Methods from java.awt.Component and java.awt.Container are hidden java.awt.image.


java.awt. MenuContainer

java.awt. Component

java.awt. Container

JComponent () Static Methods Locale get / setDefaultLocale () boolean isLightweightComponent (Component c) Accessors ActionListener ActionMap boolean Border Object # Graphics int int InputMap InputMap InputVerifier Insets Insets KeyStroke[] JRootPane String Container TransferHandler String boolean Rectangle boolean boolean boolean boolean boolean boolean boolean void # void Event Methods void void void void void void void void # void AncestorListener[] Point String VetoableChangeListener[] # void # boolean void void Other Public Methods void JToolTip void void void void void void void void void Other Protected Methods # void # void # void # void # void # void computeVisibleRect (Rectangle visibleRect) createToolTip () grabFocus () paintImmediately (Rectangle r) paintImmediately (int x, int y, int w, int h) repaint (Rectangle r) resetKeyboardActions () revalidate () scrollRectToVisible (Rectangle aRect) unregisterKeyboardAction (KeyStroke aKeyStroke) updateUI () paintBorder (Graphics g) paintChildren (Graphics g) paintComponent (Graphics g) printBorder (Graphics g) printChildren (Graphics g) printComponent (Graphics g) WHEN_IN_FOCUSED_WINDOW, getActionForKeyStroke (KeyStroke aKeyStroke) get / setActionMap () get / setAutoscrolls () get / setBorder () getClientProperty (Object key) getComponentGraphics (Graphics g) getConditionForKeyStroke (KeyStroke aKeyStroke) get / setDebugGraphicsOptions () getInputMap () get / setInputMap (int condition) get / setInputVerifier () getInsets () getInsets (Insets insets) getRegisteredKeyStrokes () getRootPane () get / setToolTipText () getTopLevelAncestor () get / setTransferHandler () getUIClassID () get / setVerifyInputWhenFocusTarget () getVisibleRect () isMaximumSizeSet () isMinimumSizeSet () isOptimizedDrawingEnabled () isPaintingTile () isPreferredSizeSet () is / setRequestFocusEnabled () isValidateRoot () putClientProperty (Object key, Object value) setUI (ComponentUI newUI) add / removeAncestorListener (AncestorListener listener) add / removeVetoableChangeListener (VetoableChangeListener listener) firePropertyChange (String propertyName, byte oldValue, byte newValue) firePropertyChange (String propertyName, char oldValue, char newValue) firePropertyChange (String propertyName, short oldValue, short newValue) firePropertyChange (String propertyName, long oldValue, long newValue) firePropertyChange (String propertyName, float oldValue, float newValue) firePropertyChange (String propertyName, double oldValue, double newValue) fireVetoableChange (String propertyName, Object oldValue, Object newValue) getAncestorListeners () getToolTipLocation (MouseEvent event) getToolTipText (MouseEvent event) getVetoableChangeListeners () processComponentKeyEvent (KeyEvent e) processKeyBinding (KeyStroke ks, KeyEvent e, int condition, boolean pressed) registerKeyboardAction (ActionListener anAction, KeyStroke aKeyStroke, int aCondition) registerKeyboardAction (ActionListener anAction, String aCommand, KeyStroke aKeyStroke, int aCondition)

int WHEN_FOCUSED, WHEN_ANCESTOR_OF_FOCUSED_COMPONENT , UNDEFINED_CONDITION String TOOL_TIP_TEXT_KEY class AccessibleJComponent Version 0.8 Copyright 2002 by Markus Falkhausen. All rights reserved.



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