .Networks: Use & Recognize Poison: Ventriloquism: Spatial EVA: Jury-rig: Mining: Salvage: Technical Advanced Fishing: Antiquarian: Art: Balloon Animal Making: Basic Construction: Basic Drafting: Bionics Breed Dogs: Brewing: BS Writing: Bureaucracy: Candlemaking: Chinese Antiquarianism: Chinese Calligraphic Codes & Code Breaking: Chinese Classical Studies: Chinese Mythology . Barstool: W. Archery .Juggling: Locate Secret Compartments: Palming: Pick Locks: Pick Pockets: Pool: Pool Shark: Prowl: Safecracking: Search: Seduction: Shell Game: Sleight of Hand: Streetwise: Streetwise . Archery and Targeting: W. Bola: .Drugs: Streetwise . Stage 2 .Advanced: Mathematics .P.P. 16th & 17th Century: History. Archery .Basic: Mathematics . Palladium World: Historical Languages: Language-Classical Greek: Language-Latin: Language-Norman French: Language-Portuguese: Language-Colonial Spanish: Chinese Language & Literacy: Stage 1 . 19th Century: History. Medieval: History.Chinese Literacy.Cross Bow: W.Long Bow: W. Ancient Civilizations: History.Chinese Alchemical: Chemistry .P. Oriental Cultures (general): History.Analytical: Chemistry .Gambling: Streetwise .Taoist: Cobbling: Construction Demolitions: Contacts: Deep Sea Fishing: Diplomacy: Entrepreneurship: Fashion Tools and Weapons: Gem Cutting: Gemology: General Repair/Maintenance: Glassworks: History: History-Era Specialization: History.P. Archery .

Bolt Action Rifle: W.P.UFOlogy: Lore .P.P.Sea: Lore . Sword: W.Buddhist: Lore . Torpedo: W. Knife: W.P.P.P. Revolver: W.Chinese Mythology .Astral: Lore . Forked: W.P.P.Dimensions: Lore .Animal: Lore . Stage 4 .Chinese Mythology .P. Chain: W.Farm: Lore .P. Sub-Machinegun: W. Siege Weapons: W.Dragon: Lore . Polearm: W.Science: Lore ."Time of Man": Lore . Heavy: W. Cyclone Weapon Systems: W.P. Grappling Hook: W.P. Harpoon Gun: W.P.Advanced Chinese Literacy. Study: Weapon Mastery: Weapon Proficiencies bonuses: Wilderness Agriculture: Archery: Boat Building: Carpentry: Construction (Wood): Dowsing: Fashion Tools and Weapons: Horsemanship: Hunting: Identify Plants & Fruits: Land Navigation: Oceanic Survival: Preserve Food: Rope Works: Sculpting & Whittling: Sense of Direction: Skin and Prepare Animal Hides: Tame Animals: Track Animals: Track & Hunt Sea Animals: Trap Construction: Trap/Mine Detection: Undersea & Sea Survival: Underwater Navigation: Winter Survival: .Demons and Monsters: Lore .Magic: Lore . Spear: W.Juicer: Lore .Basic: Pyrotechnics .Cetra: Lore . Energy Pistol: W.Folklore and Mythology: Lore .P.P.P. Paired Weapons: W.Conspiracy: Lore . Gallant H-90: W. Heavy Energy Weapons: W.P. Improvisation: W.Dreamstream: Lore .P.Psychic: Lore .P.Nightlands: Lore . Energy Rifle: W.Religion: Lore .P.Classical Chinese Literacy.Japanese Mythology: Lore .P.Alchemy: Lore . Sharpshooter: W.Geomancy & Lines of Power: Lore . Bow: W. Slingshot: W.Nightbane: Lore . Grenade Launcher: W.D-Bee: Lore .P.Vampires: Lore .Wormwood: Lore .P. Flame Thrower: W.P. Trident: W. Mouth Weapons: W. Small Thrown Weapons: W.P. Shield: W.Stage 3 .P.P.Expert: Regional Knowledge: Research: Right Brean Memory Techniques: Role-Playing Game Design: Rope Works: Sculpting & Whittling: Study: Surveying: Teaching: Undersea Salvage: Writing: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- W. Artillery: W.P.P.P.P. Boomerang: W.Cults and Sects: Lore .P.P.Omens and Superstition: Lore . Invention: Investigative: Japanese Mythology: Journalism: Language: Language Dialects: Law: Law: CCW: Leather Working Literacy: Lore . Grenade: W. Deadball: W.Megaverse: Lore . Net: W.Advanced: Pyrotechnics .Alien: Lore .P.Zentran & Meltran: Map Reading: Masonry: Milling: Mining: Operate Heavy Power Tools: Philosophy: Phonetics: Photography: Photography .P.Ghosts: Lore .P.P.Cattle/Animals: Lore . Rune Weapon: W.Video: Plumbing: Pottery: Prospecting: Pyrotechnics .Galactic/Alien: Lore . Whip: Modern Weapon Proficiencies: W.Witches: Lore .Temporal: Lore . Broken Bottle: W. Crossbow: W.P.P.Taoist: Lore .Technology: Lore .Faerie: Lore . Automatic and Semi-automatic Rifles: W.P.P.P.P.P.Indians: Lore . Staff: W. Automatic Pistol: W.Film: Photography .Read Aura: Lore .Undead: Lore .P. Black Powder: W. Mortar: W.

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