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Civil Registry is the online system or agency to help the Indian citizens to apply for there government records

like passport, driving license, voters ID card, PAN card etc... And register certificates like birth, death, marriage etc.

The primary objective of this web site is to give awareness about the government or legal documents and its registration details as well as to help to register or apply for those documents. This also acts as a consultancy agency to assist the public. The main purpose of the web site is to reduce the effort by the candidate and save his time and avoid unwanted rushes at the government offices and assure a smooth working schedule at government offices.

The project Civil Registry still requires more development of IT solutions and its applications to improve the issuance of copies of government certificates and legal documents. Civil registry team trying to get more affiliation to government offices and departments. Now civil registry team acting as a agency to help the public.

The selection of hardware is very important in the existence and proper working of any software. When selecting hardware, the size and requirements are also important.

Minimum Requirements: Processor RAM Hard Disk Drive Video CD-ROM : : : : : Pentium II class, 450MHz 128MB 3GB 800X600, 256 colors Required

The proposed System is developed on: Processor RAM Hard Disk Drive Key Board Monitor Display Adapter Network Adapter Mouse : : : : : : : : INTEL Pentium 4 512MB 40GB Standard 101/102 or Digi Sync Family Display Panel (1024 X 764) Trident Super VGA SMC Ethernet Card Elite 16 Ultra Logitech Serial Mouse

Operating System Front- End Back- End : : : Windows XP C#. NET with ASP. NET MS SQL SERVER 2005 EXPRESS


Existing system refers to the system that is being followed till now. Presently all the registrations are done manually. If a person wants to make registrations like birth, death, marriage etc he should directly contact the corresponding office. The main disadvantage is that there will be lot of difficulties for the citizens. So, all these procedures will be a time consuming one.


Difficult for persons. Time consuming.

To avoid all these limitations and make the working more accurately the system needs to be computerized.

Civil Registry is aimed at developing a web-based system. In this system the person can register online and do many things. The details of all the things are made available to them through the website.

ADVANTAGES This website provides online help for legal queries. This website helps all the users to view the registration. Overall processes like Voter Id, Ration Card, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Marriage Arrangements and Divorce, The user can post thread in the forum. The system is user friendly.

Number of modules and their description to provide an estimation of the students effort on the project. 1. Registration Details 2. Types of Registration 3. Admin Details 4. Mail

5. Forums 6. About Us and Feedback

Registration Details To use this system, one should get registered with this site by providing their details. After registered anyone can get help of this site to pay their EB bills, water, telephone, can register birth and death, the status of the marriage, can apply for passport , can apply for Voter ID , PAN card and ration card.

Types of Registration The following details can be processed for registered users. Birth Death Marriage Ration card Passport Divorce Voter ID Card Electricity Water Telephone Pan Card Name change

Admin Details

The administrator can be controlled this system. Admin can view the details of various registrations and the process will be proceed.

Mail Mail can be send easily using this system. Features like Cc and Bcc and attachments can be used.

Forums Account holders can clear their doubts in any of the registrations using the forum provided in this site.

About us and Feedback The details of this site can be viewed. The feedback from the registered users are forwarded to the administrator to develop the site.