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THE DESIGN OF HYBRID ENERGY IN YAHUKIMO Rahadian Kusuma Adi P Adhiatie Suciningtyas Septia Deofy Lesmana (35668) (35691)


Nowadays, in Papua province, load electricity from fuel is under 3000 MW and havent reach all of peoples, especially at inland areas. From first international Conference in Jayapura, the Goverment promote and develop industrials using hybrid energy. That promotion also purposed to develop small and midle industrials like agricultur, forestry and fishery. Industrials above is the activator machines on Housing area Economic matters. There are many hybrid energy to choose in Papua, particularly in Yahukimo district. Such as microhydro, solar cell, wind power and biomassa. But, we endeavor to fill load electricity from solar cell and microhydro powerplant. We try to use that hybrid energy to fufill load Yahukimos Coffee Holticulture because many potential of solar radiation and River in Yahukimo district. Based on reviews and direct observation for three days was found that the intensity of solar radiation in Yahukimo District Dekai quite high with long exposure during the day up to 10 hours with the highest intensity in the middle of the day (at 11.00 am - 03.00 pm). With the level of radiation intensity is high enough potential solar development in the district Yahukimo. Through surveys and interviews, it was found that the Dekai District has installed some solar panels in some homes from the relief obtained through Bappeda pemeritah center. There are approximately 100 units of solar panels that have been installed in every home residents. The solar panels each house is given a capacity of 50 W are used only for lighting. The solar panel functioned only to illuminate peoples home, whereas, it can be potential to generate energy for Coffee holticulture in Yahukimo. Then, potentiality energy from Yahukimos River is 78,5 kW in overall. And it get 22,5 kW from Moruku Reservoir, 25 kW from Biru River, 25 kW from Bontoh river and 5,9 kW from Brasa River. Based on field surveys are a number of small rivers and streams that can be utilized for the MHP. The

measurement was performed in the form of the potential flow rate, the water discharge performed at certain points in the four rivers (3 creek, 1 dam / reservoir) located in the district of Dekai. The measurement results indicate that there is potential in the district Dekai times that can be used to produce 2 units of MHP capacity of 30 kW (Reservoir Moruku and Bontoh river) and 2 units of 25 kW MHP (Blue river and Brasa river). Then, From that Resources above , we Etty to simulate the optimization power using HOMER and RETScreen Keyword : Hybrid Energy, Solar Cell, Micro Hydro Power, HOMER, RETScreen